The Clergyman's Orphan; Or, The Child of Providence: A Tale Founded Upon Facts

J. & J. Harper, 1833 - 210 páginas

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Página 14 - ... the satisfactory manner in which the subjects will be treated. Such is the plan by which it is intended to form an American Family Library, comprising all that is valuable in those branches of knowledge which most happily unite entertainment with instruction. The utmost care will be taken, not only to exclude whatever can have an injurious influence on the mind, but to embrace every thing calculated to strengthen the best and most salutary impressions. With these arrangements and facilities,...
Página 4 - Engravings. NATURAL HISTORY ; or, Uncle Philip's Conversations .with the Children about Tools and Trades among the Inferior Animals. 18mo. With numerous Engravings. INDIAN TRAITS. By the Author of "INDIAN LIVES." In 2 vols. 18mo. With Engravings. TALES FROM AMERICAN HISTORY. By the Author of "AMERICAN POPULAR LESSONS.
Página 11 - With Engravings. Natural History ; or, Uncle Philip's Conversations with the Children about Tools and Trades among the Inferior Animals. With Engravings. Indian Traits. By the Author of
Página 14 - THE proprietors of the Family Library feel themselves stimulated to increased exertions by the distinguished favour with which it has already been received. The volumes now before the public may be confidently appealed to as proofs of zeal on the part of the publishers to present to their readers a series of productions, which, as they are connected, not with ephemeral, but with permanent subjects, may, years hence as well as now, be consulted for lively amusement as well as solid instruction.
Página 47 - Trust in him at all times ; ye people, pour out your heart before him : God is a refuge for us.
Página 11 - The Swiss Family Robinson; or, the Adventures of a Father and Mother and Four Sons on a Desert Island. With Explanatory Notes and Illustrations. First and Second Series. New Edition, complete in one volume, 3s. 6d. Geography for my Children. By Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Author of " Uncle Tom's Cabin,
Página 2 - Every one has read or heard of Robinson Crusoe, and the unrivalled and long-continued popularity of that admirable narrative, proves that the tastes and feelings to which it addresses itself are among the strongest and most universal which belong to human nature. The adventures of the Swiss family are somewhat similar in character, and, of course, in interest; and they illustrate, in the most forcible and pleasing manner, the efficacy of piety, industry, ingenuity, and goodtemper, in smoothing difficulties...
Página 16 - Mr. Valpy has projected a Family Classical Library. The idea I» excellent, and the work cannot fail to be acceptable to youth of both sexes, as well as to a large portion of the reading community, who have not had the benefit of a learned education.
Página 5 - ... highest encomiums, not only for the extent, utility, and interesting nature of the information it conveys, but also for the skill with which the ideas and language are adapted to the tastes as well as the capacities of youthful readers. But these are not its only or its greatest merits: its highest claims to praise are the tone of sincere and earnest piety which pervades the conversations, and the excellence of the precepts drawn from the wonders they disclose. " It is written with a thorough...
Página 112 - Wilt thou not from this time cry unto Me : — " My father, Thou art the guide of my youth?

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