Polynesian Researches: During a Residence of Nearly Six Years in the South Sea Islands; Including Descriptions of the Natural History and Scenery of the Islands - with Remarks on the History, Mythology, Traditions, Government, Arts, Manners, and Customs of the Inhabitants

Fisher, Son, & Jackson, 1829 - 576 páginas

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Página 101 - An act for the more effectual punishment of murders and manslaughters committed in places not. within his Majesty's dominions.
Página 4 - Sea, in whose character we find such a mixture of perversity and meekness: the state of half-civilization in which these islanders are found, gives a peculiar charm to the description of their manners. Here, a king, followed by a numerous suite, comes and presents the fruits of his orchard ; there, the funeral festival embrowns the shade of the lofty forest.
Página 134 - Of superstition, ignorance, and hell : High on the pagan hills, where Satan sat Encamped, and o'er the subject kingdoms threw Perpetual night, to plant Immanuel's cross, The ensign of the Gospel, blazing round Immortal truth...
Página 9 - Whose all-prolific beam late call'd me forth From darkness, teeming darkness, where I lay The worm's inferior ; and, in rank, beneath The dust I tread on ; high to bear my brow, To drink the spirit of the golden day, And triumph in existence ; and...
Página 487 - With scarce inferior lustre gleam'd the sea, Whose waves were spangled with phosphoric fire, As though the lightnings there had spent their shafts, And left the fragments glittering on the field.
Página 286 - Their traditionary ballads were a kind of standard, or classical authority, to which they referred for the purpose of determining any disputed fact in their history." And when doubts arose, " as they had no records to which they could at such times refer, they could only oppose one oral tradition to another ; which unavoidably involved the parties in protracted and often obstinate debates.
Página 222 - The fires at which the men's food was cooked, were also sacred, and were forbidden to be used by the females. The baskets in which their provision was kept, and the house in which the men ate, were also sacred, and prohibited to the females under the same cruel penalty. Hence the inferior food, both for wives, daughters, &c. was cooked at separate fires, deposited in distinct baskets, and eaten in lonely solitude by the females, in little huts erected for the purpose.
Página 119 - Under these circumstances, it required no small degree of forbearance and self-possession, as well as patient toil, to persevere in preaching the gospel among a people whose spirit and conduct afforded so little encouragement to hope it would ever be by them received. Hitherto their labours had been confined to Tahiti; but in December, 1802, Mr. Bicknell, accompanied by Mr. Wilson, made a voyage to Eimeo, and, travelling round it, preached " the unsearchable riches of Christ" to its inhabitants,...
Página 274 - God, who has declared that his word shall not return unto him void...
Página 521 - This, together with the heat of the sun, and the dryness of the atmosphere, favoured the preservation of the body. Under the influence of these causes, in the course of a few weeks the muscles dried up, and the whole body appeared as if covered with a kind of parchment. It was then clothed, and fixed in a sitting posture ; a small altar was erected before it, and offerings of fruit, food, and flowers, were daily presented by the relatives, or the priest appointed to attend the body.

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