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Página 20 - Guide to the Study Of Insects, and a Treatise on those Injurious and Beneficial to Crops.
Página 16 - KEY TO NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary, inclusive of Greenland. Second edition, revised to date, and entirely rewritten : with which are incorporated General Ornithology...
Página 17 - BIRDS of the Northwest. A Hand-Book of American Ornithology, containing Accounts of all the Birds Inhabiting the Great Missouri Valley, and many others : together representing a large majority of the Birds of North America, with copious Biographical details from personal observation, and an extensive Synonomy. By ELLIOTT COUES, MD 8vo. 791 pages^ Cloth, $4.50. ROUES, Field Ornithology.
Página 22 - Altogether it forms one of the most valuable works of science yet published in this country, and it is safe to say that no working naturalist can do without it.
Página 20 - Tho guide has already been introduced either as a text-book or for reference in Harvard University, Williams College, Dartmouth College, Antioch College, Mass. Agricultural College, and Oxford and Cambridge Universities, England. Certainly the best manual of Entomology which the English reader can at present obtain.
Página 20 - Moths published In America, and is the most complete monograph which has yet appeared, every species is figured, and when they are known, the larva and pupa. In addition to these there are nearly 200 anatomical drawings, illustrating the venation, development, etc. This work should be in the hands of every Entomologist. "PACKARD'S Guide to the Study of Insects.
Página 16 - The only general exposition of this department of American ornithology that has yet been made." — Atlantic Monthly. " There is a freshness and boldness in the manner in which facts are handled, which will be extremely acceptable.
Página 21 - ORD. 2vols., 8vo., cloth, $15.00; halfcalf, $20.00. *»* This standard work is now out of print, the plates having been destroyed. We offer the balance of the edition at the above prices. It will soon become scarce, and command a very much higher price. FIELD ORNITHOLOGY. A Manual of Instruction on Collecting, Preparing, and Preserving Birds. By ELLIOTT COUES. With which is issued a Check-List of North American Birds.
Página 17 - This little work of fifty-five pages, illustrated by forty-seven woodcuts, has been translated for the purpose of placing within the reach of those interested in object teaching a manual that is most admirably adapted for the purpose, and is offered to parents and teachers with the belief that it folly supplies a gap in the literature of our country.
Página 20 - Mosquitos, Beetles, &c.; while a Calendar will give a general account of the more common Injurious and Beneficial Insects, and their Time of Appearance, Habits, &c.

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