The parliamentary register; or, History of the proceedings and debates of the House of commons, Volumen48


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Página 122 - I lost no time in giving the necessary orders to prohibit the further prosecution of offensive war upon the continent of North America, adopting, as my inclination will always lead me to do with decision and effect, whatever I collect to be the sense of my Parliament and my people. I have pointed all my views and measures as well in Europe as in North America to an entire and cordial reconciliation with those colonies.
Página 122 - Finding it indispensable to the attainment of this object, I did not hesitate to go the full length of the powers vested in me and offered to declare them free and independent States by an article to be inserted in the treaty of peace.
Página 17 - Becaufe the inability of humbling ourfelves again to folicit peace in a manner, which is a recognition of the French...
Página 334 - That it is the opinion of this court, founded upon its experience of the effects of the late imperial loan, that if any farther loan or advance of money to the emperor, or to any other foreign state, should, in the present state of affairs take place, it will, in all probability, prove fatal to the Bank of England.
Página 369 - England did not circulate to any great amount), it confifts of the bills of country bankers, or of the banking companies in Scotland, payable to bearer on demand; and of 'coin of the defcription before mentioned. Inland bills of exchange are thought by many, to be a part of the circulation of the kingdom.
Página 375 - October of that year. The conferences between the chancellor of the exchequer, and the governor and deputy governor of the bank, on the...
Página 217 - America was fevered from our empire, rather than that thefe minifters fhould incur the lofs of their offices, we are unable to fee in what Great Britain would be the gainer. If an invafion of thefe realms...
Página 375 - ... produce, and other merchandize exported, do not take place till a confiderable time after their exportation, though a great additional capital has been previoufly employed in providing the articles fo exported. The balance of payments, which arifes out of the balance of trade, is necefiarily...

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