Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay, Volumen10

Asiatic Society of Bombay., 1875
Vol. 1-new ser., v. 7 include the society's Proceedings for 1841-1929 (title varies)

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Página 65 - Ujjayani, who appears to have flourished at the close of the fifth, or beginning of the sixth century of the Christian era. He was preceded, as it seems...
Página 305 - Proceed, and loosen his rein; nor withhold from me the fruits of thy love, which again and again may be tasted with rapture. 14. "Many a fair one like thee— though not, like thee, a virgin— have I visited by night; and many a lovely mother have I diverted from the care of her yearling infant, adorned with amulets: 15. "When the suckling behind her cried, she turned round to him with half her body; but half of it, pressed beneath my embrace, was not turned from me.
Página 375 - Plight (towards the end of the fifteenth or the beginning of the sixteenth century...
Página 331 - Pagoda and removed a famous stone over the entrance, that had " an inscription of large and well written characters, which was sent to the king, " after the Governor of India had in vain endeavoured to find out any Hindu or " Moor in the East who could decipher them. And the king D.
Página 157 - Who can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before and behind men.
Página 334 - Baflaim is a fortified city belonging to the crown of Portugal. It ftands on a little ifland feparated from the continent by a fmall rivulet. Its walls are pretty high, and about two miles in circumference around the city, which has a little citadel in the middle of it. It contains three or four churches, and fome convents and monafteries, with a college and hofpital. It is a place of fmall trade, becaufe moft of its riches lie dead and buried in their churches, or in the hands of indolent, lazy...
Página 201 - ... the glory of the family of Satyasraya, the ornament of the Chalukyas, — was flourishing with perpetual increase so as to endure as long as the moon and sun and stars might last; he who subsisted on the lotuses which were his feet (was): — Hail!
Página 40 - Having placed his hand on Madhavagupta's shoulder, he with a few chiefs walked on. He found there followers of various schools, viz., Vitaragas, Arhantas, Maskarins, Svetapatas, Patarabhikshus, (commentator), (in the text, Panduribhikshu), Bhagavatas, Varnins, Kesalunchakas, Kapilas, Kanadas, Aupanishadas, Aisvaras, Karanins, Karandhamins, Dharmasastrins, Pauranikas, Saptatantavas, Sabdas, Pancharatrikas, and others. He also met Divakaramitra Bhikshu, and made him obeisance. Divakaramitra seeing...
Página 305 - GOD, that which cannot profit you at all, neither can it hurt you ? Fie on you: and upon that which ye worship besides GOD ! Do ye not' understand ? They said, Burn him, and avenge your gods : if ye do this it will be well. And when Abraham was cast into the burning pile, we said, O fire, be thou cold, and a preservation unto Abraham. And they sought to lay a plot against him : but we caused them to be the sufferers.
Página 340 - May 1/39, it was stipulated that '' all the garrison, as well regulars as auxiliaries," should be allowed to march out of the town with all the honours of war, whilst eight days...

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