The Study and Practice of Medicine by Women

A.S. Barnes & Company, 1879 - 471 páginas

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Página 451 - ... these women must sooner or later come back to Russia as wives, mothers, and teachers ; to prevent or to limit which evil, it is ordered that such Russian women as shall attend the University of Zurich, after the first of January, 1874, shall not be admitted, on their return to Russia, to any examination, educational establishment, or appointment of any kind, under the control of the Government.
Página 469 - Whereas the Medical Faculty are now engaged in radically changing the plan of study in the School, — an undertaking which will require several years for its completion, and will demand all the time and ability of the teachers which are available for the purpose, — we deem it detrimental to the interests of the School to enter upon the experiment of admitting female students.
Página 463 - ... sciences, and to literary avocations, especially to the completion of a work on the history, resources and policy of Maine, for which he had collected many materials. He had also in view a work on the language and history of the aboriginal inhabitants of the state, a specimen of which may be found in the first volume of the collections of the Maine Historical Society.
Página 466 - That the courses of lectures in which students take no active pan be open to both men and women ; that for personal instruction in laboratories and for recitations, the two sexes be separated; and that a complete separation be made in such subjects as obstetrics, the diseases of women, certain portions of anatomy and physiology, and the like.
Página 446 - Mazzolini, whose husband held the chair of Anatomy. It happened that he fell ill, and she, being a loving wife, sought to supply to him the place of his enfeebled powers. So she became an anatomist, and presently delivered his lectures for him from behind a curtain. She became famous, and was offered a chair at Milan, which, however, she refused, and remained at Bologna till her death, in 1774. Her anatomical models in wax are the pride of the Anatomical Museum at Bologna.
Página 469 - That, in the opinion of the Board of Overseers, it is expedient that, under suitable restrictions, women be instructed in medicine in the Medical School." This vote was first amended so as to read " instructed in medicine by Harvard University in its Medical School," and then adopted by a decided majority.
Página 464 - That Miss Hunt be admitted to the Lectures on the usual terms, provided that her admission be not deemed inconsistent with the statutes.
Página 466 - ... after the completion of the new building for the School, women be admitted, as an experiment only, for ten years, or so long as their admission does not, in the opinion of the governing boards, conflict in any way with the best interests of the School, but nevertheless upon the following conditions : That they be not less than twenty-two years of age ; that the same requisitions be made of them as of men ; that for personal instruction in laboratories, and for recitations, the two sexes be separated...
Página 469 - This vote being communicated to the Overseers at a meeting of the Board on May 27th, the majority of the joint committee withdrew their recommendations, and proposed the adoption of the following vote : "In view of the state of opinion in the Medical Faculty, the Overseers find themselves unable to advise the President and Fellows to accept the generous proposal of Miss Marian Hovey.

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