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Balquidder (Baile-cul-tir)=the town of the back lying country. Beal' an Duine or Bealach an Duine the pass of the men or people.

Beal' Maha (Bealach-magha)= the pass of the plain.

Beal'-nam-bo=the pass of the cattle.

Ben-an, either the diminutive of Ben or Beinn and so the little mountain; or = the lonely mountain (Ben-aon), in allusion to its position; or= = the mountain of the river (Beinn-n'an).

Ben-Ledi (Beinn le Dia) = the mountain of God. According to Robertson, on Beltane day fires were lighted on the summit of Ben-ledi in honour of the god Bel or Baal, from whose name Robertson derives 'Beltane.' (Beil teine = fire of Baal.) This derivation is not now generally accepted.

Ben-Venue (Beinn Mheadhonaidh. Mh being sounded like v, dh being mute in both cases) = the middle mountain, in allusion to its position between Ben-Ledi and Ben Lomond.

Bracklinn = the white foaming pool; or the speckled pool.

Brigg of Turk=the bridge of the wild boar (Gaelic, torc=a wild boar) said to be in allusion to a wild boar slain there.

Doune a fort (Gaelic Dun).

Glenartney (Gleann-ard-an-fheigh; fh being mute) = the high valley of the deer.

Glenfinlas (Gleann-fionn-glas) = the grey white valley.

Glen-Fruin=the valley of wailing, or, according to Robertson, the valley of sheltered places (Gleann-fraoin).

Inch-Caillaich the island of nuns, or old women.

formerly a nunnery on the island.

There was

Loch Achray (Achadh-radh; dh being mute)=the lake of the level field.

Loch Earn (Loch-Ear-an) = the lake of the east-flowing river.

Loch Katrine=the lake of the Caterans or Highland robbers; or the lake of the battle (Loch Cath-trian).

Loch Lomond. Said to be named from an ancient Caledonian hero Laomain.

Loch Lubnaig=the lake of small bends (Gaelic luba bend).

Loch Vennachar=the lake of the fair valley.

Strath-Ire or Strathyre (Strath-iar)=the western valley.

Trosachs or Trossachs the bristled or rough country. (Gaelic, troschen rough.)


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