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LUKE xviii. 1-9.

As soon as we have nought to pay,
Our Lord forgives us all.

garded man:” how much more shall we may come at cock crowing,even when 'Tis perfect poverty alone,

be heard and answered by “Our Father," the dawn of daylight just appears, there- . That sets the soul at large;

fore let Jesus be present in your thoughts While we can call one mite our own,

in heaven, our Father whose name is We have no full discharge.

LOVE? Think not, dear child of God. whenever you awake. He may come in R. I must now say, good morning S. May that your Father has given to you a heart the “ morning," O let Him not find you

sleeping." through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus to pray, while He has no ear to hear;

“Welcome sight the Lord descending, our Lord.(2 Pet. 1. 2.) You may meet with that would be impossible. Pray on, “Our

Jesus in the air appears ; many trials as you walk through this weary Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be

Lo! the Saviour comes, intending world; but remember that all things work tothy Name. Thy KINGDOM come.” This

Now to dry His people's tears. gether for good to them that love God, to

With the Saviour now they reign, them who are the called according to His pur- woman pleading is a poor"widow.She pose.” (Rom. viii. 28.) "For I reckon that has been bereft of her husband, and be

Never more to part again. the sufferings of this present time are not cause unprotected, the “adversary" has Long they mourn’d their absent Master, worthy to be compared with the glory which

Long they felt like men forlorn, shall be revealed in us." (Rom. viii. 18.) robbed her of the little property, upon “For our light affliction, which is but for a which she had hoped to subsist. The

Bade the seasons fly still faster, moment, worketh for us a far more EXCEED-church of Christ

While they sigh'd for His return.

not a "widow," she is ING and ETERNAL weight of glory; while

Lo! the period comes at last, we look not at the things which are seen, but espoused to the Lord. She has a RICH

All their sorrows now are past. at the things which are unseen; for the things BRIDEGROOM living, even Jesus. This

Now from home no longer banish'd, which are seen are temporal; but the things

They go upward to their rest ; which are not seen are eternal.” (2 Cor. iv. poor widow had but one voice; but for 17, 18.) Be sure to read the Bible daily, our encouragement, let us remember the

Fading joys of earth are vanishid, you will find food such as your soul | WHOLE ELECT cry day and night unto With their Lord they now are blest: can relish. (1 Pet. ii. 2; Jer. xv. 16.) Hide Him” who has said, that whatsoever we

Blest with Him His saints shall be, His word in your heart, and it shall keep you ask the Father In His name, it shall be

Blest through all eternity. from evil. (Psalm cxix. 11.) Meditate on it, and you shall find it sweet to your taste; done for us. The unjust judge had no

Happy people! grace unbounded !

Grace alone exalts you thus; yea, sweeter than honey to your mouth. (ver. interest in this woman, and yet he heard 103.) Take heed unto it, and you shall find

All thy foes are now confounded, it a lamp to your feet, and a light on your tinual coming she weary” him. Jesus and answered her cry, “lest by her con

Sing for ever not to us, path. (ver. 105.)

Not to us be glory given, S. Good morning, Sir. May every best has an interest in His people, His honour GLORY TO THE GOD OF HEAVEN.' blessing be yours for ever and ever. is engaged on their behalf, His word is

CARELESS SINNER! when Jesiis comes, A Meditation for the Close

pledged for their deliverance, He has what will you do? How will you bear of the Year.

promised to come to them again, they to hear Him pronounce your doom, and are “HIS OWN ELECT.”

This woman was bid you hence “ depart?" At the conclusion of another period of avenged of her "adversary,” notwith- endure the thought; then haste you to

depart?" Yon cannot time, we shall find it profitable to medi-standing she had none to plead for her His mercy seat, while now His invitation tate on our Lord's parable of the unjust before the judge. Believers shall succeed is heard, bidding you “COME.” Come to judge. In the preceding chapter we have in realizing an answer to their petitions Jesus now as a sinner, trust Jesus to be an account of the second coming of Christ. laid before the throne of God, for on that thy Saviour; then when Jesus shall come The parable immediately following is throne Jesus sits as their mediator, advo- to thee, He shall exalt thee to His throne designed to comfort and encourage be- CATE, INTERCESSOR. Pray on, ye to reign with Him for ever. lievers, who are looking forward to “the children of God, Jesus is pleading with

T. W. M. day when the Son of man is revealed." you, and for you. Your victory may The Church of Christ is expecting to reign seem to tarry; but depend upon it, it is

Sayings of Rutherford. with Jesus. She has been pleading long, sure. Christ is before you,


I AM sure, while Christ lives, I am well

your eye and at last would begin to grow weary, on Him, while your heart's expression is befriended. were it not that her Lord has said, “men heard in watchful pleadings, “Come Lord

Frame yourself for Christ, and startle ought always to pray, and not to faint.” Jesus." A solemn question is asked at noi at His cross; His love is stronger Though often taunted by an ungodly the conclusion of the parable. “Never-than to let go its hold of us children, world, and vexed in spirit by the supine- theless when the Son OF MAN COMETH,

who cannot go but by such a hold as ness of their fellow Christians, believers shall He find Faith on the earth ?" Christ's. are still pleading the words of their absent Ponder well this solemn and momentous

It is good that we have nothing of our Lord, who has said, “I will come again." enquiry, dear reader. Make it the own, since we may borrow all from Christ; They rest confidently on His promise, subject of your careful and prayerful and it is our happiness that Christ is our knowing that God shall “avenge his own meditation. See to it, that you give full, security for heaven, and principal debtor elect, who cry day and night unto Him, unreserved, simple confidence to your for such poor bankrupts as we are. though He bear long with them." Chris. Lord's every utterance. Do not be found

God be praised that our salvation is tians must “faint” if they do not "pray;" with those who say, “my Lord delayeth anchored upon Christ, who is Master of they cannot“faint,” when they“ pray with. His coming,” lest at His appearing He winds and storms. out ceasing.” This poor widow gained her find you without faith. As the year is

Christ is such a wide, and broad, and request from the unjust judge, and God's fast drawing to its close, think how much deep, and high, and surpassing sweetness, "own elect,” shall have their request an- nearer your Lord's return is now, than that our love is too little for Him: thrice swered when Jesus shall come to receive at the commencement of tbe

blessed and eternally blessed are they His church unto Himself.

“Watch ye, therefore: for ye know not who are out of themselves, and above Let us dwell briefly upon a few points when the MASTER of the house cometh." themselves, that they may be in lore in the immediate scope of this parable as He may come at "even,” therefore at united to Him. affording matter for encouragement to evening time be ye found watching. He

One look of Christ is worth ten thouthe Lord's dear people to pray on. This may return at " midnight," therefore let sand worlds of such poor perishing stuff widow" gained her petition from “a your meditation of Him be sweet, even

as the foolish sons of men set their hearts judge, who feared not God, neither re- lin the middle of the night watches. He upon. Look into those fathomless depths


the distant wi



of loveliness, siveetness, beanty, excel. constrained by this love, send you the message self-righteousness, she felt poor and needy lency, glory, grace, and mercy, there are

of reconciliation through Christ, in the form indred, mouning under a sense of her guilt,

of writing, or by the paper you now read, and hungering and thirsting after righteousin Christ, and you will then think little this becomes the preaching of an evangelist, or ness, even that which is God's own precious of the whole world, and all the glory of God's messenger to you, whether you be in gift through His dear Son Jesus Christ. Thus it, even in its highest summer bloom.

of Australia or America; on far had the Lord taught her, and now He was Your love is Christ's due; other things, India ; or anywhere on the face of the earth. hungry with good things. To one thus weep

the wide ocean; in the sultry jungles of about to comfort the mourner, and to fill the (worthy in themselves,) in respect of The Spirit of God alone leads saved men to ing and mourning under a deep sense of guilt Christ are not worth a straw. O blessed seek the salvation of others. It therefore be- in God's sight, it was the manifest path for conquest ! to lose things, and to gain such a message ; and proclaiming, “ Come, for Christ, and thou shalt be saved.' Saved now

comes a very solemn matter, the receiving her friend to say, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!

all things are now ready.” “He that believeth -at once, and for ever sared; because it is

shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be Christ's work I tell you of—Christ dying for Why the Accident Happened. damned.” There once lived a man who took sin, and then rising again. Sin having already

in the Evangelist for his child to have bound been fully answered, for by him, 'All that beAt one time, when Mr. Wesley was up into a large volume; whilst he never cared lieve are justified from all things.' (Acts xiii. travelling in Ireland, his carriage became to give heed to the message himself. I trust, 39.) It is not something that you are to wait fixed in the mire, and the harness broke. my present reader, you are not like this man. for to be accomplished in you, and to which

The Ethiopian eunuch did not keep his volume you are to look for peace and satisfaction; but While he and his companions were la- of Scripture merely for an ornament or rare it is simply this, that Christ, our loving Saboring to extricate it, a poor man passed possession, but read it diligently, and the Lord viour, did satisfy God for all our sins, when He by in great distress. Mr. Wesley called opened it to him, to the saving of his soul. died on the cross. 'It is finished!' And as soon to him, and inquired the distress. He the ability that God giveth, to do the work of they have prace with God through Jesus Christ

The writer of this paper seeks, according to as any one trusts only on that glorious fact, said he had been unable, through mis- an Evangelist, (Oh that he may run with will- our Lord; and righteousness, peace, and joy, fortune, to pay his rent of twenty shillings, ing feet as Philip did, Acts viii. 30, to do his in the Holy Ghost, will be the blessed experiand his family were just being turned out

Lord's will!) But whilst he seeks to give ence of those who thus obey God by believing

you a little account of what he has seen and in His dear Son. Thus spoke the visitor to of doors. “Is that all you need?" said heard, during a few of his visits to his fellow this dear girl, who listened as for life, many a Mr. Wesley, handing him the amount; men, he would crave on your part, kind read tear of mingled sorrow and joy flowing down "here, go and be happy." Then turning

your attention; and may you, whilst her palid cheek. He then knelt down and beto his companions, he said pleasantly, how do I stand ? "justified from all things," she might believe the glad tidings; and left the

hearing of others, ask really and seriously, sought the Lord, in childlike simplicity, that “You see now why our carriage stopped (Acts xiii. 39,) or "condemned already?" dwelling with the happy assurance that the here in the mud."

(John iii. 18.) At no distant period there Lord had begun a good work in that soul, and lived a young woman, who was every thing that ere long the prayer now offered up in the

her parents, friends, neighbours, and indeed name of Jesus would be graciously answered. To the Readers of the Evangelist. mistress could wish, a good child, good neigh. Some days passed ere he was able to revisit the An Evangelist is one who makes known or bour, and good servant. And here I must cottage; but when he again entered the dying proclaims the good tidings of great joy, that ask you to pause a while, lest you should mis- girl's room, how great was his joy on asking, Christ Jesus has come into the world to save take my meaning. In the sight of God, no "Are you happy?” to hear from her own lips, sinners. Philip, for instance, in Acts xsi. 8, man is in himself either good or righteous, but the firm unhesitating reply, “ Yes, Sir, I am! is termed the Evangelist, and in chap. viii. 5, all are unrighteous or sinners, but in the sight happy in believing, in trusting in Jesus!" Yes, we read that he went down to the city of or opinion of man who sees only the outside, and her countenance bespoke it. Anxieties Samaria, and preached Christ unto them. and not the heart or thoughts, people who do and fears had fled away, giving place to And in verse 12, we are taught also, that when their duty, and conduct themselves properly. happy, calm, trust in Jesus. “It is finished! It they believed Philip preaching the things are counted good, decent, respectable, and is finished!” Sweet, sweet, precious manna concerning the kingdom of God, and the name even religious. Now thus it was with this for the fainting hungry soul. There is joy in of Jesus Christ, they were baptized both men young person, and we do not for a moment the presence of the angels of God over one and women*-by this act professing to be be- say anything against persons conducting them- sinner that repenteth; and deeply did the visilievers in, and disciples of the Lord Jesus selves so as to please and oblige all around tor to that bedside share in their joy that day. Christ, who had thus been preached unto them, far from that; but we desire to shew If you, reader, are a Christian, do seek more them. In the same chapter, v. 26, we have a you, reader, that this will not do to meet God and more to tell of Jesus to perishing sinners. deeply interesting account of the same Evan- with, who says, " it must be perfect to be ac- What an honour to be permitted to be a cogelist being sent down into the desert of cepted." But to return to the narrative. worker with God! What joy to rejoice witle Gaza to meet with one whose heart the Lord The subject of it had scarcely numbered angels over new born souls! It was hencehad opened to receive the good news, the twenty years, when tokens of consumption forward truly refreshing to visit this child of precious gospel seed. This individual was shewed themselves, and she was compelled to God during the little while she remained in reading the Scripture (Isaiah liii.) with a de- give up a situation, and return to her parents' the body, her sufferings at times were great, sire, doubtless, to profit by it; but as yet he cottage; here the writer first met with her, but a holy calm filled her soul: manifesting knew not that forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and at this time, although much worn by dis- how good a shepherd the Lord is, carrying and glory were to be obtained through simply ease, and growing weaker daily, yet she mani- the lambs in His bosom. On one occasion trusting in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of sin- fested a vigour of mind and intelligence far when supported by her poor weeping mother,

Philip preached unto him Jesus; he beyond many in health around her; possess and gasping for breath, she said to a stander believed the message; confessed Him, whom ing much natural intellectual capacity, which by, who asked, “ Is Jesus precious:" " He is man had put to death, to be the Son of God; had been assisted by an education superior to all my peace, and all my comfort.” Very shortly therefore risen from the dead (see Rom. x. that usually bestowed upon those in her posi- after this, one whole night she appeared to be 9); was baptized, and went on his way rejoic- tion in society. There was no lack of books dying, and in times in great agony.

Next ing; rejoicing in Christ Jesus, that He not of a religious character in the sick chamber, morning she said to the friend above menonly had borne away his guilt by dying, but and these appeared to be often read by the tioned, “Sir, I never expected to see the mornthat now He was alive again, and ever living now dying girl in search of peace and coming on earth; and oh how great would have to make intercession for His people. Philip is fort, she being fully alive to the solemn fact been my torture of mind last night, if I had next found at Azotus, and passing through he that her days on earth were to be very few. not found peace in believing on Jesus.” preached in all the cities till he came to Upon her visitor enquiring whether or not she Dear reader, here is a word to you from the

was at peace with God? She with deep an- dying - Torture — " great torture of mind!" Now, dear readers, although God's way of xiety depicted upon her countenance, replied, and dying in this state. How awful indeed making known His good will towards men in “No, Sir, but I hope I shall.” “Do you,” the state of such! To feel yourself sinking the gift of His dear Son is most frequently said he, " believe yourself to be a sinner?” hopelessly into an eternal hell, and to know through the instrumentality of preaching by “I am,” said she, with much feeling, “ A that God willed not your ruin: but that you living men, gifted and qualified for the work great sinner!

rejected His gracious counsel, and would none of Evangelists, by the Holy Ghost; yet be it Ah reader, if you are still unconverted, you of His reproof; therefore, is this foretaste of erer remembered, that the “ Gospel is the cannot at all enter into the joy which her in- hell your awful experience! Oh, sinner, be power of God unto salvation to every one that terrogator felt at such a reply from this good wise, and listen to His loving voice in the believeth.” So that if the servants of Christ, girl. It assured him that God was at work Gospel

, lest you be cant into that place of * Surely if it was according to the Lord's mind to with her soul. That she had been taught that torment for your unbelief. baptize infants, it would have been added, "their no flesh should glory in His presence; that in Very soon after thus bidding her friends children also."

it dwelt no good thing. Stripped of self and I farewell, and earnestly commending them to

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CUAP. vii. 7.19.


the grace of God, her happy spirit, washed in quire life by any keeping of commandments, sin that dwells in him, does, practises ; there the blood of Jesus, separated from that poor, for he is dead: yet as, dispensationally, the is no improvement, except in the will; even suffering tenement of clay, was present with Jew was not so considered, but the rather put no equal balance of parties, but mind only the Lord. And, may you, reader, entering by on his trial, the verse is quite intelligible. against flesh. the same door, stand in the same glorious The commandment tended to life; but sin Ver. 18. “ For I know that in me (that is, presence for ever.

appearing, when it should not, it tended to in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to In conclusion, the writer of this little nar- death.

will is present with me; but how to perform rative would only add, that his object in bring- Ver. 11. “For sin, taking occasion by the that which is good I find not." Still no power ing it before you this: That many correct, commandment, deceived me, and by it slew to perform, and the deepest sense of the evil goodsort of people, are resting on their me." When the Israelites put themselves of the flesh. own imagined goodness, and not on Christ. under the law, saying, “ All that the Lord Ver. 19. Repetition of v. 15. “ For the Some, on their goodness in part, and partly hath spoken we will do” (Ex. xix. 8); they good that I would I do not: but the evil which on Christ (as they think); but these have not were deceived about the law and about them. I would not, that do I.” The heathen poets, Christ at all, He must be all, or nothing. selves. They neither knew the nature of the so the commentators tell us, have described •• There is none righteous; no, not one." saith law, which demands obedience within, and something like these feelings on several occathe scriptures of God: but Christ is the end looks at thoughts as well as acts; nor did sions: of the law for righteousness to every one they know the incorrigible evil of their hearts.

“My reason this, my passion that persuades; that believeth. Come now, as a guilty, lost They were then, so to speak, slain in a mo- I see the right, and I approve it too; sinner, and trust in the finished work of Jesus, ment, by the sin of the golden calf. Thus sin Condemn the wrong, and yet the wrong pursue.' and you are a saved and a justified man. is ever deceiving: for it distorts and puts our But if the heathen poets could give expression Farewell, my readers, at some future time, condition in a false light, and makes us mea- to such thoughts, it is highly important to God willing, we may spend another hour to- sure ourselves by a wrong standard; when we know wherein consisted the difference begether, I trust not unprofitably. awake to our situation, it is too late.

tween them and Paul, as speaking in this Ver. 12. “Wherefore the law is holy, and chapter. It lies in this, that the one with a A SERVANT OF CHRIST.

the commandment holy, and just, and good." more or less defined sense of right and wrong,

There is, then, nothing in the law but good, could ruminate upon their condition, without Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans. although it “ made nothing perfect.” the awful fear of death being the consequence

Ver. 13. Fresh division.“ Was then that of a divinely given law; whilst the other was Vrr. 7, “What shall we say then? Is the which is good made death unto me?" Here fully assured, the moment his incapacity to law sin?” This is a fresh division. So close is a second misapprehension, arising from the keep the law was made apparent, that his has been the connexion between law and sin, close connection between law and sin. “Let doom was sealed. The difference is immense, so evil have been the effects of the law upon it not be! But sin, that it might appear sin, for whatever other points of importance may sinful man, that the objecter is tempted to working death to me.” &c. It is not the law, develope themselves in the chapter, we may exclaim, Is then the law sin ? " • Let it not be, which is good, that does the mischief, but sin, be sure of this, that its main feature is man for (but) I had not known sin but by the law.” which is evil. No more forcible proof, as to in presence of a spiritual law, with no power Fuller exposition of v. 5. Paul's experience the condition of man, can be adduced, than in himself to keep it; whilst he, on the other begins. The law makes me capable of dis- that the application to him of a good, just, hand, could derive no assistance from it. cerning the sin within me. It supplies by its and holy commandment, only rendered sin Being under it as a covenant, the result was prohibitions a test by which I discover the exceedingly sinful. strength of lust, or evil desires : « For I had Hitherto, whilst the effect of the law has

The good and evil remain after the law is not known lust, except the law had said, Thou been described in its agencies for evil, because

gone: only the law defines and intensifies shalt not covet.” This use, by the way, of of its connexion with a sinner, there has been both the one and the other, and pronounces one of the ten commandments, supplies a no sign of life in the person. Nothing has the terrible penalty. The good and evil are ready answer to those who argue, that the been enunciated but death; but in the re- felt more or less obscurely by the heathen. Apostle Paul's general reasoning upon the maining verses-verses which have been so in both cases, (Jew and Heathen,) it is mind laiv, only relates to the ceremonial law. It disputed over the excellency of the law is against flesh, (practise.) the last always overalso shews its extensiveness. It takes notice perceived by him upon whom it acts, and, at coming. It is not until we approach chap. of evil desires, as well as acts-a thing un- the same time, his carnal enslaved condition viii. that the tide turns, and the victory is known in human legislation.

under sin. It is quite a new phase..." For gained by the Christian. Ver. 8. “But sin taking occasion by the we know (v. 14) that the law is spiritual," commandment.” It was not the command- &c. Here are, indeed, eyes opened. No mere

Extracts. ment taking occasion by sin, but the contrary, theory; but the overwhelming conviction of ** wrought in me all concupiscence.” We do the impossibility of any agreement between a HUMILITY is the foundation that gives stanot know the strength of the horse till we carnal sinner and a spiritual law. The ex-bility, the strength which gives security, the put a bridle in his mouth; neither do we pression, “I am carnal, sold under sin,” is use- ornament that reflects beauty, and the comknow the strength of that which is written, ful, in shewing us that the man in this con- pletion which gives the finishing stroke to the until a provocation is given to our lusts by dition, is still unredeemed — he is sold under other graces.--Mrs. E. Walker. the prohibition of their exercise. “ For with the hand of an enemy.

There is a place for the creature's mouthout the law, sin was dead." There was no- Ver. 15. “ For that which I do I allow that is, the dust. · There is a word for the thing to arouse sin without the invitations and not." (yivwoww in the sense of knowing, so mouth of a child—that is, “Even so Father." excitements of the law, or perhaps the fol- as to approve. 2 John i.) It is necessary to H. Erans. lowing verse being the explanation, until the remember. in order to seize the Apostle's

A man may have ten thousand disappointspirituality of the law was seen, sin was dor- meaning, that all this time, as a Christian, he ments in this world, and yet not know the mant, man was in a sleepy state, ignorant of is not under law, but recalling a time when world to be a wilderness; may have his very his danger, content with his condition. " The he was in the flesh, and therefore under it. cistern broken before his eyes, and yet go and strength of sin is the law.” (1 Cor. xv. 56.) (re. 5-6.) "For what I would, that do I not; hew out another. To know this world to be

Ver, 9. “ For I was alive without the law but what'I hate, that do I:” or, at all events, a wilderness is the direct teaching of the once: but when the commandment came, sin he is supposing a law in operation which can Holy Ghost.— Ibid. revived, and (but) I died." The Apostle afford no assistance to his need; he does not

An humble man has no catalogue of little means, I presume, that he was alive once, do what he would, and he does that he would

sins.-Ibid. simply because he did not comprehend the not. This is not the Christian, “who can do real power of the law; but when the com- all things through Christ strengthening him.”

As it was by believing a lie" that the old mandment came with its proper force, he saw (Phil. iv. 13.) But this man in the condition nature was communicated to man; so it is by that it was all over with him, he could neither described, is powerless for good, and powerful - believing the truth” that the new nature

, keep it, nor run away from it; in fact, it had for evil. Nevertheless, he has good desires; the new creature, the life of God is brought him already under the power of death. If he is so far enlightened.

into the soul.-Ibid. we consider the dè adversative, and, therefore, Ver. 16. “If then I do that which I would HUMILITY.- Of all trees I observe, God to be rendered " but,” it might be “but I not, I consent unto the law that it is good.” hath chosen the vine, a low plant that creeps died," that is, I died in Christ; but the for. Here is a full consent to the excellence of the upon the helpful walls; of all beasts the soft mer view seems more to accord with the con- law, under a confession that he could not and patient lamb; of all fowls the mild and

keep it Therefore, we must bear in mind, guileless dove. Christ is the Rose of Sharon Ver. 10. “And the commandment, which in the case before us, that the law is in (of the field,) and the Lily of the Valley:was (ordained) for life, I found to be unto operation.

When God appeared to Moses it was not in death.” “ If,” says the Lord, “thou wilt Ver. 17. “Now then it is no more I (in- the lofty cedar, nor the sturdy oak, nor the enter life, keep the commandments.” The tensitive) that do it, but sin that dwelleth in spreading palm, but in a bush — an humble, commandments were towards life. Although me.” The I here, is the better part; that slender, abject shrub--- as if He would by we must affirm, in the Christian sense, that which owns the rightness of the law, the en- these elections check the conceited arrogance man dead in trespasses and sins cannot ac- l lightened mind, but still there is no practice; lof man.-Jay.


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“Oh, yes,


Take the character of real Christians as

Gleanings for the Young.

woman, who had been standing in the shop, they are found in the faithful word, and com

said, “ Sir, would you give me one of those pare them with those who are living around you, and how few will come up to the repre

Dying Annie and her parents. little books for my grandchild!" How old is sentation. And does not the Scripture tell us I was present once at the bedside of

she, “I asked?" "She is three years old, that they are “jewels" for their rareness, as little girl who was dying, but who loved

Sir." “She cannot read, surely.” “No, Sir; well as worth: that they are a little Aock”

but she has been converted in the revival, and in a large field; that they are "a garden” in the Saviour, although her father was an

takes pleasure now in nothing but singing or a vast wilderness. Strait is the gate, and infidel. I was called into the chamber; narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and and when I had been there a little while,

hearing hymns about Jesus: and if you give few there be that find it.-Ibid.

me one, I will read it to her.” I gave her she asked me to sing. I asked her what The sorrows and afflictions of life are

one, and put the other into my waistcoat another school in which much is learned. I should sing, and she said, “O sing me

pocket. Where there is much of the cross, there is Richard, “There is a land of pure de

As I went home, my conscience accused much light; where there is little of the cross, light."" Then I sang the versethere is much darkness, and nuch folly.

me of having never spoken about jesus to

“There is a land of pure delight, Amictions often make an experienced Divine

my youngest child, for I had not believed that

Where saints immortal reign: or Christian.- Bickersteth.

God converted little children; but now I

Infinite day excludes the night, We shall not want motives to a constant

thought-well, if God has worked a marvel

And pleasures banish pain.” study of the pure word of God, if we remem

lous change in a child of three years old, why “Oh!” she said, ber that it is the only Book that we are com

can He not do the same for a child of fourmanded of God to read. Time is a flowing “How I long to be there,

and-a-half years? So I determined to speak river that always makes for the ocean, and is

Its glories to share, soon lost in its bosom. We need never be

to her about her own soul, and how she could

And to lean upon Jesus' breast.” anxious to know how far we are from the sea, When I had done singing, she put out

be saved, for though my other children had all or how near to it; nor is it of mighty conse

heard the gospel, I felt sure that no one had quence whether the waters are rough or her hands, and I caught the glare of smooth. Our care should be that we confide her eyes. She turned to her mother, after getting home, I took her on my knee,

ever spoken sufficiently simple to her. in our Pilot, who careth for us, and has and said to her, “Mother, dear, will you and getting a pictorial Bible, I showed her a engaged to conduct us safely; Yes, as safely in storms, as in still waters. - T. Jones.

meet me in heaven?” The mother could picture of Jesus on the Cross. I found she Happiness how attained? They cannot but only weep, and say, “O my dear child!" had some idea of the history of the Cross; be happy who know they are saved, and live But the little child went on: “Don't you but its reference to herself she had never been for God, and work in His ways. Many ear

love mother?”

I do love made to understand. I told her that beautiful nestly seek to be happy in following their own wills and pleasures; regardless of the will of you, my dear little one," she replied. story of the Cross, in the simplest words I God, They seek and find not, because they "Well, then,” said she, “if you

love could frame. She appeared moved, and for seek amiss.- Ibid.

won't you meet me in heaven ?” The the first time in her life, that child understood Regularity and punctuality are as embankments to the stream of time—they prevent it mother, overcome, fell down and said, she was a sinner, and Jesus a Saviour; and I

feel assured that then and there she believed from overflowing in idle waste.--Siodart. 7" The Lord save me!" Then the little

in Jesus Christ. She now takes a great deone turned her head upon her pillow, and Not what these Hands have done. looking at her father, said, “Father. light in hearing the Bible read, also the Pil

grim's Progress; and though she is full of Not what these hands bave done dear, do you love your dying Annie?"

play, as all children are, she will leave all to Can save this guilty soul:

“Oh, yes, I do love you," he replied. come and listen to a story from the Bible, esNot what this toiling flesh has borne “Then,” said the child, “won't you pecially the story of the Cross. Can make my spirit whole.

meet me in heaven?” The father never I have repeatedly tested her trust in Jesus, Not what I feel or do

answered her. She repeated the ques. and have always been satisfied with what she Can give me peace with God;

tion to him, when he burst into tears, said; for instance:-I showed her the picture Not all my prayers, and sighs, and tears,

and said, “O, my dear child, my dear of a house on fire, and pointing to the top Can bear my awful load.

Annie?" Again she put the question to story made her understand that anyone in Thy work alone, O Christ, him, “Father! will you meet me in

these rooms would be burned to death, unless Can ease this weight of sin; Thy blood alone, O Lamb of God, heaven? At length he dropped upon his they could be in some way or other saved.

Then I said, “If you were there, and the Can give me peace within.

knees, and said, “If Christ can save a house all on fire round you, and if you saw

wretch like me, I will meet you, by the Thy love to me, O God,

me underneath, with my arms stretched out love of the Saviour, in heaven." There, towards you, and calling you to jump down (Not mine, O Lord, to Thee,) Can rid me of this dark unrest,

locked in the arms of their dying child, into them, would you do it?” • Yes.” And set my spirit free. they both promised to meet her above." Why?'” “Because I know


love me.” Thy grace alone, O God,

Since that day the mother has died, and “ And if you saw Jesus down there calling To me can pardon speak;

on her death-bed was able to cry, “Vic. you, would you jump too?" Oh yes — that Thy power alone, O Son of God,

tory! through the blood of the Lamb." I would." Why?” " Because He loves Can this sore bondage break.

me." • How do you know He loves you?” No other work save Thine,

The Farthing Book.

" Because He died for me." She understands No meaner blood will do; Part of an Address given to Children in Dublin.

that one great truth, that Jesus died for her ; No strength, save that.which is divine, When I was in this country last year, I went and I no more doubt her being saved, than I Can bear me safely through.

into a shop in Lisburn to buy a few sheets of doubt my own interest in Christ. I bless the Christ of God;

note paper. I was to get a half-penny change I rest on love divine;

out of the piece of money I gave to the And with unfalt'ring lip and heart,

woman behind the counter. She said, “Sir, The Lord's Work in the Villages during the Years I call this Saviour mine.

I have only two farthings, but if you have any 1859, 1860, & 1861. By one of the Labourers. His cross dispels each doubt; objection to such small coin, perhaps you

London: W. YAPP, Welbeck Street, & J. F.

SHAW, & Co., Southampton Row. Príce 6d. I bury in His tomb

would rather take two farthing books." I Each thought of unbelief and fear,

asked her to show them to me, as I was This little Narrative is written in a plain and Each lingʻring shade of gloom.

anxious to see what kind of a book one might interesting style, and is calculated, with God's I praise the God of grace; have for a farthing.

blessing, to stir up and encourage God's people in She handed me two

seeking to win souls for Christ. I trust His truth and might;

small books with a few hymns in each, suitHe calls me His, I call Him mine,

able for very young children. I took them, Gospel Truths, by Robert Brown. Packets Nos. My God, my joy, my light. and as I put them into my pocket, an elderly

1 & 2, 6d. each. Binns & GOODWIN, Bath.





SHIP, and on the obedience which the Lord Jesus

Price 3d


Also, Just Published,

A New Edition,

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cation should be made.

Published at Offered at


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32mo. Price ld.

Notes and Reflections on the Psalms

10 0

Price 10.

the Romans. Second Edition


their Tencher. Price ld.

Price 2d



Just Published, price 4d.

Price One Penny,


Also, hy the same Author,

total, 412. With one Index to all the First Lines and atnes London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. WOR:

CORSHIP. Cloth boards, price One Shilling of Authors: an Index to the subjects; and a third Index to

all the Verses, except the first, in each Hymn. Suitable AW AND GRACE: being Notes of Lectures on

Tunes are named throughout. Christ OUR STRENGTH. Affectionately ad. LA

the Epistle to the Galatians. Price ls. 6d.

The auditional Hymns can be had in a separate form, in dressed to every Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

order to complete former Editions, price d. 32mo., 3d.; cioth, 6:1.; morocco, gilt edges, Is. 4d. HEAVENLY MINDEDNESS. Price 2d.

THE CHRISTIAN'S POCKET TUNE BOOK, with a London: W. Yupp, 70, Welbeck Street, Chveulish Square. THE SCHOOL'OF GOD. Price 2d.

copious selection of Music, for Four Voices, is now in the

hands of the Engraver. It corresponds in size with the Just tablished, price ld

London: W. Yapp, 70. Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square. Hymn Book, and will be advertised when ready. NOT IN MY SINS: Or; the Power of the Resur. . .

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

A solemn Appeal
Just Published, price ld.

to Christians on Dress, the pomps and vanities of this A supply of Hymn Broke, not less than fifty, can he bad of
OVE DID IT. By the Author of “Just Like -vil world. &c., &o., by a Disciple. Price One Penny. J. Usticke SCOBELL, Hallatrow, Bristol, (with Post Office
London: W. Yapp. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Order on PAULTON,) at the rate of 9d. per cops. Also,

Books containing 48 Gospel Hymns, for Open Air or Cottage Just Published, price ld.


FEW WORDS ON CHRISTIAN FELLOW-Preaching. 6s. per 100. GOD'S HUSBANDRY. A True Narrative. Just Published, price 20. Capist requires rhubase do become His Disciples. Second THE CHURCHES PF. SCRIPTURE AND


TECHEAVENLY CALLING. Part I and II. Just Published, price 4d.





REMEMBERING JESUS. 1d. A FEW WORDS. ON OUTWARD ADORNING. London: W. Y'app, 50, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square W.



G OD NEWS FOR CHILDREN. In packets of THE FELLOWSHIP OF LOVE and the Service Just Publisherl, price Five Shillings, TR TRAVELS IN ENGLAND; a Ramble with the TRACTS FOR CHILDREN. A packet of 16 Books

THE INDWELLING OF THE HOLY GHOST. for Children, price Ad. City and Town Missionaries. By John Shaw, M.D.

London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square W.
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Also, for Children,


NOTES ON THE OFFERINGS, Lev. i. 8. 2d. A BOOKS can now be hall at the following Reduced JO

UST LIKE ME. A Narrative extracted from
As there are but few copies remaining, early appli. " Which Way?" Price ld.


Third Edition, royal THE EIGHTH CHAPTER OF ROMANS. 14.

hang 0 Notes and Reflections on the Epistie to L ITTLE ALICE; or, Longing to be with Jesus. THE LOVE OF THE SPIRIT. Id.

T во 5 0 Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to

CONVERSATIONS between two Little Girls and London: W. Yapp, 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. the Ephesians

4 6 London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Sqrare. HYMNS FOR CHILDREN. Price ld.

rials of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, compiled from Crumbs for the Lord's Little Ones, HYMNS FOR YOUNG MINDS. By ANNE Authentic Documents.

Cloth boards, elegant, 4s. 6d.;

morocco, gilt edges, elegant, 6s 6d. EDITED BY H. H. S., CONSISTING of hundreds of Original Papers on THE LITTLE STRICKEN ONE. An authentic INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF AN ITALIAN:

. By Luigi Bianchi. Price 58. Scriptural Subjects, 5 vols.cloth, 79. 6d.; gilt edges, i0s.; Ireland, 5 years old. Price ld.

Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with a Little Girl in

London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. half morocco, 178. 60.; morocco, 228. od. London: W. Yupp, 711, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Just Published, price ltd.,



. .

Also, by the same Author, IS AS GOOD AS HIS WORD. The CHURCH MEMBERSHIP, according to ScripChurch. Price i}d. London: W. Yupp, 77. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. WHICH WAY? or, Fetch them in, and tell them EXPEDIENT, or OBEDIENT. An appeal to all

of Jesus. Price 2d

who love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Price 2d. T: NHE YOUNG CARAITE. Price 3d.


of Englanil's Knighthooil, consecrated to the service of
Heavenly Truth. Fcap. 46. elegant, 58. Od.

Price 2d.
By the same Author,
WILD THEME; Gambered on the Mountains of THE RAINY DAY. Second Edition, 18mo.



name is Legion. 4s. per 100. . . Fcap. M FORE THAN CONQUEROR. A Brief Memo: ONLY ONE WORD; or, that ANE did it. 4s. Svo. limp cloth, 18. 6d.; cloth boards, 2s.

rial of Life DAVID AND JOHN_Thie, sweet. Psalmist of NETTE

London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Israel and the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Price 3d. EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM. 32m0., price

Cloth, gilt eilges, Is. 6d.,
Fcap. 4to., cloth, 28.; gilt edges, 28. 6d.

'HE PILGRIM'S OASIS; or, Christian Remem-
A Poem in blank verse, with TH
HE LITTLE PILGRIM. A New Edition. Price T

Being a Choice Selection of Poems, &c.,

inteniled for a Parting Memorial to a Christian Friend. “Truly this was the Sou of God:"-Matt. xxvii. 54. [ DO LOVE JESUS. 2s. per 100. "Truly this man was the Son of God." -Mark xv. 39,

PRECIOUS TRUTH, royal 32m0., cloth, 18., gilt, Certainly this was a righteous man."—Luke xxiii. 47. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. Fcap. 8vo., cloth bils., 3s, 6d crown Avo., elegant, 54.

Royal 32mo., price 2d.,

Second Edition, Demy 18mv., cloth, 29. W HONDERS IN THE PALMS: Hymns and THE COMMERCIAL; or, the Broken Leg and RFCOLLECTIONS OF AN EVANGELIST: or

are added some Extracts from his Diary. By Robert Gribble. London: W. Yupp. 70, "Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. WILLIAM THE CARPENTER; or, the First


Compiled from various sources. Price Is..


London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Large Type, earnestly recommended for HAPPY DEATH OF ESTELLE FALLE. Translated general distribution. 18. 6d. per packet.

from the French Price 3d. A SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, containing 60 THE VOICE IN THE DREAM ; or, Her Soul is LENT TO THE LORD: Brief Hints to a Chris.

LEAVES FROM MY NOTE BOOK. Price #d. GOSPEL HANDBILLS. One Hundred for 9d., ZACCHEUS; cr, the Seeker Found. Price 4d. A PACKET of Twenty-six GOSPEL BOOKS. ARE YOU PREPARED FOR SEA? 4s. per 100. THE CROOKED STICK. Third Edition, royal Assorted. One Shilling, STRIKE OUT! 1s. per 100.

PUSEYISM. By J. N. Darer. Price bd. GOD'S MESSAGES. A Packet of 24 Books in Covers for SixPENCE, or separately 28. per 100 TIE DEATH CLUB. 4s. per 100.

A CALL TO THE CONVERTED. Price 4d. NTOLD PLEASURES MADE KNOWN. A Packet of Twenty-four. 19.; or, separately, 48. per 100,

London: W. Yapp. 70. Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square. THE WAY OF TRUTH IN EVIL TIMES. LOLDEN GRAIN-Leatiets for Letters.


TRACTS AND BOOKS ON THE COMING AND One Shilling per 100. Or in Assorted Packets, 1s. each. 40 Numbers published.

KINGDOM OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS THE TWO WAYS; or, Brick for Stone, and Slime London: W Yapp. 70, Welheck Street, Cavendish Square.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Carendish Square. Popular Objections to the Pre-millennial Advent. 3d.

The Personal Coming and Reign of the Lord Jesus The following Books One Penny each, are


Position and Office. By J. T. M. Price 4d.
The Rapture of the Church. ld.

By the same Author,
They're Gone! They're Gone! Wheat or Tares! Which be The Things which are Coming on the Earth. 3d.
A Word to Despisers

The Better Country. 31.

PRAYER MEETINGS for the Outpouring of the A Worri for Quiet Sippers What harm can there be in The Subjection of the World to come. 3d.

of . Ouly Believe the ()pera?

Only in the Lord
The Lord's Supper

The Second Advent and Reign. ld.
Grace and Rightevusness
The Restoration of the Nation of Israel. Parts I and 11. PRAYER. Two a Penny.

MATTHEW IX. 29. Two a Penny.
The Saints' Incomparable The King in His Beauty London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Plain Facts in Simple Worris Matthew, the Looker-on

concerning the Second WORDS OF TRUTH for the Saints of God. HEBREWS XI. Two a Penny.

There one hand of Christ GOSPEL SERMONS. "By J. N. DARBY: Cloth, FAITH IN PURSUIT. Two a Penny. The Broad and Narrow Way

An The Open Window

hood or England on benari MESSAGES OF MERCY; consisting of very SICKNESS OR AFFLICTION in the Church. of their Young Dress.

valuable Tracts on Christian faith and principles, JOHN VI. 23-71. Four a Penny.

[blocks in formation]

honod together. Cloth boards, 2s. Widow Gray and the little PRAXERE THE ARROWY. OF THE LORD'S 1 CORINTHIANS XI. 20. 32. Four a Penny. Loudon: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.


Tell him Jesus has found me
Two Millions! Two Millions!

the Last Words of a Mil-

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