The countries of the world, Volumen1

Cassel, Petter and Galpin, 1876

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Página 153 - ... looked up to the assemblage with awe, as to the House of Lords. There was a vast deal of solemn deliberation, and hard Scottish reasoning, with an occasional swell of pompous declamation. These grave and weighty councils were alternated by huge feasts and revels, like some of the old feasts described in Highland castles. The tables in the great banqueting room groaned under the weight of game of all kinds ; of venison from the woods, and fish from the lakes, with hunters...
Página 153 - ... tongues, and beavers' tails ; and various luxuries from Montreal, all served up by experienced cooks brought for the purpose. There was no stint of generous wine, for it was a hard-drinking period, a time of loyal toasts, and bacchanalian songs, and brimming...
Página 153 - Indian hunters, and vagabond hangers-on, who feasted sumptuously without on the crumbs that fell from their table, and made the welkin ring with old French ditties, mingled with Indian yelps and yellings.
Página 42 - When brooding darkness covers half the year, To hollow caves the shivering natives go; Bears range abroad, and hunt in tracks of snow: But when the tedious twilight wears away, And stars grow paler at th' approach of day, The longing crowds to frozen mountains run, Happy who first can see the glimmering sun!
Página 31 - Lapland fair one excited. It might well be imagined that she was truly of Stygian origin. Her stature was very diminutive ; her face of the darkest brown, from the effects of smoke ; her eyes dark and sparkling; her eye-brows black ; her pitchy-coloured hair hung loose about her head ; and on it she wore a flat red cap. She had a...
Página 198 - ... hunter and his family, having left their lodge unguarded during their absence, on their return found it completely gutted ; the walls were there, but nothing else : blankets, guns, kettles, axes, cans, knives, and all the other paraphernalia of a trapper's tent, had vanished, and the tracks left by the beast showed who had been the thief. The family set to work, and by carefully following up all his paths recovered, with some trifling exceptions, the whole of the lost property.
Página 186 - ... the most rugged mountains, scaling or descending the most frightful precipices, searching, by routes inaccessible to the horse, and never before trodden by white man, for springs and lakes unknown to his comrades, and where he may meet with his favorite game. Such is the mountaineer, the hardy trapper of the West; and such, as we have slightly sketched it, is the wild, Robin Hood kind of life, with all its strange and motley populace, now existing in full vigor among the Rocky Mountains.
Página 31 - O thou poor man! what hard destiny can have brought thee hither, to a place never visited by any one before? This is the first time I ever beheld a stranger. Thou miserable creature! How didst thou come, and whither wilt thou go? Dost thou not perceive what houses and habitations we have, and with how much difficulty we go to church?
Página 164 - He is, for the most part, an intelligent labourer, of pretty long standing in the service, who, having picked up a smattering of Indian, is consequently very useful in trading with the natives. After the interpreter comes the postmaster, usually a promoted labourer, who, for good behaviour or valuable services, has been put...

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