English Jacobite Ballads, Songs, & Satires, Etc: From the Mss. at Towneley Hall, Lancashire

Alexander Balloch Grosart
Private Circulation, 1877 - 200 páginas

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Página 196 - I was kiss'd by the parson, the squire, and the sot. When the guest was departed, the kiss was forgot. But his kiss was so sweet, and so closely he prest, That I languished and pined till I granted the rest.
Página 27 - Through the wide-spreading waste of time, Thy martial glory, crown'd with praise, •Still shone with undiminish'd blaze? Thy tow'ring spirit now is broke, Thy neck is bended to the yoke. What foreign arms could never quell, By civil rage and rancour fell. The rural pipe and merry lay No more shall cheer the happy day : No social scenes of gay delight Beguile the dreary winter night : No strains but those of sorrow flow, And nought be heard but sounds of woe, While the pale phantoms of the slain...
Página 134 - Power, which are now ready to be imposed upon you, by the formidable Powers of France and Spain? Is not my Royal Father represented as a Blood-thirsty Tyrant, breathing out nothing but Destruction to all those who will not immediately embrace an odious Religion?
Página xxviii - THE Country Parson is full of all knowledge. They say it is an ill mason that refuseth any stone; and there is no knowledge, but in a skilful hand serves either positively as it is, or else to illustrate some other knowledge.
Página 116 - Where rascals promise, and where fools believe; Far from the walk of folly, vice and strife, Calm, independent, let me steal thro' life, Nor one vain wish my steady thoughts beguile To fear his lordship's frown, or court his smile.
Página 135 - ... first exposed, and who has led me in the way to victory, and to the capital of this ancient kingdom, amidst the acclamations of the King my father's subjects. Why then is so much pains taken to spirit up the minds of the people against this my undertaking ? " The reason is obvious. It is, lest the real sense of the nation's present sufferings should blot out the remembrance of past misfortunes, and of the outcries formerly raised against the royal family. Whatever miscarriages might have given...
Página 130 - Manner, to make manifest what ought to fill the Hearts of all his Majesty's Subjects, of what Nation or Province soever, with Comfort and Satisfaction. We therefore hereby, in his Majesty's Name, declare, That his sole Intention is to reinstate all his Subjects in the full Enjoyment of their Religion, Laws and Liberties ; and that Our present Attempt is not undertaken in Order to enslave a Free People, but to redress and remove the Encroachments made upon them...
Página 29 - While the warm blood bedews my veins, And unimpair'd remembrance reigns, Resentment of my country's fate Within my filial breast shall beat ; And, spite of her insulting foe, My sympathizing verse shall flow : " Mourn, hapless Caledonia, mourn " Thy banish'd peace, thy laurels torn.
Página xxvi - Let the several prisoners above-named return to the gaol of the county of Surrey from whence they came and from thence they must d be drawn to the place of execution and when they come there they must be severally hanged by the neck but not till they...
Página 117 - What is't to us if taxes rise or fall? Thanks to our fortune, we pay none at all. Let muckworms, who in dirty acres deal, Lament those hardships which we cannot feel. His Grace, who smarts, may bellow if he please, But must I bellow too, who sit at ease? By custom safe, the poet's numbers flow Free as the light and air some years ago. No statesman e'er will find it worth his pains To tax our labours, and excise our brains. Burthens like these, vile earthly buildings bear; No tribute's laid on castles...

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