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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wx. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 47.]

Registered for
Transmission abroad.


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5d. 10d. 20d. 50d.

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are made nigh by the Blood of Christ." (Eph. ii. 13.)

(Heb. iv. 9.)

Little could he foresee when that light foot say, “I shall be soon among them justified! We cannot undertake to return unsuitable Papers. tripped so blithely by his side to the prayer I have a right to be there.” Some two

meeting the preceding evening, where he months went by, and then the hour of rest The Evangelist is supplied, post free, to any part had ministered to the strangers, the old, the came; and she was not-for God took her. of the United Kingdom, on application to WILLIAM YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, at the young, the sin-burdened, and the fearful, that

Oh, father! thou couldst not see how the Christ Himself had cared for his little ewe-Lord of Life was working in thy young comfollowing rates :

lamb. 1 Copy 2d. or for 1 Year....

He knew it would be well — but oh! he panion's soul that night, when she walked

silently by thy side from the place where longed for the day!

And the day came at last. The father had prayer was wont to be made; neither is it

not waited, and watched, and prayed in vain. thine to behold the angel legion that wait to All orders should be addressed to the Pub

A happy lark-like song sounded from the carry thy little ewe-lamb into the sacred fold, lishers, Mr. W. YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish

chamber where his little daughter lay. None where unfailing fountains flow. Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE, 3, Amen Corner, Paternoster Row, London.

It was the hour of rest; but oh! he longed who had tasted of the joy born of the Holy

Spirit need ask, “Wherefore dost thou for the day. And oh! blessed hope! The All Communications, Donations, Books for Re. laugh?” Her heart rippled over with glad- day is coming, and the lark-like song of the view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the Editor of the Evangelist,” care of Mr. Yapp, 70, ness, rejoicing in the peace that passeth all little one shall be heard again, and the little understanding,

ewe - lamb shall swell the burden of the Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

The Lord had need of her. She was not

father's sheaf!

Now, dear friend, you are seeking peace; too young to know her need of a Saviour ; The Child's Rest. she was not too young to be saved; she was

are you going the way to find it? “ First “But now in Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes were far off, not too young to know 'Him, and love Him;

be reconciled..........and then come and "There remaineth, therefore, a rest to the people of God." she was not too young to die; for she believed offer thy gift.” First have the peace of in that love in which she was to rejoice ever

a soul forgiven, and then offer the sacrifices In a quiet parlour in Street, in London,

with which God is well pleased. But oh! more! sat a middle-aged man in deep thought. He

The heavenly husbandman sent the north seek not to put work for the Church in the had that evening returned from a prayer wind and the south wind upon the little bud. place of Christ; it is but at best the wood, meeting, where he had seen the Holy Spirits Sickness came, and weakness, and weariness, bay, and stubble, which shall be consumed work in many a stricken soul; some he had but it was well, for the flower was to bloom

at last. If you have no peace in believing, been allowed to point to the ever-flowing for the upper garden; and the Lord looking

there is no lack in the fulness of salvation, fountain of the Rock of Ages; but some

therefore it lies at your own door. Oh! look on it, loved it. came, and went as they came, and he thought

Fruit was borne, patience and gentleness,

well to it. The peace in Christ is the gift of of them-unsaved!

Him who cannot change. and thirsting for others' salvation, the sure On the other side of the fire sat his little

This child saw herself a sinner- she betest of one who has found

peace in believing daughter, her face half hidden in her hands, she would always rebuke the servant, if she lieved there was a Saviour; but until she and in thought as deep, but far, far more sad, heard her singing foolish songs, saying,

knew Him as having pardoned her sins, she not for others' hard hearts, but for her own

“ If you wish to sing, M- I will tell could not know peace. “In me ye have you a better song :

peace.” She believed, and He gave her that " Father, were you very long before you

rest which He offers to all who go to Him. found peace?” enquired the child.

• There is a fountain fill'd with blood,

The child sought neither in toys, nor books, nor The father's eye rested on the pale, sad

even in natural affection, for that void in her

And sinners plunged beneath that flood, countenance upturned to his own, and read

Lose all their guilty stains.

soul to be met; none of these things could therein the answer to many a prayer.

satisfy. She sought Christ, and having Him, "Yes, my child," he replied, “I was, in- E’er since by faith I saw the stream,

she was made partaker of the promise. deed, very long before I found peace; but I

Thy flowing wounds supply;

If you believe the words of Jesus


also left off seeking peace, and sought only Jesus.

Redeeming blood has been my theme,

will be at peace. If Christ dwells in the When I had Jesus, I had

And shall be till I die.'"

heart by faith, then, however sharp the tribuHe spoke no more, he knew that the Holy Aye, there was sunshine too, as well as lation your claim is still for the dying legacy Spirit’s work had begun in the young soul, wind and dew, and those days left a testimony of a Saviour's love. But if you are cherishhe was constrained to be silent, and see the of the grace awarded to babes and sucklings. ing some secret household god, whether it be

She loved to look on to heaven, and would a living creature, or the fading professions of The hour of rest came.

often entreat for the curtains to be left un- this world, the well- furnished house, or the But there was no rest there. Satan was drawn in her sick chamber, and the night- house not well-furnished, the engrossing about to feel again the heel of the Man upon light to be extinguished that she might watch occupation, the so-called immoral pursuits the serpent's head, eren through the new- the stars. Many nights were fair and bright, that steal away the heart from its only place born faith of a babe. And the father com- and seemed to give her a deep silent delight. of safety, and break in upon that fellowship mitted the sorrowful one to the love of the "I love to see the beautiful pavement on with Jesus, which has cost so much to restore: Good Shepherd, and longed for the day. which the angels are treading," she would Then, ask yourself if you really are in a

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Drawn from Immanuel's veins;


peace too."

salvation of God.

It leaves us

their way.





from the


position to lay claim to that legacy. If you Creation; and we may also see in the arrang -- God's “ perfect love" gives us. seek Jesus, let these go

ment of the various compartments of tlae nothing to do but to praise and be grateful. Do know yourself a sinner? Do you universe, His special goodness to His creature It casts out all fear. know the sinner's doom? The same light

In His providential dealings, we also

The fear of death vanishes before the lifewhich has shone on your soul to make plain

see the beneficence of the Almighty, and His giving testimony of “perfect love,” for here the first, points the of

death is swallowed up in victory. The sting kindness to the unthankful, as well as the everlasting punishment? “ Believe and be

of death has been extracted by the blood of holy. But it is in the Cross, the death of saved.” To believe you are a sinner will not

the Cross, and death's just demands have all God's only begotten Son, when He put away been met for us in the death of Christ; for He save you, though it is often the first step towards seeking the Physician, to know that our sin by the sacrifice of Himself, that we died in our stead, and as our substitute, that

see the full outflowing of God's eternal and we might never taste of death. We may fall you are sick. Jesus cures not those who are at peace in their sins. It is the weary and perfect love. “Herein is love, not that we asleep (though all believers will not do that), heavy laden, the sin - burdened, the broken, loved God, but that He loved us, and sent|(1 Cor. xv. 5.) but the death of Jesus for contrite heart, that nothing less than Jesus His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.”' ever delivers us from the terror and penalty can satisfy. None other need a Saviour; Vain, indeed, is the attempt to behold God's of death. Jesus said, “If a man keep my none other could rejoice in a Saviour's peace. perfect love to man, but in the Cross. In saying, he shall never see death."

If you are satisfied without Jesus, then the wounds, and bruises, agonies, blood- God's "perfect love ” to us in Christ, also you are dead in your sins; and if you desire shedding, and death of the Son of God for delivers us from the fear of judgment, for peace from any other source whatever, you us, we see that God is love; and can say our sin was justly estimated, condemned, and seek for poison. "In Me ye have peace!" with the beloved apostle, “In this was mani- for ever put away by the sacrifice of Christ “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let fested the love of God toward us, because Thus our transgressions were removed from it be afraid." Behold, I come quickly!” that God sent His only-begotten Son into the us, and God declares “Your sins, and your My Friend, seek Jesus! and in Him (not world, that we might live through Him."

iniquities will I REMEMBER NO MORE.” 80 in yourself) is peace. For the hour of rest God's love is perfect in its quality. It that the believer, instead of being instructed is nigh. The Lord is at hand; do you ‘long makes no demands. Our ruin and need in the Scriptures to look for judgment, (except for the day?'

brought it out. It is unchanging. There is to give an account of his stewardship as a

no love like it. A mother loves her child believer,) is called to look for the Saviour the Notes and Expositions. No. 2.-intensely; but in time of famine her love has Lord Jesus Christ, who will, in the twinkling Perfect Love.

failed, and mothers have eaten their own of an eye, change our vile body, and fashion “There is no fear in love ; but perfect love casteth out fear: children, rather than die themselves. David it like unto His own glorious body.

because fear hath torment." (1 John iv, 18.) and Jonathan loved each other very much, Perfect love, then, casts out all fear of The Gospel is God's proclamation of His but each saw excellencies and worthiness in the death and judgment, and therefore all fear of love to man-to man as a sinner. It is God's other. But God saw in us nothing good, but hell; for Christ having suffered for our sins, gracious way of saving the rebellious and everything bad, when He loved us, and brought the just for the unjust, that He might bring unclean. The Gospel tells us of the loving, us nigh to Himself, through the blood of us to God, and deliver us from all condemnasin- pardoning posture the living God now Jesus, and made us His own children by tion, no tormenting fear, whet ber regarding takes toward the perishing and guilty; it is adoption. God loved us as He loved Christ. this present life, or that which is to come, not our love to God, but His love to us. He gave a perfect gift, and Christ did a remains; and the truth of the prophet's words “God commendeth His love toward us, in perfect work. Thus the quality of God's are experienced, “ Thou wilt keep him in perthat, while we were yet sinners, Christ died love to us is perfect.

fect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, befor us."

God's love is also perfect in its manifes-cause he trusteth in thee.(Isa. xxvi. 3.) The Gospel then stands in wide contrast tation. He has openly shewed His “perfect Why have so many of God's little ones with the Law. The Law demanded perfect love," not only in the perfection of the gift, doubts and fears ? Because they have not love from man to God, and pronounced him but in pouring out unsparingly on the head received, or do not abide in God's perfect under the curse on not doing so; while the of Jesus the wrath we so deserved. “ He love. They look at self. They say,

do I do Gospel proclaims God's “ perfect love" to us, spared not His own Son, but delivered Him enough? or do I feel enough? or do I love even when dead in trespasses and sins. The up for us all.” How rich, how free, how un- enough? and the like. All such thoughts are Law, therefore, demanded holiness and love fathomable is such love! Nothing could be vain. They arise from wanting to make from the alienated and unclean, without giving added to it.

something of vile, rotten self. Let all kuch any power for fulfilling, or promising mercy God's love is also perfect in its suitability. I look at the Cross. See God's “perfect leve" for disobedience, and, therefore, it only proved It met our case exactly. We were under flowing out to you, removing all guilt, banishto be the ministration of condemnation and condemnation, Christ was condemned for us. ing every fear, answering every demand, and death. On the other hand, the Gospel brings, We were guilty and unclean, Christ blotted silencing every doubt. See the crucified Som as a free gift, to helpless and lost man, all he it all out by the blood of His Cross. We of God now alire again from the dead, exalted needs for present peace, and eternal happiness; were enemies, and alienated from God, Christ at God's right hand, ever loving, ever living, and produces in the heart of those who receive reconciled us to God through death. We and ever presenting His own blood for it, confidence in God-full, unwavering con- had no righteousness or life, but God made the mercy-seat. This will fill you with jor fidence; because it assures our hearts of Christ to be unto us righteousness, and gave and peace. This will draw from yon grateful God's favour and forgiveness-his "perfect us life through Him.

praise and worship. This will constrain you love." How is it that so many lack confi- But God's love is also perfect in its results. to serve the living and true God, and to wait dence in God, and cannot find peace? Be- Not a believer in Christ shall ever perish. for His Son from heaven. cause they do not simply receive God's own “ The glory,said Jesus to His Father, “ that testimony of His “perfect love" in Christ. thou hast given me, I have given them.” We Remembrances of Workhouse They try to do something, or to feel another stand in everlasting acceptance before God, in

Visitings. No. 3. kind of experience, or to get rid of their Christ-children before Him in love-joint-S—H—, whose short, sad history fills fears by some misplaced religious ordinances, heirs with Christ. Yes, "Christ loved the our page this month, was born at St. Heliers, instead of simply receiving the message which Church and gave himself for it, that He might in Jersey. Of her father we have no record; God sends of His love to them as sinners. sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of her mother kept a lodging-house, and seems 10 They do not see that it is God's “perfect water by the word ; that He might present it have behaved kindly and well to ber daughter love” alone that can cast out their tormenting to Himself a glorious church, not having while a girl, but in her early womanhood,

spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it suspecting her of some irregularity in her We see God's power, His eternal power should be holy and without blemish.” conduct, her manners changed towards her, and Godhead, manifested in the works of What solid comfort the contemplation of and she became harsh and severe to an





unusual degree; and even, upon her refusal to agony, imagined she suffered bodily, and on on Him is not condemned: but He that unite herself to one whom she disliked, ask ing if she was in pain, she replied, “ not believeth not is coudemned already, because turned her from her doors, and denied her a of the body, but of the mind, on account of he has not believed on the only-begotten Son piece of bread. Oh! that she had learned, my sins, I have been wrestling all night with of God.”

Gocl." then, when “ her father and her mother for

As the morning dawned, she became

Freedom from all condemnation, past, presook her," to turn to the Lord, that she had more composed, and on being asked if she come to Him who “ will in no wise cast out,were better, she answered, “ Yes, thank God, of faith in Christ. The very instant a sinwhat after years of misery had she been my sins are forgiven, I shall now be in hea

ner believes in the Lord Jesus, he is justified. ven; all my sorrows are at an end; I have spared. Should this meet the eye of any made my peace with God; I have neither. He is accepted in all the perfection of the similarly circumstanced, let them know that pain of mind, nor of body.” Several times finished work of Christ. When a verdict of there is a “refuge for the oppressed;" there she begged the nurse to pray beside her," not guilty” is pronounced in our courts of * is a strong tower” into which you may run uniting her prayers with hers; and she law, the prisoner is at once fully and comand be safe ; there is the blood of Christ, in thanked her for her care, and entreated her pletely acquitted. When Scripture pronounces which you may wash and be clean; when, to warn those who were following in the the believer “NOT CONDEMNED,” it means "saith the Lord, though your sins bed as paths which she had trod, to turn from their that the believer has complete justification. scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; evil ways.

“Even as David also describeth the blessedthough they be red like crimson, they shall Dear wandering ones! I think I hear you ness of the man, unto whom God imputeth be as wool."

“Could she but rise from the dead, how righteousness without works, saying, Blessed Urged by privation and want, Sre- would we heed her warning voice;" and so are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and turned to her mother, who received her only said he-the rich man—when in hell he lifted whose sins are covered. Blessed is the on the condition that she would comply with up his eyes, being in torments, and pleaded man to whom the Lord will not impute sin.” her wishes, which she did, and was married; for his brethren, “ Nay, but Father Abraham,|(Rom. iv. 6-8; Psa. xxxii. 1, 2.) From these her husband ill-treated, and then left her. if one went to them from the dead, they will passages we learn that those whom God parFor a little time she lived with her mother, repent." Oh! give ear to the solemn answer, dons, He also justifies. Man may pardon but again her harshness drove her from her “ If they hear not Moses and the prophets, the guilty, or justify the innocent, but man home, when she left the island, and went to neither will they be persuaded, though one cannot both pardon and justify the same perPortsmouth, where, sincerely desiring to re- rose from the dead.” Peacefully passed the son. This is the special prerogative of God. trieve her lost position, she feigned her name, few remaining hours of —'s life. A lovely He is the justifier of the ungodly. “This,” and obtained a situation as barmaid at an smile illuminated her face, and with that same as a dying saint said to me the other day, “ is inn. Two years passed on, and found her sweet smile, she passed away, and was num- wonderful grace. God, as a just God, yet loved and respected by all around her, bered with the dead.

justifies the sinner.” • Thus," she conwhen one day a person who had known her Few, and evil, had been the days of the tinued, “ I have a double claim on God. He at St. Heliers, went to the house to get re- life of her pilgrimage; but He, who seeth delighteth in mercy, and I lay hold on that; freshment, recognized her, and called her by not as man seeth, had had mercy upon her, He is strictly just, and I lay claim to that her name, when the landlady, discovering the and brought the wanderer home.

too: for I have both in Jesus.” God will deception that had been practised upon her,

"The Shepherd sought His sheep;

not impute sin;" but He will impute "rightdismissed her; and again the poor girl was

The Father sought His child;

eousness without works.” The soul resting cast upon the world, friendless and alone.

They followed her o'er vale and hill,

on Jesus “is not condemned." This freedom With the hope of being received by her

from condemnation, is as perfect the very

They found her nigh to death, mother, she returned to Jersey; in great

moment the sinner believes, as it will be when

Famished, and faint, and lone; wretchedness she went to her, but, oh! the

he is finally glorified. We are for ever free

They bound her with the cords of love, hardness of the natural heart-she refused to

They saved the wand'ring one."

from guilt, and free from the condemnation shelter her, and again denied her a piece

which follows guilt, the instant we trust in of bread. How sad a contrast to the heart

The Results of Faith; what

Christ. That we have full pardon and perfect of Him, who, though of purer eyes than to

are they ?

justification in Jesus our Lord, is our spiritual behold iniquity, invites His children to return,

food while we are travelling through the wilsaying, “I will heal your backslidings, I will to believe, in accordance with the command derness of this world. This act of God, love you freely." Driven from her home, she of the gospel, is to trust with all the heart embracing both pardon and justification, is left her native island to return no more for in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is everlasting, never to be revoked. It abides ever, crossed the Channel, and came to P—, not to believe in some particular set of doc- the same all through our life on earth, and following the ways of sin for a livelihood. trines, nor to feel some peculiar experiences, in eternal glory; because He abideth faithful. But not long was she permitted to go on 'nor to perform a certain amount of good We are wholly pardoned, and completely thus; He who “doth not afflict willingly, works; but simply to believe on Christ: to justified in Christ Jesus. This is an actual nor grieve the children of men,” was about trust in Christ alone with full confidence. fact now; it is now carried out, and thereto lay His afflicting hand upon her to stop This faith is produced by the operation of fore, it cannot miscarry. The believer is, the her sad career. In her wretched lodgings she the Holy Spirit. Ordinarily it comes through very moment he believes, accepted in the took cold, which, settling on her lungs, hearing the proclamation of the Gospel. Beloved-complete in Christ Jesus. obliged her soon to seek refuge in the Work- The warrant of faith, or the reason why it The child of God, failing to realize this house. Here, her winning manners won the dares to venture on Christ, is the plain precious gospel declaration in all its fulness, heart of the nurse appointed to attend her, declaration of the Scriptures. “ Faith cometh is often subjected to many mistakes.

He and many a kindly office did she render her, by hearing, and hearing by the word of thinks, when he is tried, that his heavenly which, more than once drew from her the God.” Christ has said, He will receive the Father is wroth with him. What a sad expression, “ You have done for me what my sinner who comes to Him. I believe Christ's mistake. The trial of the believer's faith mother refused to do." The missionaries word, and therefore I come to Him. I am is precious. Because we are the sons and who visited ber, had a firm belief in her readi-saved because I take Christ at His word, and daughters of God, therefore are we chastised. ness to die, though on her part she was He is faithful. I came to Christ as a sinner, · Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and unable to rejoice in this great salvation. Her because He bade me come, and He did not scourgeth every son whom He receiveth." nurse says, she was truly sorry for her sins, cast me out. The blood of Jesus Christ The strokes of our Father's rod are fruits of and we know it is written, that "godly sorrow cleanseth me from all sin.

our sonship, and blessed evidences of His worketh repentance unto salvation." The Let us briefly bend our attention to a con- love. (Heb. xii. 5-8.) We may be often days and weeks passed on; the night before sideration of the blessed results of faith, as cast down to humble us; but we shall never her death, the nurse seeing her in great recorded in John iii. 18. “ He that believeth l be destroyed. Faith may be weak, it may


O'er deserts waste and wild.

John iji. 18.





and flow like the tides, and thus our comforts the fearful consequences of unbelief ? Listen late. They trifle, procrastinate, and be diminished; but it is not the strength of to the solemn answer. “He that believeth until they find themselves in an awful eterour faith which enables us to stand secure, it not is CONDEMNED ALREADY, because he nity. We lately heard of a man, who, when is Jesus. Comforts may and will decline, hath not believed in the name of the only dying, shrieked out, “Too late! too late! " but Jesus is ever the same. A thousand begotten Son of God.”

All who do not Another person who had often been sensible

believe on Christ Jesus, are under present of her guilt and danger, cried out on her doubts and fears cannot condemn an innocent

condemnation — the wrath of God ever rests death - bed, “I'm going to hell.” When man, and we are innocent in Jesus. We can

on them, because they wilfully refuse to be asked why she had not told a Christian friend never rejoice in ourselves, our frames, our lieve on the Lord Jesus. “He that believeth of her convictions, and unhappiness of soul, feelings, or our doings; but we may “ rejoice not shall be damned.” “He that believeth she replied, “ Pride and shame kept me; but in the Lord always." The true Christian

the Son, hath everlasting life; and he that now there is no hope, I'm going to hell.” may and does sin, and he will be scourged believeth not the Son, shall not see life; but We also lately read an account of a dying for his sin, but he is “not condemned.” God the wrath of God abideth on him.” Oh! man who said, “I have nothing to expect but never views the believer apart from Christ, awful state. Oh! that you would at once condemnation; nothing to expect but conand no law-stroke can smite him there. hearken to the voice of mercy, and escape demnation.” Afterwards, being roused from

The salvation of the sinner, and the stand for your life to Jesus, the hope set before sleep by the striking of a clock, he looked ing of the believer, are all of free grace. you in the Scriptures. You need a founda- around, dreamily caught the eye of the nurse, And if of grace, then works are, of necessity, tion entirely safe, a hope absolutely sure; you then of the Christian friend who watched, excluded. This should for ever cause boast- may have both in Christ, only believe. De- and whispered, “It is awfully dark here. My ing to be excluded, and lead us to walk pending on the declaration of the gospel, feet stand on the slippery edge of a great humbly before God. Be humble Christian : THAT CHRIST JESUS CAME

THE gulf. Oh for some foundation!” He stretched for thou hast nothing but what thou hast WORLD TO SAVE SINNERS,” go you at once out his hand as if feeling for the way. received of God's free mercy, bestowed upon to Christ, and rest on Him alone. Let this “ Christ is the only help, I am the war, thee solely for Christ's sake. This should be your constant and unwavering trust, Christ the truth, and the life,'” whispered the man of banish doubting and fearing far hence. We died to save sinners. He that believes in God. are accepted in Christ, and for Christ's sake, Christ is saved, is “not condemned.” Be- With an indescribable woe he half shrieked, therefore, our standing must ever remain liere on the Lord Jesus Christ, then shall you “Not For ME, I SHALL FALL, 1 AN FALL

We, at first, trusted in the Lord have peace of mind through the blood of the ING!” An instant after, he shuddered, and Jesus as poor, empty sinners, and He has cross, as a proof of your faith. But, oh! all was over. How very awful. given to us "eternal life.We are “not remember, if you do not believe, you are now

We must add another instance. A servant condemned;" why, therefore, should we condemned, and must be damned. (Mark of Christ lately addressing a large audience, doubt? We might doubt, if our standing xvi. 16.)

said, “I know the case of a young lady, who depended upon anything in ourselves; but

Great grace there is for sinners great, had her deep convictions. She went home, seeing we are kept by the power of God

Rich grace for those who're poor,

and told them to her mother, but her mother

Almighty grace to keep the weak, through faith unto salvation, there is no room Come ye, and test its power.

did not understand convictions. She told for doubting. As our salvation at first de- Infinite grace for finite worms:

her daughter that she must go into the world,

O Lord, how good Thou art pended upon Christ alone, so our standing

Unto poor sinners, who are vile:

as the word is. The mother thought that depends upon Christ alone. Unless it be

Sweet Saviour! take my heart.

religion was never meant to make people possible for Christ to fail, it is impossible for Come thou weary sin sick soul,

gloomy, and so indeed it never was; but relithe believer ever to be condemned. Christ

On the Lord your burdens roll,
Make Christ Jesus all your trust,

gion was never meant to give ease to a soul fail ! Impossible. The believer be lost!

Come! and you shall not be lost.

till that soul finds it in Jesus. Take care

Trust in Him, and now believe, Impossible. This should keep us from sin

what you do, beloved, with your convictions.

Sovereign grace can you relieve; ning, and lead us to pant after holiness. Sweetly will the Saviour smile,

The child was taken into the world of misBecause we are God's pardoned and justified

In "compassion," though you 're vile; called pleasure, and along with that her con

On you, He will look, and say, children, we should abhor sin ; for all sin is


viction ceased; but, being of a fragile nature, hateful in our Father's sight. This is the

T. W. M. she became ill, and was, before long, brought very argument which is used by the apostle

to her dying hour; and as death was putting in Romans xii. 1, 2, “I beseech you therefore,

Conviction not Conversion.

his last mortal hue upon her sad face, the brethren, BY THE MERCIES OF God, that ye How many persons there are who have been child, with a feeble, dying utterance, said, present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, made sensible of their being sinners, and yet " Dear mamma, when I am dead, and in my acceptable unto God, which is your reason- can never say they are saved sinners. They coffin, and you lay me in the grave, let there able service. And be not conformed to this are convicted of having disobeyed God, and be no head - stone, or tomb-stone over my world: but be ye transformed by the renew- rebelled against His truth. Reflection makes grave. But when they have uttered the last ing of your mind, that ye may prove what is them unhappy, but their hearts are unchanged. words over my grave, and you come array that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of They resort to carnal pleasures to drown their into this room, will you open that ward-robe? God.” Mark, the apostle does not urge them convictions, instead of coming to the Lord | There yon will see my last ball-dress. And to be holy, by the thunders of Sinai, or by Jesus Christ for forgiveness; or they flatter mamma, when you see that ball-dress, you the terrors of the law. He does not seek to themselves with the delusive hope of self- will see the sign of your sin, and of my put a legal yoke on their shoulders. But he improvement, instead of trusting in Christ, as doom.beseeches them as brethren, by the mercies of the only Saviour from the wrath to come. It Trifle no longer, dear reader, with your

im God.When a believer knows his freedom is of the highest importance to see that how-mortal soul. Be affectionately warned. Time from condemnation through Christ Jesus, he ever deep the conviction, however much their flies rapidly. Jesus comes quickly. The will find that knowledge amply sufficient to feelings may be moved, or their intentions door will soon be shut. Christ, the risen Son constrain him to seek a closer conformity to well meant, apart from faith in Christ, there of God, who died on Calvary for sinners, is Christ. If we are believers in Jesus, we are is no salvation. It is to be feared that some now the way; and He saves all that come to saved, we are “not condemned,” our standing rest in their good desires, others in their Him. Now is the accepted time. To-day is secure, we have new natures, and, there amiability, and others in their good works, is the day of salvation. To-morrow may

be fore, we shall seek after holiness. We are and never trust in the Lord Jesus Christ too late. NOW, “ Believe on the Lord the temples of the Holy Spirit, and shall be for saivation; notwithstanding it is written, Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." led, guided, supplied, and comforted by Him, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for

“Welcome all by sin oppress'd, through the fulness which we have in Christ, there is none other name under heaven given and which He will take and show unto us. among men whereby we must be saved."

Nothing brought Him from above, One word to the unbeliever. What are Many become sensible of this when it is too

Nothing but REDEEMING LOVE."

Welcome to the Saviour's breast;

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heaven, and had sent the preacher, to say to

Not a thread is lacking The God who paid the Debt. all, “Come unto me all ye that labour," &c.

In my righteousness ; A poor negro on the coast of Africa, who

I a mantle give thee, Long before he came to the close of his felt some concern about his soul, applied to

None besides have wove-sermon, the Spirit of God had been pleased his priest, who gave him various directions, to touch the heart of the poor negro, and to

Take it-be partaker which were all unavailing. He was so dis- enlighten his mind; he started up from the

Of my Father's love! tressed in his mind, that he went wandering seat, but without tone was heard to say, while

"All the wrath—thy portion

I have borne from God; about from place to place, without meeting he clasped his hands together, and the tears ran

From thy sins I wash thee, with anything to comfort him. One day as down his sable cheeks, “Me have found

In my cleansing Blood.' he was sitting in a solitary manner on the Him! me have found Him! the Christian's

Then I cried, 'O, Saviour ! beach, some English sailors came ashore to God dat pay de debt!” After the meeting,

In Thy boundless grace, get water. As they were rolling the cask the minister had some further conversation

For the chief of sinners, along, one of them heard the moaning of the with him, and was rejoiced at the state of his

Thou hast still a place.' poor negro, and going up to him said, “ Hallo, mind.

An opportunity was afterward taken

“From that day I knew Him, shipmate! what's the matter with you?” The to send him to Africa.

Christ! my Priest and King ! negro began to tell his tale of woe in broken

Father! Friend ! Physician ! language, but was hastily interrupted by the


Can I cease to sing? sailor exclaiming, “Oh, I see what's the “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,

Nay, until He call me

and I will give you rest."- Matt. xi. 28. matter with you, you must go to England,

From my work below,

“ TELL me, happy Pilgrim, and there you'll hear of the Christian's God,

I will sing His praises,
How you sought and found,

Wheresoe'er I go.
who paid the debt.”
These words were

All your peace and gladness, spoken in a careless and thoughtless manner;

On this barren ground.

“Enter stranger! Welcome !

See! the way is clear; but they made an impression on the mind of

Why are all our pleasures the negro, and he determined to proceed to

Dull and tame to you ;

'Tis the Friend of sinners

That awaits thee here.
England. He travelled a great many miles

And your anxious hours,
Seem so far and few?"

Come ! believe, and trust Him ! until he came to an English settlement, where

Grace, He'll, ne'er deny, he got leave to work his passage over in a

“Not from Earth or Nature,

Since He saved a sinner, ship that was lying there.

Stranger, doth it spring,

Such an one as I.

A. S. Birds that build the lowest, During the voyage he would frequently

Soar aloft to sing approach one sailor and another, and say,

Woe to Doubts.

So my strain is gladdest, with great simplicity, in a plaintive tone,

Woe,” says Thomas Adams, “to that

When from earth I rise, “Please, massa, you tell me where Christian's

Farthest from my home-nest,

religion which teacheth even the best saint God dat pay de debt?” The seamen, who

to doubt of his salvation while he liveth.

Nearer to the skies. it appears were all irreligious, only laughed

Hath Christ said, Believe; and shall man say,

“Once like you I questioned, at him, and concluded he was mad. The

Doubt? This is a rack and strappado to the

Life seemed nothing worth ; ship arrived at London, and the negro was

Death a gloomy vision,

conscience ; for he that doubteth of his salvaput ashore at Wapping.

And I wandered forth,

tion, doubteth of God's love, and he that Having no money to receive, he wandered

Seeking something better

doubteth God's love, cannot heartily love from street to street, and whenever he could

Than the worldling's lot ;

Him again. catch a single passenger, he would stop and

Rest, and peace, and pardon,

If this love be wanting, it is not possible say, in the most melancholy inanner, “ Please,

But I knew not what.

to have true peace.

o the terrors of this massa, you please tell poor black man where

Thus I worked and fretted

troubled conscience! It is like an ague; it Christian's God dat pay de debt?” Some

Strove to keep God's law,

may have intermission, but the fit will return told him to go about his business; some gave

New made vows-and broken

and shake him. An untoward beast is a

All the fruit I saw. him money; and others, supposing him to be

trouble to a man; an untoward wife is a

Then I heard of Jesus ! deranged, passed on; but he met no one to

greater trouble ; but the greatest trouble of

And while drowned in tears, answer his question. In this manner he con

all, is an untoward conscience. Blessed is the

He drew gently near me, tinued to stroll about, as devid of comfort

man whose sins are forgiven ; where there is

Quieting my fears. in England as in his own land; and frequently

no remission of sins there is no blessedness.

“Come,' He said, 'poor sinner,' would he steal down some by-place, and give

Now, there is no true blessedness but that

(0! that welcome word, vent to his soul in accents like these: “Ah!

Seemed the sweetest message

which is enjoyed, and none is enjoyed unless no hear of Christian's God dat pay de

it be felt; and it cannot be felt unless it be

My poor heart had heard.) debt; me walk, walk, day, day, but me no

“Come! My work is finished,

possessed; and it is not possessed unless a hear. White man tell me in Africa, go to

And thy labour lost ;

man know it; and how does he know it that England, but me no find; me go back, me

See thy soul's redemption,

doubts whether he hath it or not?" die dere."

He saw
some people on the

And the price it cost!'
Sunday going into a large house, which he “ Then I told Him over

What think ye of Christ? concluded was the temple of the Christian's

All my life of sin ;

It is written, “ Whosoever believeth that God; he followed them; he heard a sermon,

"Now,' I said, 'or never,

Jesus is the Christ, is born of God (1 John

Will He let me in !' but he heard nothing about Christ. It was

v. 1); and “ If thou shalt confess with thy all unintelligible to him, and he still remained

Not one thought I'd given,

mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in

All these long years past, the subject of despondency, and still went

thine heart that God hath raised Him from

To the dear Redeeemer mourning about. A gentleman accidentally

the dead, thou shalt be saved.” (Rom. x. 9.)

I had found at last. overheard him one day, while he was com

My salvation, then, depends upon my be

“So I spoke, all trembling, plaining to himself of his unsuccessful in

lieving with my heart on the Christ.

"Lord ! it is not fit quiry after the Christian's God. He spoke

Few profess to "search the Scriptures."

That a ragyed beggar, to him, and directed him to go to such a place

How many are contented if they read a por

At Thy table sit. that evening, and there he would hear of the

tion of the Bible as a religious duty? They

I would change my garments, Christian's God. He went, and heard a

And would fitted be,

think they know all about Jesus Christ, withsermon by that gentleman, on the suretyship

For the King's own presence,

out being at the trouble of searching the of Christ, in which he described sin as a

Who takes heed of me.'

Scriptures. debt, and Christ as paying it, and the price “Soft He spake, so sweetly

But do you yourself believe that Jesus is he paid, and that he was ascended up to

"Seek no other dress,

the very Christ of Scripture ?


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