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Extraordinary Picture. Monastery of the Dunes.

The Mortification of that Order. A curious Relic.


Passage to Ghent. Cheapness of Travelling. Descrip-

tion of Ghent. Cathedral. Monastery of St. Pierre.

Charity of the Clergy.

LETTER IX. Page 44.

Description of two brazen Images, erected in Comme-

moration of an extraordinary Act of Filial Virtue.

Journey from Ghent through Alost to Brussels.

LETTER X. Page 48.

General Review of Austrian Flanders.

LETTER XI. Page 51.

Short Description of Brussels. Royal Library. Arse-

nal. Armour of Montezuma. The Enormities com-

mitted under the Pretext of Christianity, by far great-

er than those committed by the French in the Frenzy

of emancipation.

LETTER XII. Page 56.

Brussels continued. Churches, Chapels, Toys, Images

and Pictures. A Host, or Wafer, which was stabbed

by a Jew, and bled profusely. Inns excellent and



General Remarks on the people of the Netherlands.

Account of the Emperor Joseph the Second. Anec-

dote of that Monarch. His Inauguration at Brussels.

Burning of the Town-house. Contrasted conduct of

the Belgians to Joseph on his Arriyal, and after his

Departure. The detestable Effects of Aristocracy.

LETTER XIV. Page 63.

Liege. Constitution of the German Empire. Tolerant

Disposition of Joseph the Second, occasions a Visit

from His Holiness the Pope, who returns to Rome in

disappointinent. ' Situation of the present Emperor.

Reflections on the conduct of Russia and Prussia to


LETTER XV. Page 74.

Luxury of the Bishop of Liege. Reflections on the In-

consistency of the Professions and Practice of Church,

men, particularly the Nolo Episcopari, which Bishops

swear at their Installment. Advantages of the study

of the Law in all Countries. Liege, the Paradise of

Priests. Sir John Mandevill's Tomb.

LETTER XVI. Page 78.

Aix-la-Chapelle. A bit of Earth in a Golden Casket.

Consecration of the Cathedral, by an Emperor, a Pope,

and three hundred and sixty-five Bishops. Their va-

luable Presents to that Church.


Juliers. Reflections on Religious Persecution. Cologne.

Church of St. Ursula. Bones of eleven thousand

Virgin Martyrs. Church of St. Gerion.

Nine hun-

dred Heads of Moorish Cavaliers. Reflections on

the Establishment of Clergy, and the Superiority of

that of Scotland.


Cologne continued.

Strange Ambition of Families to

be thought Descendants of the Ronans. Story of

Lord Anson and a Greek Pilot. Bonne. Bridge of

Cæsar. Coblentz. Mentz. Frankfort,

LETTER XIX. Page 90.

Frankfort described. Golden Bull. Augsburgh. Manu-

factory of Watch-Chains, &c. Happy State of Society

arising from the tolerant Disposition of the Inhabitants.

LETTER XX. Page 95.

Augsburgh continued. Adventure in the Convent of

Carmelites. A good Friar.

LETTER XXI. Page 99.

Tyrol Country. Story of Genii leading the Emperor

Maximilian astray. Innspruck.

LETTER XXII. Page 103.

Tyrolese. Innspruck. Riches of the Franciscan Church
there. One Mass in it sufficient to deliver a Soul froin
Purgatory. Hall. Curiosities at the Royal Palace
of Ombras. Brisen. Valley of Bolsano. Trent.

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