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The Acorn.

we know not how. At first, it may be as the rious body, according to the mighty working, The physical world abounds in illustrations the fulness that is in Christ Jesus, and watered Himself.” Oh, let us not start and shrink

tiny blade; but nourished by supplies out of whereby He is able to subdue all things unto of things spiritual and eternal; every of grass, each bursting bud, is illustrative by the heavenly husbandman, it pushes up- at dissolution; it is but the appointed process of a thought for God, if only the heart and wards, giving unmistakeable evidence of life; whereby, resolved into its original elements,

nay, more, the little scarce-formed foliage, the glorified body is evolved, just as the imagination of the creature were in harmony with its bright tint, begins to appear, sweetly component parts of the little seed first decay, with God's visible workmanship in external emblematic of the budding fruit of the and afterwards go to form the tree or plant, nature; but alas! the response of praise and


As our eye surveys the bursting leaving no trace behind of the original seminal glory to the great first cause is wanting;

acorn, how marvellous to reflect, that this particle, whence they sprang. “ Thou fool, man's intellect is darkened, his affections little thing is just the weak commencement that which thou sowest is not quickened, exearthly, desiring not the knowledge of God; of that majestic tree, which shall yet spread cept it die.“Though after my skin, worms he is very far gone from original righteous- its branches far and wide; so deeply rooted destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see ness, having wandered to the utmost from in the firm soil as to bear unmoved, the God, whom I shall see for myself, and mine that good and gracious parent, in whom he howling of the pitiless storm, a glorious oak, eyes shall behold, and not another;” our yet “lives, and moves, and has his being." A few days since, there was presented to illustration may, perchance, fail; for it is saints is precious, kept in the covenant till

the king of the forest! Here, indeed, our filesh shall rest in hope;" the dust of His my notice a little bursting acorn, which had

possible that the germinating acorn may be the perfect consummation, both of body and shot its stem upwards, having been gathered blighted, and never go on into perfection; soul, in His eternal and glorious kingdom. by a dear friend, and placed in an open

not so the heavenly seedling, endowed with a Methinks we might follow up these musings with the intention of watching its further

power which causes the soul to burst those suggested by our little acorn, as illustrative development. The interesting circumstance bonds that once confined it, and which, though of the conflict between the vital and germisuggested two or three ideas, which it

oppressed, would fain expand in all the graces nating principle of Divine grace, and its perhaps be worth while to note down, ere yet of the new-born spirit, made partaker of the manifold hindrances from an evil nature obthe evanescent shadows of passing thoughts - Divine nature," the seed of God which re-structing its actings, and yet, the former have flitted over the waving field of ever busy maineth in him; the believer is planted here gaining the victory; or again, we might still imagination.

in the house of the Lord," and shall, one pursue our meditations, as it regards the disFirst, then, does not this little unsightly day, “ flourish in the courts of our God;” proportion between the comparatively small bulb, enclosing within its compass the embryo grace in the wilderness being the sure earnest measure of grace attained by even the most of some mighty forest oak, vividly illustrate of glory in the kingdom of grace. Yes, the new advanced saint here below, and the glory to that cardinal truth, the key-stone of our holy nature is an indestructible thing, perfect in its be revealed in them when they shall awake faith; viz., federal headship, covenant repre-essence; for it is “ Christ in you, the hope of up in His likeness, and be forever satisfied sentation; or, in simple words, the one fact

glory"--" Christ formed in you"- “ Christ therewith, &c., &c. of the whole human family being, so to speak, dwelling in your hearts by faith.”

But enough, let these

The pro- thoughts suffice; they embody truths most enclosed in Adam, our first parent, from whom, mise is sure to all the seed, although it doth solemn, most precious, entering into the sum as from the parent stock, springs the mighty not yet appear what we shall be, but we know and substance of all that we believe, extree of future generations, as well as the more that, when He, who our life, shall appear, perience, and still hope for! 'Oh, that the precious verity, its counterpart in blessing, then shall we also appear with Him in glory." lineaments of the Divine image may be namely, the inheritance of the redeemed family in Christ, the glorious head and representative, lization of this truth, to receive the "

Eternal Spirit! cause us, in the lively rea- deepened within us, through the power that

end of wrought in Christ, when raised from the dead the "second man," the “Lord from heaven," from whom springs the seed, the generation and, looking for the day of triumph, may we our faith, even the salvation of our souls;" by the glory of the Father, that we may live,

" yet not we, but Christ may live in us, given of the Father. This is the mystery confidently sing the Lord's song in this house we in Him, as our blessed surety and reprewhich liath been hid from ages, and from of our pilgrimage, and—

sentative, “waiting for the adoption, to wit, generations; man lost in Adam, saved in Christ! O solemn thought! each unit of those

“Clap our hands exulting,

the redemption of our body," when shall be In thine Almighty favour;

brought to pass the saying, “Death is swalmyriads of beings, who are borne along the

lowed up in victory." rushing stream of time in its ceaseless flow from age to age, is either in Adam, as are all

Shall keep us thine for ever.” by nature, and, as a necessary consequence, Or, as another expresses the same:

Sayings of Rutherford. partaker of his guilt, and its penalty-death;

BUILD your nest upon no tree here,

“Yes, I to the end shall endure, or, in Christ, translated from the power

for you see God has sold the forest to of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear

More happy, but not more secure,

death, and every tree is ready to be cut Son;” united to Jesus, represented by Him,

down, to the end we may flee and mount and as a consequence, partaker of His right

But, once more, has not our little acorn a up, and build upon the rock, and dwell eousness unto justification, with its blessed word to speak of resurrection glory? Did it in the holes of the rock. issue-eternal glory! not lie upon the damp cold earth all through

They lose nothing who can gain Christ. A clear apprehension of this truth, under the winter's snow and frost? apparently a The Christ that saveth you, is a speakthe illumination of the Divine Spirit, unlocks, lifeless thing; but behold! the breath of spring ing Christ; the Church knoweth Him by or is as the key to open those treasures of goes forth, and life circulates throughout the His voice, and can discern His lauguage grace and glory to fallen man, even from the vegetable kingdom to its remotest boundfirst embryo promise, in the day of Adam's we know the fact, we see the evidence, but among a thousand. sin and shame, to the ultimate development how it is, we cannot tell. Even the little dry

Look for crosses, and while it is fair of the mystery of godliness, when, unto the plant, shut up in some room, apart as we weather, mend the sails of the ship. principalities and powers in heavenly places may fancy from the influence of atmospheric Men talk of Christ by the book and shall be known by the Church, the manifold changes, feels the new fresh impulse of vi- tongue, and no more; but to come nigh wisdom of God. Hence, as from a fountain, Itality, and begins to sprout; and our acorn, Christ, is another thing:

Our rock doth flow those streamlets of covenant mercy, enveloped, though it may have been in the not ebb and flow, though your sea doth. which, issuing from the throne of God and of yet mouldering remains of the decayed leaves Christ is a tree of life, green and blosthe Lamb, descend to refresh and gladden of autumn, starts into life, and bursts its little the city of God, the holy place of the taber- shell! Oh, precious thought! balm of the soming, both summer and winter.

Holiness is not Christ; nor are the nacles of the Most High.” Holy Comforter! bereaved heart! sweet harbinger of that unfold this precious mystery with personal bright day, when Ile whom we love shall blossoms and flowers of the tree of Life, witness to our souls, that we are "in Him send forth His creative breath, and His dead the tree itself. that is true;" and then shall “our fellowship shall live! • Awake, and sing, ye that dwell

Put Christ's love to the trial, and put be with the Father, and with His Son Jesus in dust, for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, upon it burdens, and then it will appear Christ," and our joy shall be full!

and the earth shall cast out the dead.” Thy I love indeed. But to return to our theme; this little dead shall live, with my dead body shall they Faith hath not a voice beyond Christ's acorn, unlovely thing as it is, who could arise.” Yes, the vital impulse shall be felt, merits; blood, blood, your surety's dear ever imagine that it contained any seminal even to creation's utmost bound; it matters blood, maketh that sure work. particle, any principle of vitality-did not not, whether entombed beneath the massive

I should weigh lighter than vanity in subsequent evidence attest the fact? But, pyramid, or in the mighty deep, the vernal Christ's balance, if my Lord cast not in lo! it bursts, and a tiny stem is pushed up-breath of His creative power shall go forth; borrowed weight and metal; even Christ's but fresh green leaflet

. Have we not here athe many tears of sorrow's dreary night, righteousness to weigh for me. lively figure of the new principle, implanted shall be raised in incorruption, on the bliss- Creep under the Lord's wings in the by the Spirit, in regeneration? The incorrup- ful morrow of eternal 'joy! This “vile great shower, and the water cannot reach title seed, the plant of Divine grace springs, body shall be fashioned like unto His glo-1 thee.

M. C.

The love Divine,

Which made us thine,

As sure as the earnest is given;

The souls of the blessed in heaven."

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The nobleman frankly confessed he in a few years, rejoice; but Philip did no KOT All orders should be addressed to the Pub- did not; he made no pretence about it; such thing. Philip's “news” made him Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. Morgan & CHASE, he might have frowned at poor Philip, glad at once, and not only made him Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

or called him a hypocrite, or told him he glad, but the angels in heaven that day All Communications, Donations, Books for Re- had no right or authority to speak, as he rejoiced over the Eunuch ; they saw he view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the Editor of the Erangelist," care of Mr. Yapp, 70, was not a priest. But the great man was had turned from the world to believe in Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

a humble-hearted man, and he asked Jesus, and the angels had no doubt that

Philip to help him, if he knew anything God would take care of the Eunuch, after Death - Bed Repentance.

about it, and he made Philip take a seat that they rejoiced in heaven. An American physician stated, that he

in his carriage. Philip gladly stepped Now, what had the Eunuch done to had known 100 or more instances of per- into the carriage, and we are told by the save himself ? He was reading his Bible sons, who in prospect of death, had been Holy Spirit that Philip preached to the when a man spoke to him—told him apparently converted, but had subse- Eunuch, that is, he explained the liii. of good news which he believed on the spot, quently been restored to health. Out of Isaiah to him, and showed that the one and the same afternoon you might have them all he did not know of more than who was to come, and to suffer, and to seen that Eunuch with a rejoicing face three who devoted themselves to the

bear our sins, had ALREADY come; HAD and heart, going on his way. service of Christ after recovery, or gave suffered all those things, and had borne

He did nothing to save himself-he any evidence of their genuine conversion. all those sins. The nobleman listens no heard that Jesus had saved him, and he

A pious English physician, once stated doubt with joy and gratitude--can this troubled himself about no signs, no diffithat he had known some 300 sick per- really be already fulfilled? dare I believe cult doctrines, no satanic impediments in sons who, soon expecting to die, had been that “the Lord hath laid on Him the the shape of frames, and feelings; he beled, as they supposed, to repentance of

iniquity of us all?" It is quite true, says | lieved Jesus had jusT DONE the very their sins, and saving faith in Christ

, but Philip, perfectly true; He has come, “by thing that the Holy Ghost said Jesus had eventually been restored to health. His stripes we ARE healed.”

would do, in the 53rd of Isaiah, and he Soon after their recovery they plunged,

Now they are passing a beautiful was a happy-hearted man now, going “on as a general thing, into the follies and

his way rejoicing.” And God was pleased stream, and the nobleman, turning to rices of the world. How very solemn

at his doing so, for it is the Lord God Philip, says, “What doth hinder me to are such records!

himself who tells us this anecdote. be baptized ? see here is water."

God tells us this, reader, that some of
What does Philip answer: "If thou be-
A True Narrative.

us who wish to preach--that is, speak lievest with all thine heart, thou mayest." --with the Spirit, should imitate Philip; A LABOURING man, who belonged to one

And he asks him to confess his faith be bold like Philip, tell people simply of the villages of Syria, was travelling in that desert portion of Syria which again, and the nobleman confesses that about Jesus, and induce them to believe

that same Jesus Christ who died to bear and rejoice at once. stretches towards Egypt, when a man of

all our sins and sorrows was God's own God also tells us this anecdote, in high rank, and one in great favour with

order that some of those who read the his queen, drove up alongside of him. The nobleman was engaged in reading,

The carriage is immediately comman- Bible, like the Eunuch, should learn that

ded to stop, and Philip and the nobleman they have only to believe this Jesus to and did not observe the labourer, who

be their own Jesus. (Matt. i. 21.) They both go into the water, and there Philip was enabled to keep up with the carriage,

need not go day after day to hear some baptized him; and the Spirit of God, owing perhaps to the road being some

Philip talking about it; they are asked having other work for Philip to do, forth- by the Holy Ghost, who wrote Isa. liii.

with carried Philip away, and the Eunuch 5, 6, to believe His words at once. The workman listened to what was

saw him no more. read, and although he was poor, and the

"Come,” says the Holy Ghost, “come.” other a man of high authority, yet he

Did the Eunuch get up into his carriage (Rev. xxii. 17.) And “Whosoever be

mourning, seeing that his great preacher lieveth in Ilim shall not perish (says asked him whether he understood what

had left him? No such thing; he had Jesus), but have eternal life.” (John iii. he read. Philip did not think this a

now heard of Jesus, and believed “by 15.) wrong thing to do; he felt justified in His stripes” he was “healed,” and he Dost thou wish to be saved, reader ? speaking to any man on the road; the was joyous and glad.

Then believe in Jesus, as thine own prequestion he put was this, "Understandest

Philip might have told him to believe cious Saviour. thou what thou readest?” and try to be a good man, and perhaps



what hilly.

[ocr errors]

ment."-EccLEs. ix. 7, 8.





the blood of Jesus. God has sent His truth, and joy. A believer must know something of these “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with it has been rejected ; His prophets, have been things for abiding consolation and joy. As long

a merry leart ; for God now accepteth thy works. Let thy persecuted and put to death; most of the apostles as he feels outside the vail, not near to God, not garments be always white; and let thy head lack no oint

were martyred : still God saves sinners that come in His blessed presence, he will not be happy;

to Him through the blood of His Son. Some but when the blessed Comforter shews him that There are many anxious souls that have not

may say, You must do this good work, or that; he is now standing in Christ, inside the vail, peace. We hope that God's Spirit is working but God says, Believe on Jesus, for He will have cleansed by the blood of Christ, and accepted in with them, yet they have not found



and not sacrifice. Those who thus come Him, with every provision made for all the wilyou ask them, they will tell you that they get to Him are waslied in the blood of Jesus, recon- derness journey, then it is he eats his bread with worse and worse, and find themselves further ciled to God, and able to serve Him acceptably. joy, and drinks the soul-cheering wine of the from peace than ever. They say they can some-There must be reconciliation between parties, kingdom with a merry heart. times look to Jesus, but have not peace. Why even if enmity exists only on one side, before How is it that God's dear people do not more have they not peace? Because they have not there can be acceptable service rendered, or peace- rejoice? Because they are not believing the prebelieved that Jesus so completely saves every ful intercourse known between them. The Queen cious words of Christ, not living upon Christ, sinner that comes to Him, that He says, lof this land could not accept the homage and not feeding on Christ, not drawing out of the “Go thy way! thy faith hath saved thee; go in service of a rebel and traitor. No; however fulness of Christ, not apprehending their acpeace !" Blessed be His dear name, Jesus still much she may wish it, the past transgressions ceptance and standing in Christ, not abiding in says, Come! come unto me! He still looks with must be first justly dealt with, before such an Christ, not dwelling within the vail where Christ an eye of pity on poor sinners. He still says, one would be allowed an audience by her our life is, not having communion with God in “Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this Majesty. How much more the thrice-holy God; the Hesh and blood of His beloved Son. Hence book;” and almost the last of the sayings is, before whom the heavens are not clean. “Let him that is athirst come, and whosoever the blessedness of having to do with the God of ful circumstances quickly cast down our spirits,

passing things too much occupy the mind, painwill, let him take the water of life freely.” And, peace, whose own arm, instead of being lifted up our hearts become easily impressed, and our as in the days of His flesh, still He says, Go for our utter destruction, has brought recon- affections allured from those things which are thy way! Doubt no more! Be happy! Go in ciliation, acceptance, and eternal salvation to us, above, where Christ sitteth at the right hand of peace! Sometimes a sin- burdened soul came to

The first words of our text, “Go thy way,” | God.' O my fellow Christians! let us look to Jesus. One woman cast herself down at His have sugrested these thoughts. God accepts the Jesus, cleave to Jesus; let us hold fast our blessed feet in deep, sorrow of heart; she so felt her sin-person described here, and therefore his works. privileges, let us eat our bread with joy, and fulness, and that Christ was the Saviour of such; He cannot accept the works and not the person ; drink our wine with a merry heart; for God now that big tears rolled down her cheeks, and washed for “the prayer of the wicked is an abomination accepteth our works! His blessed feet, and she wiped them with the in His sight.” But those whom God accepts may hairs of her head. Thus she came as an un- well rejoice, because He now not only accepts Let thy garments be always white.” The gar

2. THE BELIEVER SHOULD BE WATCHFUL. worthy, sinful one to Jesus; and He said to her, their persons, but also their works—“God now You are saved; go in peace! With open arms

ments of salvation are pure and spotless. The of love and mercy, He said to sin-oppressed accepteth thy works.”

robe of righteousness is white and clean. The

There are three points more in our text I world through which our wilderness journey lies rest." They did come, and then He said, “Go in would like to touch a little upon, as the Lord is unclean and defiling, and our evil flesh is peace.” The blessed Jesus came to save.

He may graciously help. 1. The believer is called easily acted on by Satan, hence we are ad

to rejoice. 2. To be watchful. 3. To savour of monished to keep our garments unspotted. If will save; none other can save. If you do not come to Jesus, you never will find peace.


our children were attired in white and costly may go to church or chapel, say prayers, and the 1. The believer is CALLED TO REJOICE. garments, and we sent them to walk along å like, but these will not give you peace. Jesus is “Eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine muddy road, we should doubtless charge them the only peace-maker between God and man, the with a merry heart.” He is not to doubt that to be careful how they walked, and to be watchonly peace-giver; hence He is called the Prince his sins are forgiven, and that he is accepted in ful lest they defiled their pure clothing. So our of Peace. Some of you may think you have the Beloved, but to be happy in the knowledge of heavenly Father, having clothed us with the peace, because you do not feel particularly un- these things. Believing the truth of God, he is as- • best robe," tells us that the world through happy; but it is not so. If you awoke at mid-sured that he is not condemned, will not come into which we walk is evil, and lying in the wicked night, and found your bed-room brilliantly judgment, but that he is a child of God, - has one, and charges us to be watchful, so that our illuminated, above any brightness you ever passed from death unto life, and will never garments may be always white. Ah, my friends, beheid, you would tremble, you would fear and perish, because Christ has died and rose again, we have great need to watch and pray, lest we dread lest the day of judgment were come, be- and entered into heaven itself with His own enter into temptation, The defiling world is cause you have not peace with God. When you blood. He stands, therefore, as a pardoned and very ensharing, fleshly lusts are very deceitful, place a friend in the grave, and think how soon accepted sinner, born again of the Spirit; there- and Satan is a mighty deceiver, so that we need you may be laid there yourself, you are not fore God now accepts his works. He is, then, to to watch. Jesus always kept unspotted garhappy-you have not peace. Why? Because eat and drink with joy. lle is to take up the ments. He resisted every temptation, and you have not come to Jesus, and found peace necessary matters of every-day life with a happy quenched every fiery dart of Satan. He never through His precious blood.

No peace!

Be-heart, as unto the Lord. Ile is to rejoice ever- sat in the scorner's chair. He always rejected cause you will not come to Jesus. The vilest more, in everything to give thanks, yea, to re- the counsel of the ungodly. No one on earth sinner may come. Publicans and harlots do joice in the Lord always. This is true Christian ever so loved sinners, and yet He was separate come, and Jesus washes their crimson sins in experience, what the apostle Peter calls, “Joy from sinners. The world could never force an His blood, and says unto them, Go in peace ! unspeakable and full of glory.” But when we entrance into His heart, so that He could truly Nothing can be more simple. It was not the tind' “ bread” and “wine” mentioned in Scrip- say, "I am not of the world.” Froin first to woman's tears that we have referred to, nor herture, we may generally be pretty sure that the last, at all times, and under all circumstances, humility, nor anything else of her own that Holy Spirit is reminding us of Him who said, He kept His garments unspotted. “He knew saved her. No; she simply came to Jesus as a "I am the bread of life -- the bread that I will no sin." But we, alas! even the most watchful helpless sinner, and He saved her. Some people give is my flesh.” This is the Christian's food. of us, have to mourn over defilements on our are constantly thinking or talking about their It is broken bread. As we cannot partake of a garments. It is, indeed, too true. They do get sins, and say they are always coming to Christ loaf of bread, for our bodily sustenance, till it is spotted, they are not always white. as miserable sinners; they have not peace, he broken, so we could not eat of Christ, the bread guarded moments we fail, and are defiled. But cause they do not believe God's word, which of life, till His body was broken; therefore even here again the grace of God meets says, that they are now justified by Christ's blood. Jesus said, prior to the Cross, the bread that I our

sorrow and regret are wiped Other true-hearted people have not peace, because will give. It is the broken boly, ani poured out away by the uplifted hands of our Great High they expect some extraordinary visitation : they blood of Christ, that is now our bread and wine; Priest, and our sighs are hushed by the still say, If I had a particular dram, or heard an and perhaps the greatest blessing we can have, small voice of our Heavenly Father, assuring us angel's voice proclaim that I was saved, I should next to salvation, is a good appetite to the flesh that “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and

But they should not thus speak. and blood of Christ. Nothing can compensate just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from Our ears may deceive us; but we have God's the believer for a lack of this. Christ is our all unrighteousness.” lie tells us of the perword, IIis unfailing truth, the promise of Him daily bread. No Christ, no food. We are blessed petual efficacy of the blood of Christ in mainto rest in, with whom is no variableness nor in Christ with all spiritual blessings, and are taining our fellowship with Him; and while shadow of turning. He declares that He will called to live on Him for constant spiritual sup. reminding us of His holiness in commanding is save to the uttermost them that come to Himplies. When meditating on the written word, to "sin not,” His grace assures us that "if any through Christ; and this should be enough. under the Spirit's teaching, we feed on Christ. man sin, we have an Advocate with the Father, Here is a rock for coming sinners to rest upon, We know nothing of Christ, but as revealed unto Jesus Christ the Righteous.” Thus, by the blood solid ground for peace and happiness; for Go us by the Spirit in the Scriptures. “The words and priesthood of Christ, our communion with thy way! go in peace! are the words of Jesus now that I speak unto you,” said Jesus, “they are God is restored, our defiled consciences are purged, to such. But how fearful is the thought that Spirit, and they are life.” We feed on Christ our garments are cleansed, and we realize again He will say to others, by-and-bye, “ Depart from when we receive His word in faith into our that we have white raiment, though surrounded me, ye cursed !”

Bind him hand and foot, hearts. Hence it is that those who neglect the by an evil and defiling world. and take him away, and cast him into outer leading of the Scriptures have barrenness of We are called to walk with God, therefore we darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing soul. In this, as in every other thing, Christ should be watchful, lest we slide away and fall of teeth."

l'ath left us an example. He emptied himself, from our high places. We should be watchful, Now God- the God of peace – preaches peace and took a servant's form. He lived in continual lest we forget that we are clothed with garments by Jesus Christ. All that He wants of sinners dependance on the Father; therefore He said, of salvation, and covered with a robe of righteousis, that they come to Him about their sins; for “As the living Father hath sent me into the ness, and be found again trying to feed upon He gave His Son to put away our sins with His world, and I live by the Father, so he that carnal husks at the swine trough. We should be own blood. The Holy Spirit convinces men of eateth me, even he shall live by me.” Com- watchful, lest our eye rest upon the world's vain their sinfulness

, and leads them to Christ for munion with God, in the person, work, and glitter, and our heart become attracted by it. We pardon. Come, then, now. Come as sinners, fulness of Christ, as accepted worshippers, made should be watchful, lest we yield to evil sugo iniserable, wretched sinners, and come pleading Inigh by His blood, is the ground of true Christian gestions, and give utterance to unholy words.

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tears of

have peace.


He was


Because on that the Lamb was slain:

We should he watchful, lest we lay down the stretched arms to such as you, saying, “Come

An Indian Chief, shield of faith, and slumber in the arms of un- unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, belief. We should be watchful, lest we lose our and I will give you rest. Only believe -- believe on On a late occasion, a Cherokee Indian chief relish for the sincere milk of the word. We the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved! appeared in the Fulton Street prayer-meeting. shoull watch against everything that hinders

His name was “ White Cloud." our cominunion with God. In a word, we should

The Cross of Christ. seek to keep our garments unspotted; but when

richly attired, as an American gentleman, exdefilement is contracted, we should at once with God has shewn his love to man in numberless cept that his outer coat was of buckskin, very and all uncleanness. May we be diligent, that ways, but all manifestations of Divine power highly ornamented; not in the usual Indian when Jesus comes, we may be found of Him in to the sinner in former times are not in com- style, but with rich work of silk embroidery. peace, without spot and blameless!

parison with that revelation which God made the cut and taste were thoroughly Indian. 3. The BELIEVER SHOULD SAVOUR OF CHRIST of Himself in giving up Him “who knew no On his way to the meeting, he had attracted of the world do not consider themselves full sin, to be sin for us.” Morning beams of light He was uncommonly modest in his appearance

much notice from the children in the street. dressed, unless they have perfumed themselves precede the perfect day, and like as the sun and bearing, and appeared very intelligent. with some pleasant odour, and wherever they go they leave traces of the sweet scent. So the at noon shines the brightest, so the fulness of

He began by saying that he felt it a great true Christian is not only covered with the robe eternal mercy and love shone out in all their blessing to him to be in the Fuiton Street of righteousness, but He is anointed with the glorious brightness from the Cross of our Lord prayer-meeting: “I have,” said he, “a great

heart toward all Christians here. I could One." Hence he is called to witness for Christ, Jesus Christ.

embrace you all, and take you all to my boto shew forth the virtues of Christ, to confess The apostle gloried in the Cross of Christ,

God only knows how it makes me feel Christ. As he vields to fleshly lusts, so the and every believer looking at the Cross of Jesus to stand here and look around on these praySpirit which dwelleth in him is grieved and quenched, and then there will be little of Christ. must likewise glory in it, knowing that through ing people, and think that you come here to It is because of this that so many talk so much the death of God's dear Son eternal life and pray. You pray to go to heaven. Poor Indian Christ ; that some preach a long discourse, and every spiritual blessing are brought to us. whom you love. Poor

Indian loves Him too. if Christ is named at all, He is only brietly re- Beholding by faith those wounds, the sinner You pray to be washed in His blood. Poor ferred to at the close, and others write about sees a bottomless ocean of eternal love flow- Indian must be washed in His blood too. You religious subjects with Christless pages. If such

pray as brothers redeemed by the same Jesus. are regenerate people, it is because their heads ing out towards him. lack ointment, they are living in fleshly energy

Poor Indian comes as a brother, too-redeemed

The Cross! the Cross! O that's our gain, instead of dependance on God the Holy Ghost.

by the same Saviour. I am a Cherokee. My The apostle Paul bids us beware of everything

home is 3500 miles away, in the far west. You

'Twas there our Lord was crucified, which is not after Christ, (Col. ii. 8,) and our

sent the missionaries to my people in 1816.

'Twas there our Saviour for us died. Lord said, “ Whosoever shall CONFESS ME

The white man came with the Bible on one before men, him shall the Son of Man also con- What wondrous cause could move thy heart, arm, and his hymn book on the other, and the fess before the angels of God; but he that DE- To take on thee our curse and smart,

love of the gospel in his heart.

He told us NIETH ME before men shall be denied before

Well knowing we should ever be

that Jesus Christ came into the world to save the angels of God.” Nothing can be more de

So cold, so negligent of thee! cisive, or more plainly shew us that it is not

sinners. The Spirit of the Lord came down merely religious things, or sentiments we are cal- The cause was love. We sink with shame

into the darkest corner of my father's wigwam, led upon to give testimony to, but Christ—Christ Before our sacred Jesu's name;

and said to me, .You are a sinner-you must in the infinite perfections of Ilis person, work, That He should bleed and suffer thus,

believe on Jesus.' He accused me of everyworth, life, way, blood, death, triumphs, and

Because, - because He loved us.

thing. He laid heavy charges at my door. coming. Paul and others, through grace, kept

Felt very bad. Ran away into the deep forest 80 close to Christ, that the savour of His know- The glory of infinite justice and mercy was

-no getting away from very bad heart. The ledge was made manifest by them in every place. displayed in the Cross of Christ. Sin has Spirit say, 'Go to Jesus.' I went to Him and He tells us that he lived by the faith of Christ, brought the punishment of death upon the owned up to it all, and told Him all about it. preached Christ crucified, so manifested Christ, as

He had to be able to say, “for me to live is Christ,” and soul of the guilty, the death of One who was

mercy on me.

I could not speak one wrote a letter, it was full of Christ: his inspired remission of sins. The blessings of pardon, prayer-meeting. Oh, keep it a prayer meeting he looked for Christ's second coming. If he guiltless declares God's righteousness in the word of English, when I was converted....I

cannot tell you how glad I am to be in this us that he was banished to the isle of Patmos for peace and joy, which the believing sinner re- in this great city of New York. I cannot the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus ceives, are made his on account of that speak very good English, but I want to pray. Christ. So we being united to Christ, and indwelt hy the Spirit of Christ, are exhorted to be perfect obedience and full satisfaction which Let us pray.”

He then led in prayer; and such a prayer rooted and built up in Christ, to rejoice in Christ, Jesus gave, who “is the end of the law for to have our conversation as hecometh the gospel righteousness to every one that believeth.” faith, and love, was scarcely ever heard in that

for its childlikeness, thankfulness, simplicity, of Christ, and to wait for His appearing. For these things we need frequent spiritual renew- | 'The broken law and the guilty sinner have room. Some sobbed aloud, and strong men ings, constant supplies of grace, yea, to be filled endless honour through the Cross of Christ. bowed their heads to hide their flowing tears. with the Spirit; thus, our head will lack no vint-God's mercy is “ from everlasting to everlast- That prayer was perfectly indescribable. It

made the deep impression that this Indian was I have said much more to the believer than I ing,” and He spared not His own Son, but

deeply taught of the Holy Spirit.— New York intended, but the deep importance of these points delivered Him up for us all, and in the Cross Observer. would not allow the hastily to pass them by; In of Christ we see the glory of Divine wisdom conclusion, let me kindly say to the reader, Have you peace? If so, I am sure it is through the and power. Jesus, the Creator of all worlds.

The Cross of Christ. blood of Christ. There is no other way. Oh, saved not Himself, because He had power and Rise, O my soul, with thy desires to heaven, unconverted friends! beware of anything else. You cannot honour Christ unless you accept

was willing to save others, not His friends, And with divinest contemplations use Him as your Saviour, and “he that honoureth but those who were enemies to God. Our Thy time, when time's eternity is given: not the Son, honoureth not the Father which sins are enough to sink us into hell, but

And let vain thoughts no more my thoughts hath sent Him." Oh, beware of being religious without a full, free, and everlasting salvation by God in His boundless love bruised Christ for Christ. On your receiving, or rejecting, Christ our iniquities, “and with His stripes we are so live the better, let thy worst thoughts die.

But down in midnight darkness let them lie: crucified for sinners, your eternal destiny depends. healed.” He that believeth not shall be damned. But, perhaps my reader feels himself a heavy-laden

And then, my soul, inspired with holy flame, Dear reader,– Have you seen the glory of

View and review with most regardful eye, sinner; you acknowledge your transgressions, God in the Cross of Christ? A look at Christ and are ready to despair and give yourself up for crucified breaks the rocky heart, and the Sa

That holy Cross whence thy salvation came, lost. The utterances of your anxious heart are

On which thy Saviour and thy sin did die. viour's precious blood applied by faith comforts For in that sacred object is much pleasure, “ Depths of mercy, can there be Mercy still reserved for me? the troubled soul and gives peace.

And in that Saviour is my life, my treasure. Can my God His wrath forbear?

This is a faithful saying, and worthy of
Me the chief of sinners spare?

To Thee, O Jesus, I direct mine eyes,
I have long withstood His grace,
all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the

To Thee mine hand, to Thee my humble knees:
Long provoked Him to His face;

world to sare sinners."
Would not hearken to His calls,

To Thee my heart shall sacrifice;
Grieved Him by a thousand falls."

He took the rebel sinner's place,

To Thee my thoughts, who my thoughts only

And suffered in his stead; Oh, my friend, you need not despair. Jesus

For man! Oh! miracle of grace! died for the ungodly. He is full of compassion.

To Thee myself-myself and all I give, His blood cleanseth from all sin. He saves to

To Thee I die—to Thee I only live. the uttermost; and He still calls with out

E. P.

W. B.


sees :

For sinful man he bled.

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