The York Legal Record, Volumen6

York Legal Record Print, 1893
A record of cases argued and determined in the various courts of York County; together with reports and abstracts of the most important cases adjudicated throughout the Commonwealth (varies slightly).

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Página 152 - ... shall be prominently and legibly written or printed on the face of such note or instrument above the signature thereto; and such note or instrument In the hands of any purchaser or holder shall be subject to the same defenses as In the hands of the original owner or holder.
Página 127 - ... even where two acts are not in express terms repugnant, yet if the latter act covers the whole subject of the first, and embraces new provisions, plainly showing that it was intended as a substitute for the first act, it will operate as a repeal of that act.
Página 86 - ... shall make and file therewith a bond, with good and sufficient surety, for his or their entering in such circuit court, on the first day of its then next session, a copy of the record in such suit, and for paying all costs that may be awarded by the said circuit court if said court shall hold that such suit was wrongfully or improperly removed thereto, and also for their appearing and entering special bail in such suit if special bail was originally requisite therein.
Página 37 - ... body of the act, the Legislature shall, by a vote of two thirds of all the members elected to each house, otherwise direct; said vote to be taken by yeas and nays, and entered upon the journals.
Página 96 - The promise thus made was a promise " to answer for the payment of some debt, or the performance of some duty, in case of the failure of another person who is himself, in the first instance, liable to such payment or performance.
Página 25 - whosoever, being a bailee of any chattel, money, or valuable security, shall fraudulently take or convert the same to his own use, or the use of any person other than the owner thereof, although he shall not break bulk or otherwise determine the bailment, shall be guilty of larceny...
Página 83 - ... all estates, real, personal and mixed, of every kind whatsoever, situated within this State, whether the person or persons dying...
Página 205 - And now, January 3, AD 1888, it is hereby agreed by and between the parties to the above suit that the following case be stated for the opinion of the court in the nature of a special verdict...
Página 6 - Nor where any party to a thing or contract in action is dead or has been adjudged a lunatic and his right thereto or therein has passed, either by his own act or by the act of the law, to a party on the record, who represents his interest in the subject in controversy...
Página 6 - ... the act of the law, to a party on the record, who represents his interest in the subject in controversy, shall any surviving or remaining party to such thing or contract, or any other person whose interest shall be adverse to the said right of such deceased or lunatic party, be a competent witness to any matter occurring before the death of said party or the adjudication of his lunacy.

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