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London: W. Yapp, .

70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Just Publicu

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Just Publishel, price 4d.


Janes Nisbet & Co., and William Yapp, London.

Tracts, or 350 Pages. ls. per packet.


A New Edition,

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Just Published, price 3d.
Your perusal of


** and attention to this Circular is respectfully requested. cod. price 3d.,



MR. PRIDIAM's valuable Notes and Reflections on the Epistles to the HEBREW3 is ahe? and what is it to it Wome ont of her ? and the EPHESIANS have been for some time out of print, and have been frequently asked for. Lonion: w. Vapp, 70. Welbeck gituset, Cavendish Square. W.

In the hope of assisting enquiring Christians in their pursuit of truth, I have IN A MOMENT.

obtained the Author's revision and additions, and am printing a New Edition of them, to ibe Last Days of HENRA SAMRS MANLEY.

brief Narrative of correspond with the Notes on the Romans, already reprinted, and purpose issuing the set lon: W. Yapp. 70. We 2018 ck Street, Cavendish Square. w. of three volumes at a reduced price. They were originally published at 17s. 6d.; I intend WO MASTERS AND TWO SLAVES. A brief selling Notes on the Romans for 58.; HEBREWS, 58.; Ephesians, 4s. 64.; or the three Esposition Romans vi. Four a Penny. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

volumes for 12s. 6d., delivered free of cost to any part of the United Kingdom.
Just Published, in Crown 8v0., 39. 6d., Cloth,

The amazing blessing God has graciously given to His preached Gospel the last
DN DIVISIONS AMONG CHRISTIANS, viewed three years makes obvious the necessity of instructing the converts in His truth more per-
in connection with the Mystery of Lawlessness.
Also, just Published, by the same autbor.

fectly; this has mainly induced me to reprint these books, assured that preachers and YHRISTIAN UNITY: CONTRASTED WITH hearers of God's Word will find them most helpful to the understanding and appreciation

of His most blessed purposes of grace and truth. WHATSAITH THE

THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS unfolds the cause and mode of complete justifica

tion, and instructs and establishes. the believer in his wondrous relationship to God, London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. THE WAY WHICH SOME CALL HERESY, in the past, present, and future dispensations.

elucidating also the distinction and difference between the Jew, Gentile, and Church of God, to and on Clerical Subscription. By ANDREW JUKES, formerly

THE EPHESIANS reveals God's eternal purpose in the marvellous position and of Trines College, Cambridge, and late Curate of St. Jobu's, privileges of His Church, its glorious destiny, and present place of power and responsibility: Hul. Price 60.

THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS asserts the dignity and glory of the Son of God, GOLDEN GRAIN-Leaflets for Letters. Price and opens out His most gracious office as the High Priest of His people, contrasting the Jewish

One Shilling per 100. Or in Assorted Packets, lş. each 42 Numbers published.

with the Christian dispensation, and exhibiting the Priesthood of Christ, by which alone the London: W Yapp, 70). Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. fellowship, worship, and service of His people are maintained, and their everlasting salvation

A ,

These three most important Epistles have been 'elucidated and expounded by Mr. general distribuuon. 18. od. per packet.

PRIDHam in a critical, doctrinal, experimental, and simple manner, making the books alike SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, containing 60 А

acceptable and profitable to teachers and those who are taught. GOSPEL HANDBILLS... One Hundred for 0d.,

Placed in the hands of Ministers of the Gospel, and of the many Christians who

are now seeking to serve the Lord, they might, in His grace, be the means of greatly increasing А

Assorted. One Shilling,

the knowledge of His mind and will, and of producing more abundant fruit to His own praise. GOD'S MESSAGES A Packet of 21 Books in

I hope the books will be ready for delivery early in November; they will be supplied Covers for SixPENCE, or separately 25. per 100. in the order of application. "UNFCkDor Phena-uur. Eis : ut, separated, use per 104

Your kind and prayerful interest in them is requested by London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Yours faithfully,

WILLIAM YAPP. -GOOD NEWS FOR CHILDREN. In packets of T Post Office Orders should be made payable to WILLIAM YAPP, at the Vere Street District Office. Thor Children. bricot RACTS FOR CHILDREN. A packet of 16 Books Pridham's Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Hebrews

5 0 A New Testament. Designed for the use of Elder Children. Pridham's Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Ephesians

5 0 SCRIPTURES, with Explaintory References from the Pridham's Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Romans

4 6 EASY QUESTIONS & ANSWERS ON SCRIPOr the THREE VOLUMES ordered at the same time

12 6 IIM

CYMNS FOR CHILDREN, 32mo., price 1d.
La mikon : W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square W Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Romans.

By ARTHUR PRIDHAM. Demy 12mo., cloth, price 6s. Now reduced to 58.
A Narrative of the Life of A.. H.., a poor Girl residing with more of substantial learning than he cares to show. There is otten a pregnancy of meaning in his sentences wbiek realiai

"The author is evidently competent to the tnsk he has undertaken, which he executes in an earnest and thoughtful spirit, ar! at Dover. Especially addressed to poor Fallen Women by a

us of the old divines."- Killo's Journal of Sacred Literature. Royal 32mo., price 21.,

“The work exhibits no small evidence of ripe study of the original text, and above all, is the production of one thorues de ‘HE COMMERCIAL; or, the Broken Leg and sound on the great doctrine of justification by faith."--Christian Times.

Sound, enlightened, and edifying. The book bids fair to be useful to the Church of Christ, occupying a place distinct ia

all its predecessors," - ('hristian fitness, WILLIAM THE CARPENTER; or, the First “ A great amount of most precious truth and able criticism. Both the tone and substance of the book are of a very sapers

kind."-Quarterly Journal of Prophecy. A

MEMOIR OF THE PIOUS LIFE AND "This valuable work has commanded the favourable attention to which its great merits justly entitle it."- Englishuoman's Mayacak

Many will find his 'Notes' suggestive of profitable thought to their minds."— Church of England Magazine.

We think Mr. Pridham's expositions of Divine truth eminently adapted to do good in these days of feeble piety, lax profession
THE VOICE IN THE DREAM; or, Her Soul is rating, and at the farthest remove from mere common-place.—Primitive Church Magazine.

His writings are characterised by an individuality and earnestness which are refreshing and i17.8
Thor saving Price 31
London: W. Yapp, 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

We heartily commend the volume."--Baptist Magazine.
TRACTS AND BOOKS ON THE COMING AND Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Hebrews.

By ARTHUR PRIDHAM. Demy 12mo., cloth, 6s. Now reduced to 5.8.

"Its criticism is of a superior order, and its success in elucidating the meaning such as makes tho reader feel bon tres Popular Objections to the Pre-inillendial Advent. 3d. the writer has had syropathy with the apostle's spirit. The work is one of great value, and fitted to be of much service to tee The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus Church."- Quarterly Journal of Prophecy.

** Adjusting in a useful proportion, doctrinal staternent, and practical application. Ils tone appears to be perfectly sound." The Rap'urs of the Church. Id.

Bickersteth's Weekly Visitor.
The Beiter Country: 3d.

*** Mr. Pridbam is a careful writer, and eminently evangelical. We believe that the judicious and spiritual reader will find this Die Subjection of ine orid to come. 34.

volume very helpful in the study of the remarkable Epistle on which it is written."-Eclrctic Review.

"Mr. Pridham is well acquainted with the original Scriptures, and his critical explanation of many obscure passages wil The Second Advout aud Reign. Id.

repay the most careful attention."- Primitiir Church Magazine.

--oases the same qualities as its predecessor (* Notes on the Romans'). In both epistles are found innumerable wacken o The Restoration of the Sation of Israel. Parts I and II.

and doctrine, such as afford the best materials for brief and impressive exposition."— Baptist Magazine both of cbarreter...

se down calmly, and with the spirit of discipleship, suffer the contents of these pages to pass throat i First Resarrection. 2d.

* The reailer who will sin
a the Prophecies respecting the Jews.

his mind, will be the better for it Wu..
Kaffectionnte Aldress on the Hope set begrens, 144. Notes and Reflections on the mistle to the Ephesians:

"Pious and valuable retlections."Baptist ... T

By ARTHUR PRIĐAM, Demy 12mo., cloth, price 5s. 6ů. Now redvseed to 48. Gid:
The first edition of this book was most favourably reviewed, bui tue extracts are mislaid, and cannot hot be referred t0r

w7ew Way Realities; or, the Manifestations of God in Past Ages, considered as Earnests of

the Future, By E, Wines This book will be found of great valge by those who are in any way engaged in instructing others in the truths of Scripturs.

is printed in four coloured inks. The RED type denotes the sin of man; the Blue, the Jurigments of the Lord; the prsih

His Dealings in Mercy; the Black, some connectioġ links of History and Prophecy, witų occasional remarks. Its object ini
The King in His B wuty
Plain Facts in imple Words

ufford help to teachers of Scripture classes, Bible women, city missionaries and their superintendents, or to Christians easy

in public or private instruction to all classes. It is also calculated 19 interest the uncouverted, and may, in God's meres, les Coming of the Lor Jesus

some to a better understanding of His wondrous grace, as revealed in His holy Word. The Precious Blo odo, Christ Precious Gems for the Saviour's Diadem. By ANNA SHIPToy. Demy 18mo, cloth, 2.6d,

A deeply interesting and valuable book, consisting chiefly of Authentic Narratives, and full of precious Gospel Truth. AN

Tress. The Cottage on the Rock, An Allegory. By Anna Shipton. Paper, 1s.; cloth gilt, 24 ittle On Worship, By J. L. I, Çloth, 1s,

Boldness to enter into the Holiest. Drawing near to God. The PriCONTENTS-The Worsbippers once Purged hood and the Law Changed." A Minister of the Sanctuary, A Worlaly Sanctuary, A High Priest of good things w CzR


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The Broad and N oliue Re.


A True The Suoke of a S. Goto Huson

Grace and Righteo. Narrative. They'ne Gone! The Scarlot Line Thesr. Gone! vicers

A Word to Des Siuvers A Word for Quiet

digal The father and Pro Vattles, the Looker tar


A Word to a Fallen Sis
The Op n Window

An Appeal to the W
Tribu u Jesus bas found ..

bood of England on: Vhost or Tares! Which be ye „The .ew Sixpence; or, God

makers is c food! God is Love!

dow Gray and the l irl for Young Disciples

Gong-bird Green Pastores Found:

su lugram; or, I'm Go r, Recollections of the last

H lays of a Sunday Scholar London : W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Sqan "e.

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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wm. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 49.)

Registered for
Transmission abroad.


[Price ld.



We live in a world of Our own hearts cannot

fallen creatures.

To our Readers.
Christ only is the way, and all others are

New Things; Nearer Home! A false refuges, lying vanities, and deceitful year's march nearer home!” we sing at paths. Because all fulness dwells in "A HAPPY New Year to you,” are words that the close of 1862. Time flies, and swiftly Christ, what can there be but void and are ringing in everybody's

ears about this time; carries us on her wings“ nearer home !" worthlessness outside Him? We desire, and it is a pleasure to hear it. One can hearThe surges and billows of adversity, some- therefore

, by God's help, that Christ and tily wish that it may be a “happy New Year” times rising like mighty torrents, waft us His worth, work, fulness, offices, and indeed.

His worth, work, fulness, offices, and indeed. On a contemplation of the year that "nearer home.” We seem almost to see We seem almost to see coming, may be the substance of the has passed, the memory recalls much to regret,

as well as to be thankful for, and not only the first streaks of glory in the distance, pages of “The Evangelist.

hours of pleasure, but hours of sadness too. and are again constrained to sing, “ nearer We sincerely thank many who have

Now everyone wants to be happy. You, home." But though our salvation be helped us with their prayers, and all who dear reader, want to be happy, don't you? nearer than when we believed, it cannot have written for this Paper, or promoted But although it is the wish of all to secure be surer, cannot be more secure; because its circulation. More than ever, we value happiness to themselves, how varied are the it is based on the already accomplished the prayers of God's people, and are in- ways in which men seek to attain it? and how redemption-work of our Lord and Saviour creasingly assured that a publication mistaken they often are with respect to the Jesus Christ.

which purposes neither to pander to the means they should employ? By grace, we will continue to go up follies of the world, nor the tastes of How then are we to act so as to enjoy the from the wilderness, leaning on our Be-carnal professors, but finds its joy in tell- coming year, and to render it a happy one? loved, and wait for His appearing. Still, ing out the wondrous story of the Cross and There is one thing essential to the furtherin an evil world, it shall be our joy to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, needs ance of this object. unfurl the banner of the Cross, point to the efforts of the godly to make it known, Calvary, and cry aloud on all sides, Sal- and further its sale, so that the expenses naturally be happy, because sin has separated vation by the blood of the Lamb. We incurred in publishing may be fairly met. us from God, the source of all happiness.

Sin has effaced the image of God from the would sound an alarm, to awaken the If any say, “I cannot do much,” let such

soul, and so changed the condition of man vast multitudes who so quietly sleep on remember the words of Jesus, “She hath from what he was when fresh from the hands the mouth of an eternal volcano, whose done what she could.”

of the Creator, that he neither loves nor deep rumblings forbode a speedy eruption. Christ Himself, the Son of God, is the enjoys God, nor realizes His presence. His We would lift the voice of warning to the only object that can satisfy the heart, affections do not naturally flow out towards many who are busily taken up with the meet the conscience, or give peace and his Maker and Benefactor, nor can he by gilded toys of earth-born vanity, or charm joy to the soul, Christ crucified, mani- any efforts of his own make them to. themselves with songs and levity along fests God's perfect love; Christ risen, the then is he to do? Do you, dear reader, the broad road which leadeth to destruc- triumphant character of His finished

ask this question? tion. We would seek to stop the giddy work; Christ glorified, tells the believer

Hear what God says, “A new heart will I thousands, who sacrifice their souls to how near and dear He is to the Father of give you, and a new spirit will I put within beauty, or wealth, or twirl upon the fan- mercies ; while Christ's coming animates you.” This will remove your difficulty. You tastic toe downwards to the bottomless his soul with blissful hope, and en-God as you ought, because your heart is

feel, and very rightly, that you cannot love pit. Neither would we overlook the self-courages him to serve and honour God, naturally averse to the things of God; but deluded formalists, who with words of till He come.

God promises in the verse (Ezek. xxxvi. 26) truth on their lips, and a cold and lifeless

With trembling foot we still tread the we have just quoted to take away the heart, go on religiously and respectably weary waste; with a remembrance of hardness of the heart, and to impart to towards hell. Oh, our God, fit us, by thy God's long-suffering, and hope in His it new desires, new affections, new hopes, Holy Spirit which dwelleth in us, for this

mercy we shall not slacken our speed; and new joys. Believe on the Lord Jesus, and He work, and use us for the glory of our pre- though conscious of much weakness

, and will give it you; yes, as a free gift. He asks cious Lord Jesus !

no purchase money; He seeks to make no proneness to wander from Him, yet, with We trust that our little serial will be

à deep sense of God's boundless love, His part, but freely offers it to you. “I will filled with columns of solemn, heart

we desire to go forward, onward, upward, give," saith He. searching, and sterling truth. Christless seeking to spread the precious savour of pages are worthless pages. Christ Jesus the name of Jesus, singing “Nearer this new year you must be made “a new

Dear reader, if you would live happily in is the light of the world, and all must be Home.”

creature.” (2 Cor. v. 17.) If you are in an darkness where He is not. Christ is the

unconverted, unforgiven state, you have notruth, and naught but vanity and fiction With Christ in our heart, and His word in our hand,

thing to expect but God's anger against you dwell where He is excluded. Christ is the road may be rough, though it cannot be long,

on account of your sins. You cannot look the life, and apart from Him death reigns. So we march along singing the conqueror's song. forward to anything but judgment, if the Lord

hard demands as a return for this kindness on

We march on in baste through an enemy's land;









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When she was


should see fit to take away your life during the would like to speak for Christ's sake.” She passed, she said, “I think it will be about the coming year. How then can you be happy asked A- to get up on the bed beside turn of the night."

When asked if she was You require the new birth spoken of in John her, and spoke to her, saying, that she had suffering, she answered, “Many have suffered iii. 5. You must be born again. You must prayed for strength, if she had been spared, more than I do; and only think what He cast yourself upon Christ as a poor lost sinner,

suffered.” A desire had been expressed for to bring her up to love and serve the Lord; “ dead in trespasses and sins," and receive at but as it was the Lord's will to take her

her relief, to which she replied, “Not one His hands the priceless boon of eternal life. It is His own prerogative to give. You have from her, she hoped she would seek His pain too much.” She said calmly, “These

are the last struggles; this is not hysteria, it is to rely simply on His promise, and it shall be grace for herself, exhorting her to live for

death.” She asked for a little tea, but added, Christ. She spoke to each of the servants yours. Christ hath said, “He that heareth

with a smile, “not that I wish to prolong in the same way, and expressed her thankfulmy word, and believeth on Him that sent me,

life;" and said to her mother, “ do not let ness to M-, who had been in constant attendhath everlasting life.” Believe then, and be

the doctor give me anything to keep me." ance upon her during her illness. She said,

When her husband put his hand upon her “ Tell all my friends there is nothing worth You must be a “new creature.” Yes, old things with you must have passed away, and all living for but Christ.” When asked if she pulse, she said, “Dear George, tell me is He

near? Is He coming ?"- meaning Christ, had any message for her sister F-, she things become new. Instead of going on with a

said, “Oh, just the old story. Jesus; one smile perhaps—“I am wrong in feeling so great an Christ-rejecting world, neglecting the Saviour from Him is enough.” A desire was expressed Jesus ; I long to be in His arms, free from

anxiety to depart, but I do long to be with and His great salvation, you must flee to Him

one dear to her might have been present to for salvation, believe in Him with

sin, and sorrow, and pain; Jesus is waiting unto righteousness, and confess him with witness her happy death; she answered, “Tell

He is ready, and I am ready.” She him he may have the same, if he seeks it.” your lips as the one that has redeemed your She expressed a hope that her death would enquired again if her end was near, and not

Your soul must be cleansed from all im- be blessed to others; she then said, “I praise the words two months. “Two months, did purities by His precious blood that cleanseth the Lord that he has enabled me to speak a from all sin; and then with a purged con- little for Him before I die.” “George, dear," you say.” apparently surprised, and then she said, “ this is the happiest time I ever be worth waiting four months for Him."

smiling at her mistake she said, “But it would science, that is, a conscience at ease, because

had.” At another time she put aside his head it was difficult to detail all the earnest freed from sin's curse, through the knowledge saying, “ I want to see my Saviour;" and she and glowing words she spoke at intervals

. that Divine Justice has been satisfied, you

seemed at that moment to have a vision of Throughout that evening she often prayed. will be happy, and a “new song shall be put into your mouth, even praise unto God." You glory, as her eyes were fixed upon the spot, Lord Jesus, come quickly." Near midnight

and her eyes lighted up with heavenly smiles; she said, "I do not see you all as plain as I may have sung the song of the drunkard, of

and when mother remarked it, she turned to did; my eyes will soon close on earth, and I the gay worldling, of the maniac, who, heed

her and said, “ Did you see me see Him?" less of his danger, rushes to destruction with

them in heaven.” songs on his lips; but now you will say, "o/Showing that it was the sight of her Saviour scarcely able to speak, she slowly repeated

that made her face radiant with joy. “Oh, Lord, I will praise thee, for though thou wast

“ Just as I am, without one plea, how beautiful He looked !" And looking up But that thy blood was shed for me; angry with me, thine anger is turned to her mother, she said, “You would not wish

And that thou bid'st me come to thee, and thou comfortest me."

to keep me.” At another time a shade came More, you will be able then to put on the “new man,” and “put off the old." That is, over her face, but it soon disappeared, and repeating “I come” four times over, with having come to Christ for pardon and strength, she said, “Oh, Satan wanted to have me, great emphasis

. Soon after, she became you will resolutely forsake every known sin, but Jesus put him aside, and looked so kind unconscious, and gently breathed her last.

These are comforts for the mourner, bemalice, envy, lying, swearing, stealing, or at me; how could I doubt His love, it was

loved. Our God is right. Dimly, though

“if whatever things are condemned in God's word, wrong of me to doubt. Oh,” she said, and live determined to let nothing hut the only knew what He has saved us from." through blinding tears, we can at present read When the glorious prospect before her was

this truth. Oh, yes; He is love, He is wise, temper and character of Christ be seen in you. Believer, here is a word for thee, too. If thou spoken of, she added, “There will be no sin He is holy! and in this dark crushing dispen

She seemed at a loss for words to sation, which has taken from you one so dear, wouldst be happy, and promote the happiness

all is right. We cannot fathom the depth of of others, live like Christ; put on the character

express her glowing love to Christ.

one sid, He loves you; “Yes," she ånswered, this event; for His judgments are a great deep. of Jesus in your words and actions. and I dote on Him, my precious Saviour,

Nor can we fathom the depth of His love; for Once more. You will then look forward to

His love is infinite. Let us then be still, and blessed Jesus.” She repeated the first verse the time when God will make all things new.' of her favourite hymn:

know not only that He is God; but that new earth” shall

He is our own covenant God, and will be our

“ Just as I am, without one plea," &c., shortly be revealed. The thoughts of this

guide, even unto death. The hand that has shall cheer you amid the difficulties you may and added, “ His righteousness, His blood.”

smitten, is the uplifted hand of a Father; and have to contend with, and when the glory of Later in the evening she said, “I have seen

upon it, wounded and humbled, let us lean. heaven shall burst upon you, it will far sur-Him twice to-day.” And one standing near Listen to His own consolatory words: “I pass all that your imagination had conceived. heard her say, “ With Calvary full in view—wound and I heal; He maketh sore, and

May God grant both to the reader and the seas of blood ” — but could not catch what bindeth up; He woundeth, and His hand writer, “ A HAPPY New YEAR.” followed. She se med to fear lest anything makes whole.”

It seems hard to part with she said might seem to exalt herself, and said those we love; but we sorrow not as those earnestly, “Not me, not me; Himself, His

who have no hope.

Oh, how truly blessed is Falling asleep in Jesus.

mercy.” More than once she spoke of Satan the departure of those who sleep in Jesus! About four o'clock on Sunday afternoon, our having assaulted her; and when the text was The labourer is at rest; the traveller is at dear Maria became worse, and her end was quoted : “Simon, Simon, Satan hath desired bome; the voyager is in port; the child of evidently approaching; and on Tuesday, when to have you,” &c., she replied, “I did doubt, God has reached her Father's house; and we went into the room, she said, “Oh, this is but I am forgiven.” Death had no terrors when the Lord returns, He will bring them delightful, this is a delightful death-bed!” for her; she was longing to depart, and be Looking upwards, her face beaming with with the Lord.” She prayed: “Oh, my smiles, she exclaimed, “I see Him; oh, let blessed Jesus, come to take me quickly! I me fly to Him; glorify Him; praise Him; long to go home to Jesus." She was disap.. Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans. He is good: I am covered with His blood.” pointed when told that death was not so near “Him that is weak in the faith, receive ye." She prayed for strength to speak for Christ. as she thought; she said, “I think it will be &c. The apostle comes to questions of diShe said, “I have very little breath, but I in the evening;” and when the evening versity of judgment in the Church. He says

O Lamb of God I come."






“A new heaven and a

W. A. S.

with Him.

J. K.

CHAP. xiv.

Ver. 8.

Ver. 4.

that those who are weak, as to understanding to the bondage of beggarly elements from which all have a common interest, more than their full liberty in Christ, are to be received which Christ has freed us.

the holding tenaciously of opinions which by the Church, and not so as to judge these

“For whether we live, we live isolate us from others. “doubiful thoughts” in the way of settling unto the Lord,” &c. He enforces the Lord- Ver. 20, 21. “ For (owing to) meat destroy them, and enforcing like-mindedness by an ship of Christ, both over the living and dead, not the work of God. (Heb. xiii. 9.) All arbitrary decree.

the latter being, of course, considered as things are indeed pure; but it is evil for that Verses 2, 3. “For one believeth that he conscious—the dead state in fact-whatever man who eateth with offence.” Probably, may eat all things: another who is weak (in that be.

that is to the souls of others. “It is good the faith) eateth herbs.” We notice that the Ver. 9. “For to this end Christ both died neither to eat flesh.... nor anything whereby weak one in the apostle's mind is the ab- (and rose) and revived, that He might be thy brother stumbleth," &c. We see, throughstainer (1 Cor. x. 27); and that the tendency Lord both of the dead and living." The out, how the apostle is insisting upon the of the strong one is to " despise " the one best editions omit "and rose.” The meaning purity of every creature of God, (Acts x. 14, who “eateth not,” and of the other to appears to be, that Christ having passed 15,) and, consequently, his liberty of eating; “ judge” him that eateth. The slightest through the stages of the saint's existence nevertheless, recommends abstinence in the knowledge of the human heart assures us (death and life) has a Lordship over both presence of those who are weak. The chapter that this is its abiding tendency; but the states. He revived (re- lived) out of the is an example of the evil effect which a good question for the Church is, has God "re- grave, and has given us this life; for we are and right thing may have upon those not ceived” this weak one? If so, we ought. to bear in mind that all the matters of the prepared for it; but it is, perhaps, only where

“Who art thou that judgest chapter are with reference to Christians alone. the appetites are concerned, when those free another man's servant? ....yea, he shall be

Vers. 10, 11, 12. But why dost thou judge to eat gain more in the denial of their appeholden up, for God is able to make him thy brother, or why dost, thou set at naught tites, than in the exhibition of their liberty. stand.” If God has received him, God will thy brother? He returns to the two parties, Nor is it for one moment to be supposed, that go on with him-will make him stand." the strong having the tendency to set at in his public ministry the apostle avoided Let each keep a good conscience, and the daught his weak brother, and the weak to such a question. (Col. ii. 16.) Lord will, in His own time, teach.

judge the strong one; and he enforces the Ver. 22. “ Hast thou faith? have it to thy

non-judgment by a fresh statement, “ For we self before God;" that is, on the subject of Ver. 5. “One man esteemeth one day shall all stand before the judgment seat of which he is speaking. There are many things above another," &c. This clause must, with

Christ." The judgment seat, that is the which a man may decree " in his heart," out doubt, be taken as including the Sabbath, bema, not the great white throne of Rev. xx., which not being of universal command, but which some were esteeming, and therefore buy a word taken from the magisterial tri- of private determination, are held is to God keeping, and others not; so also, in fairness, bunal on the Roman forum, where the citizens alone. “ Happy is he that condemneth not it would include the Lord's-day, supposing were tried for every day offences. It is cer- himself,” &c. The meaning appears to be, the first day of the week to be intended by tain then, that received into glory upon the that few are so pure as not to be liable to be this expression in Rev. i. 10.

This verse strikingly shews the opposition in the apos-judgment i Cor. iii. 13, 14, 15; 1 Cor. iv. ground of grace, there will yet be a family judged in those things which they allow.

Ver. 23. “And (but) he that doubteth tle's mi nd to any Judaizing spirit. (Gal. iv. 4. 5.) when things, such as our chapter refers (hesitates) is damned (condemned) if he eat, 9, 10, 11; Col. ii. 16, 17.) We have, nevertheless, indications in the gospels after the Isaiah xlv. 23, here quoted. to, will be brought into light, according to because he eateth not of faith.” Nothing that

a Christian does is immaterial. Although the resurrection of the Lord (John xx. 26), and

Ver. 13, 14. “Let us not, therefore, judge things themselves — meats and drinks - may in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts xx. 7), of one another any more, but judge this rather,” | be so, yet his conscience has its place amongst the division of time into weeks, and also of &c. As is usual with the apostle, he recom-them; whatsoever ye do, whether ye eat or religious worship on its first day, doubtless in mends liberty to be turned into practical self-drink, do all to the glory of God," " for whatconnexion with the resurrection of Christ. denial, lest we should put "an occasion to soever is not of faith is sin.” Humbling This supposes the weekly occurrence of a fall” in our brother's way; for whilst Paul truth, which places us, indeed, on low ground. special day, without a binding covenant obliga- knows, and is persuaded by the Lord Jesus. Nothing is allowed in action but what is on tion being incurred; for the conclusion, “Let that there is nothing unclean of itself, yet to the principle of faith. Everything else is sin. every man be fully persuaded in his own him that esteemeth anything to be unclean, Lord ! increase our faith. mind,” absolutely vindicates a Christian's

to him it is unclean;" that is, he would liberty. The introduction of this question have each respect another’s conscience.

The Name of Jesus. of days is remarkable, just after, in the pre- Ver. 15. “But if thy brother be grieved vious chapter (v. 9), having touched upon with thy meat, now walkest thou not charit- The other day there were two sentinels, love fulfilling other commandments. Love is ably.” It is not charity (love) to injure the one at either side of a tunnel, keeping entire. He passes into the question of days, conscience of another by laying a kind of as a thing no longer of importance, since love snare for him, in tempting him to do that

watch all night. At length one of them had come in. For how can iove confine which his own conscience, as yet unenlight- fell asleep, and dreams troubled him, and itself to a day?

ened, would tell him was wrong. “ Destroy in his sleep he kept calling out, “Jesus ! He that regardeth the day, re- not him with thy meat, for whom Christ died.” Lord Jesus! Jesus.” Now, it so happened gardeih it unto the Lord; and he that regard- In 1 Cor. viii. we have this same subject that the man at the other end of the eth not the day, to the Lord he doth not treated, and with the same conclusion at v. 11. tunnel was in a very anxious state about regard it.” Not, then, that this spiritual it were unprofitable to argue the question his soul, pondering over the question, liberty has the smallest affinity with fleshly doctrinally as to the limits to be given to the What must I do to be saved ?” And licence. Herein lies the controversial diffi- words “ perish” and “ destroy.” The truth culty; or, we might say, prejudice. It is is, the apostle is not upon a question of pure there

, in the solemn stillness of the night, solved by being bound in spirit to the Lord. doctrine. He is as much as saying, Cannot the soft zephyrs wafted the blessed name Do you observe the day? observe it to the you— will not you, for the sake of the scruples of Jesus all along the tunnel into his ear, Lord. Do you not observe it? Let it still of a brother, who is not to be forced into and as he thought of the love of God in be to the Lord. Do you eat? eat to the convictions, give up a bit of meat, for whom giving Jesus, the blessed Spirit opened Lord, by giving Him thanks. Do you not Christ gave up His life—went so far, even, as his heart, and he received Jesus, and Let it be to the Lord, by still giving to die?

found Him to be his own comfort and joy.

Ver. 16, 17. “Let not then your good be
Ver. 7. “ For none of us liveth to himself, evil spoken of: for the kingdom of God is heard the sweet name of Jesus, and it

O my reader! How often have you and no man dieth to himself.” Here is the not meat and drink.” How often, alas! we has only been to you as an idle tale. Be great principle enunciated; day, or no day, make it so, when our godliness consists in we live to the Lord. Our life is in Him, and nothing but a dry set of principles rigidly assured there is no other name under our profession is to live to Him, as also most maintained, 10 the stumbling of those who heaven whereby you can be saved but the surely we die to Him. " Whether we live, with more tenderness of soul, have less light, name of Jesus. And to that naine, sooner therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.” This and, therefore, less liberty. “But righteous- or later, you must bow. Every knee shall is evidently introduced for the purpose of ness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost;'

bow to Him. Either now you must bow shewing the claim of the Lord upon us for that is, a condition of soul rich in the en- to Him as your Saviour, or ere long bow entire consecration; and not that only of joyment of God, by the fruits of the Spirit before Him as your Judge, and confess separation from certain meats, or of the keep-within.

Him Lord of all in eternal misery and woe. ing of particular days, for the whole existence Ver. 18. “For he that in these things ser

Oh! awake, sleepy sinner! and listen of a Christian belongs to the Lord. Certain veth Christ,” &c. That is, who in the denial of it is, that with some a restriction in meats, things lawful, but not necessary, or even ex

now to the sweet sound of the name of and an observance of days, may prove whole-pedient, seeks to win the weak.

Jesus, the Saviour of sinners, ere it be too some helps in their spiritual welfare; but Ver. 19. “Let us therefore follow after the late. “Come unto me,” said Jesus, "all more certain, that to apply these restrictions things which make for peace,” &c. Mutual ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I to the whole Church, would be to return l edification is to be sought in those things in will give you rest.”

Ver. 6.


Him thanks.

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A WORD FOR 1863.

Now when the son was setting, all they that had any sick

Loke iv. 40.

Tell Jesus.

Tell Jesus.

Tell Jesus.

Tell Jesus.



He Healed them all.

Vain is the help of man. Jesus is the great Father, is the risen, the living, the interceding
Physician; His blood is balm in Gilead. Redeemer. Look unto Him, and though your

In the body there are complicated diseases; sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as with divers diseases brought them onto Him; and He laid a number of pains, and a variety of sicknesses, snow, though they be red like crimson, they His hands on every one of them, and healed them."

rack the poor body.

Doubtless, many such hall be as wool; for whosoever believeth on How unwearied is the love of Jesus. He came to Jesus when He was on the earth, and the Lord Jesus Christ hath everlasting life,

He healed them all. You may be a drunkard, and shall never see death. had been toiling all the day, and now the sun a swearer, a blasphemer, a liar, all in one, yet

When thy heart's bowed down with grief, was setting, we should imagine He would the blood of Christ can cleanse you. Though

When no friend can give relief, retire to rest; but no, He will be still active

Tell Jesus. in His works of benevolence, and will not your sins, iniquities, and transgressions, have

When thy soul is faint and weary, twined around you as the serpents of old enrefuse to heal the sick.

When all things look dark and dreary, The Saviour never

twined around the dying Israelites, Jesus can measured His work by “What ought I to do?"

When for sin thy heart is broke, untwist them, and heal your wounds. Should as we do, but was ever ready to ease the pain

Wben for thee there seems no hope,

Tell Jesus. of the suffering, and to scatter blessings in your disease be most loathsome, Christ can cure you. The far-gone reprobate is not gone

When sad doubts and fears depress thee, the path of the afflicted. Alas! how many

When temptations sharp distress thee, are there at ease in Zion. Notwithstanding him. Notwithstanding your disease may be so far that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse

When care and anguish weigh thee down, souls are perishing, how few, how very few,

When Pain and SICKNESS force a groan, are earnestly and actively engaged seeking to of long standing, yet if you come to Jesus, He

will receive you, and not cast you out. It is a bring the perishing to Jesus. Men are active

When fear of death disturbs thy peace, blessed fact, that Jesus receives and pardons

When Christian counsels give no ease, enough in all matters that are temporal. They

“the devil's cast-a-ways" who believe in His will bring their sick to Jesus, if they imagine

In whatever state or frame thou art,
Some diseases are peculiar, they have

Whatever sorrows swell tbine heart,
they can get a bodily cure. But how slow and
puzzled many a clever doctor, and still the

TELL JESUS. negligent men are with regard to eternal con


T. W. M. cerns. They will neither come themselves, patient is no better, but rather worse.

an one was cured by Jesus. “A certain nor bring their friends to Jesus, soliciting a woman, which had an issue of blood twelve

Extract of a Letter spiritual cure. These persons had no invita

From Benguela, West Africa, August 15, 1862, from a Chris tion from Christ to bring their sick friends years, and had suffered many things of many

tian miner of Tavistock (now labouring in the mines

there), to his wife at home. unto Him, that they might be healed, yet they physicians, and had spent all that she had,

tell that at first I used to go every and was nothing bettered, but rather grew

you, brought them. We have innumerable invita

worse, when she had heard of Jesus, came in night into the mountains, or out of sight and tions to come to Jesus ourselves, and to bring the press behind, and touched His garnient.

hearing, to pray alone, and followed the ex. our friends and companions with us, yet we

For she said, “If I may touch but His clothes, ample here as at Cuio-Loando. refuse to hearken, and turn a deaf ear to the I shall be whole.' And straightway the foun.

“One day one of the Portuguese was in a invitation. What wretched folly! What a

tain of her blood was dried up; and she felt great passion with the negroes, and I believe grievous sin! Jesus, the good Physician, is

would have killed him, with but little inviin her body that she was healed of that ready to cure us of every malady, but we will

plague.” (Mark v. 25-29.) It may be that your tation; so I, at night, at my usual time, not come unto Him.

case, spiritually, is as peculiar as this woman's invited him to go with me, and I have always Learn from this incident, THE POWER OF was naturally. You think “there never was

found him ready and willing to kneel down SYMPATHY, or the good we may do for others. a case like mine." Well, perhaps you are

with me, while I engage in prayer, ever since. Each of us has relations, friends, and acright. Your case may be thus peculiar; but

So we soon got one more, then we could quaintances, who are sick unto death with

give it into the hands of Jesus, He under- muster three, and now, I am happy to say, we the disease of sin. We may bring them in

number five. stands it, and will heal your soul.

We read some chapters tothe arms of prayer and faith to Jesus, and He

gether every night. We read verse and will heal them all. His blood cleanses from

“In every time, and state and place,
Plead only Jesus' blood;

verse, each in his own language; and we all sin. We may not be thanked for our

However wretched be your case,

learn each other's language, and so amid all prayers, yea, we may be mocked and jeered

• Behold the Lamb of God.'”

the wrongs that might be enumerated, we get for our importunity, by the very individuals

Bunyan, in the second part of his “ Pil on very well. So we all kneel down together for whom we are pleading; nevertheless, let

grim's Progress," tells us, when Matthew, the in our own hut, and if there is anything us still pray on, and not faint, then shall we eldest son of Christiana, fell sick, through particular that I wish to say to them, I ennot be disappointed. Our Father

, who is in eating Beelzebub's fruit, the medicine com- deavour to find it in my Bible, :nd find the heaven, will in due time, and for His Son's posed of the blood of a goat and the ashes of same in theirs, where they can read it in their sake, hear and answer the voice of our sup- an heifer, was too weak to eradicate the sick- own language. I hope my dear Christian plications. The child of God ought always to

ness; but when “Mr. Skill” administered his friends will not fail to pray for me,” &c. pray, and not to faint. prescription, made ex carne et sanguine Christi

“P.S. I should be truly glad to attend any “He laid His hands on every one of —of the flesh and of the blood of Christ-place for worship, rather than none. I have them, and healed them.” Men have divers it effectually cured him. And rest assured, had many private places of my own for wordiseases ” spiritually as well as bodily, and this is the only efficacious portion for sin-sick ship, sometimes under a tree, at others a large now Jesus is exalted on high at the right souls. 'Tis only as we feed upon Christ's rock. You will wonder at my going to such hand of His Father, He is able and willing to flesh and blood by faith, that we are kept from places to worship God, as my own house, you cure all who come unto God by Him, seeing sinning, and when sick of sin, these, and would say, would be better. I am living in He ever liveth to make intercession for them. nothing but these, can heal and restore us. in number. Our table is some boards nailed

the hut where we all take meat, twenty-one Hast thou the hot disease of pride, the low O what a precious Saviour is Jesus! What together. This house is made of wood and disease of despondency, the foul disease of efficacy is there in His flesh and blood, to grass. The small poles form the framework. lust, the oft-recurring disease of anger, or the purge the conscience from guilt! What a

The grass is tied to the outside. It is all tied cruel disease of rebellion ? Whatever thy rich mercy it is, that when we sin, Jesus can

together, there is not a nail in it to make the

hut. disease may be, bring it unto Jesus; for His abundantly pardon!

We can put our leg through any part

of it. The floor is just like walking on snow, most precious blood is a universal Heal-ALL.

“ Nothing but Thy blood, O Jesus,

the earth is so dry. So you may guess that We have heard of many medicines which can

Can relieve the sinner's smart;

such a place is not the most comfortable for do no good, and be ye sure, all remedies for

Nothing else from guilt release us;

one to read and pray. a sin - sick soul, apart from the blood shed at

Nothing else can melt the heart."

" I wish my dear Edy to attend your chapel Look to Jesus, and you are safe. Christ write to me some account of the prayers or

on week day's services, also, and be able to Calvary, are false remedies; and all physicians apart from Jesus, are Physicians of no value. bids you, look to Him and be saved; it is yours sermons that he may hear; and teach the dear None save Jesus can do helpless sinners good. to obey. There, at the right hand of the young one to say, Father.”

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