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Excuse from 61. Every member requesting to be excused from voting.

voting, may make a brief and verbal statement of the reasons for making such request, and the question shall

then be taken without further debate. Applications 62. All applications by societies or individuals for for Assembly the use of the Assembly Chamber shall lie over for one

day, unless the Assembly shall otherwise order. The member making any such application may briefly suggest the reasons why it should be granted, but the de

cision shall be made without debate. Time for

63. Tuesday and Thursday of each week, immediategeneral order ly after the reading of the journal, shall be specially

set apart for the consideration of bills on the general orders; but this rule shall not be construed to prevent the consideration of the general orders on any other day, when reached in their regular order.


[blocks in formation]

1. The presentation of petitions. 2. Reports of standing committees. 3. Reports of select committees. 4. Messages from the Governor. 5. Communications from the State officers. 6. Messages from the Senate. 7. Third reading of bills. 8. Notices. 9. Introduction of bills. 10. Motions and resolutions. 11. Unfinished business. 12. Special orders of the day. 13. General orders of the day; but messages from the Gov

ernor, communications from State officers, and messages from the Senate, may be received at any time.

Standing Committees of the Assembly.

JANUARY 11, 1853.

Ways and Means. Mr. Loomis,

Mr. Ellsworth, Mr. Shaw,

Mr. Beman. Mr. Martin,

Commerce and Navigation. Mr. D. B. Taylor,

Mr. Littlejohn, Mr. Wedekind,

Mr. Hardin. Mr. J. C. Osgood,

Canals. Mr. West,

Mr. Littlejohn, Mr. Champlin,

Mr. Clapp Mr. Van Alstyne,

Railroads. Mr. D. Gilmore,

Mr. Peters, Mr. St. John,

Mr. Holley. Mr. Jackson,

Banks and Insurance Companies. Mr. Russell Smith,

Mr. Cary, Mr. A. C. Hall,

Mr. Osborn. Mr Ten Eyck,

Two-third and Three-fifth Bills. Mr. Lawrence,

Mr. Sessions, Mr. Howes,

Mr. Perkins. Mr. Noble,

Colleges, Academies and Common Schools. Mr. Patterson,

Mr. Wm. Taylor, Mr. Forsyth,

Mr. Stewart Mr. Blauvelt,

Grievances. Mr. Chamberlain,

Mr. Stewart, Mr. Lounsberry,

Mr. Stratton. Mr. Hickox,

Privileges and Elections. Mr. Gale,

Mr. Burnet, Mr. Glover,

Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Amsbry,

Petitions of Aliens. Mr. W. A. Smith,

Mr. Hayden, Mr. Bushnell,

Mr. J. Reid. Mr. De Hart,

Erection and Division of Towns and Counties. Mr. J. K. Gardner,

Mr. Persons, Mr. R. B. Smith,

Mr. Welch. Mr. Bouton,

Claims. Mr Shaw,

Mr. Wood, Mr. Beckwith,

Mr. Pettingill. Mr. Marsh,

Internal Affairs of Towns and Counties. Mr. P. W. Rose,

Mr. Pettingill, Mr. Henderson,

Mr. Bush. Mr. Rogers,

Medical Societies and Colleges. Mr. Sprague,

Mr. Whitcomb, Mr. Carpenter,

Mr. Ellsworth. Mr. Hutchings,

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