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much earnestness.

our tract, that Jesus Christ was his best think two men got a little light during our being mad. Such was the estimate of the friend. Oh, that he may find Christ, and be conversation. Oh for more grace! Oh that world's wisdom respecting the Lord of glory, found of Him, then I am sure he will know I were more like the blessed Jesus !

and the Apostle whom He called to His work Him as his best and truest friend.

much more good I might do by living more in We next crossed some fields to visit a communion with God.

by His own voice from heaven, and such is its christian farmer, well known to Mr S

estimate now.

All who seek to follow Christ I am just now very much in want of

money, who introduced me to him as a minister of and have asked the Lord many times to send fully, will be accounted "fools for Christ's the gospel, out of sect, but in Christ. The me some. I know He has heard me, and feel sake.” (1 Cor. iv. 10.) “But God has chosen good farmer said he could not understand how sure of soon having all we need. May I that could be, but that he would like to hear look to thee, thee only, for in the Lord's good wise;" and often makes manifest the power of

the foolish things of the world to confound the me speak about the Scriptures. I spoke time all will come right. to him for some time on the privileges of Jan. 13th. Went yesterday to A—, had His truth through the poorest and most ignothe saints. He thanked me kindly for the more conversation with some of the people ; rant of the sons of men, that no flesh may visit, and accepted some gospel tracts, which gave away many gospel tracts, and promised glory in His presence. (1 Cor. i. 27-29.) he said he would first read and then give to go and preach the gospel on Friday next. The writer was once applied to by a poor him, and to those to whom he may give them. day sent me a post-office order for 20s., from man, who expressed his desire to partake of We next went to the village of T- a sick woman whom I never saw, and whose

the Lord's

many perwhere we spent a long time in visiting from name I do not know. She read my letter in sons would call “a know-nothing." In addihouse to house We met with some poor the Missionary Reporter, and was led to send tion to a weak body, he had an impediment souls who seemed anxious to know what they this help through a Christian brother, who has in his speech, and could scarcely put two ideas must do to be saved.

We most gladly written me a sweet and refreshing letter. pointed them to Jesus Christ as the only Sa- How cheering the thought, that all the Lord's together. As his request occasioned some viour. Oh, that the Holy Ghost may lead people are one. May the Lord bless this surprise, he was asked his reasons for desiring them to build on Him, who is the sure founda- | dear sister.

this privilege. “Because I love Jesus." "Has After leaving T-, we entered a Jan. 15th. After visiting some sick people, Jesus given you peace?" "Yes.” How house I had once visited before, where there I went last night to A— The house was lives an aged woman who is anxious about crammed with people, who seemed to listen to

long have you had peace?” “ Ever since I her soul's salvation ; she was still very un- the word as if they were hearing it for the draw'd (threw) myself upon the Lord, to let happy, but daily reading her Bible, and call- first time. Had much liberty in speaking, He do as He wou'd wi ma." ing on God to save her. I feel no doubt, but and the word seemed to be with power. Gave thought necessary to ask another question. that the Lord is leading her to Himself. We away many gospel tracts, and promised to go The Spirit of God had evidently dictated the spent some time in reading, talking, and pray- again. ing with her. She begged that I would call The Lord sent us 20s. yesterday morning, reply of this poor “know-nothing;" and it may again, and said that she had heard more truth from an unknown friend, living many, many

be questioned whether any other could have from me, than she had heard during her miles away from Derbyshire; and last night conveyed in fewer words all that was needful. whole life. She said that she had not been a friend sent us a basket of apples. Thus It expressed a faith similar to that of the six times to church or chapel, since she was the Lord cares for us, and supplies all our

woman who said, “If I may but touch His a young girl.

wants. Our faith is often tried, but we are We next visited a man that is sick at never forsaken. I feel that as God has called garment, I shall be whole.” (Matt. ix. 21.) W

The Lord enabled us to preach me to serve in the gospel, my temporal wants As a poor sinner, he had believed on the Lord Christ to Him, and he seemed to hear with are His care rather than mine. Mine is a Jesus Christ, and freely cast himself on His

As it was now growing a path of trial, but it is also one of blessing; compassion, love, and mercy. He has since dark, and we had some miles to walk, we it is very sweet to live day by day, looking to been, for many years, a loving witness of the made the best of our way to H, where I God for the supply of all our need. took tea, and spent an hour or two with Mr.

power of the Gospel, commending the truth to

(To be continued, if the Lord will.) S and his wife. I was pleased to hear

all around him, by a blameless walk and conhim tell Mrs. S—, that the day had been to

Jesus Christ's Fools.

versation. Labouring for very scanty wages, him both happy and profitable. Thus ended

on account of bodily infirmity, and living three a very hard day in the service of our Master. It was on the afternoon of a fine summer's May He bless the seed sown, and may it be day, when many persons assembled in a field

miles from his usual place of meeting, he has seen at “ that day," we did not labour in vain.

sometimes, during the severe frost of the past I do feel it a privilege that I, a poor sinner. / near the village of Bow to hear the Gospel, winter, walked three times in one week to saved by grace, should be employed in the being attracted by the norelty of a public service of such a Master. He gives me much baptism. The ministry of the word was atblessing, I suppose it is that, as I am nothing, tended with power, being owned by the Lord lately asked if his journey was wearisome. He may get the glory.

to the awakening of two individuals who sub- " No; I don't think of that." "Then you are Jan. 6th 1859. Went to B

on Tuesday afternoon, and visited a little from house sequently found peace in Jesus, one of whom generally happy as you walk home in the

dark?” “Yes; happy all day long.” Truly, to house, but was too fatigued to do much, came with the avowed purpose of mocking at out. Yesterday I visited — and called ward, one of the company was heard to say than men, and the weakness of God is stronger and returned home in the evening quite worn this solemn ordinance. On their return home- if this is one of “ Jesus Christ's fools,” he has

proved that the foolishness of God is wiser on brother CM, had sweet conversation to his companion, “They be Jesus Christ's with him and Mrs. CGave them a

(1 Cor. i. 25.) large printed Bible, for an aged person at fools ;” and the expression of this young

But there is a class of persons so numerous W Mrs. C- kindly gave me a pork scorner contained perhaps more truth than he

and diversified as to include the rich and the pie to carry home, this served us for dinner himself was aware of. If our estimate of to-day, as we had no other meat and no things and persons is guided by the word of poor, the learned and the ignorant, of all money to get any with. Mrs. C- knew God, it will be found that both wisdom and

ranks, ages, and conditions, who may be called nothing of our wants, but the Lord knew,

They may all be characterized and put it into her heart to give me this; to

folly bear very different interpretations; and Him I give thanks for it. On the way home it will oftentimes be seen, that the wisdom of as “men of the world, which have their porI met with an old man, who thinks himself all this world is foolishness with God, who taketh tion in this life.” (Psa. xvii. 14.) To live right for heaven, because he prays twice a day, the wise in their own craftiness. (1 Cor.fii. 19.) only for time, without any preparation for and does not swear or tell lies. Poor man, The faithful servants of Christ, in every age,

eternity; to squander our brief term of life in he knows nothing of Christ, the only Saviour of sinners. I promised to give him a small have been identified with fools and madmen. the gratification of the perishing body, and Bible, and to mark some texts that show how On the day of Pentecost the mockers said of neglect the concerns of the nerer-dying soul, a sinner can be saved; he promised to read it. the Apostles, “These men are full of new is the highest folly of which an immortal being He seemed much moved when I told him that wine.” (Acts ii. 13.) The wise and polished

can be guilty. He who spake as never man I greatly feared he was not so fit for heaven Athenians said, respecting Paul, “ What will spake has given us a solemn history of such as he thought himself to be. O Lord, bless this babbler say?" (Acts svii. 18.) And forth plentifully.” (Luke xii. 16.) It is not the word to his

, Jan. 11th. The Lord just opened the way when he appeared before the judgment 'seat, however, recorded of him that he was addicted for me to preach the gospel at Q- last Festus interrupted him, by saying, “ Thou art to any of those grosser vices which all men Sunday afternoon and evening. I took tea beside thyself; much learning doth make thee confess to be sinful. His prosperity was, with some christians who need much teach- mad.” (Acts xxvi. 24.) Even the blessed Son perhaps, the result of honest industry, and he ing on many important points of truth, Il of God was accused of having a devil, and thought he might lawfully enjoy the fruit of

He was

than men.

Satan's fools.




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his labour. But he had one desire beyond The careful reader will not fail to perceive that wholesale iniquity appears among those about this. His one object in enlarging his barns the subject matter in each letter of Paul is dis- whom the apostle writes, he declares in the last was to have "much goods laid

coverable in the first few sentences. The new many

verse of the chapter, that knowing the judgment years, to take his ease, to eat, drink, and be life by resurrection occupies the body of this of God, that is

, there being still the remaining merry.” There was no thought of a coming epistle. (ch. vi. vii. viii.) Hence we find it here sense in them that they that do such things are

nant expression. Down here he was worthy of death (observe, it is not that, he says eternity, which yet to him was so near,

kata gapka, Son of David ; by resurrection from here, they are children of wrath by nature; but has scarcely thus charged his soul, when a the dead He is powerfully declared or defined to worthy of death by their deeds), not only do these voice from heaven is heard by the astonished be the Son of God, kata avevua åytoovvns things, but have pleasure in those that do them. worldling: Thou fool," who art thinking of

Paul (i. 5,) has received grace and apostleship This last statement may point to the Roman phiyears to come, entirely forgetful of Him to for the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles. losophers of the day. What a picture of the innate whom thou owest thy prosperity, thy life, thy He thanks God that the faith of these Romans is depravity of the human heart ! all: “ this night thy soul is required of thee.” spoken of throughout the whole world. Their Similar instruction is given us by the same obedience was the obedience of belief. All these

Still there. infallible teacher, when the luxurious man of expressions are illustrative of the peculiar call wealth is described as lifting up his eyes in that the apostle had as sent to the Gentiles with “HER son had tenderly watched beside hell , being in torments, and asking in vain for a mission as wide as the world itself. It was no her couch for me

It was no her couch for many nights; observing a drop of water to cool his tongue. (Luke xvi. Galilee, but from Heaven (Heb. xii. 25.) by His his worn and weary look, the dying mo24.) ` Alas! if all those who are living only Spirit. All who believed were the called ones of ther entreated him to leave her, and take for the present world are fools, how great is Jesus Christ, and not only called, but saints by the the number! A man who prospers in his calling. A Christian, unlike a Jew, is made one some repose, adding, “I think I shall business is considered wise, and men will by calling, not hy natural birth. And now live till morning." She dozed, her son praise him who doeth well to himself; but if (ver. 10,) he desires to come among them to imhis prosperity lead to forgetfulness of God, part some spiritual gift, that he might he edified remained by her side; once more her and rejection of the Gospel-if it is not con- by their mutual faith. His joy was among the eyes opened, and caught his wistful look nected with a knowledge of salvation, through saints, and his edification too.

of tender love and watchful care, still a crucified Saviour-hę will be found at his

The epistle now opens. He was a debtor to

evangelize among all men. For this he had end to be a fool (Jer. xvii. 11); while those mission, a dispensation of the gospel committed said, and shortly after fell asleep in Jesus.”

bent on her. “What, still there?,” she who have been accounted “fools for Christ's unto him ; he was not ashamed of it. (ver. 16.) sake" will be confessed by Him as His friends No wonder : it was the power of God unto salva- Thou art "still there," Lord Jesus ! yes, whene'er in the day of His appearing. “They who tion. Rome was the seat of earthly power, but the eye of faith, closing on present things, are truly wise shall then inherit glory; while only the Christians in it knew the power of God Opens to the unseen, and contemplates shame shall be the promotion of fools." (Pro. by the Gospel. In it there was a righteousness Th’ eternal. Thou art there to fill its vision ;; iii. 35.)

R. G. revealed to faith ; the preaching was of a right- Ever enthroned in Majesty on high,

eousness in the way of faith, (contrasted with Seated in light which no man can approach,

the old righteousness in the way of law,) which Yet still the Lamb of God, “as it was slain.”. Thoughts on the Epistle to the Romans.

faith received. In this way “the wrath of God The same, in meekness, grace, and love divine,

revealed from heaven against all unrighteous- Yesterday, and to-day, and evermore! The structure of this epistle is different from ness,” is met. It is this statement that makes Long since the sons of men were thy delight, most of the other writings of Paul. It neither, the epistle so peculiarly valuable to those who And oft-times, when they knew it not, thou trod'st in the earlier chapters, as to the revelation of preach the Word, although, perhaps, it never This habitable earth; thou sawest the woe, God himself, ascends up to His purposes in Christ rises to the sublimer flights of the letters to the The misery and death sin introduced. before the foundation of the world ; nor, as to Ephesians and Colossians. Thus Paul, having And “Lo! I come to do thy will, o God!”. man, does it exhibit the origin and source of his announced his mission, comes at once to man’s Blest utt'rance of thy loving heart express'd wickedness, viz., original sin. Man is not set need of a righteousness, for he has none of his Thy readiness to seek and save the lost ! forth as by nature a child of wrath ; but is prac- own, to meet the wrath of God revealed from And thou wast here amid earth's wretchedness, tically demonstrated to be guilty by his vicious heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteous- Bright revelation of the truth and grace, ways. If we examine the letter to the Ephesians, ness of men.

Which in the Father dwell; and men beheld we shall, on the contrary, find in its very first

But remembering that there is no statement In thee, His glory, power, and wondrous love. lines a sublime discovery of the purpose of God until ch. v. of the origin of sin, it is important Never did human need or sorrow seek in Christ towards the church, and all this before to discover how he proves this ungodliness and Thy help in vain ; a hand omnipotent the depth of man's fall is announced, which is unrighteousness of men, “who hold (hold down, and grace unmerited, in thee were found done in a concentrated sentence (ii

. 3) in the restrain) the truth in unrighteousness.” First, By all who sought in faith ; nor they alone, way of assertion, without any logical proof, and these (or at all events, ungodliness) are charge! For thou didst find many who sought thee not, this, as has been said, after all the counsels of upon the Gentiles; they are inexcusable for not And all unasked bestow thy benefits, God the Father concerning the church have been seeing the eternal power and Godhead through For thou art love, and lovest to do good. stated. The epistle to the Romans begins with a things created. Here we should notice that the minute analysis of the ways of man; the Ephe- statement of man's condition in chap. i. is not She followed to his grave, dreamed not of thee,

The widow, weeping for the only son sians with a magnificent display of the glory of absolutely about the knowledge of God by re- Nor thought thy help at hand; but thou wert there God. The doctrinal part of the Romans ends demption (although it may be supposed that To turn to morning's joy, her night of woe, with, “Whom He did predestinate, them He also Noah's sons, for instance, knew the promise of Bidding the dead arise! The weary crew called.” The Ephesians begins with, “having the woman's seed); nor is predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Adam was a fallen man as soon as he had eaten Deen'd not thine eye beheld them from the mount,

man simply as fallen. Of the small ship on Galilee's rough sea, Jesus Christ unto himself.” In the Romans, the the forbidden fruit ; but he was not an idolater, Toiling in rowing 'gainst an adverse wind; thesis of the three first chapters is, that inan neither did his descendants or those of Noah im- But in thy watchful love, thou wert “ still there," being utterly unrighteous, a righteousness must mediately fall into the state of degradation here E'en walking on the waters to their help. be found for him; whereas the 1st chapter of described. This chapter is the history of the And when thy servant Peter, strong in love, Ephesians is a treatise upon the source of all our gradual process of man's declension from a revela- But weak, alas! in his self-confidence, blessings in the Father's love,

tion of God made by Himself, or from something Yielded beneath temptation, and denied The letter is written to the Christians at Rome, known of Him. Original sin has not yet been Thy name with oaths and curses, thou wert there. for in that great city, where men of all nations touched upon; if it had been, we might say that "Still there,” to meet the faithless questionings, were to be found, it was fitting that this com- this description is the process of man's declension And solve the doubts of the bewilder'd pair, pendium of the faith should be found also, as as fallen-his fall from one step to another—God, who to Emmaus wended once their way, useful to meet the varied difficulties concerning at each step, giving him up to something worse, Downcast, dispirited, and sore perplex'd; the one want of one human family, viz., how is a until, at last, his practice is so depraved that it Thy presence, tho' unknown, revived their hearts, man to be just before God. The history of Job can go no further, and he is given up to a repro- And shed into their souls the light of truth. and his three friends affords an illustration of bate mind. God deals on the same principle with To faith's transpiercing eye, thou wert“ still there." man’s ignorance in times of old on this momentous nations, as with individuals, as the history of When Stephen, radiant with celestial joy subject.

the nations whom Israel was to cast out and re-Amid his martyr-sufferings, beheld Paul announces himself as a servant of Jesus place will attest ; at one time the iniquity of the Thee stand in glory to receive his soul. Christ, a called apostle (that is, made one by a Amorites was not full. The statement is a very direct call of God) concerning His Son Jesus general one, and need not, in each particular, be

Lo! thou art with us alway to the end ! Christ

. Then follows a statement of His person : brought home against every individual nor every Never, dear Lord! wilt thou forsake thine own according to the flesh, Son of David; according to nation. The apostle charges the Cretans with To all eternity! Affliction, toil, the Spirit of Holiness, declared to be Son of being always liars ; this was their predominant Conflict, or fear, temptation, sin, or grief, God with power by resurrection from the dead sin. The natives of Africa, and the Aborigines of Suffering, or death, will find thee still at hand; (ver. 4). This expression, “Spirit of Holiness," Australia have scarcely any idea of the being of “Still there,” had we the open eye to see; has seldom received a fair elucidatiou from com- a God. In other countries, as in India, the mis- Still waiting to console, to guard, to guide, mentators. By some it is made merely to signify, sionaries have to contend against an elaborate Still interceding, that our faith fail not, according to the gospel, by others, according to the system of refined devilry ; whilst in Christendom Still standing to receive the parting soul, Holy Spirit; but it certainly is a member in the the religion which prevails has an elevating ten- When this brief earthly race shall terminate, sentence answering to the clause, “ made of the dency towards the world around us, preserving And then, when death is swallowed up of life, Son of David according to the flesh,” and there it from some of those gross exhibitions with When we arise in glory, power, and joy, fore should be interpreted of the nature or life which the apostle affirms the heathen world to be Thou, Lord, wilt still be there, and we shall see which he took, in, or by resurrection, and which, filled.

Thy face, and be “for ever with the Lord.” blessed be His name, He imparts to us (viii. 2). But whatever be the degree in which this

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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

[blocks in formation]


Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.


cise of his wondrous love, saved him by was humbled, grace was triumphant. In All orders should be addressed to the Pub. His grace. God alone could command sovereignty it sought him; using means lishers

, Mr. W. YAPF, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish the means, and put efficacy into them, it arrested him; by its vital breath it Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE, that they may accomplish the marvellous melted him; and as

& poor, subdued design. Because the power of God is penitent, it brought him to God's mercyAll Communications, Donations, Books for Re

omnipotent; because the


of God seat. It proved itself invincible, for if view, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To Editor of the Evangelist,care of Mr. Yapp, 70, is infinite; because God has all means at Manasseh is subdued, who can successWelbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. his command, and can make any means fully resist? It proved itself free, for if efficient. He was humbled.

Manasseh finds grace, how can it depend He was Humbled.

How DID GOD HUMBLE HIM? By bring. on any worthiness, or goodness, or exMan is naturally proud, and pride sets ing his enemies upon him, and delivering cellency in the creature ? If Manasseh him against God, and against his fellow him into their hands; by stripping him was humbled, then surely any one may be. men. Proud men are never devout men, of his royalty, wealth, and power; by iso-Can any one be more hardened ? can and they are very seldom kind men. We lating him from all his relatives, friends, any one shew more enmity to God ? can are about to write a few lines respecting and courtiers; and by casting him into any one more effectually stifle conscience? one of the proudest of men; but they

the prison of a foreign king. There, can any one more determinately break that walk in pride, God is able to abase, conduct, his long life of transgression, education ? can any one sin lower, act

alone, he could reflect upon his wicked through all the restraints of a religious and he did so, for “he was humbledo his early religious education, the ancient worse, or run farther from God? If any (2 Chron. xxxiii. 19.)

services of the sanctuary, and the word case had been hopeless, would it not have Who wAS HUMBLED ? Manasseh, the of his God. These reflections were at- been Manasseh's? who persevered in sin king of Judah. Manasseh who was proud tended with invincible grace, and he was until he had grown grey in the service of as Pharaoh, cruel as Hazael, idolatrous convinced of sin, trembled at God's jus- the devil, and had done evil things as he as Ahab, hardened as Judas, and degraded tice, wondered at God's forbearance, re- could, yet he was humbled. Surely then as the thief on the Cross. In him, seem membered God's mercy until his heart any one may be. If Manasseh was humto find a home, all that is wicked, unfeel. melted, tears of contrition flowed, cries bled, and humbled when he was an old ing, and opposed to God. His murders for pardon ascended, and throwing his man, dyed to the very bone in sin, and were wholesale, his idolatory was unpa- guilty soul at the feet of a forgiving God, hardened beyond degree, then we should ralleled, and his pride knew no bounds. "he was humbled."

never give any one up.

We should pray The son of good Hezekiah, the anointed If Manasseh was humbled, God was on, while life lasts; hope on, while we king of Judah, yet he broke through all glorified. The sighs that heaved his bo- have breath to pray; and use all the bounds, setting God and man at defiance, som, the groans that escaped from his means in our power to bring the very and persevered until his head was hoary. heart, the tears that fell from his eyes, worst sinners to repentance. His heart was harder than the nether and the cries for mercy that ascended My Reader, have you been humbled ? millstone, and his life was one long cata- from his lips glorified God. The enemy You must be, or perish. Before the logue of crimes. He appears to have was subdued; the rebel sought forgive honour of being saved in the Lord, adopbeen the greatest sinner under the Old ness; the idolator cast away his idols; ted into God's family, and placed among Testament dispensation, and yet "he was Hezekiah's prayers were answered; the His princes, is the humbling of the soul humbled."

dethroned monarch was restored to his to accept of sovereign mercy, to submit WHO HUMBLED HIM? There was but dignity; the guilty soul was saved, and to God's righteousness, and the coming one who could, and he took the work in in all God was glorified. If Manasseh of the soul to Jesus as wretched, and hand, proving that his hand was not was humbled, Satan was disappointed. miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. shortened, that he could not save; neither Having led him captive so long, having Take heed of resisting the humbling was his ear heavy, that he could not hear. hardened him to such an extent, having thoughts suggested to your minds, and God alone had the power to break so plunged him into such depths of sin, the softening influences felt in your souls; hard a heart, to bend so stubborn a will, having degraded him so far, he must yield yourself unto God; do as Manasseh to enlighten so dull a mind, and to ele have made sure of him as his prey. But did, of whom it is written, “When he vate such grovelling affections. God alone the prey was taken from the mighty, and was in affliction, he besought the Lord had sufficient mercy; for so far had Ma- the lawful captive was delivered. Though his God, and humbled himself greatly nasseh gone in cruelty and crime, that petrified by sin, though at the very gates before the God of his fathers: and prayed the public voice would have execrated of hell, though apparently beyond the unto him: and he was entreated of him, him, and voted for his destruction. But reach of mercy, yet he was humbled, and and heard his supplications." God, who is rich in mercy, in the exer- Satan was disappointed. If Manasseh

J. S.

that believes.


sinneth shall die.

Death entered




Let me



judgment; so that there was not a house where apostle Paul tells us, that in those many sacri“It is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul."

there was not one dead.” The difference con- fices under the law there was remembrance of (Lev. xvii. 11 )

sisted simply in their trusting in the blood. Not sin but no remission; they could not purge the The blood of Christ shew's us God's love to man.

in their seeing the blood, but in God's seeing it. conscience, because they could not take awaysin; When nothing else could save, God spared not His Their safety was not in what they thought of once offered, put away sin; therefore the blood of

“When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” but that Christ, by His one offering, which He own Son. The blood of Christ both satisfies the the value of the blood, but in what God thought Christ purges the conscience to serve the living demands of law and justice, and saves the sinner

of it. The only question was, as to whether God. The apostle Peter also says, “ Ye were not It is only in the blood of the they, in the knowledge that judgment was com- redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and Cross that we see salvation for the lost. When ing; were under the shelter of the blood. It was gold..., but with the precious blood of Christ, Jesus shed His blood, He glorified God, and not a question as to their being in a great house as of a lanıb without bleurish and *ithout spot.” opened a fountain for sin and for unclauness. or small, or whether they were ignorant or Hence, when we read that it is the blood that Therefore it is written, that "it is the blood tlrat learned, young or old, high or low; the only maketh an atonement for the soul," we are to maketh an atonement for the soul,”

The salvation of sinners has always been con- question as to safety was, whether they were understand that reference is made to the blood nected with blood - shedding and death. trusting in the blood. Those who accepter God's of Jesus.

It is blessed to notice, in the words immediately reason is obvious. Sin's wages is death. The remedy in the blood, sprinkled their lintels and law of holiness and truth is, that the soul that cover of that blood, until the destroying angel of God, as the provider of this atoning hood.

door-posts, and remained in their houses under preceding the text we are considering, the grace Death, then, is God's just had passed over. The turning point, I say, was “ The life of all flesh is in the blood, and I have appointinent to man, because he is a sinner, in the blood. Thus shewiug us again that it is given it to you upon the altar, to make an atouéMan dies. only because of sin. into the world by sín. The only way, therefore, soul.”

the blood that maketh an atonement for the ment (reconciliation) for your souls." This at of justly putting away sin was hy death; and

once opens up to us the blessed truth, that God that no sinful man could die for the sin of

The ordinance of cleansing the leper also re

himself is the source of our redemption, that he another is clear, because he inust die for himself. markably sets forth the value of the blood. The gave His Son-sent forth His Son-sent His Son The Son of God, on whọm death had no claim, leprosy might be much or little, many spots or to be the Saviour of the world ; so that our faith (because He kuew no sin,) was able to die for few, old standing or recent, still he was unclean and hope might be in God, and that we might others. Nothing less than His death could save -utterly unclean-unfit for the camp of Israel, find access with confidence in His presence. And us, because we deserved death, Therefore, in until he was sprinkled with the blood of the surely it is in the Cross that God gives us Christ died for us--the just for sacrifice. All other washings were in vain, every blood, that He loves us. There it was by the

atoning blood. There He shew's us, in letters of the unjust. “He died for our sins;" and as the other remedy was useless. He might go here or life of the flesh is in the blood, so the the shed-there, do this or that, cover up his spots, and blood of Christ that God reconciled us unto ding of blood is spoken of, in Scripture language, hide his sores, still he was utterly unclean. But Himself. Surely it is the blood, the blood of as the laying down of life. Hence we are told the moment he was sprinkled with the blood, he Christ that makes atonement for our souls. And that “it is the blood that maketh an atonement was pronounced clean. It was the blood that in comparing our text with New Testament for the soul.”

made the difference. It was the blood that Scriptures, we shall see that we have remission The atoning blood God only provides.

cleansed the unclean. We are told, “ Then shall of sins by blood, justification by blood, peace by love presents it to us; and the virtue of the blood the priest sprinkle upon him that is to be cleansed blood, nearness to God by blood, that we worship is carefully recorded in the Word of God from from his leprosy seven times, and shall pro- now by blood, and shall enter glory by blood

. the earliest time of sin's entrance into the world. nounce him clean.” How blessed this is! How May the Lord help us to consider each of these No sooner had Adam sinned, than he imbibed an

clearly it illustrates that “it is the blood that points a little! evil conscience, and got away from God. He maketh an atonement for the soul.”

1. RemissION OF SINS BY BLOOD. The Divine tried all he could to cover his nakedness, and to only add on this point, that directly the leper testimony, that “without shedding of blood is hide himself from the presence of his Maker. I was pronounced clean, the living bird having no remission,” is enough to shew us the utter But God searched him out, and, instead of con- been identified with the dead bird, by being impossibility of obtaining forgiveness of sins demping him, promised a Redeemer to deliver dipped in its blood, was “let loose into the open but by blood. God cleanses us on the ground of him, by having his heel bruised; and shewed him so the resurrection of Christ from the sin having been judged and put away. This that He could clothe him and his wife, though dead is God's public proof that Christ had by Christ has done. He declares that His blood was sinners, with coats, and bring them into the Himself purged our sins with His own blood. shed for many for the remission of sins. Had place of life and blessing by sacrifice. Thus God (Lev. xiv. 7.)

he stopped a hair's-breadth short of death, we taught our first parents, and thus they learned, that " it is the blood that maketh an atonement upon the blood, and shewing its vital importance, tice was satisfied, and sins were purged. Hence

, We find the Holy Ghost again putting honour could not have had forgiveness.

our sins in His own body on the tree; thus jusfor the soul.”

in the beautiful action of the high priest's enterAbel is next presented to us in the Scripture, ing into the holy place. (Lev. xvi.) The apostle all those who are trusting in the blood of Christ as offering unto God a more ercellent sacrifice Paul, commenting on this, tells us, in Heb. ix.,

are forgiven. In Him, we have redemption than Cain, hy which he obtained witness that he that into the holiest of all “ went the high priest through His blood--the forgiveness of sins. The was righteous. It was a life that he offered. alone, once every year, not without blood." And blood, then, is that which gives remission of He took of the firstlings of the flock. His sacri- why not without the blood ? Because nothing sins. All the priests and cardinals in the world fice prefignred the blood-shedding and death of else shelters sinful man from the wrath of God may pronounce pardon, but “without shedding Jesus. Abel thus acknowledged that he was a hut the blood; for nothing else atones for sin. of blood is no remission. Sonje persons say, " I sinner before God, justly exposed to death and It would have been death to Aaron to enter into think my sins are forgiven, because I feel so judgment, but that he rested only in the blood- the holiest of all without blood. Moses was thus different;” or," I think they will be forgiven, if shedding and death of the promised' Redeemer, and commanded : “Speak unto Aaron thy brother, I live differently;”, but it is all wrong; such thus obtained witness that he was righteous.” that he come not at all times within the veil people are deceived, because they are not trusting

In Noah's time, we also see that the blessing before the mercy-seat, that he die not; for I will in the blood, for “it is the blood that maketh añ of God came down upon the earth because of appear in the cloud upon the mercy-seat. Thus atonement for the soul.” the sweet savour of the clean beasts, which the shall Aaron come into the holy place with a “Joyful truth! He bore transgression patriarch offered in sacrifice to Jehovah. Judg- bullock for a sin-offering, and a ram for a burnt- In His body on the Cross! ment had been poured ont by the windows of offering ......and he shall take of the blood of the Through His blood there's full remission heaven being opened, and the fountains of the bullock, and shall sprinkle it with his finger

For the vilest, e'en for us. great deep being broken up; but when the clean upon the mercy-seat eastward ; and before the sacrifices were offered, we are told that “the mercy-seat shall he sprinkle of the blood with

Nothing more the sinner needs." Lord smelled a sweet savour--a savour of rest; his finger seven times.”. Thus we see another 2. JUSTIFICATION BY BLOOD.

Men may try and the Lord said, I will not again curse the witness to the value of the blood, and that "it to justify themselves before their fellow-nien, ground any more for man's sake,” &c. Thus is the blood that maketh an atonement for the and sometimes succeed in doing so, but we canshewing us, that God can only find rest, since soul.” And I ask the reader to mark these not justify ourselves before God. He knows that sin entered the world, in the atoning sacrifice of various testimonies of Scripture to the efficacy of we are all guilty and unrighteous, and we canChrist, and that in this way only can He bless the blood, and to consider whether the evidence not truthfully take any other ground. But the us. Here again we see the value of the blood. is not conclusive, that those only are on the true Scriptures teach us, that those only who believe

The well-known story of the paschal lamb ground of peace and blessing, whose confidence in Jesus are justified, and that they are justified tells out also most strikingly that there is safety is in the blood -- the precious blood of Christ. from all things by Christ. In the blood, God only beneath the shelter of the blood. The sen- Nothing less than the blood could shelter Israel, declares that He is just, and the justifier of bim tence of judgment had gone forth upon Egypt. cleanse the leper, or enable the high priest to that believeth in Jesus. God iustifies us through All the first-born were to be destroyed in one stand in God's presence; neither can anything the blood; for the blood of Jesus not only tells night. Neither rich nor poor, moral nor im- but the blood of Christ cleanse the conscience, us of sin put away, but also of one who was moral, were excepted. God's word had gone give peace in God's presence, or shelter any from perfectly obedient unto death; so that by the forth, “All the first-born in Egypt shall die.” the wrath to come.

obedience of one, many are made righteous. But was there no way of escape for any from By the light of New Testament Scriptures, Therefore we are also told, that being now justisuch terrible judgınents! Yes, there was a way, under the Spirits teaching, we are able to see fied by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath one way, one way only—the blood of the lamb. that all the various sacrifices for sin, &c., under through Him. We have, then, present justifica. They were told to take an unblemished lamh, the law, pointed to the one offering of Christ; tion, not by our own devotedness or good intenkill it, and sprinkle the blood upon the lintels consequently, since the death of Christ, the tions, but by the blood; so that all who believe and door - posts of their houses; and God's sacrifices of bulls and of goats have ceased to be in Jesus are justified, now justified, by the blood promise to such as thus 'used the blood was, offered. They served a good purpose, in shadow- of Christ. How clear it is, then, that it is the "When I see the blood, I will pass over you ! ing forth the one all-efficacious sacrifice that was blood that maketh an atonement for the soul." And it came to pass, that every house marked coming, and in shewing the power of His blood, “By our sins His blood was spill'd; with the blood was passed over by the destroying not only to give us eternal safety, but to answer

Pardon hence through love Divine ! angel, and every house that was not marked with every question of conscience, as well as every And, through Him the law fulfilled, Hood he entered, and executed the threatened I requirement of God's holiness. Therefore the

In His righteousness we shine."

But He bare

Jesus for the sinner bleeds;

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