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Fifth Judicial District.
Class No. 1. Philo Gridley, Utica,

2. William F. Allen, Oswego, .
3. Frederick W. Hubbard, Watertown,
4. Daniel Pratt, Syracuse, .

Salary. $2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500

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Sixth Judicial District.

Class No. 1. Charles Mason, Hamilton,

2. Schuyler Crippen, Cooperstown,
3. William H. Shankland, Syracuse,
4. Iliram Gray, Elmira,

2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500

Seventh Judicial District.

Class No. 1. Henry Welles, Penn-Yan,

2,500 2. Samuel L. Selden, Rochester,

2,500 3. Thomas A. Johnson, Corning,

2,500 4. Theron R. Strong, Palmyra,

2,500 Eighth Judicial District. Class No. 1. Moses Taggart, Batavia, ....

2,500 2. Richard P. Marvin, Jamestown,

2,500 3. Levi F. Bowen, Lockport, (Hoyt resigned).. 2,500 4. James Mullett, Buffalo,..


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Henry R. Selden, Rochester, State Reporter,....

2,000 Charles S. Benton, Albany, Clerk of the Court of Appeals, 2,000 Nathan Howard, Albany, Deputy Člerk,


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Salary. Horatio Seymour, Governor,

$4,000 Sanford E. Church, Lieut.-Gov'r, $6 for each day's attendance. Henry S. Randall, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Common Schools,

2,500 John C. Wright, Comptroller,

2,500 Benjamin Welch, Jr., Treasurer,

1,500 Levi S. Chatfield, Attorney-General,.

2,000 William J. McAlpine, State Engineer and Surveyor,

2,500 Daniel B. St. John, Superintendent Banking Department, 2,500 George W. Newell, Auditor of the Canal Department,.. 1,500 Robert E. Temple, Adjutant-General,. .

1,000 Benj. F. Bruce, Inspector-General, $5 per day. Isaac Vanderpoel, Assistant Adjutant-General,.

800 Daniel Lee, Commissary-General,

700 Elijah Ward, Judge Advocate-General,.

150 Canal Commissioners. John C. Mather,.. To hold 1 year, .

1,700 Henry Fitzhugh,

2 years,

1,700 Frederick Follett,


1,700 Inspectors of State Prisons. William P. Angel,... To hold 1 year,

1,600 Henry Storms,

2 years,

1,600 Darius Clark,


1,600 Canal Appraisers. William J. Cornwell, George H. Boughton,

$4 per day, and 5 cents per mile

each for travel. Andwew H. Calhoun, Archibald Campbell, Deputy Secretary of State and Clerk of the Commissioners of the Land Office,.

1,500 Philip Phelps, Deputy Comptroller,

1,300 Henry W. Johnson, Dep. Sup't of Common Schools, . 1,000 Lockwood L. Doty, Deputy Treasurer,

1,500 Edward Hand, Dep. Sup't of the Banking Department, 1,500 Alfred B. Street, State Librarian,

700 Elisha W. Skinner, Assistant Librarian,.

500 John E. McMahon, Private Secretary of the Governor,

600 John P. Russ, Messenger of the Governor, $3 per day.

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Commissioners of the Land Office.
The Lieutenant-Governor,

Speaker of the Assembly,
Secretary of State,
Attorney-General, and
State Engineer and Surveyor.

Commissioners of the Canal Fund.
The Lieutenant-Governor,

Secretary of State,
Treasurer, and

Canal Board.

The Lieutenant-Governor,

Secretary of State,
State Engineer and Surveyor, and the
Canal Commissioners.

Trustees of the State Library.
The Regents of the University are the Trustees, pursuant to
Chap. 255, Laws of 1844.

Trustees of the Capitol.
The Governor,

Speaker of the Assembly,
Secretary of State,
Comptroller, and

Trustees of the New State Hall.
The Governor,

Speaker of the Assembly,
Secretary of State,
Comptroller, and

Regents of the University, with the dates of their appointment.

1825, January 12, 1826, January 26, 1829, March 31, 1829, March

31, 1833, March

23, 1833, April 4, 1834, April 17, 1835, April

8, 1842, February 1, 1842, March

25, 1844, May 4, 1844, May 4, 1845, May 10, 1846, February 2, 1846, February 2, 1847, May 1847, September 22, 1849, February 6, 1851, March


The Governor, ex-officio,
The Lieutenant-Governor, ex-officio,
The Secretary of State, ex-officio,
John Greig,
Gulian C. Verplanck,
Gerrit Y. Lansing,
John K. Paige,
Erastus Corning,
Prosper M. Wetmore,
John L. Graham,
John McLean,
Gideon Hawley,
David Buel,
James S. Wadsworth,
John V. L. Pruyn,
Jabez D. Hammond,
John L. O'Sullivan,
Robert Campbell,
Samuel Luckey,
Robert G. Rankin,
Philip S. Van Rensselaer,
John N. Campbell.

Officers of the Board.

Gerrit Y. Lansing, Chancellor,
John Greig, Vice-Chancellor,
T. Romeyn Beck, Secretary.


COMMISSIONERS OF THE CANAL FUND. [The Fund Commissioners have the care and management of the Revenues of the Canals, after their collection, and of the canal debt.]

SANFORD E. CHURCH, Lieutenant-Governor.
HENRY S. RANDALL, Secretary of State.
John C. WRIGHT, Comptroller.
LEVI S. CHATFIELD, Attorney-General.

CANAL COMMISSIONERS. [The Canal Commissioners have the general charge of the public works, of the construction of new canals, and, through the Superintendents, of the repairs of the completed canals.]

JOHN C. MATHER, Troy-In charge of Division No. 1, as follows, viz: Erie Canal from Albany, including Albany Basin, to the east bank of the Oneida Lake Canal ; Champlain Canal and Glen's Falls Feeder, and pond above Troy dam; Black River Canal and Feeder, finished and unfinished—-305 miles.

HENRY FITZAUGII, Oswego-In charge of Division No. 2, as follows, viz: Erie Canal, from east bank of Oneida Lake Canal to east bound of Wayne county; Navigable Feeders ; Oneida Lake Canal; Oneida Creek Feeder; Oswego Canal; Cayuga and Seneca Canal; Chenango Canal ; Seneca River Towing Path; Oneida River Improvement; Chemung Canal and Feeder; and Crooked Laké Canal-321 miles.

FREDERICK FOLLETT, Batavia-In charge of Division No. 3, as follows, viz: Erie Canal, from east bounds of Wayne county to Buffalo, including Basin at the latter place; Genesee Valley Canal, navigable, including Dansville side cut; and Genesee Valley Canal, not navigable_273 miles.


WILLIAM J. MOALPINE. [Prescribes duties of, and assigns divisions of canals to, Engineers ; visits and inspects canals; prepares surveys, maps, plans, estimates, &c., in the construction or improvement of a canal, &c., &c.]

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