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though tolerably contented, I had the secret he cannot see the kingdom of heaven;" if we believe, that we have it? To doubt feeling of void, known, I believe, to all who for this doctrine is the key-stone of the God's word is to insult Christ! If we have are drinking from the world's broken cisterns, Bible. No preaching is the Gospel that does not everlasting life, it is because we do not instead of the fountain of living water. not preach conversion, crushes self-right- believe. Besides, if we are saved by faith, we Joy is a plant that will not grow

eousness, prostrate self in every form, and must be saved on earth, for there will be no In Nature's barren soil;

show salvation, from first to last, to be of faith in heaven. All we can boast, till Christ we know,

grace. Oh, what a rotten system it is which So I believed. I wish I could describe to Is vanity and toil.

would exalt fallen human nature and try to you the joy that I felt when I knew Christ So it was natural that I should sometimes purify it for heaven without the new birth! was mine; when I saw that I not only might, wonder whether the slight, almost fancied, “Am I told that Christ does one-half in the but was commanded to accept all the promises. enjoyment that pleasure gave me was joy, matter of salvation and I the other ? This The Bible spoke to me in quite a new light. and if not, what joy was. Soon wearied, I is like telling a man to put one foot upon a The Word preached did not profit me, not took to study; but found with Solomon that rock and the other upon his own boat. What being mixed with faith; the Bible used to be that was vanity. Only "doing good," I is the result? but his boat gives away; uninteresting and often unintelligible to me, thought, can give real happiness. So I that he is plunged into the deep. This is no for I had not the key to it, faith in Christ. set about to amend my life and do good Gospel, no joyful sound(Stratten’s Sermons). But now with joy I drank water from the works, not forgetting religion, daily reading, By grace are ye saved, through faith, and wells of salvation. Beginning with Romans, prayer, and keeping the Sabbath.

Still, that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.” I went on with increasing delight, realizing *the way of peace" bad I not found; I had But how was I to believe? I was longing all the joyous promises as my own,

No conmade to myself a crooked way, and my to be a believer; yet faith seemed an act that demnation; no separation: Christ's rightrighteousness and my works could not profit I could not perform. I read of coming to eousness imputed to us, and our sin to Him !

I had but the filthy rags of self-right-Christ, and I would gladly have gone any Such words are alone enough to make us eousness, instead of Christ's spotless robe. distance to find him. Like the jailor, I still overflow with gratitude and love. Then I Not that I disbelieved the Gospel : I knew thought something was to be done to be knew, but never before, what love, peace, and Jesus was the Son of God, and the Saviour; saved. But because it was neither doing nor joy meant. And now my life, though as a

not being a sceptic did not make me coming, but simply believing, I overlooked servant of Christ it is one of work and a child of God. I did not believe in my the truth. A Christian friend was led to warfare, is one of peace and rest. For the heart that Christ was my Saviour. And I talk to me on the subject at this time. (It is work of a Christian is faith, and his labour feel that all should be impressed with the very beautiful how God generally leads His love. Of myself I can do nothing (for our important truth that knowing the Gospel children to be the happy instruments of lead- works are God's workmanship), but "all with the head is not believing with the heart. ing His strayed sheep to Him.) She was the things through Christ which strengtheneth Spurgeon defines faith as consisting of know- means of removing the barrier which separa- me. The Christian's life ought to be a conledge, assent, and trust or recumbence, the ted me from Christ, for I was ever conscious tinual looking to Christ. The more we look essential part. He says, “It is not enough of being very near to Him, but with the the more we shall love, and the more we love for a drowning man to know that a life-boat word believe, as it were, a film between me the more we shall work.

“ Let Him kiss me is near, or to assent to its being a good inven. and Him. She told me I had simply to cast with the kisses of His lips.” There is a joy in tion; he must get into it, or he will be lost.” aside every doubt and fear, and believe Christ being a child of God which none can imagine I soon began to realize this in my own case, to be mine, to believe that I believed, to let who do not know it. I myself did not that I could not have the true faith by which myself down, so to speak, from toiling and believe in it; but I do not wonder now that we are saved, so long as religion was not a waiting to accept every promise as for myself

. there does not exist a child of God, however pleasure but a duty, and while I did not feel It seemed to me at first presumption, but I suffering or afflicted, who would change places love to Christ, nor to share the peace and joy soon saw that the presumption was to doubt; with the most prosperous worldling. of which the people of God speak. Of course -faith never can be presumption. It had And now, in concluding, a few words to I could not love Christ till I believed in His not occurred to me that unbelief was sin; my enquiring reader. You are blessed, though

And joy and peace are only for that while I was repenting of my sins I was you do not yet feel it. You have been loved those "who, being justified by faith, have peace adding to them the worst of all sins - with an everlasting love, though you do not with God through Christ,” and “who, receiving unbelief. Oh that more would realize what yet know it. But you “do hunger and thirst," the end of their faith, even the salvation a fearful thing it is to dishonour Christ by and Christ has said youshall be filled." He of their souls, rejoice with joy unspeakable."|doubting Him, in a way we should shrink has made you willing in the day of His power; All religion short of implicit faith is a wasted from doing to any earthly friend who was to and that is enough. “Whosoever will, let toil and weariness. “Without faith it is im- tell us good news), when he proclaims to us him take the water of life freely." possible to please God;" for whatsoever is not the glad tidings,-our salvation ! I often

“All the fitness he requireth of faith is sin. Augustine says, “our best think what mercy there was in Christ using

Is to feel your need of Him; actions before conversion are but splendid those seemingly hard words, “He that be

This He gives you, sins." lieveth not shall be damned,” for it destroys

'Tis the Spirit's rising beam." God then began to lead me to seek salva- all idea of its being presumption to obey his Remember, you have nothing to wait for, tion in the right way, to seek Christ only. I command. How shall we escape if we neglect nothing to do. “Be not afraid, only believe.” was not anxious at first, but I prayed to be so great salvation?

You know you are a sinner, and that Christ made more so, and I know now that God

Will you let me remind you of what is a died for such; therefore He died for you. heard and answered me. “Thou preparest very palpable truth, but one much forgotten, Only believe it, and take Christ at His word. the hearts. I have girded thee while thou -that hoping is not believing. There is no If you wait to feel accepted before believing it, hast not known me. Each sincere prayer delusion more fatal (and none, I fear, more you may wait long; for feeling is only a fruit was inspired and answered by Him, and was common, because it is so self-satisfying) than of faith. We are not saved by feeling, but the Spirit's work drawing me to Christ. I that of thinking we are only to hope we are by faith. Whatever keeps you from Christ well remember how, from daily saying long saved. If it were so, the narrow way becomes is self, looking at self. “ Look unto me and prayers, I began really to pray for an im- the broad in respect of numbers, for how few be ye saved.penitent sinner never prays), and simply to are there who do not hope to be saved, and And now, with every wish for your true ejaculate a “secret speech," as Isaiah calls through Christ! The hope that is not based happiness, I remain, your sincere friend, it, at all hours of the day, such as “Lord, on faith is a false hope. It is only the teach me to pray; Lord, make me believe.” believer who can or ought to “rejoice in Conversion used to puzzle me. I found that hope." “Man's religion would end with “except a man be born again he cannot see obtaining forgiveness, while God's begins with Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Children of the kingdom of God;" but I felt, like Nico-it. Man's religion is a fancied means of

London: W. YAPP, Welbeck Street, demus, that the new birth was a great securing the favour of God: God's religion is Cavendish Square. 3rd edition, ls. mystery; no one understands it but those the holy life of one who, through faith, has We are glad to find another edition of this valwho are converted; for “the wind bloweth obtained that favour at the very outset, and uable Hymn Book so soon called for. It is a fine where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound who walks along in the happy consciousness collection of Hymns, admirably arranged. The thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, of acceptance in Christ, and in the calm en- book is beautifully got up, and need only to be and whither it goeth; so is every one that is joyment of God's assured love.” The Bible born of the Spirit.” I was being converted, teaches us to make our calling and election though I could not then realize that the sure.

are detailed in our page for Advertisements.

It speaks of those who know they have Spirit was breathing on my dead soul. passed from death unto life. “If any man Gol's Husbandry. A True Narrative. London:

No marvel that Christ, when asked for be in Christ, he has become a new creature. W. YAPP, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. doctrine, twice, and with such earnestness, Beloved, now are we the sons of God. To us announced the great truth-“Verily, verily, who are saved," &c. &c. “ He that believeth Very searching and instructive. We heartily re

you, Except a man be born again, I hath everlasting life;" so how can we doubt, ' commend it.

love to me.

S. H.



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Tell himn Jesus has found me
Two Millions! Two Millions!





Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

[blocks in formation]

Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

All Communications, Donations, Books for Re.

See the

Sam. Hieron.


Forgiveness of Sins. goods lost?

No, he does not expect All orders should be addressed to the Publishers

, Mr. W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish |“In forgiving of sin there is an utter either, yet he thinks it desirable to be Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & Chase, abolishment on God's part of the guilt of safe. See that man about to take a long

sin. I gather this thus: David, craving or dangerous voyage. Observe how he view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the forgiveness, craveth it under the terms of examines the vessel, and makes inquiries Editor of the Evangelist," care of Mr. Yapp, 70, putting away,''washing thoroughly,' and about its sea-worthiness, and why? BeWelbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

“cleansing.' ( 1, 2.) The first word cause he wishes to be safe. Look to that We may Learn something from a is put away, or blot out; so that forgive vessel that is shipwrecked. Negro.

ness of sins is, as it were, the wiping out crew and passengers. They are inaking BENEVOLENCE. — At a Missionary Meet- of a score, or the crossing of a debt-book, for the life-boat, or they are seizing on ing among the negroes in the West In. --all is quite razed out as if it had never rafts or spars, or making use of their dies, it is related, these resolutions were been. The second is, wash thoroughly; life-preservers, or they are shrieking for adopted :

such a rinsing and scouring David praved aid - and why? Because they are in 1. We will all give.

for as may leave behind no remembrance imminent danger— and they want to be 2. We will each give according to our of the foulness; and the same is the in- safe. And, O my reader, is there not a ability.

tent of the word cleanse. All together greater necessity for being safe for eter3. We will give willingly.

shew that sin is pardoned when God so nity ? Safe from the penalty of a broken At the close of the meeting a leading accounts for it as if it had never been law, safe from the guilt and condemnegro took his seat at the table with pen committed; the book is crossed, the nation of sin ? “How shall we escape, if and ink to put down what each came to reckoning is cleared, the spot is scoured we neglect so great salvation ?". "What contribute. Many advanced, and handed

quite out; there is no more to be laid to shall it profit a man if he gain the whole in their contributions, some more, and the charge of him that is discharged." -- world, and lose his own soul ?” some less. Among the contributors was

Now, if you would be safe, you must an old negro, who was very rich, almost

to Christ, the Son of God; as rich as the others united. He threw

The True Cause of Doubting. you must trust in his "obedience unto down a small silver coin. “ Take dat

It is not the greatness of sin, nor con- death” as the alone ground of your back again,” said the chairman, “Dat tinuance in sin, nor backsliding into sin, acceptance with an infinitely holy God. may be 'cordin to de fust resolution, but that is the true cause of thy staggering, The word of God declares, “Believe ou not 'cording to de second.” The rich old (whatever thou pretendest,) but solely thy the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be negro accordingly took it up, and hobbled unbelief, that “root of bitterness which saved.”

unbelief, that “root of bitterness which saved.The manslayer was not safe till back to his seat much enraged. One after springs up and troubles thee.” It is not he reached the city of refuge. another came forward, and all giving the distance of the earth from the sun, families in Egypt were not safe from the more than himself, he was ashamed, and

nor the sun's withdrawing itself, that ingress of the destroying angel till the again threw a piece of money on the

makes a dark and gloomy day, but the blood of the pascal lamb was sprinkled on table, saying “Dan take that.” It was a interposition of clouds and vaporous the lintels and door-posts of their dwellvaluable piece of gold, but it was given exhalations. Neither is the soul beyond ings. The serpent-bitten Israelite was not so ill-temperedly, that the chairman an. the reach of the promise, nor doth God safe till he looked to the uplifted serpent of swered, “No sir, dat won't do! dat may withdraw Himself, but the vapours of thy brass. The poor, wandering sheep was not be 'cordin to de fust and de second reso- carnal unbelieving heart do cloud thee. safe, till it was restored to the good sheplutions, but not 'cording to de third." It is said of one place, “Christ did not herd and the sheepfold. Noah and his And he was obliged to take it up again. many mighty works there." Why so?—for family would not have been safe from the Still angry with himself

, he sat a long want of power in Him? Not at all, but destroying deluge, unless they had been time, until nearly all were gone out. He merely want of faith in them—it was shut into the ark. Lot and his sons-in-law then advanced to the table, and with a because of their unbelief." --John Owen, would not have been safe from the fiery smile, laid down a large sum of money. 1619.

tempest if they had continued in the city of "Dat, now, berry well,” said the presiding

destruction; they had to escape for their negro, “dat will do; dat am 'cordin to all

Are you safe for Eternity ? de resolutions.”

lives. So, in a higher and more awfully God asks nothing of the unconverted How important and necessary to our important sense, you are not safe from for His service; but to the converted He happiness that we are safe for eternity. the curse of a broken law; not safe from saith

Look at that man whom we meet in a Satan's thraldom and grasp until you are “GOD LOVETH A CHEERFUL GIVER." (2 Cor. ix. 7.)

hurry. He is going to an office to insure “found in Christ, not having your own “WHATSOEVER YE DO, DO ALL FOR THE his goods or his house. Does he expect righteousness which is of the law, but the GLORY OF God.” (1 Cor. x. 31.)

that his house will be burned, or his righteousness which is of God by faith.”

The mess!

The Linch Pin.

is plain—the linch pin—the linch—has come on my arrival by tidings of the Lord's bless. out."

ing in this neighbourhood. “Let the state coach be ready to-morrow," “The linch pin!” exclaimed all.

11. Attended a Meeting for prayer in the said the king, we make a progress through “ Aye, that's it!" said the coachman. cottage I first rented about nineteen years our dominions." The morrow came, and the “ Be bound it is !” responded the lackeys. ago. When I applied at that time to the royal equipage stood at the palace door.

“ Most probably it is the linch pin!” ob- owner, he refused to let it, saying, he was Eight magnificent steeds, caparisoned with served the monarch to himself.

told we were all cheats, and he should lose golden harness, drew the vehicle. A coach

The queen, with true feminine sagacity, his rent; but on my offering to pay one year's man, colossal as Hercules, surmounted the foreseeing consequences, ejaculated “ What a rent in advance, he quickly altered his tone, hammer cloth, which was as rich as coach

and said, he would be content with half a builders' taste could devise. The carriage was Truly her majesty was right. A mess year. The very poor band of saints meeting too splendid to be described, even eclipsing there was, and the mess was great. Eleven there have continued to do so ever since, so that chef d'æuvre of inundane glory, the carriages, fifty horses, and a royal retinue, that they are never a week's rent in debt. gingerbread coach of the Lord Mayor of brought to a halt (to say nothing of the killed This small cottage is only twelve feet by London. Behind stood four stately lackeys. and wounded); while a whole nation was on fourteen, with an inner room scarcely half the with white wands, cocked hats, crimson liver- brink of alarm and bitter disappointment by same size, and wholly pitched with small ies, bullion shoulder knots, and all the rest of the sudden detention of the monarch, for stones. On this evening near forty persons the ornate tawdry that transforms a human whose reception costly preparations had been were assembled, many of whom had been being into a royal footman. made.

converted within the last six months, during Ah! what a gorgeous spectacle !

Gentle reader, meditate on a linch pin, and which fourteen had made an open profession With becoming dignity, the monarch seated its importance. Present, in its place, all goes of their faith by baptism. Many others had himself in the interior, placing his royal con- well. " Absent, what a catastrophe! King, been awakened, and were earnestly longing to sort by his side, while a lord and lady in queen, princes, lords, coachmen, footmen, and find peace. At the conclusion of the Meet. waiting, planted opposite, attended with ob- the public, “on the tiptoe of expectation," ing, they all resumed their seats, saying, by sequious decorum the commands of the royal all at the mercy of a linch pin! How it be- their still silence they were unwilling yet to pair. At the proper signal, the royal Jehu comes invested with dignity and honour, when part. I again addressed them for a short time, shook the ribbons, whistled the whip through we view it in this light. To the superficial then prayed, and after a short hymn, prayer the air, and started the harnessed stud in true eye, it is a small thing of no value. Expe- was offered up by one of the poor brethren, “ bang-up style.” The proud nags appeared rience proves that it has a power of life and when we rose to depart. I was afterwards to carry the world before them—the prouder of death; power to crush an equipage, and told that but for this not one would have left, Phæton appeared to guide the universe pull up a team of flying steeds.

even had we remained till midnight. while the lackeys, sharing the exhilaration, There are linch pins, beloved, in the crea- 12. Walked to the village, and on the way looked over their shoulders in triumph at the tion of God, our Father; and linch pins, too, met a man working on the road, who told me crew of courtiers, who gazed after the royal among the saints in the church of the Lord he had found the Lord within the last few cortège, as it receded from their sight. Jesus Christ. Many an obscure person, little months. A young man passing us, I said to

Sovereignty inside seemed satisfied. seen or heard of, plays the part of a linch him, “Do you love Jesus?" With evident

Scarce had the wheels of the imperial wag-pin; on whose fidelity, under God, the safety feeling he replied, “No-I wish I did—and I gon accomplished one thousand revolutions, of others is made to depend.

hope I shall." On asking his name I found when one of them, like a star shooting madly Those members which seem to be more he lived at the cottage once inhabited by the from its sphere, spun away from its axle, and, feeble, are necessary; and those members of Great Debtor," and that his father, mother, taking a course of its own, left the coach to the body, which we think to be less honour brother, and sister, had been converted within get on without it as well as it could. The able, upon them we bestow more abundant the last four months. Many thoughts crowded impetus of the machine kept in equilibrio for honour. Divine wisdom teaches us this. Hu- into my mind at these joyful ridings, while a moment: but, straightway, the balance man pride overlooks it. Wisdom discerns that looking on that poor dwelling which was being lost, down bounced the coach on one every atom is from God, and consecrated to

The conversion of the father is not side, greatly disturbing the royal couple, His service. Pride fancies God has to do only the least singular of the many we have heard chucking jarvey into the road, causing the with big things and prominent persons. of lately. He was a most determined drunklackeys to sprawl for their lives; while the Beloved, are you one of the Lord's little ard and awful blasphemer, and not unfrequently horses being brought to a sudden stop, snort- linch pins upon earth? Consider your posi- turned his wife out of the house on his ed, jumped, and reared, as if in the very acttion. He works all after the counsel of His returning home drunk at midnight. He was of scaling the vault of heaven.

own will. He has placed you where you are. induced to hear the gospel for the first time Nor was this all. Ten carriages bringing Occupy till He comes. Abide by your post. last summer, by hearing some strange account up the rear, occupied by the young princes Could you abandon it, much mischief might about a new preacher, and during the sermon and princesses, and the royal household, being ensue. May He keep you where He would rose and walked away; the violence of his arrested by the break down of the foremost have you to be, which be sure is the best feelings being so great that he was ashamed coach, the dashing procession, which, in a place for yourself and for others, till you finish to be seen; but he remained outside till the moment before, ran like a flash of lightning, your course with joy.

service was over. Strange to say he seems to was brought to a dead stand. Several car- It is no mean destiny to be a linch pin in have forgotten all he had heard till the next riages were upset by the shock, some of the the church of Christ. The snail was in the evening, when he was drinking with his comoccupants killed, and others dreadfully mang- ark as well as the eagle: and the dingy pin panions at the Hay Mow, and one of them led.

(we have seen) was as necessary to the mo- asked him what that man said last night. The Ah! sad overthrow-sad hinderance ! narch as the prancing steeds, the pompous whole now flashed on his remembrance, and

" What is the matter," cried the sovereign. coachman, the gaudy footmen, or the noble to their astonishment he feil on bis knees and The coachman had not yet gathered himself retinue.

cried aloud for mercy. He then went to a up, and could not answer.

plantation near the village, and poured out his “What is the matter,” screamed her majes- Memorandum of a Short Visit to soul to God in loud and bitter cries, and when ty. A lackey on the ground, hearing the

Woodland Head.

told that he would alarm the neighbourhood, voice of his royal mistress, touched his hat, The following notes may perhaps be read with interest by said he did not care, he would go to the tops but could not speak.

those who have seen the Recollections of an Evangelist; Wood of the trees and proclaim Jesus. When he " There's a wheel off, may it please your lowing chapters of that bouk.--R. G.)

returned home he refused to take any food, majesty,” exclaimed the lord in waiting, who, Oct. 10. Having been repeatedly requested continuing in prayer until he obtained a full from the seat he occupied, had seen the truant to visit the former scene of my labours at this sense of the Lord's pardoning mercy. The mechanical power escape, but had been too place, which I had not previously done for conversion of his wife and their two children much alarmed to open his lips till now. seven years, I proceeded to the small farm followed soon after.

* Off! yes, and gone off, too!" responded occupied by a Christian brother and his wife, I was now begged to call at a cottage where his majesty, as he caught a glimpse of the who were among the first fruits of the gospel | lay a dear woman in the last stage of condeserter trundling away in the distance. in 1839. A brother of the latter, who is now sumption. Her face however beamed with

It having been ascertained how many per- a widower, was at that time the boy, who on joy as I entered, and I found that through sons were killed, and how many only wounded beholding the change wrought by grace hi the visit of some of the poor saints, she had by the catastrophe, the survivors gathered fellow servant, said, “ He would try for’t within the last three weeks found peace round the upset coach, and with one accord too." He has now been for two years called through the blood of Jesus. On my return 1 the question arose, What caused the acci- into gospel ministry, and used as the instru- was accosted by a man, who, on hearing his dent?"

ment in converting many souls; and the re- name, I remembered as one who twenty years Sire," said the tutor to the young prince, vival which has lately taken place in this very ago hated me and the truth also with more brushing the dust from his ecclesiastical black, isolated district, may be mainly traced to his than common hatred. He too had been and advancing with the air superior wisdom self-denying labours in preaching the gospel lately converted. He told me he should never gives to persons in whom she dwells, Sire,” and visiting, after his day's labour in the field run away to avoid me again; but he had done said he, with emphatic assurance,

“ the cause

or barn is concluded. I was greatly cheered so scores of times in days past. On asking

near US.

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also appear

the cause of the great change so manifest in Meetings are beld is such a solitary spot that soul is now adopted. (Gal. iv. 4, 5,) and your him, he said that on going to the cottage, he 1 do not remember ten other dwellings within body shall receive its adoption at the appear

ing of Jesus, our elder brother, and risen heard C- SM (the converted farmer) read one mile from it.

Lord, “who shall change our vile body, that it the nineteenth of John, and when he came to the words, Woman, behold thyson," that didit. The Way of Life made Plain.

may be fastioned like unto His glorious body,

according to the working whereby He is able (How mighty is the power which alone can use such simple words for the conversion of a

even to subdue all things unto himself." (Phil. Continued from page 83.

iii. 21.)

• Beloved, now are we the sons of dead sinner!) Two lines of a well known

S. Thank you very much for showing me God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall hymn sung soon after deeply affected him. my error, and for pointing out the way of life. be: but we know that, when He shall

appear, “ Redeeming love has been my theme, I now see that it is not by works of the law we s: all be like Him; for we shall see Him as And shall be ull I die."

that I can get life; but that it is simply re- He is.” (1 John iii. 2.) “When Christ who is I stopped to dine with a dear friend who ceiving Christ that saves the poor sinner. I our life shall appear, then shall was one of the first converts in this neigh- feel like some one who has been wishing to with Him in glory." (Col. iii. 4.) bourhood. She reminded me that her youngest work for the sake of the wages; who is so As to the law, you have now done with it; son was always averse to seeing me, and weak that he can't do anything, and is ready to you are dead to the law by the body of Christ. sometimes ran into the house on my approach, despair; when a friend comes to his house. (Rom. vii. 4.) And yet you are not lawless, saying, “ Mother! here is Mr. G. coming saying, “I have done your work for you; and you are under law to Christ. (1 Cor. ix. 21.) again. I don't want to see him. He will ask have brought you the wages.” And he casts The principle of the Christian law is stated in me questions.” I had not seen that dear boy all into the poor man's lap, saying. “ Receive it 2 Cor. v. 14. “For the love of Christ consince he was a boy, till yesterday, when my freely, it is all your own. And when the straineth us." The law of Moses may reheart was melted by his earnest prayer for me poor man connts the sum, he finds it enough strain a man from doing many things, but it is at the evening Meeting. I returned to the to pay all his debts, and to make him inde- the love of Christ only which constrains men farm filled with praise and thanksgiving for pendent for life; I feel just like that. Jesus to serve God. Christ is now your Master, what I had seen and heard.

Christ is my friend. He has done all the work. His precepts, sayings, words, and works, conWhen I first came to this village there was and He gives me the wages; and more than stitute the Christian's moral rule. (See John not one Christian in or near it. Now in seven this, He gives me himself. In Him I feel I xiv. 21-24; 1 John ii. 6.) I now hope that houses following each other, there are eight have wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctiti- you may have grace given you to live a holy believers, and two earnest enquirers.

cation, and redemption. 11 Cor. i. 30.) I am life; thus you will show your faith by your 13. Lord's day. On my arrival at the complete in Him. (Col. ii. 10.) I am rich, works; for it is cottage found it full, more than thirty of the and my riches will endure for ever. My

“In vain men talk of living faithi, number having met to break bread in remem- riches can never make themselves wings, or When all their works exhibit death: brance of a Saviour's dying love. They had fly away from me, “ For I am persuaded that

When they indulge some sinful view

In all they say, and all they do. assembled for prayer an hour before the usual neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor princitime to seek the Lord's blessing on the bap- palities, nor powers, nor things present, nor

The true believer fears the Lord, tism of several new converts in the afternoon. things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any

Obeys His precepts, keeps His word:

Commiis his works to God alone, Tears filled my eyes as I entered this humble other creature, shall be able to separate us Aud seeks His will before his owu. cottage which has so often been to me and from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus A barreu tree, that bears no fruit, many others, as "the house of God and the our Lord.” (Rom. viii. 38, 39.)

Brings no great glory to its root; gate of heaven.'' It was a solemn and re- R. I am thankful to hear you say so much;

When on the boughs rich fruit we see,

"Tis then we cry, a goodly tree. freshing season. About three hundred assem- and humbly hope that you may constantly bled to witness the solemn ordinance of hear the Shepherd's voice, and that you may

Never did men by fuith divine,

To selfishness or sloth incline; baptism, when the gospel was preached by know it, and follow Him to the green pas- The Christian works with all his power, "the Converted Farmer," who was himself tures, where you may eat and be satisfied. And grieves that be can work no more.” brought to the knowledge of salvation, by (Psalm xxiii.; John x. 4, 5.) And that you

Ever remeinber that “pure religion and unwitnessing the same ordinance a few miles may “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of from the same spot, nineteen years ago. At our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to Him defiled before God and the Father, is this, the evening Meeting the cottage was most be glory both now and for ever.” (2 Pet. iii. To visit the fatherless and widows in their inconveniently crowded. More than eighty 18.) You have now got life, not by keeping the world.” (James i. 27.) “Faith, if it has

affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from persons being present in that small space. the law, but by obeying the gospel; and no many of whom could neither see or be seen man can take it from you. °(Rom. x. 16; not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man by the speaker. Preached the gospel from John X. 28.) All who believe the gospel are may say, thou hast faith, and I have works: Isaiah liji. After a service of nearly two saved by it; “for it is the power of God unto

show me thy faith without thy works, and I hours, they all resumed their seats (those at salvation, to every one that believeth.'” (Rom. For as the body without the Spirit is dead, so

will show thee my faith by my works. least who could sit) and seemed most unwil- | i. 16.) ling to depart. Among other causes for joy,

faith without works is dead also." (James ii.

S. May I ask if you think it possible for a I have seen two individuals whom I have for person to believe in Christ and not be saved: 17, 18, 26.) We are justified by faith alone, many years prayed for as backsliders, but are I read in Acts viii. 13-23, of a man called Si- but not by faith which remains alone: it is a now happily restored in soul. Each came a mon, who believed, and yet remained in the and is wrought in the heart by the Spirit of

heart-purifying and a work-producing faith; considerable distance to see me, on hearing gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity; God." For by grace are ye saved through I was in that neighbourhood.

and without part or lot in the matter. I passed yesterday by a spot most interest- again. I read in John ii. 23-25, that many be- faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the

The Christian is ing to my remembrance, the Garden from lieved in the name of Jesus; and yet they do gift of God.” (Eph. ii. 8.) whence G- F- called to me as I passed by not appear to have been saved through faith.

God's workmanship, "created in Christ Jesus to tell me the wondrous change wrought in R. I think you may know whether your dained, that we should walk in them.(v. 10.)

unto good works, which God had before orhis soul, when he formerly left that very spot faith be dead faith, which can be of no use at with intent to murder his "praying wife.” all: or whether it be living faith, linking the

And now, my brother, as we have had a long, I lingered there a few minutes, silently soul to Christ; by asking yourself whether let us sing a hymn, and then part in body,

and I trust a profitable conversation together, reviewing the past, toward myself and others you have received Christ? in that locality during the twenty years which ceives Christ: but dead faith does not receive hoping to remain one in Spirit, helping each have since elapsed. * The praying wife." Him. “But as many as receired Him, to them other by our prayers, when we cannot see

each other's face. still remains a faithful witness for the truth, gare He power to become the sons of God, and has lately been used by the Lord in the even to them that believe on His name." “Mercy is welcome news indeed, conversion of one, whom she attended in the (John i. 12.) All who thus believe “are jus

To those that guilty stand;

Wretches, that feel what help they need, capacity of nurse. tified from all things.” (Acts xiii. 39.) God

Will bless the helping hand. 14. Left the farm to visit other little bands has not a single thing against them. All such

Who rightly would his alms dispose, of saints in the same neighbourhood, and was are the children of God, by faith in Christ Must give them to the poor; refreshed in spirit by them all. Two days Jesus. (Gal. iii. 26.) “And if children, then None but the wounded patient knows previous to my return home a third backslider heirs, heirs of God, and joint - heirs with came from a distance of three miles to see me. Christ.” (Rom. viii. 17.) Your soul, my bro- We all have sinn'd against our God, From my previous knowledge of his state for ther, is now linked to Christ the head of the Exception, none can boast;

But he that feels the heaviest load seventeen years past, I had almost given him new creation. Your body still remains a part

Will prize forgiveness most. up. He had not yet realized a sense of the of the old creature; but it “also shall be deLord's pardoning love, but was longing to do livered from the bondage of corruption, into

No reck'ning can we rightly keep, 80, and I had confident hope of soon hearing the glorious liberty of the children of God,"

Some souls are fifty pieces deep; that he has returned to “the Shepherd and see verse 21. “Now we groan within ourBishop of souls."

selves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the But let our debts be what they may, I omitted to add that the cottage where the l redemption of our body," see verse 23. Your However great or small,

The comforts of his cure.

For who the sums can know?

And some five hundred owe.

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