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and Fuller----Philip enclosed on Pocasset neck--His artful escapePursued and attacked-Joins the Nipmucks---Troops sent to Brookfield -Ambuscade at Wickaboag pond-Brookfield destroyed-Brave defence of a house--Relieved by major Willard-Arrival of other forces-Willard advances to Hadley--Posts troops at that place, and returns to Boston--Arrival of major Treat with Connecticut forces--Hadley Indian flee-Pursued and Defeated by captains Lathrop and Beers---Beers and party cut off at Northfield--Fatal ambuscade of Lathrop and company, at Bloody Brook--Gallant conduct of captain Mosely-Deerfield burnt -Springfield Indians join Philip--Surprise and destruction of Springfield -Attack on Hatfield--Incursions at various towns-Expedition under captain Henchman--Indians cut off at Wrentham-Mode of fortifying at this period. Page 95.

CHAPTER VIII. Continuation of Philip's War. Meeting of the Commissioners of Colonies--Resolve on an expedition against the Narragansets--Army assembles under governor Winslow--Advances to Pettyquamscott-Joined by Connecticut forces-- Indians fortify a swamp-March of Winslow's army-Indian out post driven in-Attack on the main work -Obstinate resistance of the Indians-Gallant conduct of the EnglishConflagration of the place-Loss of the enemy-Winslow returns to Pettyquamscott-Loss of the English-Remarks on the attack-The enemy flee to the Northern woods-Pursued by Massachusett's forcesThey return to Boston-Attack on Lancaster-Incursions on eastern towns-Captain Peirce cut off at Patuxet river-Various incursionsCaptain Wadsworth cut off at Sudbury-Attacks on towns in Plymouth colony-Connecticut volunteers-Capture of Conanchet-Further exploits of the volunteers-Forces under majors Savage and Treat, take post at Hadley and adjacent towns-Attacks on Northampton and Hatfield-People ambuscaded near Longmeadow-Surprise of a party of Indians by Captain Holyoke-Attack at Hoccanum-Cautious conduct of Philip-His plan to enlist the Mohawks in the war-Heads a strong force in Massachusetts-His projects for procuring supplies of provisions

-Occupies the fishing stations--Captain Turner's attack at the Falls above Deerfield-Is attacked on his return and killed-Gallant conduct of captain Holyoke-Loss of the English-Sufferings of two gentlemen of the party-Philip resolves to retort-Attacks Hatfield and is repulsed -Major Talcot's long march-Arrives at Northampton-Attack on the English head-quarters at Hadley-Singular occurrence during the attack -Forces arrive under captain Henchman--Expedition to Turner's Falls— Mohawks attack Philip's allies-- Indians disheartened-Return to Narraganset-Gallant services of captain Church-Part. of Philip's allies flee their country--Major Talcot takes post at Westfield-Pursues the fugitives-Affair at Housatonic river--Other tribes flee- Captain Church active in the southeast quarter-Philip is driven from his coverts

Takes post in a swamp in mount Hope neck-Church advances upon him-Attempts to escape and is killed — Reflections on his fall --- Annawon, his chief captain, escapes with a party-Is surprised and captured by Church- Termination of the war in the southeast quarter-Losses sustained by the English-The question whether the war might have been avoided, examined-Governor Winslow's letter on the subjcte. Page 114.

CHAPTER IX. War continued in the eastern quarter-Massachusett's forces march to Cocheco-Indians seized by stratagem-Further depredations on the Connecticut-People captured at Hatfield and Deerfield, and conveyed to Canada-Route described - Attack on a mill at Hadley--Adventurous journey of two gentlemen from Hatfield_Treaty with the Indians at Northampton-Attempts to engage the Mohawks against the eastern Indians-Hostilities cease on the Connecticut-Frontier towns in Massachusetts and New York-Progress of the French settlements—Commencement of king William's War, 1689–Depredations on the eastern towns-Surprise and death of major Waldron-French expeditions against Schenectady, Salmon Falls and Casco-Affair at Wheelwright's Pond-Capture of Port Royal --Abortive attempt on Quebec-Army under general Winthrop advances to fort Anne-Expedition of major Schuyler-Various incursions on New England-French expedition against the Mohawks-Attempt on Deerfield— Villieu's attack at Oyster river-Depredations at Deerfield and Portsmouth-French expedition against the Onondagoes—Incursions on the eastern towns-Attack on Lancaster---Peace of Ryswick-Hostilities continue—Various attacks

Sufferings of Haverhill-Brave exploit of Hannah Dustan-People killed and captured at Hatfield-Enemy pursued by a party from Deerfield, and two lads recovered-Peace concluded with the Indians--Sketch of operations in the eastern country-Attempts of the French to engage the Five Nations—Frustrated by the counter efforts of the English-Extracts from the Journal of captain Wadsworth. Page 145.

CHAPTER X. War from the Invisible World, or History of witchcraft in New England. First trials in Massachusetts--Details of cases of Witchcraft at Hartford-Groton-Newbury--Salmon Falls—Hadley--Boston-Salem -Torments of the afflicted—Credulity of Dr. Cotton Mather_Trials at Salem-Governor Phipps requests the opinion of the clergy-Their report to the governor-Other trials--Several people condemned and executed ---Indictment against George Burrows---His execution---Others condemned and executed--Commitments continue--Indictment of Mary Osgood--- The mania extends to other places---Horrible state of the people

--The frenzy abates, and the officers of government open their eyes to the delusion--Judge Sewall's confession-Hutchinson's opinion of the rise of the mania--Its origin more remote---Facts from History-Low state of science in Europe at the period of its rise---Books on witchcraft -- Intolerance of the first planters in New England-Sir Matthew HaleDr. Cotton Mather's Philosophy---Phantoms of the learned in Europe Francis Bacon opens the path to true knowledge--Pursuing this path, sir Isaac Newton establishes a system of Philosophy--Its effects in Europe and America---Abler leaders appear-Witchcraft vanishes before the light of science. Page 164.

CHAPTER XI. Queen Anne's War, 1702. Population of the Provinces at this period --French population in Canada---Hostilities on the eastern quarterMode of fortifying at this time--Frontier towns on the Connecticut Deerfield threatened--People captured at that place-Expedition of Rouville---Sacks and destroys Deerfield----Particulars of the capture of several houses--Brave defence of others---Action in the meadowPrisoners threatened---Number killed and captured-Gloomy prospects of the cap . tives--Route to Canada-Sufferings-Rev. John Williams-Part of the captives redeemed Mr. Williams' daughter-Recent accounts from one of her posterity--Names of the captives retained-Sketches of the family of Kelloggs Mr. Williams returns to Deerfield-Further depredations at. that place-Exploit of lieutenant Lyman---Attack on Lancaster-Other incursions-Colonel Church's expedition--Loss of a French store ship-Depredations at Oyster river, and other places-Colonel March’s expedition-Connecticut fortify towns--Attack on Haverhill-Preparations for an expedition against Canada-Colonel Nicholson advances to Wood creek-expedition abandoned-Seeond attempt on Deerfield-Capture of Port Royal-Various incursions--Abortive expedition to CanadaIncursions continue Treaty of Utrecht--Peace with the Indians.. Page 183.

CHAPTER XII. State of the frontiers at the close of the war -Northern limits of the settlements--Military strength of Canada-Province of Connecticut--Sebastian Rolle-First appearance of the Aurora Borealis--Alarms of the people-First notice of in Europe-Theories to account for the phenomenon-Progress of settlements--Hostilities with the eastern Indians---Co!. Westbrooke's expedition--Indians retaliate ---Fort Dummer built-Military strength of Massachusetts.... Spirited Measures of New Hampshire .... Incursions at Dover and other places....Attack at fort Dummer.... People killed at Greenfield and Deerfield, and other places....Machinations of Sebastian Rolle....Expedition of Harman and Moulton against Norridgewock....Place destroyed....Rolle killed....His singular character.... Other expeditions and incursions....Expedition of captain Wright's volunteers....Exploit of captain Lovewell....Marches on a second expedition.... Ambuscaded and killed.... Particulars of the affair...Sufferings of Individuals....Commissioners sent to Canada....Peace with the Indians.... Tribes engaged in the war. Page 204.

CHAPTER XIII. Attempts of Massachusetts to engage the Mohawks in the late ware Ravages of the Small Pox-Inocculation introduced---Violently opposed --Its ultimate success---Measures of Massachusetts for a continuance of peace--Trading houses established-Grants of new townships in New Hampshire and Massachusetts--Disputes concerning boundaries-- Transactions in New York-Extraordinary Earthquake---Great loss of people by the throat distemper---Boundary between Massachusetts and New Hampshire established---Further grants of towns in Massachusetts County of Worcester established-Frontier towns in New Hampshire Northern limits of the settlements in New England---Population of the country in 1750-Settlements in Canada-Indians indicate hostilities Treaty with the Cahnawagas at fort Dummer. Page 220.

CHAPTER XIV. Declaration of war in 1744---Indians take up arms-Preparations for defence--Notices of Indian routes, to the frontiers--Massachusetts cordon of forts built--Other works on the frontiers--Col. John Stoddard commander of the western frontiers--Establishment of scouting parties -Incursions of the Indians on the Connecticut-Capture of Louisburg Further incursions of the enemy-Affair at Charlestown-Fort Massachusetts attacked by M. Vaudreuil-.-Spirited defence of the garrison


Surrender by capitulation-Remarks on the attack---Previous escape of a party from the fort-People killed in Deerfield meadow--Project for an attack on Canada---Fails. Massachusetts withdraws her garrisons from New Hampshire frontiers---Reoccupies the posts---Charlestown attacked by M. Debeline--Brave defenti by captain Stevens--Enemy withdraws--Remarks on the defence-Further incursions--skirmish near fort Massachusetts-Capture of a French officer near Winchester--Various attacks in New Hampshire. Page 229.

CHAPTER XV. Continuation of the War. Forces voted by Massachusetts--attack near the fort at Charlestown--Scout under captain Melvin attacked at West River---Ambuscade at Hinsdale --Death of colonel Stoddard-Succeeded by colonel Israel Williams-Gallant action of captain Hobbs Second ambuscade at Hinsdale --Attack on fort Massachusetts--Further incursions--Peace of Aix la Chapelle and treaty with the Indians---Sketch of transactions in New York and Canada--Different mode of carrying on the war by the French and English--Policy of granting bounties on scalps examined--Colonel Hawks' tour to Canada---Singular conduct of a captive. Page 247

CHAPTER XVI. Remarks on the state of the country--Grants of townships by governor Wentworth--Project for a military settlement at Coos---Frustrated by the Indians---Commencement of hostilities at the eastward--Preparations for defence-Incursions in New Hampshire--Plan of a union of the colonies--Hostilities on the frontiers of Pennsylvania-Expedition up Kennebeck--Further incursions in New Hampshire-Destruction of Dutch Hoosac.... Incursionat Stockbridge....Colonel Israel Williams again intrusted with the defence of the frontiers....His plan of defence....Frontier fortifications....New settlements....Major Ephraim Williams commands the line of sorts....Defences in the eastern quarter.....Arrival of troops under general Braddock-Plan of the campaign-Incursion at Charlemont -Additional forces raised---Lieut. governor Phipps' orders for raising rangers-Duty and hardships of these corps. Page 258.

CHAPTER XVII. Routs of the St. Francis Indians---Inroads on Connecticut river-Capture of Bridgman's fort-Sketch of the adventures of Mrs. Howe--Massachusetts posts garrisons in New Hampshire-Army under general Johnson assembles at Albany---Advances to fort Edward and commences a fortification-Encamps at lake George-French force under baron Dieskau--His plan of operation-Advances towards Johnson's Camp Ambuscade of a detachment under colonel E. Williams-Attack on Johnson---Details of the action-French defeated---Dieskau wounded and taken prisoner-Loss of the English-Notice of colonel WilliamsColonel Titcomb and baron Dieskau-Remarks on the battle--Affair of M'Ginnes and Fulsome--Effects of the victory at the lake--Shirley's and Braddock's expedition-Remarkable earthquake. Page 268.

CHAPTER XVIII. French build a fort at Tinconderoga-Army under general Winslow in 1756–Takes post at lake George---Arrival of troops under lord Loudon-Massachusetts frontier garrisons-Incursions at Winchester, Charlestown, Greenfield and Northfield--Several attacks near fort Massachusetts-People killed at West Hoosac-Winslow's army remains inactive ---Loss of Oswego-Colonel Bradstreet's defence of a division of Batteaux--Project for building a fort on the highlands, between Black river and Otter creek--Surveys ordered by Massachusetts---Preparations for the capaign of 1757-Scouting parties on the frontiers--Forces posted at Charlestown. Attack on the mills at that place....Loudon's expedition against Louisburg--Montcalm besieges fort William Henry---Place surrenders--Horrid massacre of the garrison--Conduct of the chavelier la Corne....Exploits of Individuals--Putnam's rangers detached to the Lake....Horrid scene presented on the route....Number killed....Consternation of the northern provinces--March of the militia—Sir William Pepperell takes post at Springfield....Frontier garrisons augmented....Activity of the garrison at Charlestown-Alarm subsides-Militia diseharged....Gloomy prospects of the country. Page 282.

CHAPTER XIX. Preparations for the campaign of 1758...Incursion of the Indians at Colrain....Garrisons at the frontier towns....Depredations at Hinsdale and Charlestown....Army assembles at lake George under general Abercrombie....Passes the lake....Affair at the landing....Fall of lord Howe...Army advances to the mills....Attack on the French lines....Severe repulse--Army returns to the south end of lake George....Capture of FrontenacSurrender of Louisburg....General Forbe's expedition....Inactivity of Abercrombie....General Amherst arrives with reinforcements....Plan of the campaign of 1759....Garrison at Charlestown....Early incursion at Colrain....Army under general Amherst....Invests Ticonderoga....French evacuate that place and Crown Poiut....Amherst resolves to destroy the village of St. Francis....His orders to major Rogers.... Detachment proereeds down lake Champlain....Lands at Missisque bay.... Nature of the country to be traversed....Loss of boats and provisions.... Plan adopted for a supply of the latter....Embarrassments of the march....Attack on the village.... Slaughter of the enemy... Flourishing state of the place.... Rogers commences his march for Coos intervals... Provisions exhausted ....Separates into several parties....Attacks by the enemy.... Rogers arrives at Coos...Disappointed in meeting provisions....Substitute for food....Embarks on a raft and descends the Connecticut.... Incidents of the voyage ....Arrives at Charlestown....Loss in the expedition....Operations of generals Wolf and Johnson....Forces on the frontiers of Massachusetts discharged...Plan of the campaign of 1760....Conquest of Canada--Previous operations of colonel Goffe's regiment-Incursion at Charlestown-Peace of 1763--Joy of the colonies--Grants of towns by governor Wentworth-Enterprize of the planters of the New Hampshire grants---Dartmouth college---Disputes with New York-Hampshire grants declare themselves independent-Admitted into the union-Subsequent military events at Royalston-Militia marches---Retreat of the enemy--More res cent events on Connecticut river--Concluding remarks. Page 295.

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