An Illustrated Itinerary of the County of Cornwall

How and Parsons, 1842 - 264 páginas

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Página 61 - Th' emboldened snow next to the flame does sleep. And if we weigh, like thee, Nature, and causes, we shall see That thus it needs must be : To things immortal time can do no wrong, And that which never is to die, for ever must be young.
Página 78 - Wide and wider spreads the vale, As circles on a smooth canal : The mountains round, unhappy fate! Sooner or later, of all height, Withdraw their summits from the skies, And lessen as the others rise : Still the prospect wider spreads, Adds a thousand woods and meads; Still it widens, widens still, And sinks the newly-risen hill.
Página 33 - The ship rode down with courses free, The daughter of a distant sea, Her sheet was loose, her anchor stored — The merry Bottreaux bells on board. " Come to thy God in time !" Rung out Tintadgel chime — " Youth, manhood, old age, past,
Página 29 - Here die I, Richard Grenville, with a joyful and quiet mind, for that I have ended my life as a true soldier ought to do, that hath fought for his country, queen, religion, and honour...
Página 33 - He read his native chime : Youth, manhood, old age past, His bell rung out at last. Still when the storm of Bottreau's waves Is wakening .in his weedy caves: Those bells, that sullen surges hide, Peal their deep notes beneath the tide : "Come to thy God in time ! " Thus saith the ocean chime : Storm, billow, whirlwind past, "Come to thy God at last !
Página 29 - Alfonso himself would neither see him nor speak with him. All the rest of the captains and gentlemen went to visit him, and to comfort him in his hard fortune, wondering at his courage and stout heart, for that he showed not any sign of faintness nor changing of colour.
Página 29 - Thus slain, thy valiant ancestor ' did lie, When his one bark a navy did defy ; When now encompass'd round, he victor stood, And bath'd his pinnace in his conquering blood, Till, all the purple current dry'd and spent, He fell, and made the waves his monument.
Página 33 - Thank God, thou whining knave, on land, But thank, at sea, the steersman's hand," The captain's voice above the gale: "Thank the good ship and ready sail." " Come to thy God in time ! " Sad grew the boding chime : " Come to % God at last !
Página 29 - Whereby my soul most joyfully departeth out of this body, and shall always leave behind it an everlasting fame of a valiant and true soldier that hath done his duty as he was bound to do...
Página 203 - ... a year, with a right of turf fuel, which he cuts and prepares himself. Many miners have tolerable gardens, and some are able to do their own carpentry work, and near the coast others are expert fishermen

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