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heart good; or, as you say, to make myself die. “The wages of sin is death.” (Rom. vi. The Way of Life made Plain.

good and holy. I am sure I am not fit for 23.) “Sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth

heaven; indeed, in my present state, heaven death.” (James i. 15.) Now tell me where R. Good morning, S. I am happy to see would be hell to me. I should hate to see the law puts you, and whether you you you, and shall be glad to talk with you about myself so ugly, in the midst of so much that can get life from it? the way of salvation; as I am told that it is is holy and good. the subject in which you feel interested; and

S. I stand condemned; I have been sin

R. Let us turn again to the Bible. We ning against God all my life. To me it can on which you wish to have some conversation.

must have God's truth about everything. In be nothing but a ministration of death. S. Thank you. I am at present in an un- the third of John, and at the sixth verse, I happy state of mind; I have been for some read, “That which is born of the flesh is I now hope that you will be kept from try

R. I am thankful to hear you say this; time trying to get right, and to live a holy flesh?" Do what you will with it, it is flesh ing, in any way, to get life from the law. The life, but the more I strive the worse I grow.

still. R. It is a mercy that you know yourself

law was given to show men how bad they

S. But there is some good thing in me; were by nature; to bring out what was in the to be a sinner. Some do not know this. A

I am not too bad to be mended; at least, this heart, that every mouth might be stopped, man has certainly made some progress in the truth when he has come to know

opinion about the matter.

and all the world become guilty before God. himself a sinner.

R. As to your opinion, my friend, I take no (Rom. iii. 19.) While the law continued, S. I feel myself to be a very great sinner; man's opinion; and I have no right to have the flesh” was on trial; and so was not indeed the more I look at myself

, the more an opinion at all on these things; we must treated as utterly corrupt; hence the law sinful I see myself to be. Oh, that it were come to the word, and bow to it. We will commanded obedience, and promised life to possible for me to begin life over again; I now turn to Rom. vii. 18: “I know that in all it required. But, as all failed, it never

And now it condemns all would then lead a holy life. My early train- me, that is in my flesh, dwelleth no good gave life to any, ing was all against me. A bad example, and thing." So that it is of no use to talk about men, as is fully shown in the first three chap evil influences of various kinds were brought making yourself good, for you see there is ters in the epistle to the Romans, and I would to bear upon me while young; and those no good thing in you. Now turn to Rom. have you read them carefully many times

It was while the law continued, and things ruined me. I hope, however, that it viii. 7,8: “The carnal mind is enmity against over. is not too late to mend my life. There is God; it is not subject to the law of God, God was patiently conducting the trial, that some good thing left in me; and by striving neither indeed can be. So then they that are Christ came; and the flesh proved itself hard I may yet become a good man, and be in the flesh cannot please God.” By the car- utterly corrupt by putting the Son of God to accepted of God. I feel that I have a great nal mind is meant yourself, your natural death. There the trial ended; and the solemn work to do; and but a short time in which mind. I am not surprised to hear that the words, “Now is the judgment of this world,” to do it; and am anxious to set about it at more you try to make yourself good, the (John xii. 31,) were spoken; God, the great once, lest death should find me with my great further you seem to be from accomplishing Judge, publicly proclaimed man's guilt and work unfinished. Will you kindly tell me your object. Turn now to the lxiv. Isaiah, condemnation by raising up Christ from the what I must do to get into a right state of and read the sixth verse: “We are all as an dead. The wicked hands of man nailed Him mind? I feel willing to do anything, or to unclean thing.” See also Rom. iii. 10: “There to the tree; but God raised Him up. (Acts suffer anything, if I can only be saved at last. is none righteous, no, not one.” And in the ii. 23, 24.). The flesh was then condemned,

R. You seem to me to have got false ideas 12th verse it is written, “They are all gone out and set aside as a ruined thing; a thing which about yourself, your sins, and God. If

of the way, they are together become un- cannot be improved; there is no good thing please we will read the Scriptures together, profitable; there is none that doeth good, no, in it; it is only evil continually. (Gen. vi. 5, and try to find the truth there; and may the not one." Apply this to yourself, and you viii. 21.) You may patch the old garment, Holy Ghost, the great teacher of the Lord's must see, that, in the sight of God, you are as many are now doing, but it is of no use, it

is “filthy rags” when you begin with it; and people, direct us to such portions as may be an unclean thing. (Job xiv. 4.) of use to you; and may you be led to see the S. Then why was the law given? Of what

it will be "filthy rags” when you have done truth, and to rejoice in it. Remember it is use is the law, if I cannot be saved by keep- has proved it fit for nothing but to be cast

best. (Isa. lxiv. 6; Zech. iii. 3.) He the truth that makes men free. (John viii. ing it?

I read in Rom. x. 5, “For Moses

You may paint it and polish it as you 32.) This book is not filled with men's describeth the righteousness which is of the notions about heaven or earth, good or bad, law, that the man, that doeth those things still. You may succeed in your attempts to

please, you can't improve it; it is “flesh" right or wrong; but with the mind and will shall live by them.”

give it a fine outside appearance, so as to deof God; and that is truth. Will you turn R. If you have kept the whole law, you ceive yourself and those about you. with me to Eph. ii. 3: “Among whom we will most certainly be saved by it; there is all had our conversation in times past in the no law against you; but you have confessed upon it, and all round it, but it is a grave

may garnish a grave, and make flowers grow lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the to me that you are a sinner, that you have still; and death reigns beneath; so it is with flesh, and of the mind, and were by nature failed in your attempt to keep the law; and the flesh.” the children of wrath, even as others.” This as sin is the transgression of the law, (1 John settles the point as to how you became a iii . 4,) and you feel that you have broken to make myself acceptable to God? Surely


S. Tell me, can I not do some little thing child of wrath. You are such by nature. the law, you stand condemned by it; to you, if I am sorry for my past sins, and forsake Your very nature is so bad that you are fit therefore, the law can be nothing at all

, but them; if I now turn to God and keep all His for nothing but to be cast into the fire of a ministration of death; (2 Cor. iii. 7.) you commandments from this moment to the day God's wrath. You need not lay the blame cannot by any means get life from it.

my death, I shall be saved. on your friends, or on anything but yourself. that you may be clear on the point of law, It is not your works, let us read James ii

. 10: "For whosoever shall broken the law already? It is of no use for

R. But, my dear friend, have you not even, that have made you what you are. keep the whole law, and yet offend in one They are the fruit of your evil nature; and point, he is guilty of all." Now turn to you to talk about getting salvation by that so many proofs that the tree is corrupt. Mark xii. 30, 31, and there you will see what

law which you have broken, and which can This you will see if you turn to Matt. xv. 19: the law requires : “The first of all the com- have committed murder; the judge finds him

only condemn you. Now suppose a man to “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, mandments is, Thou shalt love the Lord thy murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, guilty, and passes on him the sentence of witness, blasphemies." Remember also that and with all thy mind, and with all thy It is all true, I am guilty, and deserve to

death ; when the man stands up and says, your heart is not a something distinct from strength: this is the first commandment. yourself , it is your nature-yourself —which And the second is like unto it, namely this

, die; but I am truly sorry for my sin, and am is in the New Testament so often called Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

determined not to commit murder again; I cflesh.” Now let us turn to Jer. xvii. 9: Now, my friend, apply this law to yourself; hope, therefore, that you will allow me to “The heart is deceitful above all things, and if there has been a moment in life when

Now tell me, what do you think would desperately wicked; who can know it?” This, you loved yourself, your pleasures, your

be the judge's answer? my friend, is what God says about you; and friends, or anything more than God, you are

S. I suppose if he replied at all, he would You may seek to hide this de- guilty; you have broken the greatest com- say, “You are found guilty, and you must formity. Your heart may tell you, or rather mandment God ever gave to man.

I need die; your sorrow for the past, and your proyou may tell yourself

, this or that, and you not stop to apply the second commandment, mises as to the future, go for nothing at all may promise to do many good things; but as you know that you have failed in loving in this court of justice." you are not to be believed; you cannot be all your neighbours as much as you love R. Just so. Now take another illustration. trusted; you are deceitful above all things. yourself . Now mind, the raw knows nothing Suppose a man to be in debt to a shopkeeper

, God says so, and His word is truth.

of pardon; it makes no provision for those and because he does not pay all that is due, S. Why this is worse and worse. There is who fail in their obedience to its precepts, its he is summoned to the county court, where more work to be done than I was at all aware language is, obey and live. And as you have the debt is fully proved, and he is told that of. Do tell me what I must do to make my not obeyed, its language to you is, Thou shalt | he must pay it, or go to prison. But the man






You are to blame.


it is truth.


R. Just so.

save me?

says, “I am truly sorry for this debt, and I evil from the beginning; even that which you added, “Since that time, sir, I thank God, feel unable to pay it; but I promise you thought was good and praiseworthy, and in I have feared an oath, and everything never to get in debt again.” What do you which you rejoiced, you now find to have think the judge would say to him?

been only evil. Your sin and guilt have be- that is offensive to the Divine Majesty. I S. Oh, I see clearly the man must pay the come a heavy burden, which is crushing you rejoiced at seeing you, and could not redebt or go to prison; keeping out of debt into the earth; and so far, all your efforts to frain from expressing my gratitude to God time to come does not pay the debts already get free have been fruitless. Now when you and to you.”

Let our fellow Christians be encouraged Now I want you to see that itself

, leaving you free and happy, rejoicing your sorrow for past sins, and your promises with “joy unspeakable and full of glory." to act upon the word of God: "Have no to live a holy life can do nothing for you. (1 Pet... 8.) You will then be dead to the fellowship with the unfruitful works of Hear what the Word says, “The soul that sin- | law which now condemns you (Rom. vii. 4); neth, it shall die.” (Ezek. xviii. 20.) “By the and you will receive a new spiritual life which darkness, but rather reprove them.”

flows from union with the risen Jesus Christ deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in His sight.” (Rom. jii. 20.) Now tell will then be your life, and God will regard“I will never leave thee, nor for

sake thee." me, what do you think is meant by “the you as dead and risen with Christ. (Col. iii.

1-3; Eph. ii. 5, 6.) I do not mean that the Mr. Dodd, one of the old Puritan divines, deeds of the law ?

flesh will be improved. God does not imS. Doing what it requires; is not that its prove the old nature, but He gives His peo

had his house at one time plundered of meaning? R. Yes, that is it. Now observe, this word From the time when you receive Christ, you tress about it. “Wife,” said he, “be not

ple a new, a "divine nature.” (2 Pet. i. 4.) all he had. His wife was in great dissays, “ by the deeds of the law there shall will be regarded, not as in the flesh, the flesh no ftesh be justified in His sight.” “No flesh.” will be in you; and you will need the whole troubled; I have a bond yet to live upon.” Not even that which is sincere, and means well; not even that which is strictly attentive it down; but you will be in Christ, and your bond in the Hebrews; ‘I will never leave

armour of God to battle with it, and to keep “What bond?" said she. “Why, this to all its duties; no flesh can be saved. It is life and strength will be from Him. You are thee, nor forsake thee? eut off, and cast out, and you cannot by any now like a man sailing in a ship, of which he

Come, let us means bring it in again. S. But if I become religious, will not that has been very proud, and in which he placed put this bond into suit; let us go to

great confidence; but he now finds she is prayer.” The next morning the neigh

leaky and cannot be repaired; his confidence bours sent him more than he had lost. R. No; the flesh can be very religious; it in her is all gone, and he is ready to despair, can read the Bible, pray, fast, give alms, expecting every moment to be his last, when

A Christian lady in Yorkshire, sitting preach, and do many wonderful things; and

a life-boat is brought to the ship's side, on one morning down to breakfast, was very after all must hear the Lord say, I never seeing which he abandons the old ship, leaps forcibly impressed with the feeling that knew you; depart from me.” (Matt. xxv. 41.) into the life-boat, and reaches the land in she should carry a loaf of bread to a poor The apostle Paul was a religious man long safety. The flesh is that old ship; you have before his conversion, as you will see if you long been trying to repair it, and to make it man, who lived about half a mile from

her read the following Scriptures. (Acts xxvi. 5; safe and good ; and you now find that every house, by the side of a common.

Her Gal. i. 13, 14.)

piece of timber is gone to decay, and cannot husband wished her to delay, or to send S. This is strange doctrine; if you had by any means be repaired. You are now it by a servant, but she determined to given this as your doctrine, I would not have sure it can never carry you to heaven, and received it; but as you give me every thing you ask what you are to do? Christ is the take it at once herself. from the Bible, I know that book is true. life-boat; He is now at your side, saying, As she approached the hut, she heard But how am I to be saved? I really feel as I “Come unto me, I will give you rest.” (Matt. the poor man praying thus —"O Lord, I have been many years xi

. 28.) Leave that old ship, put yourself in help me. Lord, thou wilt help me, thy trying to mend my life, and to repair my the hands of Christ, and you are safe. character; thinking by this means to win

promise cannot fail; and although my

(To be continued.) God's favour, and to get eternal life. But I

family have no bread to eat, and it is have lost all confidence in myself. The words A Swearer Reproved. now a whole day since we had any, I to which you have directed my attention, THERE is an interesting anecdote told of know thou wilt supply me, though thou show that I am all wrong. I seem to myself to be a mass of corruption.

What must I the father of John Wesley, of how he shouldest rain down manna from heado? You have cut away every twig by which rebuked a profane swearer, and the bless-ven.” I was holding; you have removed every stone ed result afterwards.

The lady could wait no longer, and on which I was standing; you have left me

While in a coffee-house, in London, opening the door, said, “Yes, God has nothing; all is gone, and I am lost. Do tell me, is there any way of salvation for a wretch one day, he was greatly annoyed by an sent you relief. Take this loaf, and be

officer of the Guards, who swore dread- encouraged to cast your care upon Him R. I am so glad to hear you say that you fully in a company at the other end of who careth for you; and when you ever have lost all confidence in the flesh, or in

Mr. Wesley knew not well want a loaf of bread, come to my house." yourself, which is the same thing. anxious for you to come to the end of your-what to do at first. At length he called self; because you cannot receive Christ as the waiter to bring him a glass of water.

The Ground of Faith. your entire Saviour until brought to feel your “Now," said he, aloud, “carry it to that The promise of pardon is the ground own utter helplessness. iii. 3: “For we are the circumcision who wor- gentleman in the red

coat, and desire him and reason of our believing. Therein is ship God in the Spirit, and rejoice in Christ to wash his mouth after his oaths.” The the grace brought. Therein do the truth Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh." officer rose in a fury, determined to be and faithfulness of God appear. And If the flesh could by any process, however revenged, but one of his friends laid hold the apostle saith, “Faith cometh by hearyou might have some confidence in it; of him. “Nay, Colonel," said he, “you ing” this word of promise, that is but this passage shows that those who are gave the first offence: you see the gentle: wrought by it. (Rom. x.) And he optaught of God have no confidence in the

man is a clergyman. You know that it flesh. And yet they are happy, indeed they is an affront to swear in his presence." Poseth the works of the law and the are the happiest people on the earth. They

hearing of faith in justification. (Gal. iii. rejoice in Christ Jesus; they do not rejoice in Thus Mr. Wesley escaped his anger. their attainments, or their improvements. The word was not spoken in vain. 2, 5.) And what is that “acceptation" As we have seen, they have found themselves Some years afterwards, being again in but of faith which he speaks of ? (1 Tim. in Christ's love to them, and in His work for London, and walking in St. James's Park, i. 15.) And what doth it "accept” but them. They see in Christ the highest possi- a gentleman joined him. Entering into that faithful gospel saying, that Christ ble expression of God's love, and this casts conversation, he asked Mr. Wesley if he Jesus came into the world to save sinners?" out all their fear, and gives them peace. recollected him. He did not. The The grace of God working in this proWhat I advise you to do, is just to receive Christ, and then you will be freely and fully gentleman then recalled to his remem- mise hath wrought faith in the hearts of forgiven. You feel that your life has been brance the scene at the coffee-house; and thousands.


like me?

the room.

I was

Now turn to Phil.

Change in Dispensation.
high priest was obliged to offer for his

Get thee hence,-hide thyself. “I see it now, I see it clearly,” said a own sins, was always standing, because Elijah the Tishbite was commanded

his work was never done, and had to by God to leave the court of Ahab, in Christian gentleman who had long had

remember the sins of the people over these remarkable words, “Get thee hence, confused views of truth; “I see now there

again once every year. The Lord Jesus, and turn thee eastward, and hide thyself is a change in dispensation."

the High Priest now, was of the tribe of by the brook Cherith, that is before JorBefore this, he did not clearly dis- Judah, and is of the Melchisedec order, dan.” (1 Kings xvii. 3.) During the past tinguish between Law and Gospel, Israel

was appointed by an oath, continueth ever, few weeks I have been led to contemplate and the Church, things earthly and and is unchangeable. He had no sins of these words, as containing most salutary heavenly; but now he learned from the His own to put away, because He is “holy, directions to various classes of persons Scriptures that there was a change in harmless, undefiled, separate from sin- whoin I have met. In this article I dispensation.

ners, and made higher than the heavens;" | purpose employing them as a motto. And so there is. While God changes and so perfect is His work, that after He

ELIZA CARTER has been brought, not, He is pleased in His sovereignty at had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, through the instrumentality of the preachone time to give a holy law from the He sat down on the right hand of the ed word, under deep convictions of her burning mount, and bid all, under penalty Majesty on High. (Heb. vii. viii. x. 11, 12.) state as a sinner before God. She has of death, to keep far of'; and at another 3. WORSHIP. In the last dispensation, been led to see herself as vile, lost, and time to send forth His beloved Son with Jerusalem was the place of worship; the ruined, the consequence of which is, she words of pardon and blessing to all that thick vail excluded the worshipper from is distracted in her mind; and wandering come to Him. God chose the former to the presence of God, and no one could to and fro, enquires, "What must I do shew how great a sinner man is (Rom. v. enter into the holiest of all but the high to be saved?” Eliza, permit me to an20); He chose the latter to shew that He priest once a year, and that only with swer your question in the language of loved him, though a sinner, and could blood and incense. The Holy Ghost the gospel, “BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus save him.' (1 Tim. i. 15.) It was once moved some holy men to speak. In this Christ, and thou shalt be saved." You God's good pleasure to call an earthly dispensation, worship is purely spiritual, reply, “I would believe, but my heart is people, the nation of Israel, to serve Him no earthly place of worship is recognized, so hard; my love is so cold; and I am on earth; but now it is God's sovereign the vail is rent, we enter into the holiest afraid I am so sinful that I cannot repent will to call sinners (in grace) into fellow- by the blood of Jesus. All within the enough." All you say about yourself ship with Himself in heavenly places. vail are priests. The Father is the object may be, and is all true; but you are not In this dispensation He is calling out of of worship, Jesus the new and living way, to look at self, you are to look right away the Gentiles “a people for His name" and the Holy Spirit, who now dwells in from self altogether, and to look only to (Acts xv. 14); in the next dispensation every believer, the power of worship. Jesus. "Get thee hence" from self, from He will“ gather together in one all things The Lord Jesus so marked the change in thy hard heart, from thy lack of sorrow in Christ, both which are in heaven, and worship, that He said, “The hour cometh on account of sin, from the weakness of which are on earth." (Eph. i. 10.) when ye shall neither in this mountain, thy love, "get thee hence" from all these,

The great changes between the past nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father and go "hide thyself" in Jesus. You and present dispensations are plainly set ......But the hour cometh, and now is, have nothing whatever to do with sin, forth in the New Testament in different when the true worshippers shall worship because Jesus has made an end of sin, points of view. Let us look at some the Father in spirit and in truth; for the and finished transgression. Eighteen of them.

Father seeketh such to worship Him.” hundred and sixty years ago, Christ set1. As to SACRIFICE. In the last dis- (John iv. 23. See also Heb. x. 19-22.)

tled the matter of sin on the cross, at pensation, there were many sacrifices, 4. Calling. In the last dispensation, “the place which is called Calvary." You often repeated. They were the remem. God called a people from Egypt to are to trust Jesus, to "hide thyselfin brancers of sins, but never "put away Canaan, with promise of earthly inheri- Jesus. Because you are such a sinner, sin.” They could not "make the comers tance. Now God calls, by His gospel, therefore is Jesus Christ such a Saviour thereunto perfect," nor enable them to with a high, holy, and heavenly calling, as you need. While you contemplate

draw near" to God as having “no more blessing us with all spiritual blessings in self, you will discover neither peace nor conscience of sins.” In this dispensation, heavenly places in Christ, having quick- comfort; but the moment you get hence we have one sacrifice, once offered, never ened us together with Him, and raised us from yourself, and hide in the finished

work of Christ, you will discover that He needing to be repeated. Blood so pre- up together, and made us sit together in is your peace and comfort. You are not cious, and so entirely taking away sins, heavenly places. (Eph. i. ii.)

to expect to find any ground of peace that God says, “Your sins and your 5. HOPE. The true hope of the last within self. “Get thee hence,- hide thy. iniquities will I remember no more;” thus dispensation was Messiah, the Son of self” in Jesus, who is of God made unto purging the conscience, and enabling the David, coming to set up His kingdom on requires. "Get thee hence,--hide thyself

the sinner, all that he, as a sinner,

" the worshipper to enter with boldness earth, and reign before His ancients in Jesus, thus shall you find a Divine into the holiest of all. The change of gloriously. The blessed hope of this righteousness—a finished atonementdispensation is so marked, that we are dispensation is that Christ will come, sure confidence—an unchanging friend told that “He taketh away the first, that change our vile bodies, and raise us up a perfect justification-a complete sancHe may establish the second. In the to meet Him in the air, to be for ever

tification — an entire redemption- for former God had no pleasure, with the with the Lord. (John xiv. 3; 1 Thess. JOSEPH EARNEST has been for some latter He is well pleased. (Heb. x. 1–22.) iv. 16, 17.)

time labouring to bring the Gospel before 2. PRIESTHOOD. The apostle says, “the These are only some of the points of the attention of his acquaintances. This priesthood being changed,” &c. How is difference, but enough has been advanced is right; but, alas, Joseph has become it changed? The Aaronic order of to shew that there really is a change in lifted up, by pride, and thus has marred

his work. Joseph, Joseph, “Get thee priesthood was of the tribe of Leri, ap- dispensation. May the Lord help His hence

, - hide thyselfor thy work will pointed without an oath, did not continue, children rightly to divide the word of not be acceptable to Jesus. God's chilpassed from one person to another; the truth, and serve Him acceptably! dren must ever strive against the pride

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Christ is all and in all.

may be seen.

their Saviour.



of self, for until self be hidden, Christ His life, and meditate long upon it, and strive been gradually drawing nearer and nearer, cannot be seen. If I am to expect God's to bring all the circumstances before their appearing larger and brighter as he apblessing on my labours, I must get hence minds, and imagine how He thought and felt proached; and now he fills the full hemisphere, from all self-glory, self-boasting, and self- at the time. At first all will appear confused pouring forth a flood of glory, in which I trust; I must hide self that Jesus alone 2.nd indistinct ; but let them continue to look seem to float like an insect in the beams of O'tis sad that Christians steadily, and the mists will disappear, and the sun, exulting, yet almost trembling, while

their hearts will begin to burn with love to I gaze on this excessive brightness, and wonshould labour for Christ with selfish motives. Did I say, “labour for Christ,” life of Christ should be thus reviewed every should thus shine on a sinful worm..

At least one scene in the dering, with unutterable wonder, why God I made a mistake; rather should I have day, if the Christian hopes to find his love to Oh my sister, my sister! could you but know said, 'tis sad that Christians should im- his Redeemer increased.”

what awaits the Christian; could you know agine they are labouring for Christ, when

His public labours were now nearly over, only so much as I know, you could not refrain tis evident, from their manner, they are but he was daily and hourly uttering some from rejoicing, and even leaping for joy. but seeking the glory of self. Dear child thing to rouse the careless, or for the in- Labours, trials, troubles, would be nothing; of God, when thou art working in the struction, edification, and comfort of God's you would rejoice in afflictions, and glory in Lord's vineyard, hear the voice saving, children.

tribulations; and like Paul and Silas, sing Get thee hencefrom all selfish motives, To his daughter he said, “There is nothing God's praises in the darkest night, and in the and from all dependence on thine own in which young converts are more prone to deepest dungeon. You have known a little strength, and go "hide thyself," that err, than in laying too much stress upon their of my trials and conflicts, and know that they Christ alone may be seen, and God only feelings. Christ says

, “If ye love me keep have been neither few nor small; and I hope

my commandments.” It would be well for this glorious termination of them will serve glorified. To each and all of my readers I would

us to pay more attention to our conduct, to strengthen your faith and hope.

and prove the depth of our feelings by our “And now my dear, dear sister, farewell...... say, "GET THEE HENCE, from sin, which obedience.

A few days longer, and you will meet in has ruined thee; from the world, which is a foe to God; from self, which will ever him, he said, “The most important direction To some new converts who called to see heaven your happy and affectionate brother.

E. P.” keep thee in bondage; from thy feelings, I can give you is, to spend much time in To one friend who called to see him he which are ever changing; "HIDE THY- reading the Scriptures, and in conversing with said, “I rejoice, I triumph, and this happiness SELF" in Jesus who waits to receive God. If you wished to cherish the remem- will endure as long as God Himself, for it sinners, and who said “HIM THAT COMETH brance of an absent friend, you would read consists in admiring, and adoring Him. I can TO ME, I WILL IN NO WISE CAST OUT." over his letters, meditate on his acts of find no words to express my happiness.

T. W. M. kindness to you, and look at any tokens of seem to be swimming in a river of pleasure, affection which he might have left you.”

which is carrying me on to the great Last Days of Edward Payson.

In answer to a question, “ Are better fountain."
than you were?" he replied, "Not in body, To a young Christian he said,

6 You will Parts of his body, including his right arm but in mind I am better. If my happiuess have to go through many conflicts, and trials; and left side, were strangely affected during continues to increase, I cannot support it you must be put in the furnace, be tempted the last months of his life. They were inca- much longer.” On being asked whether his and tried, in order to shew you what is in pable of motion, and without any sense of views of heaven were clearer and brighter your heart. Sometimes it will seem as if feeling externally; while in the inward parts, than ever before, he said, “Why, for å few Satan had you in his power; and that the thus affected, he felt, at intervals, a most moments

, I may have had as bright; but more you struggle and pray against sin, the intense burning sensation, which he compared formerly iny joys were tumultuous; now all more it prevails against you; but when you to a stream of liquid fire, coursing through is calm and peaceful.” At another time he are thus tried and desponding, remember me;

And in addition to his acute said, “God deals strangely with His creatures I have gone through all this, and now you sufferings from this source, he was frequently to promote their happiness. Who would see the end." visited with the most violent attacks of have thought that I must be reduced to this And yet he placed no confidence in his nervous headache.

state, helpless and crippled, to feel the high- own holiness, or indeed in anything of his It was with great reluctance that he re-est enjoyment ?” To another he said, “You own; for just before his death he said, “I linquished preaching. The spirit was willing ought to feel happy, all ought to feel happy find no satisfaction in looking at anything I long after the flesh had failed; but the decree who come here, for they are within a few have done; I want to leave all this behind, it forth that he must die.

steps of heaven.”

In the same conversation is nothing, and fly to Christ to be clothed in On the first of July he attended a public he repeated that sweet verse, “ Thy sun shall his righteousness.

I have done nothing meeting in his chapel, and after a sermon

no more go down, neither shall the moon myself, I have not fought, but Christ has from his assistant, he rose and addressed his withdraw itself: for the Lord shall be thy fought for me; I have not run, but Christ people thus :

everlasting light, and the days of thy mourn has carried me; I have not worked, but “Ever since I became a minister, it has ing shall be ended.” Turning to a lady who Christ has wrought in me. Christ has done been my earnest desire that I might die of stood by he said, “ Do you not think this is all.” some disease which would allow me to preach worth travelling over many high hills and No doubt many who read this paper will a farewell sermon to my people; but as it is difficult places to obtain ? Give my love to say, “Let me die the death of the righteous, not likely that I shall be able to do this, I my friends at B., and tell them that all I ever and let my last end be like his.” The writer will now try to say a few words; which may said in praise of God falls infinitely below the prays that all who read these lines may be the last I shall ever address to you. the truth.” About the same time he said, finish their course with joy, as did Edward

“And now, standing on the borders of the “When I used to read Bunyan's description Payson; and he would remind his readers eternal world, I look back on my past minis- of the land of Beulah, where the sun shines, that in order to finish they must begin. try, and on the manner in which I have and the birds sing night and day, I doubted That which ends well has had a beginning. performed its duties; and oh! my hearers, if whether there were any such place; but now But as many wish to die in the Lord, who you have not performed your duties better my own experience has convinced me of it, care nothing at all about living in Him, the than I have mine, woe! woe! be to you, and it infinitely transcends all my previous writer would most affectionately warn all

have an Advocate in heaven. We conceptions; I think the happiness I enjoy is who have not yet fled to Christ for refuge, have lived together twenty years, and I have similar to that enjoyed by the spirits of just that they must perish if they do not hide given you at least two thousand warnings. men before the resurrection.” At a time themselves in Him; for the great day of God's I am now going to give an account how they when the sufferings of his body were very wrath is coming, and none will be able to were given; and you, my hearers, will soon great, he dictated a letter to his sister, in stand but those who stand in Christ. have to give an account how they were re- which he said, “Were I to adopt the figura

Thus saith the Lord Jesus:ceived. One more warning I will now give tive language of Bunyan, I might date this "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that you. Once more I entreat you to fee from letter from the land Beulah, of which place heareth my word, and believeth on Him that

Oh let me have the I have been for some weeks a happy sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not happiness of seeing my dear people attending inhabitant. The celestial city is full in my come into condemnation; but is passed from to their eternal interests, that I may not view. Its glories beam upon me; its breezes death unto life.(John v. 24.) have reason to say, 'I have laboured in vain; fan me; its odours are wafted to me; its “ He that believeth on the Son hath everI have spent my strength for daught.'”

sounds strike upon my ears; and its spirit is lasting life; and he that believeth not the At the Lord's table, on the same day, he breathed into my heart. Nothing separates Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God said, “Christians seem to expect that their me from it but the river of death, which now abideth on him.” (John iii. 36.) views of Christ, and their love to Him, will appears but as a little rill, that may be crossed “ Be it known unto you therefore, men and increase without their using the proper at a single step, whenever God shall give brethren, that through this man is preached means. They should select some scene in permission. The Sun of Righteousness bas I unto you the forgiveness of sins; and by

his bones.





the wrath to come.


There was no

CHAP. vii. 1-6.



Him, all that believe are justified from all the Apostle Paul only a means of aggravating covery of our innate depravity. It manithings.” (Acts xiii. 38, 39.)

his sin, and sealing his condemnation. fested the evil in us. It worked, therefore, • There is therefore now no condemnation Ver. 1. “Know ye not, brethren, for I" in our members, to bring forth fruit untó to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk speak to them that know the law;" that death.” It had nothing at all good to work not after the flesh, but after the spirit.” is, the Jews. It was to them the law was upon; and there was no transforming power in (Rom. viii. 1.)

given. If the Gentiles are understood also, it, to allure and conform us to it, as natural “And ye will not come unto me, that ye it is only as having been dogmatically taught men. Bear in mind, as to the expression might have life.” (John v. 40.)

in the legal covenant, or as naturally inclined, fruit unto death," that the Apostle has in “Then said Jesus again unto them, I go (as all men are,) to it. “How that the law this chapter returned to the action of law my way,


shall seek me, and shall hath dominion over a man so long as he upon a man not yet pronounced, as in chap. v., die in your sins; whither I go ye cannot liveth ?” There is no getting from under it, dead in Adam. come...... Ye are from beneath; I am from but by death. It is a covenant bond; an Ver. 6. “But now we are delivered (clear) above: ye are of this world; I am not of engagement undertaken for life.

from the law, having died (this is the right this world. I said therefore unto you, that ye Ver. 2. “For the woman which hath an translation) to that in which we were held;" shall die in your sins; for if ye believe not husband is bound by the law to her husband (some translate, “having died in what we that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” as long as he liveth," &c. There is no disso- were held.") As Christ died under the law, (John viii. 21-24.)

lution for her of the law of marriage, but by and rose clear of it, so we have also, by union I would have you read those Scriptures the death of the husband. Ver. 3. “So then with Him, got clear of it. again and again; and learn from them that if, while her husband liveth, she be (married) loosing of the tie, but by death. The law, of those who come to Christ for life and pardon, to another man," &c. For us to have to do course, knows no death. It stands as true as are the only persons who have eternal life; with law and Christ, works and grace at the ever; but we, being in Christ, are no longer and that all those who refuse to come to Him same time, would be like a woman having two under it. “ That we should serve in newness must die in their sins.

men, one besides her husband; “ but if her of spirit, and not in the oldness of the let

husband be dead, she is free from that law; ter.” (Comp. 2 Cor. iii. 18.) This is the effect Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans. and is no adulteress, though she be (married) of deliverance from the law: upon this de

to another man.” If death comes in and liverance comes a spiritual life, and we serve It may be well before we enter on this chapter,

dissolves the tie, the woman is free for another in its power. Our service is spiritual through

man. The word “married” is not in the ori- out. None else is allowable. God is a Spirit, which is an argument upon the necessity of

ginal. The idea is rather espousals than and we are in the Spirit. There is nothing our being, whether sinner or saint, withdrawn marriage. (2 Cor. xi. 2.) The marriage takes formal or legal in the service of a Christian. from under the law, to recall two or three place in Rev. xix.

Love is the spring, and that knows no form. striking sentences in former chapters, which Ver. 4. “Wherefore, my brethren, ye are

Present Salvation. run so counter to the common opinions of also become dead to the law by the body of men, that they, in a manner, pledged the Christ.” The law is not dead; but we have MY DEAR FRIENDS,—Reading the 5th chapter Apostle to enter further into the whole died, or been made dead to it, by the body of of Mark the other day, where Jesus comsubject.

Christ. Connexion has been destroyed by manded the man from whom He had cast out These sentences are (iv. 15,) “Because the one of the two parties dying, we being con- the unclean spirits to go home and tell his law worketh wrath;” (v. 20,)“ Moreover the sidered to have died when Christ died, " that friends how great things the Lord had done law entered, that the offence might abound;" ye should be (married) to another, even to for him, I thought that it was my privilege, and (vi. 14,) “Sin shall not have dominion Him that is raised from the dead, that we as well as my duty, to tell you of the “hid over you, for ye are not under the law.” It should bring forth fruit unto God.” The treasure” I have found ; in the hope of is out of this latter one that the chapter same Christ who, by dying, disconnected us interesting or helping any you

who springs.

from the law, (this is spoken generally: never be seeking Christ. The King's highway is Not, as we shall find, that the law is sin—theless, we Gentiles should never have come open and glorionsly plain, but we often make pot that it is anything but “holy, just, and into union with Christ, if he had not died it difficult ourselves, by our own self-rightgood;" but, in connection with a sinner it under it;) “ that we should be (espoused) to eousness, unbelief, or fears; and I think provokes, deceives, and causes sin to slay him; another, even to Him, who is raised from the those who have found stumbling-stones in and in regard to a saint, supposing him to be dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto their own walk, should take pleasure in under it, it impedes his service, because it God." There are beautiful typical instances removing them from the “way of peace” yields no power. Excellent in itself, its effect of this in the Old Testament. For instance: into which others may be following. I earupon us is injurious, for its claims are upon a the marriage of Nabal and Abigail was an nestly hope that if you, dear reader, are not nature incapable of satisfying its requirements. unsuitable one. There was no assortment of a believer (and the child of God knows that The business of a Christian is to disallow the affections. Nabal dies, and she marries David, he is one, that he has passed from death old man, and then the law loses its object. the beloved of God, and fruit is the result. unto life), you may, however faintly, be seek

Whatever we may think, and however we Notice particularly that it is connexion with ing the Saviour. If it be so, I rejoice; for may ask God to "incline our hearts to keep Christ risen, that produces fruit.

the Spirit of God alone can have led you to this law,” yet it is a very serious thing to We enter now into the effects of the law, seek Christ, and the Lord has never failed have to do with it; and if we have to do both upon a converted and unconverted per- any that have sought His face...... with it all, we must be under it as a cove-son.

In the two cases the results are dis

When I used formerly to visit in your nant, and not merely as a rule of life. God astrous, as 1st. Upon the unconverted:

street with tracts, I could have done you gave it as a covenant, He wrote upon the Ver. 5. “For when we were in the flesh." no real good. I thought I was doing right, tables the words of the covenant.” (Ex. xxxiv. This, of course, is not said with reference to but I was serving myself and not my Master. 28.) If people put themselves under it, (and, the occasional failures of believers, walking, I could not then tell you to trust Christ, to oh! how willing they are!) it is death. For for the moment, after the flesh--sorrowful lay hold of His glorious salvation, for I had those who were under it, came under the though this be. It does not mean an un- not done so myself

. I could not then pray curse. (Gal. iii. 10.)

devotional frame, or yielding to a wrong dis- for you with faith; but now, as a child of But not only so.

It cannot communicate position, as may happen to the best; but it God, I know I have the Spirit of God who life. It has no help in it. It makes deniands, means the unregenerate state or condition, inspires me, and prays for me the intercesbut gives no strength to meet them. God, which the Roman Christians had passed out sions which God must therefore grant. To therefore, never obtained any glory from it of, as soon as they became Christ's. The law labour in the vineyard, we must know ouron the part of man. There was a necessary applies to this condition. (1 Tim. i. 9.) “ The selves to be labourers, - to share in common disannulling of it, “because of its weakness motions (passions) of sins, which were by the with all God's people the glorious responsiand unprofitableness.” It “made nothing per- law.” No one acquainted with his own heart, bility of being Christ's witnesses, vessels of fect.” (Heb. vii. 18, 19.) Besides which, but must confess that, brought into the pre- faith and prayer, to shew forth His salvation Grace and the works of the law are incom- sence of what is beautiful, if that beauty from day to day, and from house to house. patible. (Rom. xi. 6.) As long as the law makes our own deformity more apparent,

But I must tell you in what way God is in existence, there can be no spirit of there arise in our hearts the passions of envy, “called me out of darkness into His maradoption. (Gal. iii . 13, iv. 5–7.)

jealousy, &c.; feelings unknown until the ob- vellous light, and translated me into the Thus two things happen under the opera-ject appears. Again, the very forbidding to kingdom of His dear Son." tion of the law: Man— the Jew—under it, do a thing, raises up in our hearts not only months ago I was living without God in the gets under the curse; man, enlightened to an enquiry into the nature of the forbidden world. God was not in all my thoughts. I discern its demands, and even delighting in act, but also a desire to disobey. In either should have been glad to know that there it mentally, finds that it cannot yield life or of these ways, it is not difficult to discover was no God. In spite of frequent reminders power. Christ is the life-giving Spirit, and the Apostle's meaning. The law, applied to and warnings of death and judgment, I the Holy Ghost is the power of this life. We nature, brought out all the evil that was, lived solely for pleasure; happy in it, or shall find, therefore, that the law became tol whether or no, there. It assisted in the dis- rather trying to believe myself happy, for

Only a few

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