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04-29-28 GFC.



BURKE returns to his parliamentary efforts, 1. Comparis

son of Lord North to Sancho Panza, the Governor's phy-

sician, 3His conduct on the capture of Burgoyne, 4.-

Censured, 5. Speech on the employment of the Indians,

6 and 7. Mr. Fox proposes an inquiry into the history and

state of the war, 9. Lord North proposes a conciliatory

plan, 10. Lord North's great defect, want of firmness, 12.

His proposed plan passes the House, 13. Considerations.

on the state of the navy, 14. Diversity of opinion in mem

bers of Opposition, 16 to 18. Application to Parliament in

favour of Ireland, 18. Burke supports the interest of Ire-

land, in opposition to the desire of his constituents of Bris

tol, 26. Supports a bill favourable to the Roman Catholics,

21. French war justifies the prediction of Burke, 24. War.

like operations discussed in the House, 25. Keppel's trial,

27. Proceedings of Burke and Fox therein, 29. Burke's

connection with Lord Verney, 31. Observations on the

Scotch anti-popish mob, 32.-Pleasantry, 33. Fox and

Burke's attack on Lord Sandwich, 34. Burke's violence

censured, 36. Proceedings respecting Burgoyne and the

Howes, 37. Burke acted in that inquiry more as a partizan

than a patriot, 39. His prediction verified by the Spanish

war, 40. War still popular, and why, 42. Burke's speech

on Irish affairs, 44.-Part of it very violent and inflamma-

tory, 45. Humorous strictures, 46. Lord North's propo-

sitions for the settlement of Ireland, 47. Burke's Letter

to the People of Ireland,' 48. Animadversions on the pro-
fusion of Ministry, 49. The war begins to be unpopular,
50. Burke's plan of economical reform, with analysis and

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campaign, 1781, 113.

BURKE's first allusion to John Zisca's skin, 115. Attack

on the Ministry from a variety of points, ibid. At last suc-
cessful, 116. Change of Administration, and Burke ap-,
pointed Paymaster, ibid. Review and character of Burke's
efforts during the American war, 117 to 120. Private vir

tues of Lord North, 121.-Pathetic observations of, to a

little boy about strawberries, 122, Integrity unquestion-

able, ibid. Mr. Fox precipitately offers peace to the Dutch,

123. Death of the Marquis of Rockingham, 124. Epitaph



by Burke, to 126, Anecdote of the Marquis's death-bed
conversation with Mr. Lee concerning his pecuniary trans-
actions with Mr. Burke, to 128. Odium incurred by Mr.
Burke, from the affair of Powell and Bembridge, 128. Pro-
bable that he was imposed on himself, 129. Resignation of
Messrs. Burke and Fox, ibid.

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