The High Court of Justice: Comprising Memoirs of the Principal Persons, who Sat in Judgment on King Charles the First, and Signed His Death-warrant, Together with Those Accessaries, Excepted by Parliament in the Bill of Indemnity

J. Caulfield, 1820 - 112 páginas

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Página 12 - Sir, we have heard what you did at the House in the morning, and before many hours all England will hear it: but, Sir, you are mistaken to think that the Parliament is dissolved; for no power under heaven can dissolve them but themselves; therefore take you notice of that.
Página 12 - I have sought the Lord night and day, that He would rather slay me than put me upon the doing of this work.
Página vii - And as for our good people's lawful recreation, our pleasure likewise is, that after the end of divine service our good people be not disturbed, letted or discouraged from any lawful recreation, such as dancing, either men or women, archery for men, leaping, vaulting, or any other such harmless recreation, nor from having of May games, Whitsun ales, and morris dances, and the setting up of maypoles and other sports therewith used: so as the same be had in due and convenient time, without impediment...
Página viii - ... shall look to it, both that all disorders there may be prevented or punished, and that all neighbourhood and freedom, with manlike and lawful exercises be used. And...
Página viii - ... that, under pretence of taking away abuses, there hath been a general forbidding, not only of ordinary meetings, but of the feasts of the dedication of the churches, commonly called Wakes...
Página vi - ... that there is some amendment now daily beginning, which is no small contentment to us. The report of this growing amendment amongst them made us the more sorry when with our own ears we heard the general complaint of our people that they were barred from all lawful recreation and exercise upon the Sunday's afternoon after the ending of all Divine Service...
Página x - We brake down 1000 Pictures superstitious; I brake down 200; 3 of God the Father, and 3 of Christ, and the Holy Lamb, and 3 of the Holy Ghost like a Dove with Wings; and the 12 Apostles were carved in Wood, on the top of the Roof, which we gave orders to take down; and the Sun and the Moon in the East Window, by the King's Arms, to be taken down.
Página vi - ... our good people in that country be misled by the mistaking and misinterpretation of our meaning, we have therefore thought good hereby to clear and make our pleasure to be manifested to all our good people in those parts. It is true that at our first entry to this Crown and kingdom...
Página x - There was many inscriptions of JESUS in capital letters, on the roof of the church, and cherubims with crosses on their breasts; and a cross in the chancel; all which with divers pictures in the windows, which we could not reach, neither would they help us to raise the ladders; all which we left a warrant with the constable to do in fourteen days.
Página vi - ... drunkenness, and breeds a number of idle and discontented speeches in their alehouses : for, when shall the common people have leave to exercise, if not upon the Sundays and holidays ? Seeing they must apply their labour, and win their living in all working days.

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