The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1864

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Página 313 - Alphabets. A PRIMER OF THE ART OF ILLUMINATION ; for the use of Beginners : with a Rudimentary Treatise on the Art, Practical Directions for its Exercise, and numerous Examples taken from Illuminated MSS., printed in Gold and Colours. By F. DELAMOTTE.
Página 313 - EXAMPLES OF MODERN ALPHABETS, PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL ; including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court Hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque ; with several Original Designs, and an Analysis of the Roman and Old English Alphabets, large and small, and Numerals, for the use of Draughtsmen, Surveyors, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c.
Página 302 - THE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF CARPENTRY : a Treatise on the Pressure and Equilibrium of Timber Framing, the Resistance of Timber, and the Construction of Floors, Arches, Bridges, Roofs, Uniting Iron and Stone with Timber, &c. To which is added an Essay on the Nature and Properties of Timber, &c...
Página 299 - Tables for Land Valuers. THE LAND VALUER'S BEST ASSISTANT: being Tables, on a very much improved Plan, for Calculating the Value of Estates. With Tables for reducing Scotch, Irish, and Provincial Customary Acres to Statute Measure, &c. By R. HUDSON, CE New Edition, royal 32mo, leather, gilt edges, elastic band, 4^.
Página 313 - Athen&um. ORNAMENTAL ALPHABETS, ANCIENT and MEDIAEVAL ; from the Eighth Century, with Numerals ; including Gothic, Church-Text, large and small, German, Italian, Arabesque, Initials for Illumination, Monograms, Crosses, &c. &c., for the use of Architectural and Engineering Draughtsmen, Missal Painters, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c. &c.
Página 311 - Distinguished by the true spirit of scientific inquiry, by great knowledge, by keen logical ability, and by a style peculiarly clear, easy, and energetic.
Página 311 - Science and Scripture. SCIENCE ELUCIDATIVE OF SCRIPTURE, AND NOT ANTAGONISTIC TO IT ; being a Series of Essays on— I. Alleged Discrepancies ; 2. The Theory of the Geologists and Figure of the Earth ; 3. The Mosaic Cosmogony ; 4. Miracles in general — Views of Hume and Powell ; 5. The Miracle of Joshua — Views of Dr. Colenso : The Supernaturally Impossible ; 6. The Age of the Fixed Stars— their Distances and Masses. By Professor JR YOUNG, Author of " A Course of Elementary Mathematics,
Página 314 - De Fivas* New Guide to Modern French Conversation; or, the Student and Tourist's French Vade-Mecum; containing a Comprehensive Vocabulary, and Phrases and Dialogues on every useful or interesting topic; together with Models of Letters, Notes, and Cards; and Comparative Tables of the British and French Coins, Weights, and Measures: the whole exhibiting, in a distinct manner, the true Pronunciation of the French Language. Fourteenth Edition, ISmo. price 2s. 6d. strongly half-bound. Be Fivas, Beantes...
Página 298 - THE CARPENTER'S NEW GUIDE ; or, BOOK of LINES for CARPENTERS : comprising all the Elementary Principles essential for acquiring a knowledge of Carpentry. Founded on the late PETER NICHOLSON'S standard work. A new Edition, revised by ARTHUR ASHPITEL, FSA, together with Practical Rules on Drawing, by GEORGE PYNE. With 74 Plates, 410, I/. is. cloth. Dowsing' s Timber Merchant's Companion.
Página 313 - The examples of ancient MSS. recommended to the student, which, with much good sense, the author chooses from collections accessible to all, are selected with judgment and knowledge, as well as taste...

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