Annual Report of the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Volumen10


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Página 160 - SIR: I have the honor to present the following report of the...
Página 298 - The object of disinfection is to prevent the extension of infectious diseases by destroying the specific infectious material which gives rise to them. This is accomplished by the use of disinfectants. There can be no partial disinfection of such material ; either its infecting power is destroyed or it is not. In the latter case there is a failure to disinfect.
Página 278 - All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with, or contrary to, the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed.
Página 544 - ... deemed proper for the better protection of life and health ; and the annual report of said Board shall also contain a detailed statement of the...
Página 545 - AN ACT To regulate the publication, binding and distribution of the public documents of this Commonwealth.
Página 517 - Section 2. That all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith, be, and the same are hereby repealed.
Página 515 - I am instructed by the State Board of Health and Vital Statistics of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
Página 305 - There is also the general police power of the state, by which persons and property are subjected to all kinds of restraints and burdens, in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity of the state, of the perfect right, in the Legislature to do which no question ever was, or, upon acknowledged general principles, ever can be, made so far as natural persons are concerned.
Página 544 - It shall be the duty of said board on or before the first Monday of December in each year, to make a report in writing...
Página 511 - Corpse," and a transit permit from Board of Health, or proper health authority, giving permission for the removal, and showing name of deceased, age, place of death, cause of death, (and if of a contagious or infectious nature), the point to which it is to be shipped, medical attendant, and name of undertaker. RULE 6.

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