The Red Derelict

Methuen, 1904 - 303 páginas

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Página 32 - A very remarkable book, deserving of critical analysis impossible within our limit ; brilliant, but not superficial ; well considered, but not elaborated ; constructed with the proverbial art that conceals, but yet allows itself to be enjoyed by readers to whom fine literary method is a keen pleasure.'— The World. A CHANGE OF AIR. Fifth Edition. 'A graceful, vivacious comedy, true to human nature. The characters are traced with a masterly hand.
Página 33 - A picture finely and amply conceived. In the strength and insight in which the story has been conceived, in the wealth of fancy and reflection bestowed upon its execution, and in the moving sincerity of its pathos throughout, " Sir Richard Calmady" must rank as the great novel of a great writer.
Página 34 - THE STRIKING HOURS. Second Edition. ' Tragedy and comedy, pathos and humour, are blended to a nicety in this volume.' — World. ' The whole book is redolent of a fresher and ampler air than breathes in the circumscribed life of great towns.
Página 6 - See Standard Library. Caldecott (Alfred), DD See Handbooks of Theology. Calderwood (DS), Headmaster of the Normal School, Edinburgh. TEST CARDS IN EUCLID AND ALGEBRA. In three packets of 40, with Answers. is. each. Or in three Books, price 2rf.
Página 31 - MA LIFE IN WEST LONDON. By Arthur Sherwell, MA Third Edition. RAILWAY NATIONALIZATION. By Clement Edwards. WORKHOUSES AND PAUPERISM. By Louisa Twining. UNIVERSITY AND SOCIAL SETTLEMENTS. By W. Reason, MA Technology, Textbooks of Edited by PROFESSOR J.
Página 27 - ANALYSIS OF THE HUNTING FIELD. By RS Surtees. With 7 Coloured Plates by Henry Alken, and 43 Illustrations on Wood.
Página 8 - LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Corinthian Tom.
Página 3 - Baring-Gould (S.). THE LIFE OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. With over 450 Illustrations in the Text, and 12 Photogravure Plates. Gilt top. Large quarto. 36*. THE TRAGEDY OF THE CAESARS. With numerous Illustrations from Busts, Gems, Cameos, etc. Fifth Edition. Royal Zvo.
Página 16 - Oman(CWC), MA, Fellow of All Souls'. Oxford. A HISTORY OF THE ART OF WAR. Vol. ii.: The Middle Ages, from the Fourth to the Fourteenth Century. Illustrated. Demy Svo.
Página 33 - A rousing and dramatic tale. A book like this is a joy inexpressible.' — Daily Chronicle. WHEN VALMOND CAME TO PONTIAC: The Story of a Lost Napoleon. Fifth Edition. ' Here we find romance — real, breathing, living romance. The character of Valmond is drawn unerringly...

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