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and to have it at their disposal. He aspires to no higher reward than he shall find in the conviction that it will prove the means of opening a happier career to some of his fellow-creatures, and of assuring to them a larger portion of virtue, tranquillity, and inward content, than they would otherwise have enjoyed.


VIII. Second Condition.---A daily Examination made regu-

larly every Morning and Evening of the Employment

of the preceding Day...

.... 124

IX. Third Condition.---A written Summary of the daily

Account of Deeds and Words, or Use of an Analytical


.... 126

X. Recapitulation of the three Parts or Conditions of the

proposed Method ......

.... 129

XI. Of three principal Advantages which the Practice of

this Method cannot fail to produce .....


XII. Of several excellent Habits also resulting from the

Use of this Method, and tending to the Improvement

of Man in the three Ways above mentioned ..... -. 132

XIII. Of two accessory Conditions for rendering the Method

more essentially useful and beneficial. First Condition :

---The Practice of keeping three distinct and separate

Accounts, and entering in them as they oceur to the

Mind all the useful Observations relative to either of

the three Faculties which Man ought to improve ... 134

XIV. Of the two Portions of Time, distinct in their Appli-

cation, of which Life is composed ....


XV. Necessity of profiting by Circumstances and Men.---

Advantages that must accrue, in this respect, from the

Practice of keeping three separate Accounts for the

Insertion of the Observations collected in Reading, in

Company, in the Events of Life, and Reflection.... 137

XVI. Of the Physical Journal or Account..


XVII. Of the Moral Journal or Account


XVIII. Of three particular Accounts, supplementary to the

Moral Account, viz.


1. The Economical Account..


2. The Historical Account .


3. The Necrological Account


XIX. Of the Intellectual Journal, or Account devoted to

the Improvement of the Mind ...


XX. Of three particular Journals auxiliary to the general

Intellectual Journal, viz..


1. Obligatory Occupations..


2. Optional Occupations ..


3. Bibliographic Account


XXI. Of certain particular Accounts attached to the Ana-

lytical Journal, and not belonging exclusively to any

of the three Journals, physical, moral, and intellec-

tual, viz. ....


1. Use and Construction of the Daily Memorial,

properly so called..


2. Special Account for the Employment of Time,

considered in general


3. Various Notes and Memorandums..


XXII. Second and last auxiliary Condition, serving as a

Complement to the proposed Method for regulating the

useful Employment of Time.---Choice of a sincere and

severe Friend, to whom to submit the Statement of

our physical, moral, and intellectual Situation, every

three or six Months, or only once a-year.. ... 182

XXIII. General Observation on the Mode of digesting the

Daily Journal, the particular Accounts, and the Ana-

lytical Statements of a Person's individual Situation,

to be drawn up every six months, or every year.


XXIV. Objections foreseen and refuted. Inconveniencies

to be avoided in the keeping of the different Accounts . 189

XXV, Of an ancient Custom of the Pythagorean School,

and of a Practice followed and recommended by Frank-



XXVI. Of several eminent Men who have successfully

practised the Art of Employing Time ...


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