Report of the Veterinary Department of the Minnesota State Board of Health, August 1, 1900, to May 1, 1903


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Página 19 - Board to protect the health of the domestic animals of the State, to determine and employ the most efficient and practical means for the prevention, suppression, control or eradication of dangerous, contagious or infectious diseases among...
Página 24 - The master of a vessel who shall refuse or neglect to comply with the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars.
Página 24 - ... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by a fine of not less than twenty -five (25) dollars or more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for not less than thirty (30) days or more than ninety (90) days.
Página 19 - ... a Secretary, who shall be a graduate of some regularly organized and recognized veterinary college, who shall be the executive officer of said Board, and who shall receive such compensation as said Board may determine, provided same does not exceed the sum of twenty-four hundred dollars per annum. His term of office shall be one year, and he shall hold his office until his successor is elected and qualified.
Página 24 - Board or local boards of health to enter any building or inclosure on said premises without permission from said owner, it shall be a misdemeanor to enter upon said premises...
Página 18 - That a permanent Board of Education for Librarianship be created; 2. That this Board shall consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the Executive Board, at the annual conference of the American Library Association in 1924. The members so appointed shall choose by lot one member...
Página 23 - Whenever any such animal which has not been adjudged to be infected is killed by order of said board, but not by the owner or keeper thereof, a postmortem examination thereof shall be made by experts appointed as aforesaid, and if found to have been entirely free from any...
Página 22 - ... draw his warrant on the state treasurer for the amount thereof...
Página 44 - LAWS. 695 prohibited, excepting when such cows and neat cattle are accompanied by a certificate from an inspector, whose competency and reliability are certified to by the authorities charged with the control of the diseases of domestic animals in the State from whence the cattle came, certifying that they have been examined and subjected to the tuberculin test and are free from disease.
Página 58 - ... exposed, as aforesaid, or knowingly permits such animal to run at large, or. knowing such animal to be diseased as aforesaid, knowingly permits the same to come into contact with any such animal of another person without his knowledge or permission, shall be fined not more than five hundred nor less than twenty dollars, or imprisoned not more [than] thirty days or both.

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