The History of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar, to the Revolution in 1688, Volumen14

Christie & Son; Baldwin & Company; Sharpe & Son; Akerman; Smith & Company ... [and 40 others], 1819

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Página 10 - An Act to explain and amend an act made in the twenty-second year of the reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, ' An Act for amending, explaining, and reducing into one Act of Parliament the laws relating to the government of His Majesty's ships, vessels, and forces by sea...
Página 240 - ... for the more effectual defence of this island, and for the better security of the religion and liberties of his subjects against the threatened attack by a foreign enemy, he would be graciously pleased to order twelve battalions of his electoral troops, together with the usual detachment of artillery, to be forthwith brought into this kingdom...
Página 103 - An act to permit persons professing the Jewish religion to be naturalized by parliament, and for other purposes therein mentioned...
Página 106 - ... destined victim had time to cool or deliberate on the subject. For this pernicious purpose, there was a band of profligate miscreants, the refuse of the clergy, dead to every sentiment of virtue, abandoned to all sense of decency and decorum, for the most part prisoners for debt or delinquency, and indeed the very outcasts of human society, who hovered about the verge of the...
Página 229 - The next object of the immediate attention of parliament in this session was the raising of a new regiment of foot in North America ; for which purpose the sum of eighty-one thousand one hundred and seventyeight pounds sixteen shillings, to which the estimate thereof amounted, was voted.
Página 337 - ... dies, or escapes from his master, he loses both interest and principal: that the common interest of money in the plantations is considerably higher than in England, consequently no man in that country will employ his money in any branch of trade by which he cannot gain considerably more per cent, than is expected in Great Britain, where the interest is low, and profit moderate; a circumstance which will always give a great advantage to the British miner, who likewise enjoys an exemption from...
Página 67 - This excellent prince, who now died in the forty-fifth year of his age, was possessed of every amiable quality which could engage the affection of the people, a tender and obliging hushand, a fond parent, a kind master, liberal, generous, candid, and humane; a munificent patron of the arts, an unwearied friend to merit; well disposed to assert the rights of mankind in general, and warmly attached to the interest of Great Britain.
Página 265 - ... Time, were enlarged ; great Bodies of Troops marched down to the Coast, and Our Kingdoms were threatened with an Invasion. In order to prevent the Execution of these Designs, and to provide for the Security of Our Kingdoms, which were thus threatened, We could no longer forbear giving Orders for the Seizing at Sea the Ships of the French King, and his Subjects...
Página 321 - ... hospital for the maintenance and education of exposed and deserted young children...
Página 54 - In afterages it will hardly be believed, that on the evening of the eighth day of April, the open fields that s-kirt the metropolis were filled with an incredible number of people assembled in chairs, in chaises, and coaches, as well as on foot, who waited in the most fearful suspense until morning, and the return of day disproved the truth of the dreaded prophecy.

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