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"Without money and without price."-Is. Iv. 1.

Where can such a Friend be found ?



Where is the blessedness I knew



At length the aged pilgrim accosted the frequently mingled in his earthly cup, (some of little boy.

“My son,” said he, “your grand- which could only be told out in the ear of Him COME to Jesus ! Are you lonely,

father is about to die—"to go to be with Jesus who is perfect in sympathy); yet, the rich exSolace sweet He will afford ;

which is far better.' I wish you to remember perience of a Father's unchanging faithfulness Lean on Jesus Jesus only;

my dying words. Though now quite aged, and love, coupled with a Saviour's abiding Come ! and find a loving Lord.

yet, I remember distinctly when I was a little presence, may well sustain the weak and Are your trials past the telling?

boy like you are; time has indeed fed like ofttimes failing servant, and encourage him Are your sins as crimson dye ?

a shadow;' memory can retrospect, however, still to persevere, and through him others also, Jesus sees your sad heart swelling much folly and sin indulged in in youth, which remembering that, “ we shall reap if we faint 'Neath accusing Memory.

necessarily brought in its train, much deep, not;" and remembering also, as an increased He is waiting-will you leave Him crushing trial and sorrow as the fruits thereof; incentive to earnest believing effort to win Pleading at your feet in vain ?

and I wish to warn you from the bed of death souls,' that, “The effectual fervent prayer He is willing, oh, believe Him, against a life of sin, of disobedience to your

of a righteous man araileth much.” He may never call again.

S. F. K. remaining parent, and especially of a life of

Cape Breton Island.
From your sins He waits to cleanse you,

disobedience to your God. You need a Sa-
Free the slave by Satan bound !
viour! for though young in years, you are a

The Christian's Peace.
Messages of love He sends you;

sinner, and you need to experience the love of Many Christians think tbat unless they are

God in His rich grace, in providing a Saviour constantly filled with ecstatic joy, and their Are you sick ? His word can heal you ; for you, even the Lord Jesus Christ.

He souls enraptured with the bliss of knowing Are you weary with the strife ?

alone can save! He will save all who come Christ as their friend, God as their Father, Are you hungry? He can fill you

to God by Him! your dear brother proved the and heaven as their home; unless they are With the heavenly Bread of Life.

Saviour's love: he is now with his Saviour. almost continually carried beyond earth, and He hath never yet forsaken

and I hope to meet him soon in glory, and I all that is earthly in its nature, that they are One who trusts alone in God; He thy long-life's debt hath taken, want you to meet us there." Thus with

not at peace with God. They argue with And hath paid it with His Blood.

solemn warning, gentle admonition, and af- themselves that God is not so favourable as Now! it is the time to try it,

fectionate godly counsel, he drew the lad still He once was; that they have in some way Test Him by His written word;

closer to him. Then, with hands outstretched forfeited His smile, and that He has withCome! for He will ne'er deny it;

towards heaven, with deep emotion, and in drawn from them the light of His counteCome to Christ! the Risen Lord ! the faint, tremulous utterances of a dying yet nance; and they begin to doubt the reality of Do you fear His sharp reproving,

peaceful man, implored God to look mercifully their forgiveness, or that they have ever been did not go before ?

upon the child and convert his soul. A short adopted into His family. They say with As you left Him-so unloving- pause ensued, and then with fresh vigour he themselves, “ If I am thine, why am I thus ?

Waiting long time at your door. uttered one more request, viz., “And, Lord, Why this dull and lifeless frame? and again, He will only smile and greet you,

when thou hast converted him, be pleased to Chasing shadows from your brow; make him thy servant, that his days may be

When first I saw the Lord ?
He will surely run to meet you,

Where is that soul refreshing view
spent for thee, in pointing sinners to the
Saying, “Thou art welcome now."

“Lamb of God,” that they may find salvation all this arises from sin, and the world having By still waters He shall lead you, and life in Him." Overcome with the effort,

come between the soul and God; and then, In green pastures you shall rest ;

he sank back upon his pillow, and soon after And the piercéd hand that freed you,

Satan, finding the soul off its guard, hurls said, “Think of your grandfather next Lord's Bear you on His tender breast.

the fiery darts of unbelief at the unwary, and day, as being with Jesus in heaven.” Within Come! oh, come! this day and try it,

unless the trembling one has immediate rea few hours, his ransomed spirit sped its way Jesus' words are proved and true;

course to the precious blood of Christ, as the to the mansions of the blest. Take His Gift, you cannot buy it,

fountain opened for sin and uncleanness—the He hath waited long for you.-A. S.

Years passed away, and that child of “ many only refuge for a sinner's soul—the light of

prayers” became a young man—a pleasure heaven is obscured, and he gives way to A Grandfather's dying testimony. seeker in this world ; mingling in its follies, unbelief and despair. But the safety and

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth and drinking freely into its spirit, (“The
Many years ago, an aged saint of God lay proving the bitterness of its draught; for realization by himself

, nor is it the less true carnal mind is enmity against God.”) and peace, that is, the real security of a child of

God, does not depend upon its continual upon a sick bed, soon to become a death-bed; there was ever “a worm at the gourd.” In that he is beloved by God, because he frebut having long tasted the sweets of a Saviour's the midst of this apparent gaiety, and attempts quently lacks happy feelings and intense joy, love, he could look intelligently forward with to stile conviction, yet, conscience would quently lacks happy feelings and intense joy, the apostle, and say, “I know whom I have speak out, as with a tongue of fire, “What

For instance, when the war between England believed, and am persuaded that He is able to doest thou here, young man? remember your acted, and a treaty of peace agreed upon,

and Russia was ended, negotiations transkeep that which I have committed unto Him dying grandfather's prayer!" And often too against that day." "The time of my depar-has he left the company of the gay and signed and sealed by all parties, there was ture is at hand: I have fought a good fight, 1 thoughtless, to find a place of solitude and great joy, and many festivities throughout the have finished my course, I have kept the

nation, because peace was proclaimed. Holirepentance. faith; henceforth there is laid up for me a

At length the Prodigal was found: the days were observed, and every one was glad, crown of righteousness, which the Lord the Father of mercies looked compassionately

because the nation was delivered from a fearrighteous Judge, shall give me at that day, upon the wanderer; and he was enabled to

ful war, and the kingdoms, once at enmity, and not to me only, but unto all them also that

were reconciled.

These festivities are not lore His appearing."

“ Once a rebel far from God,

daily repeated, nor is there even an annual A widowed daughter sat by the bed, and Now brought nigh through Jesu's blood," repetition of them; but have the nations beside her, her youngest son, then about ten and in due course became a herald of salva- ceased to be friendly on that account? Not years of age. The aged man called the child tion to a lost and ruined world.

at all; friendly intercourse exists, business is near him, and like the Patriarch of old, con- Many years have intervened since his call transacted amicably, and a ship of one nation versed both with parent and child; speaking to labour in the Master's vineyard, and souls meets a ship of another, without at all exto them of the joys laid up in heaven for the have been given to him for his hire in many pecting an engagement. They salute one righteous; also of the woes which must in- places, as trophies of the redeeming power of another, and pass on.

The continuance of evitably fall upon the impenitent. The child's Jesus, by the operation of the Holy Ghost the peace depends upon the faithfulness of mother was a believer, and wept in the remem- through the word of truth.

those who agreed upon the treaty, and their brance that her children knew not the Lord.

Sorrows, deep and heavy, have indeed been adherence to its terms.

Of Jesus and His word?

much."-James v. 16.

say, —


A full atonement He hath made.

for salvation.

poor Kate.

So, Believer, thy peace has been procured for the child was done; but, alas, as parents enquire after the family, and found


Kate for thee by the death of Christ. He hath often do, the poor soul was not thought of, watching by her brother, crying most piteously, satisfied all the demands of God's justice and the perishing body was ever taken into and the brother Henry trying to comfort her

consideration! The little girl had been as best he could; but this poor woman poured against thee; taught a prayer, to say every morning and in the true comfort.

“Oh!" she said, "dear night; and on Sundays she was taken to hear child, don't fret so, God is full of love. He The ransom by His death is paid, and justice

a sermon, preached by a man whose heart was is wanting to teach you about Jesus. He

not in the work; but having no other way of sent Jesus to die for our sins, and if you only satisfied. God, for His sake, preaches peace earning his bread, his mother made, as she believe this, you will be so happy. Oh! dear, and pardon to all those who rely upon Christ said, "a minister of him." Well, time dear child, do not cry; if you read about the

Christ promises to cast out passed by, and one afternoon when the family blessed Saviour, His words will make you none that come, and pledges himself for the were returning from a fair they had been at, glad."

Oh! Mrs. Thomas,” cried Kate, “ do tell security and well being of those who trust in in a town about four miles off, the horse

which was drawing the gig they were in shied me about Jesus. But how is it, that if God Him, saying, concerning His sheep, “My off the road, and kicked most fearfully, until loves us He has taken away father, and made sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and it had smashed the front of the gig to pieces. mother so bad too, and my brothers?” “Oh! they follow me, and I give unto them eternal The whole of the vehicle was upset, and all dear Kate," said the poor woman, “God's life, and they shall never perish, neither shall escaped injury except one, and that was the ways are good; He does all for our good ; any man pluck them out of my hand;" “He

driver, the poor man himself, the father of and He has sent this trouble to make you

Kate was at this time about know and love Jesus.” When all goes on that heareth my word and believeth on Him fourteen years of age, and had loved her well, our hearts are callous very often; but that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall parents very dearly from her birth; and when God sends trials to force us, as it were, to not come into judgment, but is passed from she saw her poor father lying with his head himself

. Oh! dear girl, let me ask Him to death into life.”

bleeding very much, she burst into the most bless you and your dear brothers—and He The Father and the Son have entered into distressing sobs, and called out, “Oh! mother, will; for He has promised that He will with:

mother, I shall die, I shall die, I will, I will, hold no good thing." So saying, she knelt à treaty on thy behalf, poor sinner! Christ, I must die too, oh! my poor father, my down, and when she had asked the Lord to as the representative of all those who should father!” Her mother sent off to the town teach them by His Spirit, she rose; but poor hereafter believe on Him, agreed to stand in for the doctor, and James, the eldest lad, had Kate was kneeling still

. Mrs. Thomas then their place, and to endure all the weight of gone, as he was the quickest runner; but waited patiently, and at last poor Kate rose God's carse against sin, their sin, in His own breathed his last. The sons carried his corpse could not cry, I feel so happy." "Why, dear

when the doctor came, the poor father had herself, and said, “ Why, now, I feel as if I body on the tree. The Father hath accepted home, and that cheerful house was for the girl ?” Because you said that Jesus had the offering, and because of His Son's first time filled with mourning and sorrow, borne away our sins; and if He bore them death, can forgive and cancel the sins of all such as you could not describe.

on the cross, why, mine are gone. Oh! I see those who fee to Christ for safety, give

Oh! there was not one of that family but it now, I believe that Jesus has saved me. He

what looked upon God in a cruel way. They says, “Let not your heart be troubled.'” She them power against sin and temptation, whe

murmured at His having done this, and could told Mrs. Thomas that the mark in the Bible, ther from the world, the flesh, or the devil, not see that it was through love that this trial when she took it out of the chest, was placed preserve them by His mighty power from had been sent. No, the little girl said, “Oh! on this portion, Jolin xiv.; and that it seemed falling away, and present them faultless what an angry God, to take my poor father to be something she liked to read, and over and spotless before the presence of His glory, away.". Fever came to that house. In five and over again she had read it, and could not with exceeding joy.

days after the eldest son took it, the mother make it out; and yet she kept reading it over;

took it, and the youngest son, Henry : but the doctor would not tell her about it. O believer, thy security does not depend on but Willy, the second son, and poor little " Mrs Thomas," she said. “did my father thy ever varying feelings, as changeable as the Kate were spared the fever, and helped to and mother not know all about Jesus? they winds, as fickle as the weather; but on the nurse the three invalids. The poor mother never spoke of Him to me.” “Oh! dear faithfulness of a covenant keeping God. God was the worst of the three; she became quite child, they were not taught of God, and could

delirious, raved fearfully, and poor little Kate not teach you." " But still how happy we is faithful. Let this be cause of rejoicing to was so frightened that Willy had to make her all were until father died."


yes, Look away from thyself, and thy go to a separate room. The poor woman girl, but you were living without God; and doubts, and fears, and consider that as the became a mad woman, and a neighbour was the devil, who hates God, and really hates God of all grace called thee to the knowledge desired by the doctor to remove her to the you, was pleased to see you all in darkness ; of thy sinfulness, and then to the knowledge asylum; but the other two sons, though very but God, who is love, sent this trial to wean

ill, had not been affected as the poor widow. your soul from the power of Satan, and make of himself as a God of pardoning love and Well, dear friends, one day when the doctor you His own.” Dear Kate's brothers after mercy, not because of thy merits, but from came to see the sick ones, he found Kate some time got well again, and attended their His own grace, so He will continue the good reading a book, and she was so absorbed with different works. The eldest son was a carwork in thee, until the day of Jesus Christ; He spoke to her and said, “ How are you. the three brothers joined tokether, and worked

it, that she did not notice the doctor come in. penter, and now that the father was no more, for," by grace are ye saved through faith, Kate, and what are you so busy at there?" hard to support themselves and and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of Oh! Sir, I'm very weak and tired; but this Well, this little girl was used by God in a God.”

is a book that I have found belonging to my most wonderful way. The two sick brothers • Faithful is He that hath called you, who poor father, given to him by an aunt of mine, were taught about Jesus by this little sister. also will do it.” (1 Thess. v. 24.)

when he was married, and I found it wrapped She would get them to come and read with you are not mindful of these things, to thee up carefully and put away in an old chest. 1 her after their work was over, and then in ber

an looking into it, Sir, and have come to simple way, she would try to find out what it O sinner, who art still at enmity against God, some things that I can't understand at all, and was all meant to teach them; and good kind we would say, “ Be reconciled to God;" “AC- although feel so tired, yet I can't put this Mrs. Thomas used to spend her evenings very quaint now thyself with Him, and be at book down. I would much like to make it often there too, as she had no children, and peace.” God preaches peace by Jesus

Can you tell me, Sir, what “Let not her husband was away all the week, only re

your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, be- turning every Saturday night home. James Christ.” (Acts x. 36.)

lieve also in me,' means?" “Oh! no, no the eldest, often went to see the poor mother;

child, I am not a clergyman. I have plenty but she would not see him; and very soon The Work of God's Spirit in the else to do than read that stuff. I can heal died too, poor thing; so the three brothers Conversion of Kate Denny.

sick folks by my medicine; that book is too and little Kate were left all alone.

difficult for you to understand, you should put Kate was about sixteen years In a quiet little village, there lived a decent it down." • Oh! but, doctor, I saw just now, very clever at her needle. She washed all couple, very well-to-do folks, and very cheery that Jesus calls himself a doctor 100. He her brother's shirts, and her own clothes, and and contented they always appeared to be. healed sick people too, it says, and without kept the cottage tidy and comfortable. They had three sons and one daughter, and medicine." Oh! well, my good girl, come first of all, she gave her heart to Christ, and this daughter was the delight of their eyes, and see what I've got;" and so saying, he desired to serve Him first, and live to His and prized more than all the rest of their took her by her hand and brought her to her glory.

Being the youngest she was made brother James's bed-side, and asked her to Willy's heart was steeled against the truth. much of, even by her brothers. She was only hold his hand. Well, this poor little thing He thought that as long as one did not do any twelve years of age, and there were several did so, trembling all the time, and then the dreadful thing, all was right; and poor Kate's years between her and the youngest son. doctor left, after he had bled the poor fellow heart was sad about him. The other two Everything that father and mother could dol almost to death. A neighbour came in to l had been laid on beds of sickness; and then





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He dealt with them



Come with me to Gethsemane !




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they had been forced to see what God can do, “Oh! if He had been here, my daughter had its first soft beams, and Sharon's Rose showed and put their trust in Him alone. Willy was not died.”

a sample of its bloom. They had no winestruck by the alteration in the others; and

She lay there beautiful in death, as you who by long process forms the root, the stem,

they had water; but if they had it not, He some years after, he was converted, but not whilst living with his sister Kate. He married, may be lovely in your unregeneracy; accom- the grape, the sparkling juice, could at once and lost his wife, and was left with a young plished, but not saved. Yes, you can delight have created wine; but the water being there, infant, without a kind friend in the place to the ear with music, or charm the eye with the He made it wine. cheer him, or help him. Kate, as soon as she pencil, or fascinate the heart with your attrac

And O, ye sinners of deepest sin! see Him heard of his distress, went to him, and took tions; but you are a corpse-beautiful, it may righteous Jews brought her to Him. They

with that accused woman. The proud, selfthe baby home, and the poor father too. He had left his brothers a year before, to get on be, but still a corpse; and you will soon, if

came in the spirit of law, while she needed alone; and he went to the town that was four not awakened-how soon, none can tell-sink the exercise of grace. miles off, and worked in a large warehouse, into a deeper corruption than that of death on their own ground: " He that is without and married a young girl there. and the grave.

sin, let him cast the first stone." To her, in Well, this is the wonderful way the Lord deals with us. He, as it were, is so full of

But Jesus is coming, and entering the home grace, He said, “ Woman, where are thine

accusers? I condemn thee not; go in peace love, that, in spite of ourselves, He will have of death with Peter, James, and John. He -sin no more."

He can't bear to let us away. Satan looks with gentle sadness upon that pallid But would you see Jesus? See Him in the knows how full of love God is, and he tries child, and then to heaven, in communion with streets and homes, in the hamlets and villages to keep us back, by showing what God does, His Father, and that face of His, which was and cities of the land, where the blind reas if it were in anger; but no; here we see

ceived their sight, the lame walk, the lepers “marred more than any man's," wore the how all works for good. If this family had

are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are not been brought low, they might have gone calm attitude of prayer. Methinks I hear raised up, and the poor have the Gospel on careless and thoughtless. Then God sends Him say, “ Father, glorify thy name.” How preached unto them." See Him forgiving trial, and forces them, as it were, to flee to blessed to see Him as He took the cold hand, sins, multiplying the loaves for the food of Him. Oh! it is a blessed thing to have our that had been folded by the mother for its thousands, and, as at Bethany, inaking the calling and election sure. Oh! may each one

coffin of corruption a veritable scene of life. last resting, and placed it in His own warm who reads this be ready to go forth to meet

But where shall I stop? Would you see Jesus when He comes, clothed in His spotless hand. garmentswith our filthy ones cast entirely

one! unconverted one! that Gabbatha! Golgotha !- words of wonder, away. Oh! may you all know Jesus' heart is what I want to do with you, to lay your

words of power. Gethsemane, where He ento be as it is --- abounding in love. He wills cold hand in His warm hand; for there is tered the dark vale of suffering, crying, “ If not that any should perish. He died that we

it be possible, let this cup pass from me; migh: live, and rose again for our justification, virtue even in His garment.

Gabbatha, where He "bared His back to the and ever lives to plead for us.“ There is one But listen to what He is saying: Talitha smiters, and His cheeks to them that plucked who has been washed in my blood !"—this cumi." What is that? “ Damsel, I say unto off the hair;" Golgotha, where, despised, He can say, and we who believe in Him are thee, Arise.” And that sweet eye the mother reviled, rejected of men, they crucified Him.” clean every whit.

O sinner, would you see Jesus? Come to the thought would never open again, is

bloody vale, the blood-stained tree! come to opened, and that hand, just now so cold, is a bleeding Saviour! and then visit the garden " We would see Jesus.”

She arises at His word, and begin- of Joseph of Arimathea, where they laid Are you saying, "We would see Jesus?" Ineth to eat! You who would see Jesus, Him in death in the grave, and see Him will show you where you might see Him. come to this scene; you who are conscious quickened, raised, accepted of God. You might see Him in His life; in the soft you have children lovely as this damsel, yet Oh! would you see Jesus? see Him after

dead, drad, call for Him, as Jairus did, and His resurrection. dawn of it, on the bend of Mary's arm, the He will come, and coming He will say to of angels ; His folded napkin the sign of

His open grave is the joy God-man, the Everlasting Word, and the each one, as He said to her, “ Talitha cumi." peace. No more sorrow now, no more griefs. Holy Child; in that manger where the Damsel, arise.”

Death now will have no more power over angels came and sang that glorious song:

Would you see Jesus? I would bring you Him. Sin is gone, corruption is gone; but Glory to God in the highest ;” as if to say,

to yet another scene where the Syrophenician love and life remain. They are mine-mine

came to Him; she besought; He in Him, mine as His. Sinner! a glimpse of from that marvellous child (God incarnate)

answered her not a word. She pleaded ; but death and resurrection, how blessed is it! Our would result the very highest glory conceivable not a word. Again she pleaded-pleaded burden of sin atoned for at the Cross, left, to God Himself; and when the armies of what she had heard of Him; still not a word. lost in the grave. Dying to the condemnaheaven, in countless numbers, stood gazing on She told out her misery, the misery which tion of sin at the Cross, I live with a risen that infant form, they saw the incipient|oh! prayer and faith are invincible, more this is seeing Jesus, a seeing that gives life, a

had brought her; still not a word. Al length, Christ, with no more conscience of sins. Ah! Deliverer of man, they beheld (wondrous than 'He can withstand - Jesus said: “Oh! seeing that gives joy. O see Him! Look thought!) God manifest in the flesh. Oh! woman, great is thy faith ; be it unto thee, and live! — Winnowed Grain. would you see Jesus? Turn aside with these even as thou wilt.” * * O ye who want heavenly armies, and gaze upon your De- a solid rock, who would like strong consoliverer, your Emancipator, Immanuel, God lation, who would see Jesus attended by

We cannot undertake to return unsuitable Papers. mighty signs and wonders, who would see the unfolding of the robes of His godhead!

The Distress in Lancashire. Again, you might see Him in the Jordan, behold Him out on the Lake Galilee! The Perhaps many of our readers, especially those when the Holy Ghost came down in the form sea under Him is as a pavement of crystalline living in the country, would gladly help the hundreds of a dove, type of His own nature; not now adamant; the winds and the waters

of thousands now starving and shivering from lack

are of food and raiment, if they knew how to forward

stilled at His word. No sounds of sweetest their donations. We therefore inform such, that any as the lion, angry to avenge Himself "

lullaby could lend softer sleep or deeper rest, amount sent to The Editor of the Evangelist for this those that believe not the Gospel.” Behold than His command gave to the howling storm object, will be most thankfully appropriated for their Him-as He was overshadowed, a voice came and maddened wave; and, utterly unlike

Received, and forwarded, during the past monthfrom heaven, saying, " This is My beloved nature's law, the waters became as suddenly

From Christians Meeting at T.

1 Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Is it not a calm as the winds. Both at once are still.

See Him at Gadara, where, amidst the lone blessed thing to see Jesus thus attested to be solitude of hills, and the sad silence of tombs, A CONSTANT READER AT NOTTINGHAM.--A sinner your Saviour, your Redeemer, your Salvation broken only by the howl of one possessed of i- forgiven, and justified from ALL things, the mofrom sin and death, by God Himself? a legion of devils, the devils who had snapped Jesus Christ for salvation. “ By Him, all that believe But would you see Jesus? Come with me

the chains which bound the possessed one, ARE justified from ALL things." (Acts xiii. 38, 39.) to another scene, walk lightly, speak with

become powerless !-absolute weakness !-at - Christ Is the end of the law, for righteousness to

His word. They came out. He casts them every one that believeth.” (See also John v. 24.) In bated breath. The curtains are closed, the

Glorious deliverance ! Glorious de-John xv., our Lord first tanght His disciples that door is ajar, the father says to the bereaved liverer! What manner of man is this, that united 10 Him, were to abide in Him for fruit bearing

they were czEAN; (v. 3,) and, being cleansed, saved, mother, “ Fold these coverings, for even if not only the winds and the waves obey Him, to the glory of the Father. (v. 4.) Repentance simthe Master come now, He will be too late,"

but that even death and devils depart at His ply means change of mind. Ah! there lies a maiden, beautiful in death; See Him at that fair dawn of His incarnate view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To the

All Communications, Donations, Books for Reand the mother kisses those pale lips, and the glory-ihe bridal scene at Cana of Galilee, Editor of the Evangelist,” care of Mr. Yapp, 70, hot tears fall on that dear cheek, as she says, I when the “Sun of Righteousness” put on I Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

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ment that with the beart he believes on the Lord



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quietness characteristic of one who has been a sufferer rather than a worker, and whose service to the

Master has often been unseen by any save Himself. Scriptural Subjects, 5 vols. cloth, 7s.6d.; gilt edges, 10s.;

“ This allegory presents the Christian life in a way peculiarly interesting to the young, and is produced half morocco, 178. 60.; morocco, 229. Orl.

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Also, just Published, price 2s. 6d., by the same Author, of England's Knighthood, copsecrated to the service of

PRECIOUS GEMS FOR THE SAVIOUR'S DIADEM. Heavenly Truth, Fcap. 4to. elegant, 58. 6d.

“She writes very clearly. It does not seem like reading, but like some one telling the stories in your By the same Author,

ear. There is so much sympathy and tenderness in them.' Such were the remarks of a friend, on WILD THYME, Gathered on the Mountains of reading these touching narratives of precious souls gathered for Jesus' crown. A ragged boy from

, , COTTAGE BREA D-for Cottage Children. Fcap. Union; a blaspheming sailor; and such as these are the Precious Gems; some of which are gathered . ,

by herself. The narratives have suggested several brief, but beautiful Poems, which are contained in the AVID AND JOHN- The sweet Psalmist of volume, and some of which will be recognized with pleasure by many, who are familiar with them through

Fcap. 4to., cloth, 28.; gilt edges, 28. 6d.

their separate publication as fly leaves for letters."-Revival.
A Poem in blank verse, with

LONDON: WILLIAM YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE. Notes. By CATESBY PAGET. Truly this was the Son of God."- Matt. xxvii. 54.

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rials of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, compiled from of the Resurrection.

The Broad and Narrow Way

Cloth boards, elegant, 45. 6d.; Goll's Husbandry. A True

morocco, gilt edges, elegant, 68. 6d. Narrative. Grace and Righteousness А.

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SHIP. Price Threepence.
A Word to Despisers
Good News for the Vilest of

Priest-Soldier-Refugee. By Luigi Bianchi. Price 58.
A Word for Quiet Sinders
The Father and Prodigal
The King in His Beanty

morocco, Is. 4d. Matthew, the Looker-on Plain Facts in Simple Words

concerning the Second

Coming of the Lord Jesus

A Narrative of the Life of A.. H.., a poor Girl residing
The Open Window
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THE APOSTLESHIP OF ST. PAUL. at Dover. Especially addressed to poor Fallen Women by a Tell him Jesus has found me

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The Three Appearings
Wislong-hiray and the little CONFESSION AND THE CONFESSIONAL;

What of the Night?
The Leprous King and Le-

a The Great Vision

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Four Worals


PAYLAX. Price 3d.

Price 6d.

Resurrection Life



“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

[blocks in formation]

“It is finishid!" sinners hear it!


Not Saved.

“he that believeth not is condemned · Well, indeed I should not. I should be A FEW days since I was speaking to a already, because he hath not believed in too glad of the offer, and would catch the neighbour about his soul, and asked the name of the only begotten Son of rope at once.”

“Yes—that you would; and yet you do whether he was prepared to meet God. God.” To save lost, guilty sinners from “Not so much as I should be," was the everlasting woe, Jesus laid down His life not see that, in an unconverted state, you are

exactly in the position of the drowning man. reply. How often these or similar words on the cross at Calvary.

Salvation is offered to all. All are called on have been spoken by many in answer to

to 'repent and believe;' and you hesitate to questions concerning their eternal state.

'Tis the dying Victor's cry:
“It is finish'd!" angels bear it,

accept the offer till you have sorrowed over Now, we cannot suppose that persons who

Bear the joyful truth on high.

your lost state. One would think you might talk thus have believed with their heart

" It is finished!"

be glad to hear the good news, and to accept unto righteousness; alas! in most cases, Tell it through the earth and sky.

the offer of safety at once; but you do not

E. P. are not such individuals living without a

know what the word “repentance' means, or spiritual knowledge of themselves as

it would no longer be a stumbling-block to

How Peace is Found. sinners? or even, if convinced of sin, John B

you. Are you convinced you are a sinner?

was a small farmer, who had, |-- Indeed I am,” was his reply. they are seeking to make themselves fit by prudent industry, reared up a large family for heaven by some works of their own. in a comfortable way. He was a quiet, sober, deed I am.”

Are you sorry you are a sinner?”

“ InHow vain are such hopes! These fleshly honest man, well-reported of by his neigh

“Why are you sorry?” “ Because I am strivings are altogether insufficient in the bours.

afraid of God's anger.” work of a sinner's salvation, and utterly In the daily labour of his farm, he had

“ But, if you were sure that God was full fruitless will all such endeavours prove caught a severe cold, which ended in consump- of mercy, and was ready to forgive you freely, in the end. Frequently the sinner is tion; and on my first visit. I found him very would you not be glad?” “Oh! surely I comparing his own transgressions with weak and ill-anxious about his soul, and led, would, sir.'' the guilt of others, and considers them by failing health, to inquire what he must do

“ That is the very repentance which you but few and small. There are thousands to be saved.

need. We are told in the Bible, 'that God

“ Have studied the work of Christ, and was in Christ reconciling the world unto walking in the pride of their hearts, and

what do you see in it?" was my first question. Himself,' —devising the plan and effecting the thinking themselves to be good, whilst

"I have thought and read of it a good work, through which He could pardon and the word to such is, “There is none righ-deal,” he replied; "and I see that Christ has teous, no, not one.” “They being ignorant done and suffered all for the'sinner's salvation, guilty man, and thus exhibiting His loving

accept sinners,-giving His Son to suffer for of God's righteousness, and going about to and has paid the whole of the sinner's debt character; and repentance means such a establish their own righteousness have not to God.”

change of mind in you as would lead you to submitted themselves unto the righteous- “If that be so, is your debt paid?”

accept Him as a loving Father, and to believe ness of God.” The blood of Jesus was “Ah! no, sir; indeed it is not.”

His word to be an assurance of love to yourshed for the remission of sins, and every

“All paid, and yours not! How can that self

. Now, would it not be a great change of believing sinner is justified freely by God's be?”

mind in you, if you could believe that God

“Oh! grace through the redemption that is in

know, sir, I must repent."

was willing to forgive you, notwithstanding Christ Jesus.

“True; indeed you must repent, or perish.

your many sins?But what do you suppose repentance means?" Joyful truth! He bore transgression

“Oh! if I could believe that, I should be “I think it means sorrow for sin, sir." In His body, on the cross!

so glad!” Through His blood there's full remission

“Well," I said, “I read in Scripture that “ You have studied the wo of Christ to For the vilest, e'en for 118;

*Christ Jesus was exalted a Prince and a little purpose if you cannot see it; for it is in

Saviour to give repentance. Did He come that work, finished on the Cross, that we are Nothing more the singer needs. to make men sorry?”

asked to see the love of God. 'Herein is love; It is only those who have believed in Christ “No indeed, sir; I think it must have been not that we loved God, but that He lored us, Jesus that are saved and prepared to meet to make them glad.”

and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our God. How blessed and happy is every one

“That is what good news is intended for," sins.” (1 John iv. 10.) Again-'God comwho is saved in the Lord with an everlasting I observed. “Do you remember what the mendeth His love toward us, in that, while we salvation; but words cannot describe the angels said to the shepherds, when announc- were yet sinners, Christ died for us.'” (Rom. eternal misery of the sinner that departs ing the Saviour's birth:— Behold, I bring v. 8.)

• Well, sir, you have taught me something from this world not saved.

you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be

to all people.' Now, suppose you were drown- that I never knew before.” Dear reader, Are you a believer in the

ing in the river, and that I stood on the bank “And yet," I said, “I have only told Lord Jesus? A religious profession may and threw out a rope to you, and desired you you the simple truth. Think it over, and please and satisfy the eye of man, but

to seize it, would you say to me, “I cannot lay may the Lord open your eyes to see the God sees our hearts. He beholds what hold of it till I feel sorry for being where I folly of refusing His gracious offer of pardon Jesus hath done, and His word declares, am?'

and acceptance, that you may believe and be

Jesus for the sinner bleeds :

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