History of Kirkstall Abbey, Near Leeds, Yorkshire: With an Historical Sketch of the Cistercian Order of Monks: an Account of the Founding, Succession of Abbots, Etc

1837 - 36 páginas

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Página 3 - tis hard to combat, learns to fly. For him no wretches, born to work and weep, Explore the mine or tempt the dangerous deep...
Página 28 - The— knights— are— dust.— Their— good— swords— rust.— Their— souls— are— with— the— saints —we— trust.
Página 35 - The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself; * Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind.
Página 18 - Salute our dear friends : *********** and especially our dearest companion,* to whom we would have some one interpret this letter. When he hears it, he will scarcely be able to refrain from tears, which he shed abundantly at our parting. " We commend our poor mother to your compassion.
Página 30 - O'er which the wing of centuries has flown Darkly and silently, deep-shadowing all Its pristine honours — from the ruthless grasp Of future violation.
Página 16 - ... purposely detain here with his horse and groom, shall arrive to take livery and seisin of the lands. " And whatever is incapable of being removed, abandon peaceably, because the earl, by his letters directed to Sir R. de Salem, which he will receive by the bearer of these, hath required him to purchase, at a fair price, whatever you are inclined to sell within his bailiwick, and to afford you every other accommodation consistent with the livery of the lands. A similar commission is addressed...
Página 18 - Kirkstall, and which visits, moreover, are clearly allowed in some indulgencies granted by Pope Boniface the Ninth, we hereby tolerate, pro tempore, on the above-mentioned days, the admission of women to the said church solely; provided, notwithstanding, that such females be not introduced into any other apartment within the confines of the said monastery, neither by the abbots, nor by any of the monks, under the penalties awarded by the aforesaid ordinance ; which penalties we by these presents...
Página 16 - Beloved, we have written this letter in haste from Canterbury, knowing that an account of the success of our journey will be pleasing to you. In the first place, our dear brother, who was present, will inform you that on the morrow of St. Lawrence we were met by letters from the king in a very threatening style ; that we were apprized of robbers who laid wait for us in the woods, under a rock ; and that we were bound, under the penalty of forfeiting all our goods, to abide the king's pleasure. However,...
Página 15 - ... spare our infirmity. But we require you that ye labour day and night, to the utmost of your ability, that every thing belonging to you (excepting the crops upon the ground, which cannot be removed without being destroyed), may be entirely taken away before the earl's messenger, whom we purposely detain here with his horse and groom, shall arrive to take livery and seisin of the lands. And whatever is incapable of being removed, abandon peaceably, because the carl, by his letter directed to Sir...
Página 8 - Accordingly, Seleth (the chief of the hermits), informed Alexander, that he was a native of the South of England, but had been admonished by a voice in his sleep — " Arise, " Seleth ; go into the province of York ; seek " for the valley called Airedale, and the " place which is called Kirkstall ;* there shall " thou provide an habitation for me and my " son." Enquiring from whom the voice proceeded, he was answered — " I am Mary, and

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