The Works of Francis Parkman: Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV

Little, Brown,, 1897

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Página 242 - English town, and have a guard for our defence and safety ; then we would surrender; and also that the governour of the French should hold up his hand and swear by the great and ever living God that the several articles should be performed : all which he did solemnly swear.
Página 111 - First, they had maltreated and robbed French traders in the country of the Illinois ; " wherefore," said the governor, " I am ordered to demand reparation, and in case of refusal to declare war against you." Next, " the warriors of the Five Nations have introduced the English into the lakes which belong to the king my master, and among the tribes who are his children, in order to destroy the trade of his subjects, and seduce these people from the obedience they owe him. I am willing to forget this...
Página 24 - ... the states-general of the kingdom, in order, perhaps, to abolish insensibly this ancient usage, you, on your part, should very rarely, or, to speak more correctly, never, give a corporate form to the inhabitants of Canada. You should even, as the colony strengthens, suppress gradually the office of the syndic, who presents petitions in the name of the inhabitants; for it is well that each should speak for himself, and no one for all.
Página v - the most remarkable man who ever represented the crown of France in the New World. From strangely unpromising beginnings, he grew with every emergency, and rose equal to every crisis.
Página 70 - Perrot's avidity sometimes carried him to singular extremities. "He has been seen," says one of his accusers, "filling barrels of brandy with his own hands, and mixing it with water to sell to the Indians. He bartered with one of them his hat, sword, coat, ribbons, shoes, and stockings, and boasted that he had made thirty pistoles by the bargain, while the Indian walked about town equipped as...
Página 242 - if there were any French among them, and if they would give us quarter. They answered that they were Frenchmen, and that they would give us good quarter. Upon this...
Página vii - ... valiantly, and for a time how successfully, New France battled against a fate which her own organic fault made inevitable. Her history is a great and significant drama, enacted among untamed forests, with a distant gleam of courtly splendors and the regal pomp of Versailles." He tries to tell the story "not in the interest of any race or nationality, but simply in that of historical truth.
Página 199 - It will be well to observe what were the intentions of the king towards the colony which he proposed to conquer. They were as follows : If any Catholics were found in New York, they might be left undisturbed, provided that they took an oath of allegiance to the king. Officers, and other persons who had the means of paying ransoms, were to be thrown into prison. All lands in the colony, except those of Catholics swearing allegiance, were to be taken from their owners, and granted under a feudal tenure...

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