New Elegant Extracts: A Unique Selection from the Most Eminent British Poets and Poetical Translators, Volumen6

C. and C. Whittingham, 1824

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Página 33 - And is it thou? (he answers) To my sight Once more return'st thou from the realms of night? O more than brother! Think each office paid, Whate'er can rest a discontented shade; But grant one last embrace, unhappy boy! Afford at least that melancholy joy.
Página 206 - Require the borrow'd gloss of art ? Speak not of fate : ah ! change the theme, And talk of odours, talk of wine, Talk of the flowers that round us bloom : 'Tis all a cloud, 'tis all a dream ; To love and joy thy thoughts confine, Nor hope to pierce the sacred gloom.
Página 18 - Yet while my Hector still survives, I see My father, mother, brethren, all, in thee: Alas! my parents, brothers, kindred, all Once more will perish, if my Hector fall, Thy wife, thy infant, in thy danger share: Oh, prove a husband's and a father's care! That quarter most the skilful Greeks annoy, Where yon...
Página 19 - O thou ! whose glory fills the' etherial throne, And all ye deathless powers ! protect my son ! Grant him, like me, to purchase just renown, To guard the Trojans, to defend the crown, Against his country's foes the war to wage, And rise the Hector of the future age ! So when triumphant from successful toils. Of heroes slain he bears the reeking spoils, Whole hosts may hail him with deserved acclaim, And say, " This chief transcends his father's fame :" While pleased, amidst the general shouts of...
Página 264 - The Wildgrave winds his bugle horn, To horse, to horse ! halloo, halloo ! His fiery courser snuffs the morn, And thronging serfs their lords pursue. The eager pack, from couples freed, Dash through the bush, the brier, the brake ; While answering hound, and horn, and steed, The mountain echoes startling wake. The beams of God's own hallow'd day Had painted yonder spire with gold, And calling sinful man to pray, Loud, long, and deep the bell had tolled.
Página 18 - Thou from this tower defend the important post; There Agamemnon points his dreadful host, That pass Tydi'des, Ajax, strive to gain, And there the vengeful Spartan fires his train. Thrice our bold foes the fierce attack have given, Or led by hopes, or dictated from heaven. Let others in the field their arms employ, But stay my Hector here, and guard his Troy.
Página 266 - Up springs, from yonder tangled thorn, A stag more white than mountain snow ; And louder rung the Wildgrave's horn, " Hark, forward, forward ! holla, ho...
Página 44 - Jove fix'd it certain, that whatever day Makes man a slave takes half his worth away.
Página 41 - This through the gardens leads its streams around Visits each plant, and waters all the ground; While that in pipes beneath the palace flows, And thence its current on the town bestows: To various use their various streams they bring, The people one, and one supplies the king.
Página 329 - I'll tell the truth to Muqa, and I hope he will believe — That I thought of him at morning, and thought of him at eve ; That, musing on my lover, when down the sun was gone, His ear-rings in my hand I held, by the fountain all alone ; And that my mind was o'er the sea, when from my hand they fell, And that deep his love lies in my heart, as they lie in the well.

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