A Handbook to Political Questions of the Day: And the Arguments on Either Side

J. Murray, 1892 - 436 páginas

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Página 36 - Act for Building and Promoting the Building of Additional Churches in Populous Parishes?
Página 34 - The Established Church of England is Protestant Episcopal. Its fundamental doctrines and tenets are embodied in the Thirty-nine Articles, agreed upon in Convocation in 1562, and revised and finally settled in 1571. But though the...
Página 302 - In such a case it would be no violation of the principles on which private property is grounded if the State should appropriate this increase of wealth, or part of it, as it arises. ' This would not properly be taking anything from anybody; 'it would merely be applying an accession of wealth, created by circumstances, to the benefit of society, instead of allowing it to become an unearned appendage to the riches of a particular class. Now this is actually the case with rent.
Página 386 - That in the opinion of this House it is the duty of the Government in all Government contracts to make provision against the evils recently disclosed before the Sweating Committee, to insert such conditions as may prevent the abuse arising from sub-letting, and to make every effort to secure the payment of such wages as are generally accepted as current in each trade for competent workmen.
Página 302 - ... /Suppose that there is a kind of income which constantly tends to increase, without any exertion or sacrifice on the part of the owners: those owners constituting a class in the community, whom the natural course of things progressively enriches, consistently with complete passiveness on their own part.
Página 16 - A PLEA FOR LIBERTY. An Argument against Socialism and Socialistic Legislation : Consisting of Essays by various writers, with an Introduction by HERBERT SPENCER. Edited by Thomas Mackay, author of
Página 371 - ... of procedure in respect thereto, and may change such instructions from time to time. The expense of such return of the aforesaid persons not permitted to land shall be borne by the owners of the vessels in which they came.
Página 26 - England from earning their livelihood," there would be no need for coercion ; but meanwhile coercion must be resolutely applied.* 48. — That the right policy to be pursued towards the Irish is " that Parliament should enable the Government of England to govern Ireland. Apply that recipe honestly, consistently, and resolutely, for twenty years, and at the end of that time you will find that Ireland will be fit to accept any gifts in the way of local government or repeal of coercion laws that you...
Página 18 - The Realm of Nature : A Manual of Physiography. By Dr. HUGH ROBERT MILL, Librarian to the Royal Geographical Society. With 19 Coloured Maps and 68 Illustrations. (380 pp.) Crown 8vo.
Página 148 - That the question be now put," and, unless it shall appear to the chair that such motion is an abuse of the rules of the house, or an infringement of the rights of the minority, the question, " That the question be now put," shall be put forthwith, and decided without amendment or debate.

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