Book of lessons for the use of schools, Libro 5


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Página 23 - ... invisible. These animals are of a great variety of shapes and sizes, and in such prodigious numbers, that, in a short time, the whole surface of the rock appears to be alive and in motion. The most common...
Página 24 - ... high as the common tides reach. That elevation surpassed, the future remnants, being rarely covered, lose their adhesive property; and remaining in a loose state, form what is usually called a key upon (he tops of the reef. The new bank is not long in being visited by sea birds ; salt plants take root upon it, and a soil begins to be...
Página 113 - Heb. iv. 14—17. natural to men, and chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.
Página 305 - ... circle in the same space of time that the axle describes a small one; therefore the power is increased in the same proportion as the circumference of the wheel is greater than that of the axle. If the velocity of the wheel...
Página 358 - It is by reflected rays only that we see opaque objects. Luminous bodies send rays of light immediately to our eyes, but the rays which they send to other bodies are invisible to us, and are seen only when they are reflected or transmitted by those bodies to our eyes.

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