The manufacturing population of England, its moral, social and physical conditions

1833 - 80 páginas

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Página 169 - Nutrita faustis sub penetralibus Posset, quid Augusti paternus In pueros animus Nerones. Fortes creantur fortibus et bonis ; Est in juvencis, est in equis patrum Virtus...
Página 178 - The untimely labour of the night, and the protracted labour of the day, with respect to children, not only tends to diminish future expectations as to the general sum of life and industry, by impairing the strength and destroying the vital stamina...
Página 167 - Domestic avocations are those which are her peculiar lot. The poor man who suffers his wife to work, separated from him and from home, is a bad calculator. It destroys domestic economy, without which no earnings are sufficient to render him comfortable ; it produces separate interests and separate sets of...
Página 203 - ... life; if he did not take them at those ages, he could not obtain them at all. The hours of work at that time were thirteen inclusive of meal times, and an hour and a half was allowed for meals. I very soon discovered that, although those children were extremely well fed, well clothed, well lodged, and very great care taken of them when out of the mills...
Página 55 - ... uneducated — of coarse habits — sensual in their enjoyments — partaking of the rude revelry of their dependants — overwhelmed by success — but yet, paradoxical as it may sound, industrious men, and active and far-sighted tradesmen.
Página 295 - The inhabitants of cities and burghs, considered as single individuals, had no power to defend themselves ; but by entering into a league of mutual defence with their neighbours, they were capable of making no contemptible resistance.
Página 154 - Erees, through all the other islands, is found also here. Those whom we saw were, without exception, perfectly well formed ; whereas the lower sort, besides their general inferiority, are subject to all the variety of make and figure that is seen in the populace of other countries.
Página 328 - ... by the slow and successive advances of the machine? The suffering which arises from a quick transition is undoubtedly more intense; but it is also much less permanent than that which results from the slower process: and if the competition is perceived to be perfectly hopeless, the workman will at once set himself to learn a new department of his art.
Página 136 - A minute inspection of this table will render the extent of the evil affecting the poor more apparent. Those districts which are almost exclusively inhabited by the labouring population are Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10. Nos. 13 and 14, and 7, also contain, besides the dwellings of the operatives, those of shopkeepers and tradesmen, and are traversed by many of the principal thoroughfares. No.
Página 327 - That the operatives are in great measure the architects of their own fortunes ; for what others can do for them is trifling indeed compared with what they can do for themselves. That they are infinitely more interested in the preservation of public tranquillity than any other class of society ; that mechanical inventions and discoveries are supremely advantageous to them; and that their real interests can only be efficiently protected by displaying greater prudence and forethought."* The influence...

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