Fireside tales for the young, Volumen2


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Página 229 - But love is indestructible. Its holy flame for ever burneth, From heaven it came, to heaven returneth ; Too oft on earth a troubled guest, At times deceived, at times opprest, It here is tried and purified, Then hath in heaven its perfect rest : It soweth here with toil and care, But the harvest-time of Love is there.
Página 62 - Turkish janizary; otherwise, woe be to him that falleth into their quarters! '3. Height. Amounting, forty years since, to some thousands. These compelled the vicinage to purchase their security, by paying a constant rent to them. When in their greatest height, they had two great enemies, — the Laws of the Land, and the Lord William Howard of Naworth. He sent many of them to Carlisle, to that place where the officer doth always his work by daylight.
Página 252 - I can neither forget nor express the strong emotions which agitated my mind as I first approached and entered the eternal city. After a sleepless night, I trod, with a lofty step, the ruins of the Forum; each memorable spot where Romulus stood, or Tully spoke, or Caesar fell, was at once present to my eye; and several days of intoxication were lost or enjoyed before I could descend to a cool and minute investigation.
Página 120 - it means a great deal for you and very little for me.' 'How?' said the Duke; 'pray explain it.' ' I understand by it,' answered the King, 'that this greyhound fondles and pays his court to you this day as King of England, which you will surely be, and I shall be deposed, for the natural instinct of the dog shows it to him ; keep him, therefore, by your side, for he will now leave me and follow you.
Página 52 - The novice, armed at all points, but without helmet, sword, and spurs, came before the prince or general, at whose hands he was to receive knighthood, and kneeled down, while two persons of distinction, who acted as his godfathers, and were supposed to become pledges for his being worthy of the honour to which he aspired, buckled on his gilded spurs, and belted him with his sword.
Página 93 - ... to some place of rest, where you may not be concerned ' in war, and taking thought of your poor children, you may in some sort, provide for them...
Página 93 - God hath given you, that you exercise your patience in this great and strange trial. If harm come to you, then I am dead indeed, and, until then, I shall live in you, who are truly the best part of myself. When there is no such as I in being, then look upon yourself and my poor children j then take comfort, and God will bless you.
Página 173 - Swiss regretted the destruction of the cage, because he derived some fees from showing it to strangers. The explanation being overheard by the Duke of Chartres, he turned instantly round, and handing ten louis to the Swiss, said, " In future, instead of showing the iron cage to travellers, you will have to point out to them the place where it once stood, and surely that view will be infinitely more gratifying to those who possess feelings of humanity.
Página 51 - ... by whom he had been so gallantly seconded, and the nobles of his lineage, and informed his kinsmen, " Sirs, it hath pleased my Lord the Prince to bestow on me five hundred marks of heritage of which I am unworthy, for I have done him but small service. Behold, sirs, these four squires, which have always served me truly, and specially this day ; the honour that I have is by their valour ; therefore I resign to them and their heirs for ever, in like manner as it was given to me, the noble gift...
Página 36 - Victory and glory on earth, and a happy immortality after death, were promised to those champions who should distinguish themselves in battle against the infidels. And who shall blame the preachers who held such language, when it is remembered that the Saracens had at one time nearly possessed themselves of Aquitaine, and that but for the successful valour of Charles...

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