Documents and Plans Submitted by the Water Committee to the Common Council of the City of Brooklyn, for the Year 1854


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Página 115 - ... or by any person acting under their authority, for the purpose of procuring or keeping a supply of water, shall in any manner be injured or shall...
Página 115 - THE MERCHANTS' ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, filed and recorded in this office on the 19th day of June, 1897, and do hereby certify the same to be a correct transcript therefrom and of the whole of said original. WITNESS, my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the City of Albany, this nineteenth day (SEAL.) of June, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven.
Página 112 - York shall have the right to use the ground or soil under any street, highway or road within this state for the purpose of introducing water into The City of New York, on condition that they shall cause the surface of said street, highways or roads to be restored to its original state, and all damages done thereto shall be repaired.
Página 112 - The said corporation shall be liable to pay all damages that shall be sustained by any persons in their property by the taking of any land, water, or water-rights, or by the constructing of any aqueducts, reservoirs, or other works for the purposes aforesaid.
Página 112 - ... which may be required for the purposes of this act, as to the amount of compensation to be paid to such owner or owners for the same.
Página 112 - ... said new corporation, if consolidation take effect at any time thereafter, may apply at any time within sixty days after such meeting of the stockholders or members to the supreme court at any special term thereof, held in the county or counties in which said libraries or either of them may be, upon at least eight days...
Página 116 - ... body of the act, the Legislature shall, by a vote of two thirds of all the members elected to each house, otherwise direct; said vote to be taken by yeas and nays, and entered upon the journals.
Página 115 - ... the care or treatment of, any of the patients or inmates of such hospital ; but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to impair any remedy under existing laws which any person may have against any officer, agent or employee of any such hospital for any wrongful act or omission in the course of his official conduct or employment.
Página 115 - ... an act to revise and amend the several acts relating to the city of Brooklyn...
Página 110 - All contracts for materials, or for the construction of the work, shall be made in writing, and of each contract three copies shall be taken, which shall be numbered with the same number and endorsed with the date of the contract and with the name of the contractor, and a summary of the work to be done or materials furnished.

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