The Works of William Browne: Containing Britannia's Pastorals, Volúmenes1-3


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Página 35 - The shephearriesses all will give To store him, part of theirs. Or I would lend him some, But that the store I have Will all be spent before I pay The debt I owe his grave, " O what is left can make me leave to mone ! Or what remains but doth increase it more ? Looke on his shecpe: alas!
Página 56 - The beech, that scales the welkin with his top : All these and thousand more within this grove, By all the industry of nature strove To frame an arbour that might keepe within it, The best of beauties that the world hath in it.
Página 57 - Or if they spred no table, set no bread, They should have nips from toe unto the head ; And for the maid that had perform'd each thing, She in the water-pail bad leave a ring.
Página 54 - Earth's best of odours, th' aromatical : Like to that smell which oft our sense descries Within a field which long unplowed lies, Somewhat before the setting of the sun ; And where the rainbow in the horizon Doth pitch her tips : or as when in the prime, The earth being troubled with a drought long time, The hand of heaven his spongy clouds doth strain, And throws into her lap a shower of rain ; She sendeth up, conceived from the sun, A sweet perfume and exhalation.
Página 167 - And from the shell the sweet white kernell taking, Till (with their crookes and bags) a sort of boyes, (To share with him) come with so great a noyse, That he is forc'd to...
Página 39 - He sung th' heroic knights of Faiery-land In lines so elegant, of such command, That had the Thracian played but half so well, He had not left Eurydice in Hell. But ere he ended his melodious song An host of angels flew the clouds among, And rapt this swan from his attentive mates, To make him one of their associates In...
Página 39 - Upon their finny Coursers, round her throne, And she prepar'd to cut the watry Zone Ingirting Albion; all their pipes were still, And Colin Clout...
Página 105 - But then, as little wrens, but newly fledge, First, by their nests hop up and downe the hedge ; Then one from bough to bough gets up a tree : His fellow noting his agilitie, Thinkes he as well may venter as the other, So flushing from one spray unto another Gets to the top, and then enbold'ned flyes, Unto an height past ken of humane eyes.
Página 128 - I OFT have heard of Lydford law, How in the morn they hang and draw, And sit in judgment after : At first I wondered at it much; But since I find the reason such, As it deserves no laughter.
Página 120 - Their sad sweet glance so ties his faculties To think from what he parts, that he is now As far from leaving her, or knowing how, As when he came ; begins his former strain, To kiss, to vow, and take his leave again ; Then turns, comes back, sighs, parts, and yet doth go, Apt to retire, and loth to leave her so ; — Brave stream, so part I from thy flowery bank.

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