Misquotes in Misquoting Jesus: Why You Can Still Believe

Nimble Books, 2006 - 80 páginas
With this "nimble" and timely response to Bart Ehrman's best-selling MISQUOTING JESUS, author Dillon Burroughs offers a stirring defense of faith that will be sure to inspire evangelists and doubters alike. In ten chapters and five appendices, Burroughs examines Ehrman's thought-provoking book in detail, identifying its conceptual errors in a loving, respectful manner. A great start for anyone interested in learning more about the Word, understanding where the New Testament comes from, and knowing how and why we can rely on its truth.

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Refutation of Ehrman's work. Well done. Quick read. Leer comentario completo

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A dreadful little book in which the author himself offers no scholarship. While there are scholars willing to make, as does Karen Armstrong, "The Case for God", Burroughs argues backwards from his conviction, theology and orthodoxy and essentially confirms the suggestion by Russell, Ehrman and others that it is emerging and existent orthodoxies that create heresies for the purpose of developing and concentrating power.
The is largely an attempted defense, if you will, of the American religious mythology (see, Richard T. Hughes on the subject, as well as others) and fails not only in its attempt to isolate and marginalize Ehrman personally, but in its attempt to suggest that the current interest today in understanding the historical Jesus is not only unwarranted but anti-religious. The popularity of the writing of Crossan and others as well as the Catholic and Orthodox Churchs' interest in this history and science generally make it very clear that, as opposed to the suggestion by Borroughs, history and science are not necessarily anathema to religious belief.

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?Dillon Burroughs is a best-selling writer of some 30 books, including collaborative works with faith-based leaders, authors, and athletes. He has earned a growing reputation within the social justice movement. A minister and human rights activist, his main focus has been to further the rights of human-trafficking survivors in the United States. He is cofounder and executive director of the American Coalition of Abolitionists, a nonpartisan network of leaders fighting human trafficking and modern slavery in America and beyond. Burroughs has published numerous works on issues of faith and culture. He? serves as senior researcher at the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute and lectures as professor of theology at Tennessee Temple University and Temple Baptist Seminary. Burroughs is a writer-in-residence at a Tennessee nonprofit with his wife, Deborah, and three children. For more, visit dillonburroughs.org or Facebook.com/readd

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