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Let us search now, and inquire who the of prayer, “Through Jesus Christ our Lord” It is still God in Christ you worship. It is Christ is, and then see if there be any text they always say; but to them the Almighty only when we thus worship the Trinity in whereby we may ascertain whether we do is some one else.

Unity that we really approach God. believe on Him in our hearts.

If you do not go to Jesus believing, as it The Lord Jesus fully answered the disciIt is written in 1 Cor. x. 4, “They drank is written, that all the fulness of the Godhead ples' anxious question, “Shew us the Father," of that spiritual Rock that followed them: dwells in Him bodily, you do not believe on in the 14th of John's gospel. and that Rock was Christ." the Christ of the Bible. If you do really

Believer! stand among them; hear your Do you not believe that David's Rock and treat the Lord Jesus as if He were risen from Lord's reply; get it into your very heart as Fortress was no other than Christ?

the dead, and were now over all God blessed the only explanation He ever gave of this At the 9th verse again we find “Neither for ever; if you do “ go and tell Jesus," great mystery, and be satisfied to glorify "the let us tempt Christ, as some of them also casting all your care upon Him, believing Father in the Son.” “I and my Father tempted.” The reference shews that the that He careth for you; whatever pleasant are one." Israelites tempted “the God of Israel."

feelings you may want, you do truly believe Do you really believe that the Lord Jesus that He is the Christ; you have lifein

The Believer's Privileges Christ was indeed the God of Israel ?

thus coming to Him, and you shall never Brought out in the first and second chapters Paul declares in the 9th of Romans, that perish, but have everlasting life.

of Colossians are : 1. “Made meet" for Christ is “ over all, God blessed for ever."

If you have not as yet thus believed con- glory. 2. Delivered from the power of John testifies of Him in the last verse but cerning “the Christ,” I beseech you to darkness.” 3. “ Translated into the kingdom one of the 5th chapter of his 1st Epistle, “search the Scriptures whether these things of God's dear Son." 4. “Having redempthat He is “the true God."

He also says in be so;” and may God “shine into your heart tion in Christ, and through His blood-the the 1st chapter of his Gospel, “The Word was to, give the light of the knowledge of the forgiveness of sins.” 5. “ Peace with God God, all things were made by Him." “The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (2 through the blood of the Cross.” 6. “Reconworld was made by Him,” and “He came Cor. iv. 6.)

ciliation through Christ's death.” 7. “Christ unto His own."

By walking in fellowship with Him to in us the hope of glory.” 8. “Completeness Isaiah declares in the 6th verse of his 9th which indeed you are called by the Father, in Him, who is the head of all principality chapter, that the Lord Jesus Christ is no(see 1 Cor. i. 9,) you will be daily strength- and power." 9. "The body of the sins of other than " the mighty God, the everlasting ened in the faith of Christ crucified for you; the flesh put off by the Cross.” 10. “ Buried Father."

your life will be strong, and you will go on with Christ.” 11. “Quickened together with Our blessed Lord declared Himself to be your way rejoicing, "ever holding the begin- Christ.” 12. • The ordinances and hand“the Almighty." in Rev. i. 8, &c.

He ning of your confidence firm.” By thus living writing which was against us, and contrary claimed to be the great “I Am” of the Old on, and abiding in Him, you will be strong in to us, taken out of the way by being nailed to Testament in the 8th John 58th verse.

the faith of His having redeemed you from His Cross." Many more passages might be quoted from the curse of the law (Gal. iii. 13); and will “Happy they who trust in Jesus, both Old and New Testaments to the same be like “ a city set on a hill; an epistle

Sweet their portion is and sure." effect, but surely the above are sufficient. read and known of all men ;

branch Now you may ask, did the first disciples bringing forth much fruit.” God grant such

“Belay all that." thus recognize Him as their God?

a high and happy christian experience to These are words heard on board ship. They Let us see “what saith the Scriptures?

are an order to hold fast and not let go an every reader of this Thomas addressed Him, “ My Lord and my The second Scripture test of faith is inch of the rope gained, but to fasten it firmly God.” “ Love."

to the belaying pin. Exactly so should the Stephen's last prayer to God was addressed

John says in the 14th verse of the 3rd young believer keep firm hold of what he to the Lord Jesus.

chapter of his 1st Epistle, “ We know that has gained. Paul says in the 6th and 14th Saul, the persecutor, had authority to bring we have passed from death unto life, because verses of the 3rd chapter of the Epistle to the bound to Jerusalem, those only who prayed we love the brethren."

Hebrews, “ Whose house are we, if we hold to the Lord Jesus (see Acts ix. 14, 21); and Our Lord said, “ If ye love me keep my fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the as soon as he himself was converted, his first commandments.” “A new commandment I hope firm unto the end;" and,

“ For we are prayer was to Jesus, “ Lord what wilt thou give unto you, that ye love one another.”

made partakers of Christ, if we hold the have me to do?" And his 1st Epistle to the It is also written, 1 John v. 1, “Every one beginning of our confidence steadfast unto Corinthians is addressed to “ All that in every that loveth Him that begat, loveth him also the end.” place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our that is begotten of Him.”

So the believer is expected to start with Lord.”

Here then is a never failing test. Do you rejoicing. There is no hoping and trusting Now perhaps you say you believe every truly love every one who loves the Lord Jesus here. The apostle never preached any gospel word of this. Christ?

of prospective forgiveness. " Who hath Can you prove it?

Every one who truly comes to Christ, and saved us ; “ Which delivered us from the James says, unless a man's faith have gets life, is also drawn and “taught of God” wrath to come; Haring forgiven you all works, it is dead, no faith at all. to love the brethren.

trespasses; Christ hath redeemed us from Now what proof will suffice that you be- His love to the whole world also will mani- the curse of the law;" and so forth. What lieve in your heart that He is raised from the fest itself in his new life. His heart's desire convicted sinner can really believe such good dead, and is now over all, God blessed for and prayer to God will be, that his brethren news and not go on his way rejoicing. The

“The mighty God; “God manifest according to the flesh might be saved. Ethiopian directly he heard went on his way in the flesh;” Emmanuel God with us?” It is the Lord Jesus Christ who reveals, rejoicing, and so do you, O believer. Adopted There are two scriptural evidences of true declares the Father. By coming to Him then, into his heavenly family, all your trespasses faith.

we get more and more drawn to the Father: forgiven, rejoice in the Lord always, and Hear what Paul says (Rom. x. 13), “ Who- truly apprehending the God and Father of again I say rejoice. soever shall call upon the name of the Lord our Lord Jesus Christ to be our Father also. But you may say, many start rejoicing, and shall be saved; how then shall they call on The man who lives nearest the Lord Jesus, after a time cool down. Too true, but you Him in whom they have not believed ?" is most drawn to walk in fellowship with the see Paul contemplates no such losing, but

Directly Saul believed, he worshipped. Father also, ever ready in the sweet spirit of rather the holding fast of confidence. What Thousands say they believe, but never really adoption to cry, “ Abba, Father."

is confidence? it is assured trust; you fully go to Jesus, believing Him to be the mighty But never forget that in this happy fellow- believe and then have confidence.—Yes. You God--the Almighty himself.

ship, in thus truly having " fellowship with fully believe Christ died in your stead and so They have miserably low thoughts of Him. the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ," you know your sins are gone; you fully They think His proper place is only at the end there is no separation of the unity of God. I believe his righteousness is yours, and so you






CHAP. xiii.

“I TRUST in One I never saw !”

know your inheritance is secured. But why Ver. 4. “For he is the minister of God to chadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander, and Augustus, do so many lose their confidence? They live thee for good... But if thou do that which is and that when the first of these forgot the far from Jesus the centre of all light, and heat, evil be afraid;”. &c. A new element is here true source of power, he was deposed and

If understood, it would have became as a beast, until he had learned that and joy, and blessedness. Do you live very hindered many a rude encounter between the he held his authority in subjection to the near Him and your peace will flo as a river, Ecclesiastical rulers, and those of the State, God of heaven, and what he was when left to and you will indeed hold fast the rejoicing of both in the dark ages, and since. Although himself. When Judah was outcast, it was the hope. “God is faithful by whom ye were power in the Church and in the world are the advice of Jeremiah (chap. xxix. 7) that called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus distinct, yet they are never at variance, con- they should pray unto the Lord

sidered in their source, and not in all cases Babylon, “for in the peace thereof shall ye Christ.” Walk then in this fellowship, con- dissociated. It is clear, from this verse, that have peace.” This duty is surely ours, and tinually casting all your care upon Jesas, and no shelter is afforded to a Christian if he be- thus are we not driven to abstractions. If so living near the Son, you will avoid those comes amenable to any breach of the public the Church kept her place, she would no chills and backslidings so many mourn over. law, under which, as a man, he lives-an eva- doubt have a healthier action on the "

powers • Thou hast LEFT thy first love," said sion often attempted, as between clergy and that be,” than by commingling herself with Jesus of the Ephesian church. Take warn

laity — whilst, on the other hand, his influ- the political arrangements of this world; ing and keep very near Him who is the ence is both direct and indirect upon the whilst on the other hand, a power that is “chiefest among ten thousand, and the alto- Ruler; for if the power is perverted to wrong of God could never, in its legitimate exergether lovely."

ends, he may reprove it (Eph. v. 11-13), cise, damage another owning the same serwhilst his own life may be such as to illus- vice and authority, But these principles,

trate those virtues which should adorn the pure from the New Testament, have long Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans. Ruler. “For he beareth not the sword in since been obscured, and it is difficult to vain : for he is the minister of God, a reven- recover them.

The Church has been supThe Apostle continues his advice, and takes ger," &c. We perceive how this passage planted by the Christian Kingdom, or in other occasion to shew the place that the authorities overthrows the sickly sentimentality which words, by the nationalities of Christendom. in the world occupy, with reference to the would refuse in condign punishment for those This condition of things, under the name of Christian.

deserving of it. The expressions, “bearing Babylon, has been prophesied of in Rev. Verses 1, 2. “ Let every soul be subject the sword," and "revenger to execute wrath, xvii., xviii., but only, as in the end, to be unto the higher powers.” This means those cannot, under any fair interpretation, subserve utterly destroyed. powers which God has established for the the abolition of the punishment of death. government of the world. We are to be Attempts to influence an executive in such a “Whom having not seen we love." subject to them, as Jesus was. He has not course, arise from not keeping in view the yet taken His place of government. We too distinction between power in the world, and

His name is Christ the Lord ; have the title (1 Cor. vi. 2, 3) to govern, but power in the Church.

He bids me come to Him and draw we are not yet in possession, nor shall we be Ver. 5. “ Wherefore ye must needs be sub

My comfort from His Word. until He comes. * For there is no power, ject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience I love Him, yet I never saw but of God." It is our con

nent and sake.'

The two forms of power agree in His hands, and feet, and side ; privilege to own no lower source. “ The this, that both are against evil. If it were But trusting in His precious blood, powers that be, are ordained of God.” This not so, neither could possibly emanate from

My soul is justified. sentence was, most probably written in Nero's God. A Christian then has two motives in

I know Him! yet I never heard time, the greatest monster who ever ruled; not doing evil. First, he should justly fear

His sweet melodious voice ; yet no permission is given to dispute the title, the wrath of the civil magistrate. Secondly, But faith in His unchanging word, or to rebel. It is certain that everything his conscience, informed by the word, tells Has made my heart rejoice. comes perfect out of the hands of God. If him that he is set under magistrates and rulers follow Him at His command, vitiated by the channel through which it as of God.

But cannot see Him near; passes, its misuse does not give us liberty to Verses 6, 7. “For, for this cause pay ye

Yet still He holds me by the hand, question its source. The history of England tribute also," &c. It is not only that the

And whispers, “Do not fear.” and of other countries, affords examples of word commands subjection in great matters, I hope to see Him soon above, mistaken zeal for a fallen dynasty. Such but every tax-gatherer, every policeman, has

And gaze upon His face ; mistakes have their origin in ignorance of a his honour in our eyes as an officer of God.

Oh! then I'll praise Him for His love,

And condescending grace. believer's heavenly calling, from which also “ Tribute (therefore) to whom tribute," "" springs the unscriptural alliance of Church tom (tax, duty, toll) to whom custom.” These and State. If this union be in existence, an seven verses form a manual of the relation Sayings of Rutherford. oath imposed by, and yielded to a reigning of the Church to the State. Throughout they Keer your love to Christ, lay up your faith dvnasty, ought, surely, not to be lightly are viewed as distinct powers. There is no in heaven's keeping, and follow the Chief of broken; but if, as in the writings of Paul, supposition that we make the world's laws, in heaven's keeping, and follow the Chief of the Church and State were viewed as two or execute them; no directions are given as the house of martyrs, that witnessed a good

powers, each having its distinct to how a Christian is to behave himself as a confession before Pontius Pilate. sphere, no oath would be demanded and none king, or in any lesser executive capacity. No Let my broken words go up to heaven; offered; for rightly understood, they could doubt many kings and magistrates have been when they come up into the great angel's not clash; and thus, whatever the form of Christians. But no directions are given for government, and whatever its incidental their conduct, simply because a Christian king golden censer, that compassionate Advocate, changes, Christians would yield due obedience was not supposed-is, in short, an anomaly will put together my broken prayers and perto it as unto God. In truth its changes are during the time in which the great King-fume them. Words are but accents of prayer. not intended to affect them. They are to be the Lord Jesus Christ-is rejected from the Make Christ your music and your song ; thankful that God has ordained civil govern- earth, and the Church His. co-partner and for complaining and feeling of want doth ment, and that He intends it for their good. co-heir, is rejected with Him. Christians

often swallow up your praises. Without it, the world would be, as before the are not now for high places, although it is flood, “ Corrupt, and full of violence.” Most readily allowed that many in such positions Lend Christ your melancholy, for Satan generally those men, often, humanly speaking, have been converted. (1 s'im. ii. 4.)' Obedi- hath no right to make a chamber in your poble and disinterested, who have led the way ence, then, is inculcated, but not the assump- melancholy; borrow joy and comfort from in resistance to constituted authority, have tion of office; and to this answers 1 Pet. ii. the Comforter. been disappointed in their hopes, or have 13, 14, and Titus iii. 1: “ Put them in mind Christ will make your losses grace's great fallen victims in the struggle, however much, to be subject to principalities and powers, advantage. in the sequel, God may have owned these to obey magistrates.” In 1 Tim. ii. 1, we are I hope you fetch all the heaven you have efforts for the mitigation of human misery, told to pray for kings, and for all that are here in this life, from that which is above, and the enlargement of national liberty. in authority; that we may lead a quiet and and that your anchor is cast as high and deep

Ver. 3. “ For rulers are not a terror to good peaceable life in all godliness and honesty." as Christ. works, but to the evil.” This is what they And here an interesting enquiry arises: What Cast your disjointed spirit on Christ's are instituted for. They are supposed to be does God expect from an ungodly man: bosom, and lay your burdens and cares upon a terror to evil works, and the praise of that How can such be the maker or executor of one who is so willing to take them froin you. which is good. “God is one." No govern-laws: In truth, we cannot dive into these The worst things of Christ, even His cross, ment is set up to deny Him, whether in the secrets which appertain rather to the order of have much of heaven from himself; death is Church or the world, and therefore, in what creation than to the domain of grace. How but a step over time and sin to Jesus Christ, we may call the natural relationships between God, short of real conversion, would establish who knew and felt the worst of death. God and man, the Ruler is supposed to esteem the principles of Justice and Wisdon in a Learn to believe that Christ is better than the good works of the Redeemed, as being ruler's heart, we cannot investigate. This we His strokes; Himself and His promises better those which he is set up to praise.

know, that He had eminently qualified Nebu-than His frowns.




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This book will be found of great value by those who are in any way engaged in instructing others in the truths of Scripture. I They're Gone! They're Gone! A Word to Despisers

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elucidate the lealings of Gorl with man from the earliest ages: and this done so truly and simply, that it cannot fail ** Plain Facts in Simple Words afford help tu trachers or Scripture, osses, Bible women, city missionaries and their superintendents, or to Christians engaged concerning the Second in public or private instruction to all classes. It is also calculated to interest the nnconverted, and may, in God's mercy, lead Coming of the Lord Jesus

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An Appeal to the Woman. Wheat or Tarps: Which be ye? hood of England on behall A deeply interesting and valuable book, consisting chiefly of Authentic Narratives, and full of precious Gospel Truth. The New Sixpence; or. God of their Young Dress. The Cottage on the Rock. An Allegory. By Anna Supron. Paper, 1s; cloth gilt, 2s. A Word for Young Disciples Widow Gray and the little On Worship. By. J. L. H. Cloth, 1s. The Green Pastures Found: Ellen Ingram; or, I'm Going

CONTENTS- The Worshippers once Purged. Boldness to enter into the Holiest. Drawing near to God. The Priest. drys of a Sunday Scholar

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Tell him Jesus has found me

je Good! God is Love!

or, Recollections of the last




“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

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J. P.

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I do not

Col. ii. 11.

not go

delirium, some in a sleep of exhaustion, all in turned away into the darkness, lest they V. H. had better send us his Papers.

hunger and thirst: those who were conscious might exhibit the emotions they could not We cannot undertake to return unsuitable Papers. having given up all hope of being found, and conceal. almost envying the quiet rest of the dead

"Oh, my sufferings," he said; "but my The Distress in Lancashire.

Saviour suffered far more for me. around them.'

Oh that Perhaps many of our readers, especially those living in the country, would gladly help the hundreds It was the second night after the boat had God would send to every wounded soul the of thousands now starving and shivering from lack

joy and bliss he has grånted me.” Again and of food and raiment, if they knew how 10 forward started for one of our western cities. Among their donations. We therefore inform such, that any these last fifty men were two lieutenants, both

again he begged those around him to love his amount sent to The Editor of the Evangelist for this

precious Saviour, and commended them all to object, will be most thankfully appropriated for their of whom the surgeons prononced fatally God.

wounded. Received, and forwarded, during the past month

While his face was pale from loss of blood, It was evident to the kind ladies who sat it was serene and smiling, his eyes beaming From J. F. (collected by a little girl)

by Lieutenant M-, that he could scarcely with love and peace. The deck of that float

0 10 A little girl

0 live throughout the night. He talked of his ing hospital was indeed the gate of heaven.

home, of his childhood, and of his mother. At last he spoke clearer and louder : " The The following thrilling account has come to hand," I have been a Universalist,” said he; but in grave is conquered: thanks be to God, who

** With respect to Lancashire, there are about terror he added, “I feel God's wrath upon giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus 230,000 persons relieved by the Poor Law Guardians; me now; it is burning me; throw me from Christ.” nearly 100,000 by Relief Committees; total, 330,000. To this, add 40,000 deficiency of returns.

this bed; oh my. tortures of soul and body! Dear reader! If you were to die to-day, doubt that there are 370,000 daily supported, and the Can it help my wretched soul that I have died which of these men would you most resemble? distress increasing widely. There are about 70,000 young women out of work, and only 13,000 in sewing for my country?” Then he began to rave on classes. The relief hitherto is only enough to keep the wicked men who forced this war upon the Christ is all, and in all. body and soul together, certainly not to maintain health, for they have been accustomed to live well. land, and pronounced the most fearful curses Clothing is very acceptable, and can be sent by some upon their heads. The lady who watched by The Lord Jesus Christ is “all, and in all" to Relief Committee, Manchester, with label, for the him said, “Lieutenant M—your soul each and every soul who by faith hath received distresssed operatives.

will soon be in the presence of your God; do Him. He “is all, and in all,as the GIFT OF “I am thankful for the general feeling in the

with oaths upon your lips.” With a

THE FATHER. God loved the world, with country about the distress."

look of despair he turned his face from her, love so rich and enduring, that He freely All Communications, Donations, Books for Re- and gave one piercing sigh. Tenderly she gave up Jesus, His well-beloved and only-beview, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the talked of Jesus and the thief upon the cross; gotten Son, to die in the place of transgressors, Editor of the Evangelist,care of Mr. Yapp, 70, there was no reply. She looked again, but "that whosoever believeth in Him should not Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

the cursing lips were fixed in the last bitter perish, but have eternal life.” We value the The Two Lieutenants.

expression of woe, and the offers of mercy love of our friends by the sacrifice their affechad fallen upon the ear of death.

tion prompts them to make. The gift beIt was a calm, mild night in April, and the In the silence of the scene there arose the stowed is often received as an expression of moon shone peaceful on the western rivers voice of prayer. It was from a bed at the the love of the giver. Who can measure the and woods. Strange sight, the stars looked upper end of the guards on the same side of expression of God's love, as seen in surrenderdown

that night: the sky was blue and the boat, where lay Lieutenant D- -. With ing up Jesus to a cruel death, even the death upon still, the forest-trees in full leaf in the beauty strength and earnestness he prayed for his of the Cross, that sinners who believe might

“God commendeth of spring; but the green earth was crimsoned young wife and little children, and intrusted have everlasting life? with blood, blackened with the bodies of the them to the tender care of Him who has pro- His love toward us, in that, while we were dead, and for miles around desolation and mised to be a Father to the fatherless, and yet sinners, Christ died for us.” With Jesus, horror covered the land. There, at Pittsburg support to the widow. He needed not the the Father has given us all He has to bestow. Landing, the fierce battle bad raged. There light to read the Scriptures, for they were He has given Christ, and all things else in was busy work, as the labours of thousands printed on his heart. He repeated precious Him. In Jesus God has given us life. “When of hands raised upon the trampled sod more promises, verse after verse; then prayed again; Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then than four thousand graves; and there was yet and thus continued, with a strength which shall ye also appear with Him in glory." busy work to search woods and fields, and seemed given him, that in a few hours of Our life is from Christ in its first commencefind the suffering and the wounded. A steam-dying grace he could speak for his Master ment, and is in Christ until its final consumboat, with its band of willing helpers, lay words which will influence the future lives of mation in glory. He it is who frees us from by the shore almost ready to start, crowded many who heard him.

condemnation, and thus delivers us from legal with its precious burden, when the command How he begged for mercy and forgiveness death. By this love the enmity of our carnal came to prepare for fifty more. Hastily the for the wounded, sin-sick souls around him; minds is destroyed, and thus we are freed guards of the boat were arranged with beds, and many of the sufferers near hid their faces, from spiritual death. The believer's “ life is and tarpaulins spread around to screen from while their pillows were wet with tears of hid with Christ in God;" it is a hidden life, the dews and chilly air of night.

penitence. Nurses and surgeons gathered hid from sin, the world, and the devil; none In a deep ravine, fifty living men had been around the deathbed. Men who had looked who believe in Him, can ever die; they have found who for three days had lain, some in unmoved upon the horrors of the battle-field, eternal life as a present possession. We are



not required either to wait for life, or to work us to himself for ever. Poor sinners are joy? If you have Christ as your "all and for life, it is FREELY GIVEN to us the instant groping in a worse than midnight darkness, in all,” you are rich to all the intents of bliss. we receive Jesus as the gift of God.

until they believe in Christ as the gift of God. If you have never made Jesus your "all and In Christ Jesus God has given to us RIGHT

In Christ Jesus, God has given to us wis-in all," you are poor, miserably poor, BeEOUSNESS. He is Jehovah Tsidkenu, the Lord DOM. To be made “wise unto salvation" is the lieve on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall our righteousness; He is of God made unto highest, and most ennobling, of all wisdom. be saved. Say,us righteousness; we are perfectly righteous "The holy Scriptures" are able to make us

“ It is the Saviour's voice I hear, in Christ Jesus; He has taken away all our “wise unto salvation, through faith, which is

He bids me cast away all fear, unrighteousness, and has given unto us His in Christ Jesus.” By believing in Jesus, we

And come to Him for rest; own righteousness. As God viewed the entire discover the way from sin to holiness, from

I know 'tis He, no other voice

Could make my spirits thus rejoice, human race in Adam, so God views all believers death to life, from bondage to liberty, from

And animate my breast. in the last Adam, Jesus Christ, the Lord from sin to justification, and from misery to glory.

Just as I am, O Lord, I come, heaven. Christ and all who believe, ever We are made “wise in Christ. This wisdom

All full of sin, a worthless one, appear as one in God's sight. We were lost being " from above is first pure, then peace

A dry and barren tree; in Adam through sin, we are found in Christ able, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy

Thy written word, I know runs thus, through righteousness. “For as by one man's and good fruits, without partiality, and with

We love Him 'cause He first loved us; disobedience many were made sinners, so by out hypocrisy." Jesus Christ, is of God,

And Lord, I DO LOVE THEE." the obedience of one shall many be made “ made unto us wisdom.” This “wisdom is

T. W. M. righteous." Grace reigns “through right- better than rubies; and all the things that eousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our may be desired are not to be compared to it.”

"No Admittance." Lord.” We have a perfect and an everlasting Jesus makes known the secrets of heaven to

(AN EXTRACT). righteousness in Christ the moment we receive us, and thus we are made wise. In studying Such was once the significant “Notice," Him as God's gift; as He is upon the Father's Christ we are studying the wisdom of God. written in large and distinct characters, and throne, so are we.

If, my reader, you would get wisdom, I do placed upon the outside of the door of a room In Jesus, God has given to us PEACE. War earnestly beseech you, get Christ, who is the in one of our New England seminaries. As between man and his Creator was caused by gift of God.

it was a measure quite new in the career of sin; the Lord Jesus, by His finished work on In Christ, God has given to us strength. the occupant of the room, it excited among the Cross, has removed the cause of war; for By constant communion with Him the

many who passed the door not a little He there put away sin for ever. The sins of hearts are made strong. In ourselves, even wonder. What could it mean? - Has THis people may be sought for, but they can at our very best estate, we find nothing but really become all at once so studious as to never be found. As Pharaoh's hosts were weakness; but in the Lord Jesus Christ we have no time for anything but study?” “Is drowned in the depths of the Red sen, so the have always a mountain of strength. In he sick' “ Has he left town?” “Is he believer's sins are drowned in the depths of Him, God has given to us consolation. It is ill?” Such were the inquiries which were Divine forgetfulness. Jehovah says, “ Their the special prerogative of the Holy Spirit, to exchanged, but only to receive no answer. sins and their iniquities will I remember no eomfort us when we are cast down. This he There were a few, however, who understood more.” The blood of Jesus Christ, as it is does by taking of the things of Christ, and it. A revival of religion had just commenced, rested in, pacifies the conseience, rendering revealing them unto us. The blessed PARA- and the occupant of that room had manifested it void of offence before God and man. Rest CLETE, delights, not to speak of himself, but a hostility to it which was specially bitter. in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, gives that Jesus. In Jesus, God has given to us HOPE. On ascertaining that some of the students had peace of mind which the world can neither Yea, He Himself our hope. A good hope, resolved to converse personally with


yimgive, nor, blessed be God, take away.. I can an assured hope, a confident hope, a hope penitent member of the institution, and make never know peace until I know Christ; but that never makes its possessor ashamed. a direct appeal to the individual heart and knowing Christ, He is my peace. My peace Christ, to the believer, is the assured hope of conseience, he declared that he would be an is made with God by Jesus, and He is the heaven. All who believe, are built up in exception, that he would not engage in any pledge of the peace He has made for me, as Christ, are accepted in Christ, are complete such conversation, would not hear any such He sits at the right hand of the Father. in Christ, are preserved in Christ, are called appeal, and to be secure against any intrusion, What a terrible mistake the sinner makes in Christ, are found in Christ. God looks would not admit any one into his room. who

says, “I have made my peace with God, for his people, and finds them all secure in The words “No Admittance" were thereand I hope it is all right.” Miserable delu- Christ: for “Christ is all, and in all." fore full of meaning to the little band of sion! Instead of being “all right," it is all

Christ is HIS OWN GIFT to sinners, He praying students, and they immediately rewrong. No sinner can make his peace with loved the Church, and gave Himself for it, solved to test the virtue of prayer in opening God, none but Jesus can do that. And He that He might redeem it unto Himself, by the bolted door. Fervently and unitedly they has done it on the cross, for all who are made the shedding of His own blood. Jesus is the committed the case to God, entreating him willing, by God's power, to accept Jesus as gift of the Holy Spirit to all who believe. not only to unbar the door, but also and espethe Father's gift.

He reveals Christ to the soul, and by quicken- cially to unlock and take possession of the In Christ Jesus God has given to us LIGHT. ing the man, who before was dead in tres- stubborn heart within the door. And never “The Life was the Light of men.” In Him passes and sins, enables him to receive Christ can they forget the thrill of wonder and joy we see all the attributes of the Father clearly as his “all and in all.” Jesus as a gift of which they felt when the message, “Behold, brought forth, harmonised, and manifested. love from the Triune Jehovah, is given to be prayeth!” was announced to them. While In Jesus we see God to be Love; He re- remove guilt, by Himself being made sin for they were appealing to God, one of their veals to us all the attributes of God which we us, who knew no sin, that we mnight be made number knocked at the bolted door, and to could have discovered nowhere else. As the righteousness of God in HIM. Jesus is his great surprise, as he listened for a resinners, we never could have seen the mercy God's gift, freely given to all who need sponse, heard the most earnest cries and sobs of God, had we not seen it in Christ. He Him, as freely as air is given for all who need within. The Holy Spirit had evidently came as the Light, we received Him by faith, air, and as water is given to those who are gained "admittance"

- not only into the and at once beheld, what we had never seen thirsty. “Whosoever will, let him take the room, but into the far more strongly bolted before, a just God and a Saviour. Truly the water of life FREELY."

heart, and the bitter enemy of revival was study of Jesus is the noblest of all the sciences; Reader, is Christ your all? Are you pre- pleading for mercy, for while in nature we discover something of pared to obey Him as your Master? Are In a short time the door was opened, the God, in Christ Jesus we can see all of God. you willing to be instructed by Him as your “ Notice” was removed, the praying student In Him we see God powerful to defend us, Teacher ? Do you earnestly desire Him as was welcomed, and the result was, that in a merciful to pardon us, gracious to bear with your chief good? Is Jesus Christ, who once day or two the enemy joined the ranks of the us, wise to instruct us, and loving to receive I died, but now lives, the only source of your friends of Christ.

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