The Elements of Plane Trigonometry

Virtue Bros., 1867 - 76 páginas

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Página 10 - Gd. 131. READY-RECKONER FOR MILLERS, FARMERS, AND MERCHANTS, showing the Value of any Quantity of Corn, with the Approximate Values of Mill-stones & Mill Work.
Página 10 - Tables for the Calculation of Simple Interest, with Logarithms for Compound Interest, and Annuities, by W. Hipsley. Is. 85*. SUPPLEMENT TO THE ABOVE, Is. 85 and 85* in 1 vol., 2s.
Página 7 - TOWNS, 2 vols. in 1, 3s.) 31. WELL-SINKING, BORING, AND PUMP WORK, by JG Swindell, revised by GR Burnell. Is.
Página 9 - Baker. 2s. 61*. READY RECKONER for the Admeasurement and Valuation of Land, by A. Arman. Is. 6d. 76. GEOMETRY, DESCRIPTIVE, with a Theory of Shadows and Perspective, and a Description of the Principles and Practice of Isometrical Projection, by JF Heather. 2s. 83.
Página 3 - EMIGRANT'S GUIDE TO TASMANIA AND NEW ZEALAND, by James Baird, BA [In Preparation. FINE ARTS. 20. PERSPECTIVE, by George Pyne. 2s. 27. PAINTING ; or, A GRAMMAR OF COLOURING, by G. Field. 2s. 40. GLASS STAINING, by Dr. MA Gessert, with an Appendix on the Art of Enamel Painting, &c.
Página 4 - Gd. 113* MEMOIR ON SWORDS, by Marey, translated by Lieut-CoL HH Maxwell. Is. 140. OUTLINES OF MODERN FARMING, by R. Scott Burn. Vol. I. Soils, Manures, and Crops. 2s. 141. Vol. II. Farming Economy, Historical and Practical. 3s. 142. Vol.
Página 6 - JVbs. 128 and 130 in 1 vol. cloth boards, 7s. 132. ERECTION OF DWELLING-HOUSES, with Specifications, Quantities of Materials, &c., by SH Brooks, 27 Plates. 2s.
Página 101 - ... hill, there were measured, the angle of elevation of the top of the hill 40°, and of the top of the tower 51° ; then measuring in a direct line 180 feet farther from the hill, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower was 33° 45' ; required the height of the tower.
Página 5 - EMMENS. is. 6d. 152. PRACTICAL HINTS FOR INVESTING MONEY. With an Explanation of the Mode of Transacting Business on the Stock Exchange. By FRANCIS PLAYFORD, Sworn Broker.

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