The Treatment and Utilisation of Sewage

Macmillan and Company, 1887 - 511 páginas

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Página 371 - The right way to dispose of town sewage is to apply it continuously to land, and it is only by such application that the pollution of rivers can be avoided.
Página 297 - Of all the processes which have been proposed for the purification of sewage, or of water polluted by excrementitious matters, there is not one which is sufficiently effective to warrant the use, for dietetic purposes, of water which has been so contaminated. In our opinion, therefore, rivers which have received sewage, even if that \ sewage has been purified before its discharge, are not safe sources of potable water
Página 290 - It will be safe to infer, however, from the above results, that there is no river in the United Kingdom long enough to effect the destruction of sewage by oxidation.
Página 290 - It ought to be made an absolute condition for a public water supply that it should be uncontaminable by drainage.
Página 476 - Stream ," includes the sea to such extent, and tidal waters to such point, as may, after local inquiry and on sanitary grounds, be determined by the Local Government Board, by order published in the London Gazette.
Página 122 - The Angry Pandas: Hindu Priests and the Colonial Government in the Dispersal of the Hardwar Mela in 1891," South Asia 16, no. i (1993): 40. 42. "Abstract of the Fourth Annual Report of the Sanitary Commissioner with the Government of India, 1867...
Página 256 - Buchanan's final conclusion from his investigations was, that the progress made by the inhabitants of most of the twenty-five towns, in decency, cleanliness, self-respect and morality, was, at the least, as striking as the improvement in the health, measured by the mortality returns.
Página 475 - Any liquid which contains, in 100,000 parts by weight, more than one part by weight of sulphur, in the condition either of sulphuretted hydrogen or of a soluble sulphuret. (h) " Any liquid possessing an acidity greater than that which is produced by adding two parts by weight of real muriatic acid to 1,000 parts by weight of distilled water.
Página 363 - ... of the furrows is sufficient to prevent infiltration in any great degree, the sewage is withheld from the areas so affected. The sludge is then allowed to dry (partially) in the furrows, and when in a fit condition it is lifted and dug into the ridges, — as can be seen practised at Gennevilliers (Paris). The slimy matter which had appeared so considerable, and which puddled the bottom of the furrows, when in a wet state, shrinks to a skin of very insignificant thickness when dry, and is readily...
Página 263 - ... the excessive rainfall also prevented much ventilation of the house by open windows. Two or three days afterwards, one of the occupants of a room, the farthest in the house from the closet, fell ill with symptoms of typhoid fever, and in a few days the other person sleeping in that room also showed signs of the disease ; no other person in the house suffered from it. Into the room occupied by these two persons, the foul air from the closet, as proved by experiment, naturally ascended.

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