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[The references in the Index are to the Article and Section of the Constitution.]

Art. Sec.
9 1

Academies-support of,...
Actions or suits-not to be affected,

by or against corporations..
Adjournment-neither house to adjourn without consent of the other,
Adjutant-General-appointment and tenure of office,..
Agricultural Land--certain Jeases or grants to be void,..
Alienation of Lands-restraints upon, to be void,
Amendments to Bills-inay be made in either house,

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3 13

to the Constitution-[see Constitution,] Appeals, Court of—[see Court of Appeals,] Appropriation Laws-to be passed within two years,

to specify distinctly sum appropriated,

bills, how to be passed,.. Assembly-pumber of members,.

number when and how apportioned,
districts, bow and when formed when reorganized,
comp sation of members,...
members not to receive State civil appointments,
accepting U.S. office, vacates seat of member,.
election to be held in November,
to judge of qualifications, elections, &c.,
to choose its own officers,...
to keep a journal and publish the same,
to sit with open doors, except, &c...


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Assembly-not to adjourn without consent of the Senate,

members not to be questioned elsewhere for words said in

majority of, necessary to pass bills,..
has the power of impeachment,

first election of members, ..
Assistant Vice-Chancellor-office abolished,..
Attorney-General election and tenure of office,

compensation, not to receive fees,
Commissioner of the Land Office,
Commissioner of the Canal Fund,.
member of the Canal Board,..

when incumbent to go out of office, Attorney, District-[see District Attorney,] Ayes and Noes-on final passage of bills,..

to be entered on journal,
on bills returned by Governor with objections,
on removal of judicial officers,
on certain bills to create debtg.
on tax and appropriation bills,

on amendments to the Constitution,
Bail-excessive, not to be required,..
Ballot--elections to be by, except for town officers,
Banking-no special charter for, to be granted,

suspension of specie payments not to be sanctioned,
stockholders to be individually liable,.....

bill-holders preferred in cases of insolvency, Bank Notes or Bil be registered, and security given,

to be first paid, in cases of insolvency,. Black River Canal-to be completed,.

not to be sold or leased,...
Betting on elections-persons may be excluded from voting,..
Bills-laws to be passed by,...

private and local, title of,
enacting clause of,...
question on final passage,
returned from Governor with objections,..

to create debt,
Bills for-tax and appropriations, three-fifths quorum,
Bribery-persons guilty of,..
Borrowing money-State may borrow for deficit in sinking fund,

not exceeding $1,000,000,
to repel invasion,
with assent of the people,..

cities and villages to be restricted in,.. Buffalo City Courts-how created,

judges of, to be elected,.
how removed, if of record,

if not of record,
Canals-revenues, (see Revenues of Canals.]

to be completed,
not to be sold, leased or disposed of,.

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Canal Commissioners-election and tenure of office,.

term of office to be designated by lot,
members of Canal Board,

present, when to go out of office,
Canal Fund Commissioners-(see Commissioners of the Canal Fund.]
Canal Board-of whom it shall consisty.

its powers and duties.. Chancellor-office of, abolished,..

to hear causes till July, 1848,.
eligible at first election,..

V& ancy in office, supplied by Governor and Senate,..
Chancery-(see Court of Chancery.]
Census of the State-when to be taken,
Clerk of the Court of Appeals-election and tenure of,..

office to be at seat of government,

first election of,
Clerk of the Supreme Court-county clerks to be,.
Clerks of Counties-(see County Clerks.]
Clerk and Register of N. Y. City-election and tenure,

how removed, to be heard in defence,
time of election,..
vacancy how filled,

to hold unexpired terms,. Credit of the State-not to be loaned,

of cities and villages to be restricted,. Citizens—not be disfranchised, unless by law,

not to answer for crimes, except on indictments, &c.,..

not to be twice put in jeopardy for same offence, Cities-may be created by special act,

to be restricted in their powers,

officers of, to be elected or appointed,
City Courts-(see Courts in Cities.]
Crime-no one to answer except on presentments, &c.,
Criminal cases-no one to be witness against himself,
Circuit Courts-any justice of supreme court may hold,

terms of,...
Circuit Judge-office of, abolished,..

eligible to office at first election,
Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals,
Chief Justice of Supreme Court-how to be designated,

to preside at general terms,.
Code-commissioners to reduce laws into,
Colonial Acts—the law of this State,..
Colored Persons—what, entitled to vote,.

certain, not to be taxed,... Common Law-part of the law of this state, Common School Fund-capital inviolate,

income how applied, Common Pleas Courts--business transferred,

judges of, abolished, Comptroller-election of, and tenure of office,

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Comptroller-compensation, not to receive fees,

commissioner of the Land Office,
commissioner of the Canal Fund,
member of the Canal Board,

when present incumbent to go out of office, Commissioners, Canal—[see Canal Commissioners.] Commissioners of the Canal Fund-who shall be,

to determine by lot the terms of Canal Commissioners,

powers and duties, Commissioners of the Land Office—who shall be,.

powers and duties,

may sell land contiguous to the Salt Springs, Commissioners to form code and report to the Legislature,

vacancies how supplied, and compensation,..
to simplify pleadings and practice,..

of Supreme Court-office abolished, Commissary-General-appointment and tenure of office,

to give security,..
Compensation-of members of the Legislature,

of the Governor,
of the Lieutenant-Governor,
of Judges of Court of Appeals and Justices of Sup. Court,

of County Judge,.
Conciliation-tribunals of, may be established,

not to render judgment except, &c., Conscience-liberty of, not to excuse acts of licentiousness, .

persons exempt from military duty, Constitution, how amended,

majority of each house necessary to propose amendments to,
amendments to be published before election of Senators,..
majority of each house of next Legislature must agree to

amendments to be approved by a majority of electors voting,

when to take effect, .
Convention to revise the Constitution, when question to be submitted,

majority of electors voting at the election, necessary,..

delegates to be elected,
Congress--members of, ineligible to the Legislature,.
Corporations--to be formed under general laws,..

by special act in certain cases, .
general laws may be altered,
dues from, how secured,.
defined--to sue and be sued in all courts,
for banking, not to be created by special act,
bank notes to be registered and secured,
stockholders in banks individually liable,
bank notes to be first paid,.

restrictions on municipal, Corporate rights or charters not affected,. Coroners--election and tenure of office,

Governor may remove, after hearing defence,
time of election,


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Coroners—to hold unexpired term,
County-not to be divided in forming Senate districts, except, &c. ..

each county to have member of Assembly, except Hamilton,
supervisors may have power of local legislation,
not to be liable for acts of sheriff,...

officers to be elected or appointed according to law,. County Clerks-to be Clerk of Supreme Court,

election, tenure of office and how removed,..
time of election,...
vacancies how filled,

to hold unexpired terms, County Judge-election and tenure,.

to hold county court and perform duties of surrogate, County Judge-jurisdiction in cases arising in justices' courts,..

jurisdiction in causes arising in special cases,..
with two justices, to hold court of sessions, ..
to receive a salary,
may have equity jurisdiction conferred on,
two officers may be created,.
how removed,

first election of,
Counsel-party accused entitled to,
Court for the trial of impeachments—members of,.

to be sworn before trial,.
two-thirds present necessary to convicty.

Court of Appeals—to have eight judges,

four to be elected and classified,.
four to be selected from Supreme Courty.
Chief Judge, how designated,
time and place of holding terms,

writs of error and appeals to,.. Court, Supreme-of law and equity,

state to be divided into eight districts, .
four justices in each,
one or more chief justice to be designated,..
general terms held by three,.
special terms held by one,
tíme and place of holding terms,
who may practice in,..

when to enter upon duties,
Court, Supreme, old-writs of error from, to Court of Appeals,.

to hear causes till July, 1848,.

vacancy to be filled, Court of Oyer and Terminer-Justice of Supreme Court to preside,..

terms of,....

business, when transferred, Courts of Sessions-by whom held,. Courts in Cities-civil and criminal, may be established,.

Art. Sec. 14 10 3 4 3 5 3 17 10 1 10 2

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uniform except in New-York and Buffalo,
judges to be elected,
decision may be removed to Court of Appeals,.

14 6 17 6 21


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