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thee, Ye must be born again."—John iij. 6, 7,

until the harvest day, if I shall find the fair ing the heart that leans on Him!“Come The Lonely Heart. “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is young stranger in the white robe of a Saviour's unto Me!” saith the Lord. born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I say unto redeeming Lore.

Come and look with me upon this picture.

The contrast of this unrest with the perfect Behold thousands of travellers traverse a wild “I am weary of everything." These words peace and joy of the happy departed lamb we sandy desert; each one has a vessel, but it were spoken in a tone that left no doubt as read of last month in these pages, struck me holds no water. to their sincerity. The speaker was a young so forcibly, that I hoped the Lord would bless Beside a bright and ever-flowing fountain, girl in the possession of all that could give even this to some one who may be thinking sparkling like a silver thread along the way, happiness, if earth and the kingdoms of this “If I were in such a place,” or “If I had there stands a bright and noble Being, who world could bestow that precious boon, which such a thing—if I had more time—if I had has purchased the right to this bright river, the Creator of earth's beauty has given from less sickness, less poverty; if household cares and all who are partakers of this stream are a source above and beyond the changing were not distracting me, if I had not so much not only permitted to bring others, but comthings of time.

perplexing business, I should have rest!" manded to do so. For every traveller, there “ Weary of everything!" repeated the No! there is but one rest, and that re- is a new pitcher provided by the Princely mother of Harriet N.; “What can you mean? maineth—there is but one fount of peace that Benefactor. But some refuse, even rudely, weary of the gardens, you would say; how cannot be troubled, and that is in Jesus, the and others try to mend their old pitchers, and quickly you have found it wearisome!” Son of God.

paint and varnish them, until they fancy they It was a fair spot. Flowers were in rich The greater your trials, the deeper your look better than the homely clean new vessels profusion; the terrace walks were overhung need; the harder your lot, the louder speaks so affectionately prepared for them. with vines, with the clusters of the graceful the Lord Jesus, “Come unto me, and I will It is a long and dreary journey over that berries that told of a southern climate; beyond give you rest!”

far sandy plain. The mirage is there, the hot plunged the soft falling waters of the fountain, To seek to put nature in the place of grace, sun of noon, and burning days without a and beneath the terrace the rich groves of has always been one of the subtle snares of cloud. Surely some of these poor people olives lent a pleasant shadow, to relieve the the prince of this world. First, to patch up will have the wisdom of little children, and brightness of the sunshine that flooded the the old man, and offer himself with his fancied throw away these patched pitchers for new landscape. Over all spread the cloudless blue righteousnesses to Him who cannot look upon ones, and drink of the water. Look within sky.

iniquity; and, secondly, to offer worship on the pitchers. Some are full of old coins, “Yes," replied the daughter, “I am weary and to that nature which has felt only curse for and strange time-worn papers ; pictures and of the garden and the sunshine-I am weary man's sake. He who made all things beau-old books; artificial flowers and jewels; of everything!”

tiful in their time must thrus often behold sin curious garments; title-deeds and account “Not weary of your father and your mother, exalted on the ruin that sin has worked: books, but no water! No wonder they look surely!” said the lady reprovingly.

There must be a new heaven and a new weary and heavy laden. Hark! there is one “Yes, I am!” replied Harriet N.; and at earth. Ye must be born again! There must who knows the refreshment in the bright this last question she lifted her face from the be the cleansing and the purging; the work flowing fountain, and invites some; but they marble step on which she rested, and looked of the Redeemer and Sanctifier in the place answer, they are not thirsty, and if they were, up into the bright sky, not with the sweet, of Satan and the Cain-like offering of senti- should they throw away all their precious half dream-like gaze of wonder and enjoyment mental feeling, and works of natural bene- things for a common looking vessel, and a which I have seen in other eyes, as if they volence. A Socinian creed does not rest with draught of water. But He tells them, that would pierce the blue curtain to behold the those only who avow Socinian errors. All they cannot carry those treasures over to the glories they believed it shrouded, but in that who would put anything in the place which fair country where that fountain flows for profound desolation of spirit, that only those Jesus should occupy are offering an insult to ever, and they cannot go there without new know who are seeking for rest where it is not the gracious Saviour, who came to be all things pitchers, for all things are perfect there. to be found. “I am weary of myself—of to His people,-their wisdom, their righteous- And some of these poor people listen, and Harriet N., weary of all;-oh! I long to fitness, their Comforter, Counsellor, and Friend. many go away sorrowful, for they have been away into the arms of God!" and the young We know that earth is, as it were, ransacked long collecting their treasures ; nevertheless, girl groaned.

for peace! Men go to other countries, and some go to the Royal Potter and receive the The mother was silent. Had she spoken, throw themselves into new and engrossing new pitcher; but, oh! how timid they are ! she might perhaps have said that God had pursuits—follow a new science, or seek new They can hardly believe that they have a right made the beautiful garden, and shed abroad scenes;-anything but desiring the new heart to drink from the bright stream, which is as the light and warmth, and the lonely child in which abode peace can dwell; Christ cannot much the gift of the Potter as the pitcher ought to be happy. But she could not have dwell in the sin-stained abode of every unclean itself. They kneel down and take one drop, told her of the redeeming power of the Blood thing, and only in Christ is peace for the and sit by the stream and mourn because they of the Lamb slain. She could not have an- lonely heart.

are so weak; and they are still thirsting, but swered that groan, which in the midst of the “It is all very well for --," said one, in there are others who let down their pitcher beauty spread lavishly around her, proclaimed speaking of a deeply afflicted child who had until it is so full that the bright drops sparkle there was more than this for which an im- found the Lord Jesus; “it is all very well for on the brim, and perhaps the soft dew, from mortal soul was created. She could not point such; they have nothing else!”

its refreshing influence, enlivened some foother to Jesus—for how can we lead others to God for ever be praised, they had nothing sore one, and led him to long for a new pitcher the Rock when we know neither the way, nor else! but what is best, they wanted nothing too, and a draught of water. feel the need of its shelter. So none answered else! A new heaven and a new earth-oh, Oh, would it not seem folly to you to see the sorrowful spirit.

blessed new creation! The earth must be men hugging such follies to their breast, when Yet God was speaking by that very loneli- burnt up; its cares, and pleasures, and pursuits the new vessel, and the life-giving stream, ness; the Holy Ghost was striving to win her must go with it; and let it go! Oh my dear and the loving invitation, were set before from the fascinations of life below, which the reader, if you are seeking to fill a lonely them. god of this world was spreading for her young heart with that which shall be destroyed, Come ye, and drink of the bright waters, heart, to desire the pure delight of a soul where will you be? You may long “to fit without money and without price. For he born again from above; with a heritage whose away into the arms of God,” but the day of that cometh unto Jesus shall never hunger, beauties shall never fade, and where joys are grace will have passed from you, and the arms and he that believeth on Him shall never every day new.

80 long open to receive you, (the outstretched thirst! “But did she find Jesus?"

arms of Jesus) await you no more. He has The desert is before you, the stream is still Dear reader, I know not: but when I had risen up, and the door is closed !

flowing, God's love is still inviting you. found His preciousness myself, I did not forget “Weary of everything!” Oh! it is the If your heart is lonely now, when earth's the young weary one; but I may never know time to find One who is never weary of bless-ties and earth's poor miserable joys are around

If you

A. S.


sinners to believe it.



- Joun i. 9.

you, what will it be when they are burnt up? (yet either to the two thieves or to any one feel the heinousness of sin till some time where will you fee? to whom will you go? else:

after I had accepted Christ as my Saviour, Oh, the loneliness of that day, when no Death, as before observed, is the punish- and I read in a book four years ago an loving revelation shall reach you,—then for ment of sin; and God ordained that the account of a convert who, to use his own the life-giving stream shall flow the lake of manner of it should be so as to constitute it words, "never felt his need of a Saviour till fire! Oh, pity yourself! there is a loneliness a curse. Therefore my substitute was cruci- he found Him !!!” in the words, “cast out” and “for ever," that fied. (Deut. xxi. 23.)

If He had been put

would like to know how I was led hath no comparison!

to death in any other way, all things would to "change my mind, all that I can say is, not have been fulfilled.

that I never rightly understood the way of What do you Know?" Seeing, therefore, that I have thas already salvation, until I came across a tract entitled, An aged saint, grown grey in his Master's undergone my punishment for sin, and have “How you may know whether you do or do service, for he was a minister of Christ, was

a sure and certain proof of its having been not believe on Jesus Christ.” This little once in conversation with a young man who once accepted, would it not be unfaithful and tract made no particular appeal to the conwas very full of himself, and what he had unjust to make any further demands upon me? science in respect of sin; but merely set been acquiring at school or college. “ of Would it be fair to make me pay the same forth (at least as much as I then read of it)

what believing on Christ" really meant: course, Mr.-, you are acquainted with such debt twice ? an author, and familiar with his works." "No" And what I have herein said for myself, viz., believing that He had done all things replied the aged man, “I do not know them.” | every man can say for himself also, if he but for your salvation, keeping the law, leading a Some other subject was started by his believes. Christ died for sinners, and wishes life without sin, dying in our place, and in the

This is what is meant manner ordained by God as a curse. So that companion, and question after question put, to each of which the answer was, “ I do not by “ believing on the Lord Jesus Christ,” there was absolutely nothing left for us to do know.” Teased at length, and forgetting the faith,” &c. It involves all that I have on our own behalf, even if we wanted to: all honour due to grey hairs, the young man asked, above set forth, and much more that will had already been accomplished.

follow after it has been laid hold of, which The above was contained in the first four “ And what, Sir, do you know?” “Young

and I read no further, for I felt comman,” was the reply, “I know HIM, whom the Holy Spirit Himself will teach you. to know is life eternal !”

No condition is required of you before you pletely stunned. I never thought that was can come to Christ. Come with all your sins, it: my idea was that Christ had died in order

just as you are. If you were sick, you would to give us another chance of earning heaven The Forgiveness of Sins. “If we confoss our sins

, He is faithful and just to forgive not wait till you were better, ere you placed by leading a preponderatingly good life us our sing, and 10 cleanse us from all unrighteousness." yourself in the hands of a medical man, much earth!

less if you were very sick would you decline By God's grace, though I felt some powerThat is to say, He would be un-faithful and doing so for shame's sake. Yet this is the ful influence attempting to keep me back, I un-just not to forgive us our sins, and to way in which many argue in respect of their was enabled to go and kneel down by the cleanse us from all unrighteousness. souls sickness, sin!

side of my cot and say, “Lord, I believe! Unfaithful and unjust! let us consider “ If we confess our sins," that is, if we help thou mine unbelief," over and over these words. Mind, the text does not say, acknowledge ourselves to be sinners, not in again, and even this I felt great, great diffi"unmerciful and uncompassionate;" no, the the shape of a “ penance" however; no, but culty in doing, for something or somebody words are as abovề; meaning, in plain English, merely if we admit the truth regarding our- made me stammer, and I felt being hurried that the Lord God Almighty would not be selves (see preceding verse), which scarcely a off my knees like. Without any affectation, acting honourably to tvards us.

soul does not, whether from conscience sim- I felt perfectly giddy and confused. And from whence does this boldness of ply, or whether from conviction, and so feel I obtained peace, however. The whole speech arise ? Simply from the fact that our need of redemption.

transaction, till then from the time I opened Christ has died. There is no undoing this. The popular impression is, that one must the tract, did not occupy more than three It is the past, and cannot be undone or re- be very sorry for his sins, before he can ask quarters of an hour, and on leaving my called. Christ has died.

pardon : but this is wrong: this is not the quarters to go down to my office again, I shall “And what then?" answer, “ Everything." meaning of "repentance."

never forget the new aspect everything bore. When He died, He died for me, and, there- "Repentance" simply means "changing My office, and everything in it, was the same fore, virtually I died. “Why did I die?” your mind." You will find in Wicliff's as I had left it but a short hour ago, and yet I underwent the punishment for sin, and as a translation of the Bible, that instead of “ to everything had a different air about it, token that I am now “clear," my substitute, repent,” he uses “ to after-think," and this is I felt no depression of spirits whatever, Christ Jesus (that is virtually myself again), exactly what it means; and this last word is though certainly “sobered," but I was far was raised from the dead on the third day. still, I believe, in current use in Lancashire. too happy to be sorry for anything; and this If I pass down a street in which there is

Matt. xxi. 28. “A certain man had two state of feeling lasted a good time, and it was a jail, and I see a turnkey open a lock and sons; and he came to the first and said, Son, not till long afterwards (two years) that I let a man out into the town, I naturally infer work to - day in my vineyard.” He felt any deep compunction for the life I had that that man was a prisoner, upon whom the answered and said, “I will not;" but after- led without Christ, although, whether from law had demands; but having satisfied those ward he repented and went; that is to say, he training, whether from conscience, I really demands, he is now set free.

" altered his mindand went. He may have cannot say, I knew, as far as knowing went, So with myself. The law of God had been sorry for having refused his father at the that I was a sinner. demands upon me. They were made good first, and he may not. He may have changed And when I did begin to feel sorrow for by Christ, my proxy, and as a proof that such his mind from sordid motives, thinking per- sin, it was not an overwhelming process, was the case, He was not detained in prison haps there was something to be got by it: or slow, steady, and gradual, turning the exu(i.e., the grave), but was released.

he may have done so through fear, lest he berance of my joy into sober-mindedness. In If this had not been the case, I should should be a loser in the long run for his dis- a word, “ repentance," in the sense of hearthave had no proof that the death of my proxy respectful behaviour, or what not. His felt sorrow for sin, was not the steppinghad been accepted instead of my own; and motives for “ changing his mind," we do not stone to my “conversion," as it is, I believe, my faith would, consequently, be "vain." know.

with most people, but an item in my practical (1 Cor. xv. 14.)

So with “repentance:" it may be engen- sanctification afterwards. For it was not the act of dying, simply, dered by motives equally various. That with I have been thus particular, at the expense that proved Jesus to be the Messiah ; nor yet the generality of those brought to the foot of of appearing egotistical; because I am anxious the manner of it; for two thieves were cruci- the Cross, it arises from deep penitence I to divest the blessed Gospel of all appearances fied at the same time. No, it was His being freely admit, but not necessarily so, for there of having a price put upon it. It is free; raised to life again, which has not happened | are exceptions. I myself, for instance, did not sorrow is no more demanded of you





money is. It is, Believe on the Lord Jesus self. Many and frequent were the prayers language failing, you are compelled to cry Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy that were offered up for her, yet was there no out with one of old, “ Yea, He is altogether house (Acts xvi. 31); and “He that be- evidence of her having truly passed from lovely.” And in joyful confidence to add, lieveth and is baptizęd, shall be saved; but he darkness to light; and thus month by month “This is my Beloved, this is my friend.'' that believeth not shall be damned.” (Mark passed on. One day, about six months after, Let it not suffice you to realize that His blood xvi. 16.)

we first knew her, Miss had been praying has cleansed you from your sins, or that His Believe that Christ has done everything beside her, and beseeching the Lord to mani- dying cry, “It is finished," enables you to that is wanted for your salvation; that when fest Himself to her, and scarcely had she cease from your own works, and to enter into He cried, " It is finished,” your salvation was risen, and turned to speak to another dying, that rest which is the privileged portion of all accomplished, as proved three days after by girl, when poor Harriet, burst out, “Oh, I have that believe; but go higher, let Jesus be the His resurrection from the grave. Believe found Him, I have found my precious Saviour. all - satisfying portion of your heart's best that God would consequently be “unfaithful" Glory be to His Name.”. Never, never can I affections, sit down under His shadow with and “ unjust” to withhold from you admis- forget that scene as we sat beside her bed, great delight, and know that His banner of sion into heaven, should you urge your claim and heard her, with clasped hands and closed love is waving over you. Think not so much on these grounds. And "change your mind," eyes, giving vent to the rapturous emotions of of serving Him, as of responding to the give up the pleasures of sin, and the beggarly her soul. “Oh!" she exclaimed, “ He re-appeal, “Give me thine heart," then out of rudiments of this world which you have ceives the vilest, the wickedest sinners; glory the abundance thereof the mouth will speak, chosen; “after-think” it, re-consider your be to His Name! His blood is in me! Oh, the hands be led to work, and the feet to walk choice, and alter your decision; for recollect the Lamb, the bleeding Lamb!” Then in a well-pleasing unto Him. that all flesh is as grass, and all the glory clear tone she sangof man as the flower of grass: the grass

“I love the sound of Jesu's name,

THEY'RE DEAR TO GOD. withereth, and the flower thereof falleth

It sets my spirit in a flame,

"Beloved, it is a sad thing, and truly so sad, that away, but the word of the Lord endureth for

Hallelujah to the Lamb!”

it may make our very hearts bleed within us, to think ever: and this is the word which by the adding with mingled joy and reverence, “Glory of the Lamb's little party, who are in strength the Gospel is preached unto you.” (1 Pet, i. be to His Name,” and thus we left her; but weakest

, in riches the poorest, in number the fewest : 24, 25.)

S. scarcely had we passed the threshold of the and shall they be in love the coldest, in judgment British India,

door, when those araụnd her began to reprove the most divided? Is not this sad now, that the and deride her; as it has ever been, he that little ones of Jesus Christ, that the lambs of Jesus

Christ, should love one another no better? Preach Christ. was born after the flesh, persecuted him that

Christians! either lay your malice aside, or else God When that faithful minister of Christ, Mr. was born after the Spirit. A little while she will lay you aside, as He hath done too many of us V~, was vicar of H— in Yorkshire, he lingered on, though never again able to give at this day, to our grear sorrow."--Dyer, 1655. told me that a neighbouring minister, the so joyful a testimony of the hope that was in then vicar of H-, one day addressed him her.

O THAT, when Christians meet and part, nearly in the following words :- Mr. V

These words were graved on every heartI don't know how it is, but I should really

A Death Bed.

They're dear to God!

However wilful and unwise, think that your doctrines of grace and faith W. B. in the village of in Somersetshire,

We'll look on them with loving eyes were calculated to make all your hearers live a day-labourer, was addicted for many years

They're dear to God. in sin; and yet, I must own, that there is an to habits of intemperance; with occasional O wonder! to the Eternal One, astonishing reformation wrought in your parish; intervals of deep remorse; accompanied with Dear as His own beloved Son ; whereas I don't believe I ever made one soul resolutions of amendment; which failed him Dearer to Jesus than His blood, the better, though I have been telling them in the hour of temptation, was at last seized Dear as the Spirit's fix'd abodetheir duty so many years." by that mortal malady to which drunkenness

They're dear to God, Mr. V-smiled at the doctor's ingenuous generally leads, and suffered throughout great When tempted to give pain for pain,confession, and frankly told him," he would agonies of soul, amounting frequently to How would this thought our words restram, do well to burn all his old sermons, and try despair; yet calling upon God to save him

They're dear to God. what preaching Christ would do."Deep from the awful pit of eternal fire, on the When truth compels us to contend, Things. brink of which he stood. . A few moments

What love with all our strife should blendbefore his departure, he started up in the bed,

They're dear to God. Remembrances of Workhouse bis face reflecting all the horrors of hell,

When they would shun the pilgrim's lot Visitings. No. 4.

For this vain world, forget them not ; exclaiming, “And art thou to have me at last,

But win them back with love and prayer, UNINTERESTING and ignorant was poor Har- thou foul fiend?” with other ejaculations of

They never can be happy there, riet; so ignorant that, we believe, not a letter anguish and despair, addressed evidently to

If dear to God. could she read, yet was she one in whom God, one whom he saw near; when suddenly a ray

O how return a brother's blow ! in the sovereignty of His grace, had designed from heaven illuminating his whole counte

The heart whose harshness wounds thee se as a recipient of His mercy; surely He hath nance, he extended his arms as he sunk back

Is dear to God chosen the foolish things of the world, and on his pillow, exclaiming, "Ah, no! blessed

Oh! who beneath the Cross can stand, the weak things, and the base things, yea, and Jesus! Glory be--to thee!" and expired.

And there from one hold back the hand things which are despised: and wherefore?

Dear to our God? " that no flesh should glory in His presence.'

Christ a Person.

How with rough words can we conflict, Of her early history we know nothing, save A REAL, living person, Christian reader! Let Knowing each pang our words inflict, that she had gone astray in an evil path. We me ask you, Is it thus you consider Him: Touches the heart once pierced for us ? first became acquainted with her in the sum- Is it the Man Christ Jesus you adore? Do

The hearts we ring and torture thus

Are dear to God? mer of 1861, when disease and want had laid you know Him in all His glorious attributes her on a workhouse bed. Great reserve of Perfection and Beauty, the beloved Son For is there here no strength in love-marked her character, so that but little could whom God delighteth to honour - before The love that knits in joy above

All dear to God? we know of the inward workings of her mind, whom angels and archangels bow, and the

Shall we be there so near, so dear, yet the awakening interest she manifested at redeemed delight to cast their golden crowns, the Scripture readings, led us confidently to and attune their harps to His praise, while

And be estranged and cold whilst here

All dear to God? hope that the “good work” was begun, On they unite to sing that song of “Worthy is

By the same cares and toils opprest, one occasion being asked, Did she ever pray? | the Lamb that was slain to receive glory, and

We lean upon one faithful breast, she replied, “No! I am too great a sinner to honour, and power”? Is He to you the We hasten to the same repose ; do that.” To convince of sin was said to be “ chiefest among ten thousand"? Can you How bear or do enough for those the Spirit's work, by our Blessed Lord Him-Itell of the varied aspects of His beauty, till,

So dear to God!

"A brother is Iorn for adversity."--Prov. xvii. 17.


Notes and Expositions. No. 3. drink it, thy will be done.” It is, however, when wicked hands seized Him to put Him The Brother Born.

at Golgotha His perfect love flows forth, by to death, then "all the disciples forsook Him willingly being made sin and a curse for His and Aed.” What pangs of grief for a heart

“ brethren," and setting us for ever free, by of perfect love! But He goes onward still, Who can this “brother” be but Jesus?

laying down His life a ransom for us. There till all the flames of adversity are quenched Where can we see such brotherly kindness, He drank the cup. He fully knew the depths for ever with His blood, and He triumphs over or who on earth ever knew such adversity as of ruin and degradation into which sin had all in the power and glory of resurrection. the blessed Son of God? And how precious brought us, and when none else could deliver, His visage so marred more than any man; the thought that He was a “brother born;" | and nothing less than His death on the Cross lover and friend put far from Him; His heart that He who dwelt in the full blaze of heavenly could save, His loving heart willingly went lacerated with the lying accusations of false glory, in the Father's bosom, stooped so low down into all its shame and woe, to redeem witnesses, He gives His back to the smiters, as to become man; born for adversity, the us from iniquity, and bring the far-off nigh and His cheeks to them that plucked off first - born among many brethren. Glorious to God. When this wondrous work was the hair. His dear back ploughed up and incarnation! Unfathomable mystery! God accomplished, and He raised victorious from smarting with the cruel lashes of the scourgmanifest in the flesh! Bethlehem's stable the dead, see with what love again the ing; His face bruised with the rude smiting; witnessed the “ brother born;" and, blessed heart of this “brother born for adversity" His soul overflowing with love and anguish, be His holy name, He is not ashamed to call bounds, while he charges the favoured woman like a dumb sheep before her shearers, He is us (who believe) “ brethren.” What infinite with, “Go to my brethren, and say unto them, stripped and covered with a scarlet robe, a condescension, what perfect love, what match. I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; reed put in His right hand, His spotless brow less wisdom, the Son of God born of a woman, to my God, and God."

pierced, and torn with a crown of thorns, the and called Jesus, because He would save His But this loving, life-giving Jesus was born people bow the knee before Him, and mock, people from their sins. What depths of for adversity. The stable manger cradled the saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!" while the humiliation and love to man, that He by Holy One, for there was no room for Him in stunning cries of “Away with Him! Crucify whom all things were made, should pass by the inn; and scarcely had the Son of God Him !” rend the air on every side. Onward, the shining myriads of angelic hosts, take been born into this world, which His hands however, His heart of ceaseless love propelled hold of Abraham's seed, and take part of the had made, than the power of man and Satan Him. He climbs the hill of Calvary, and then children's flesh and blood, that He might be combined to devour, if it were possible, this His hands and feet are nailed to the tree, a compassionate brother, a kinsman Redeemer, Holy Child. Herod the king was exceeding when for the joy that was set before Him, He a merciful and sympathising High Priest. wroth, and commanded that all the children endured the cross, and despised the shame, What a Saviour, equal with God, yet found that were in Bethlehem, from two years old and cried out for His murderers, “Father, in fashion as a man. God and man in one and should be slain. But the malice forgive them, for they know not what they do." persoñ, able to feel and suffer for man as man, of the enemy was turned to fulfil the pro- There He is lifted up, and wounded for our and able also to give infinite value to all He phetic word, ** Out of Egypt have I called my transgressions. There He is made sin and a did, because He was God. Well might the Son.” The learned men in Israel knew Him curse for us. There, not only man derides celestial choir usher this blessed one into the not, neither did His brethren believe on Him, and blasphemes, and Satan's food gates of world with “Glory to God in the highest, and so that His tender heart early felt that He was hellish abomination are thrown open, and on earth peace, good will toward men ;” and despised and rejected of men, a man of sor- bruise His heel, but more than this, God forwell may we worship and adore the Father of sows, and acquainted with grief. But more sakes, and spares not His own dear Son. The mercies, for coming so near to us, and shew-than this, the foul breath of Satan himself lightning flashes and thunderings of Jehovah's ing such kindness in the person and work of was allowed directly to fall on the holy ear of wrath press heavily npon His inmost soul, so Immanuel.

this spotless Lamb, and what exquisite suffer- that He cries, "My God, my God, why hast Jesus is a “brother” indeed. Trace Him ing this must have been, what indiscribable thou forsaken me?” But all the waves and in the Gospels and you find Him continually adversity for the Holy One of God to feel. billows pass over Him. He groans and bleeds going about doing good. Groaning, sighing, He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted until the bitter cup is drained, when He and weeping over the misery around, you of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and exclaims, “It is finished,” bows His head, see Him feeding the hungry, healing the sick, the angels ministered to Him." But this only and gives up the ghost. His sacred body casting out unclean spirits, cleansing the brought out more fully His perfect holiness. racked, His soul poured out unto death, lepers, raising the dead, stilling the fury of The path, however, was more adverse still. He travailed with the unutterable throes and the waves, silencing the raging storm to Save some fishermen, or publicans, or harlots, birth - pangs needed to bring many sons to minister peace and blessing to needy, sinful few saw beauty or comeliness in Jesus. Like glory, and to fulfil the testimony of an ancient

The perfect Exemplar, the patient sheep going astray, all went their own way, prophet, “I will declare thy name unto my Teacher, the faithful Witness, the never-fail- and the righteous Son from heaven had con- brethren, in the midst of the church will I ing Friend, casting out none that came to tinually to stand against the foul current of sing praise unto thee.” Him,“ saving the vilest of sinners, and bring- unrighteous men, who were dishonouring God, But the dreary night is passed, redemption ing all who received Him into the dear and and disowning His claims and truth. This is accomplished, perfect love has been maniunchánging relationship of “ brethren,” and also was deep and constant suffering to the fested, the sacrifice has been offered and sons of God (John i. 12). What a brother! Holy Jesus. And so solitary and poor did accepted, for Christ is risen, and we are made Surely in this as in all other things, Jesus Jesus feel, so houseless and homeless, that we nigh to God in Him, and by His blood. Jesus has the pre-eminence. But see Him in hear Him saying, " Foxes have holes, and the is now enthroned at the right hand of God; Gethsemane's shady grove, in awful stillness, birds of the air have nests; but the Son of and we look for His return from heaven, and while those around are sleeping, behold man hath not where to lay His head.

when the Brother who knew such adversity the loving Jesus sorrowful unto death, casting But He goes onward still, though the path shall have His brethren to share His throne of Himself prostrate on the ground, while a gore be rougher, and more adverse to a loving glory with Him, and when “at the name of of blood-like sweat covered His sacred body; heart. His own disciples seemed seldom to Jesus every knee shall bow, in heaven, and behold, I say, this “brother" there in deepest understand His mind, and sometimes really earth, and under the earth, and every tongue agony, with all the unutterable woes of Cal- savoured of Satan and of the things of man, shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the vary's cross presented to Him in an unmixed instead of the things of God; many turned glory of God the Father.” cup of immeasurable anguish. His heart is away altogeher, and walked no more with If He drink not the cup, we must Him, others slept when His soul was in an

RISEN WITH CHRIST. have drunk it in endless misery. What a agony. One openly denied Him, saying with

How willing when troubles assail, moment of solemn quiet! But listen to the an oath, “I know Him not,” while another And trials come quickly apace, accents of His inmost soul, “O my Father, betrayed Him, and sold Him to His mur- With tears, to the Lord we detail if this cup may not pass from me, except I| derers for thirty pieces of silver; and at last, Our cares, and our depth of distress.


set on us.


If Satan with poisonous darts

or to die. It could not yield, or give out grace, to man (Matt. xxii. 39, 40), it can never have Of worldliness pierces the soul ;

and hence there was no power. " The law a filling up or completion but in Christ, and Then swiftly we fly with these hearts,

was given by Moses, but grace and truth came those who possess His spirit. Our burden on Jesus to roll,

by Jesus Christ.”

“ Love is of God," not of V. 10. “And that, knowing the time,” &c.

nature. “Every one that loveth is born of " And that" seems to supply an additional But do we as children o'er bask,

God.” If we love, it is “because He first motive to the former duties, inasmuch as “the In the sunshine and joy of His smile, loved us.' We are under grace, and not day" of manifestation is “at hand,” “for now Without one petition to ask,

under law. But “ the righteousness of the is our salvation nearer than when we believed." Except to abide there awhile ?

law” is, notwithstanding, “ fulfilled in (not We are not here to imply that those to whom
by) us,"
for we are

“ taught of God to he is writing were not in a state of salvation. Like John, do we lean on His breast,

love one another," and without being under They were waiting for the salvation of the And drink of His measureless love,

covenant which knows of no compromise, we body on the day of the first resurrection, And feel in His presence more blest,

yet, in loving, fulfil the law. Is there not when that for which they were apprehended Than angels in heaven above ?

confusion in the minds of many, who, with should be completed. This was, of course, The feast which His love doth prepare, out the least alarm, set themselves to keep nearer to them than when they believed to The banqueting house of His grace, the commandments, ignorant that in attempt the "saving of the soul.”

V. 12, 13. " The night is far spent, the day Our Jesus entreats us to share,

ing to do this, every breach is death. But

the righteousness of the law is only to be is at hand,” that of the Lord's appearing, a And yearns for His children's embrace.

fulfilled by those who walk after the Spirit, subject not otherwise brought into the Epistle. He bids us in Him to rejoice,

and “if we be led of the Spirit, we are not The now time is that of the earth's darkness, And rest in His fulness of bliss ;

under law.” (Gal. v. 18.) It being understood, but it will not always be so. (Isaiah xxv. 7.) He longs for the sound of our voice, then, from chap. vii. that the believer is not we are in the light, and expecting the day of But are we thus longing for Ifis ? under law, the apostle has no difficulty in God, “ let us therefore cast off the works of

bringing its maxims forward, as those to which darkness, and put upon us the armour of light.” So sinful, alas ! are our hearts,

God is true at all times. The whole thing (1 Thess. v. 1-11.) The exhortation, as This world, with its pleasures and cares, depends upon the difference between a bind- usual, proceeds upon the ground of our being Too often its poison imparts,

ing covenant with a penalty attached, and a "in the day,” that is of our having the light And leads us away in its snares.

voluntary engagement consequent upon the of God by which to walk in the midst of the Too oft, with his craftiest will,

inherent principle of a new life. If under surrounding darkness, and it supposes, too,

the first, death" is the penalty for each and that the propensities of the flesh are still in The enemy points us within,

every breach as the blessed Lord found, us, and have to be battled against in the Suggesting, behold thou art vile,

when “made of a woman, made under law," armour of light. And God is a bater of sin.

He came, pure Himself, under the judgment V. 14." But put ye on the Lord Jesus O could we but realize now,

of a righteous God as a substitute; if under Christ, and make no provision for the flesh,” That risen with Jesus we stand ;

the second, the reminders of the law may &c. This putting off the old man and putting Our life is no longer below,

have a happy effect upon us, as being the on of Christ, is found more fully spoken of in

clear and sententious expression of the mind Eph. iv. 20—32, and Col. iii. 7–15. It is But high at the Father's right hand.

of God concerning our walk, to which He is another instance of the summary way in Our Advocate pleads for us there,

true at all times; and indeed, the same precepts, which subjects are treated which are more He points to His blood as our plea ; although not in exactly the same language, fully elucidated in his other writings. We Declaring “their sins did I bear,

are expressed over and over again in the New have not before had any exhibition of the That they might be just before Thee." Testament.

Lord Jesus without, that is in the sense of Nevertheless, those lose much who, being putting on Christ.” It has been rather what O then from the dust where we lie,

clear of it as a covenant, speak of the law as He has done for us within, but we are to Despairing because of our sin;

the rule of life. We may surely say, that the “walk even as He walked,” hence the exhorWe'll rise to communion on high,

laws of Christ's kingdom go far beyond those tation.
Forgetting the vileness within.

of Moses. Which of the commandments
'Tis thus and thus only that we,
would induce us, if our coat were demanded,


. Mistaken assurance possess ;

to give our cloak also, and if compelled to go That we “this same Jesus” shall see

a mile, to go twain? (Matt. v. 40, 46.) Christ

is our lawgiver and our “rule,” (Gal. vi. 15,
Returning, His people to bless.

LORD! whom have I in heav'n?
16; Phil. iii. 16,) and, whilst looking at Him,
C. L. S.
we shall be sure not to infringe law.

None but thyself e'en there!
Ver. 9. “ For this, thou shalt not commit

Myriads of saints with sins forgiv'n,
Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans. adultery, thou shalt not kill, &c., (command- And angels bright and fair,

ments from the second table) briefly Will cluster 'mid the radiance of Thy throne: VERSE 8. “Owe no man anything, but to comprehended in this saying, viz., Thou shalt But, whom have I in heav'n, save Thee alone! love one another.” From the obedience which love thy neighbour as thyself.” It is evident

None but thyself above, we owe to the powers that be,” the apostle God, were meant in love for his good, and if that these demands upon man, on the part of

'Mid saints and angels bright, passes on by an easy transition, to the debt he, even in his feeble measure, would have

Has lov'd me with eternal love, of love which we owe to one another. (1 Jno. kept them, would have been for the exhibition

And fought for me the fight! iii. 14, 23.) This, according to the standard of love, and for his blessing. Possibly the None else has “spar'd not” his own son for me, of God's love to us (and this is our measure), apostle John alludes to this (1 John ii. 7) as None else has hung expiring on the tree !

the “old commandment which ye had from we can never pay. does not seem pertinent the beginning,” but (v. 8,) " A new command

None but thyself, my Lord, to insist from this, that we are never to borrow ment I write unto you; which thing is true,

The glorious Three in one, (Matt. v. 42) nor lend. Better, indeed, if we in him and in you; because the darkness is

Could give me by a changeless word, never did the former, but here rather the past, and the true light now shineth.” The The privilege of “Son!" apostle takes occasion from these lower matters old commandment was the expression of the No arm but Thine could fold me to the breast, to speak of the great debt which every chris- mind of God, according to the then order of Where wounded souls find joy,

weary--rest! tian has inherited from Christ—to love one things, but the new commandment is true in another, and then all men, though not their Him and in us, that is, it has its source and

If Thou art all to me, sins; and looking back perhaps to chap. viii.

What more can I require ? in Jesus. “ As He is, so are we in this

power 4, he introduces the law, " for he that loveth world.” The manifestation of love to others is

Whom could I choose, O Lord, but Thee? another hath fulfilled the law.” The apostle, according to God's love to us in Jesus. We

What can my soul desire ? whilst arguing in chap. vii. upon the believer’s have both the example and power of it in Him. Save, but to know Thee, e'en as I am known, being delivered from all demands of the law He first exhibited it: we may doubt if in And, wrapt in light, sit with Thee on Thy throne, as a covenant, yet now brings up its maxims Jewish times it could ever have been said,

Oh! to our regard, but only to declare that love • Who have for my life laid down their own

pure and perfect bliss ! fulfils them. In shewing previously the neces-necks.” The epistles of John and Gal. v.

Oh! endless joy untold ! sity of a {christian's being delivered from it, should be read in connection with this little To know my Saviour as He is, he did not thereby ignore that it is "holy, section.

His glory full behold! and just, and good.” What he shewed was,

V. 10. “Love worketh no ill to his neigh- In bope and wond'ring love, I bow the knee, that it had no power to enforce its claims, bour, therefore love is the fulfilling (literally And worshipping exclaim, “I have but Thee!” which were exorbitaut and unremitting, and the fulness”) of the law.” There was no therefore to be under it was death, for there love, properly speaking, till it was manifested was no other alternative—either to keep them in Christ, the law being love to God and love

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Whom have I in lieaven but Thee, and there is none u pop

earth that I desire beside Thee."-PSALM lxxiii. 25.

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CHAP. xiii. 8-14.


C. A. H. These words are set to music, and sold for the benefit

of the poor Lancashire weavers.

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