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“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Wm. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.]

(LUKE XIV, 23.)


No. 27.]

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LONDON, MARCH 1, 1861.

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He looked the picture of health; but I for me,” were faintly but most intelli© All orders should be addressed to the Pub- soon found this was from fever, which gently sung by him as he lay dying. lishers, Mr. W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish had set in. “Ah!” said his father, “my Square, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE,

A poor woman who nursed him, and Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

poor boy; its such a sudden thing, you who had, alas! a few weeks before met All Communications, Donations, Books for Re

He left us three days ago in the me at a very different death-bed, told me pies, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “To the morning, to go to his station (he is a that when, a short time before he died, Editor of the Ecangelist;" care of Mr. Yapp: 70, shoe-black, sir,) near Temple Bar; and she gave him some water, and told him , , London

coming home with his box and brushes, it was from the drinking fountain, he The Great Prayer Meeting. he was knocked down by some man, as said, “I shall soon drink of the foun“Very few people care to come to our we suppose, running away from the of life freely. Oh! do you drink of it; little prayer meeting,” said a poor man police, and a great piece was cut right let all drink, there it is for all. God the other day to another Christian, whom out of his hand, by falling on the open says, whosoever will."

“Very few come, but there will tin can that held his blacking. He was He said to his father, "I see the angels be a great prayer meeting by-and-bye." brought home to me near dead, my dear and dear mother coming for me; I am “Aye,” said his friend, “and multitudes son was.”

sure I do. Good-bye." This dear boy, must attend, and they will all pray ear- The father shewed me his school I afterwards learnt, had found the Lord nestly, and cry aloud for mercy; but prizes; one with his name, “Nicholas Jesus, and peace through His precious 'twill be too late! the Lord will not an-C printed on it in gold letters.

blood at a prayer meeting at the Bible swer them. He will say, 'Depart from I spoke to them of the Lord and Mission-house next door, six months me, I never knew you, all ye workers of Saviour Jesus Christ; of God's love in before his death; and that his love to iniquity;' and that is an awful sentence." giving His Son to die for sinners. The God's word, obedience to his parents, and Reader, are you amongst the praying father humbly and simply expressed his gentleness to all, proved he had taken ones in this day of grace ? are you one belief that he had been to Jesus for the the Lord's words to his heart, “If ye who, whilst the door of mercy stands forgiveness of his sins.

love me, keep my commandments.”

Oh! dear reader, my heart glowed wide calls

the name of the The poor lad on the bed said little, with gratitude and love to God as I went Lord? Or, are you now sleeping and the pain was so great; but evidently lis- home after hearing this joyful news-anslumbering-thus fearfully perilling your tened to every word I said. After read other of our Lord's little ones gathered precious soul. “What meanest thou, o ing the Word and prayer, I left them, safe home! “Jesus Christ, the same yessleeper; arise and call upon thy God.” promising to call again in a day or two. terday, and to-day, and for ever.” He who Jesus Christ, God's own dear Son, has In three days I paid another visit to the phen, so that when he "fell asleep" he

more than 1800 years ago cheered Stebeen made flesh-He died the just for house, and when - opened the regarded not the cruelty of the Jews, the unjust. The justice of a Holy God door, he told me that his son was dead. nor the stones hurled upon him from all is thus justified to the full; and because I felt quite stunned, for I thought the sides, for he saw the heavens opened and of this there is mercy for every seeking wound in the boys hand, though severe, the Son of man standing on the right sinner,

hand of God; this same Jesus does would have soon healed, and the fever Reader, be wise; seek the Lord while have passed away, he seemed so strong as he did the poor shoe-black with hea

even now cheer many departing saints He may be found, call upon Him while and healthy; but he had sustained some venly visions, like a tint of golden light

internal injury which had terminated in coming between the edge of the cloud his death.

and the horizon just as the sun is setHappy Death of a Marylebone He said so little to me when I saw

ting. Shoeblack.

His sheep know His voice. Have you him on the Tuesday before, that I was heard it? Do you, dear reader, know you "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"

quite unprepared for what followed. My are His? If not I implore you to flee to DURING the late severe weather, among sorrow was turned into joy when I found Jesus this very day, nay, this very hour, the poor in the neighbourhood of Port- from the testimony of five persons who for that salvation which He gives to all man Market who were suffering from where with him at the hour of his de who cry to him for pardon.

This little history is only one among want of work, there was a poor man parture that it had not only been happy hundreds of frequent occurrence, shewing named Cbut triumphant.

us that we should not delay till to-morrow I called one day to see him, and ask- The poor shoe-black died literally sing-“to be wise.” Who could have supposed ing if he was at home, a girl said, “Oh, ing hymns,

that so apparently slight an accident yes, sir, he is with his poor son, and he “There is a fountain filled with blood,"

would have so suddenly terminated in

and who can tell whether the is so bad.” I hastened up stairs, and was a great favourite, and often on his mandate has not gone forth concerning found the son (a handsome youth of fif- lips in his last hours; but the words, “I you—“ This night thy soul shall be reteen) lying in bed, sighing with pain. do believe; I can believe that Jesus died quired of thee.”

He is near.

1 Cor. xv. 35.


which came down from above stood and rose up upon an



not enter in.


CROSSING THE JORDAN. God who brought the pillar of cloud over them to quiver, because they dread it for themselves. No “ And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, Come hither, screen them from the sun's burning rays, and one can write or speak on such a solemn subject

, And Joshua caused the pillar of fire to light up the darkness without the greatest seriousness, yet if the truth said, Hareby ye shall know that the living Godefamong of the night watches. See them again suffering of God assures me that Christ has abolished the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites, and the the due reward of their sin from the fiery ser- death and delivered me from it, ought I not to of all the eartli passeth over before you into Jordan. Now to them through the serpent of brass lifted up. trates in the dust earth's most honoured sons, it Jebusites. Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord pent's bite; and it was God that brought life be in peace ? Death abases man's pride, it prostherefore take you twelve men out of the tribes of Israel, See tlreir leader deservedly cut off through trans- brings down man's loftiest thoughts, and hurls soon as the soles of the feet of the priests that bear the gression; and it was God who raised up Joshua into oblivion all his vain pretensions.' Man's inark of the Lord, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the to successfully bring them through every obsta- ventions and appliances are niade to meet almost off from the waters that come down from above; and they cle, and give them possession of the promised every other requirement, but in regard to “the shall stand upon an heap. And it oame to pass, when the inheritance. Lastly, see them on Jordan's bank, king of terrors," as he calls death, he is obliged people removed from their tents. to pass over Jorlan, and afresh learning the lesson of being "without to content himself with perfuming or smoothing people; and as they that bare the ark were come nnto strength," and it is God, the living God, against a dying pillow, and garnishing the grave; but Jordan, and the feet of the priests that bare the ark were whom they had so sinned, that in sovereign death he must bow to, death God only has overall his banks all the time of harvest,) that the waters grace made a way for them through the cold come. It is death that men dread, because con

waters of death, and brought them into their science accuses, therefore they are without God, heap very far from the city Adam, that is beside Zaretan: and those that came down toward the sea of the plainlong-desired land. All these facts read to us, and without hope in the world. Of course Satan even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off: and the people as they should have to Israel, the happy lessons seeks to fill the eye and heart of men with the passed over right against Jericho.

And the priests that that we are saved and blessed solely on the ground pleasures of sin," but a divinely convicted soul dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all the Israelites of mercy, and not for works of righteousness cannot rest until delivered from the fear of death, passed over on dry ground, until all the people were which we have done.”

and enabled to sing, passed clean over Jordan."-Joshua lii. 9-17. The scene here described was Israel's last trial Grace, we sing, God's grace through Jesus;

“My siu is gone: my fears are o'er, in the wilderness.

I shun God's presence now no more; For forty years they had

Grace, the spring of peace to man; journeyed through the desert, but their last ex

Grace, that from each sorrow frees us;

He sits upon a throne of grace; perience, like the first, only proved their own

Grace, too high for thought to scan;

He bids me boldly seek His face; helplessness, and entire inability to enter the

Grace, the theme of God's own love,

Sprinkled upon the throne of God, Grace, the theme all themes above.

I see that rich atoning blood !” land by their own works. The green fields, and luxuriant hills of the land flowing with inilk In order to get a clear understanding of the

2. Now look at God's WAY and honey,” were now in sight, but they could instruction of Israel's crossing the Jordan, we

God shewed that He could bring them The overflowing Jordan rolled must endeavour to divest ourselves of the com- through death and into resurrection. It is the before them, and threatened to swallow up with monly received idea that it is a type of the Chris-voice of Jesus in old Testament times that here death any who ventured in nature's strength to tian's experience in the article of death. The says, “I am the resurrection and the life.” cross it. But the point was so conclusive, that mistake las most likely arisen from not seeing Joshua said unto the children of Israel, “Come we are not told that any one even proposed it; that the Gospel brings to us a present salvation, hither, and hear the words of the Lord your but Joshua and all the hosts of Israel are pre- and that each believer is spoken of in the Scrip-God.... Hereby ye shall know that the living sented to us as standing on the wilderness side of tures as one who “HATH everlasting lite,” and God is among you.... Behold the ark of the coveJordan's overflowing banks, in conscious help- " is passed from death unto life.” From not nant of the God of all the earth, passeth over de lessness, and without hope, as far as their own seeing this, some think of death as before them fore you into Jordan. Now therefore take you resources were concerned.

They again had to instead of behind them, and that which they have twelve men out of the tribes of Israel, out of find that the Law could not bring them into the passed from.” Hence, some speak of “ daily every tribe a man; and it shall come to pass, that land, and this lesson they had often bitterly to dipping their foot in Jordan," that is being daily as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests prove

in their experience, though, like ourselves, exercised about death. A friend of mine once shall rest in the waters of Jordan, that the waters they were very slow to learn it. It is remark- visited a sick Christian who was much distressed of Jordan shall be cut off from the waters that able how prominently this is brought out at the about how she should “cross the Jordan;" and come down from above, and they shall stand up close of their wilderness course. Only about a we have heard of others who commonly speak of upon a heap." Thus we see that the waters of year before the scene we are contemplating, death as “crossing the Jordan.” The fact is, death Aled before the ark of the covenant, “a new those who had so willingly placed themselves that we who believe, are delivered from death, and living way” was made for the people, and under the Law, the terms of which were, “this and are made partakers of a risen life, by the they were delivered from death, and its terrors

, do, and thou shalt live," were dying in all direc- death and resurrection of Christ; the blood of and at once enabled to enter the land. It tions, from the fiery serpent's bite, which not Jesus has removed the sting of death, and though was all of God- His wisdom, His power, His only shews us that they had not kept the Law, we may fall asleep in Jesus, it is not death, grace, and is a vivid illustration of the well but that they were so disobedient as to bring strictly speaking ; for Jesus said, “If a man known text, “By grace are ye saved through upon themselves the special judgment of God; keep my saying, he shall never see death.” That faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of so that instead of having life as the fruit of obe Israel crossing the Jordan cannot refer to this is God, not of works, lest any man should boast; dience, deliverance from deaih could only come to clear, because when they crossed the river they On referring to the construction of the ark in them in the way of grace-the free gift of God. began to fight; whereas, when we sleep in Exodus xxv. and its use as recorded in Numbers Just before this, the venerable Law-giver, not-Jesus," all our fighting is over; we put off our x. 33, we cannot fail to recognize that Christ is withstanding all his previous meekness and faith-battle garments for ever; we exchange our hel- prefigured by it. As the ark of the covenant fulness, so grievously dishonoured the Lord, that met for a crown, and our sword for a golden going before into Jordan, and resting in the he could not be allowed to bring the congregation harp.

waters of Jordan,” made the way for Israel to of Israel into the land. (See Numbers xx. and But what does this scene at Jordan mean? It enter the land, so it is by Jesus going into xxi.) Thus, we see that the Law could neither means that deliverance from death, and that death, that “he destroyed him that had the give them life nor righteousness, but was the spiritual resurrection we have now, through faith power of death, that is the devil,” and delivered ministration of condemnation and death, and that in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our state by nature them who through “fear of death were all in its working it served to prove the New Testa- is that of being dead in trespasses and sins— their lifetime suliject to bondage.” Does not ment doctrines, “ By the Law is the knowledge of children of wrath-exposed to death and judg- this clearly show us that we have deliverance sin," and " by the deeds of the Law shall no flesh ment. But God, in marvellous grace, quickens from death only by the death of Christ ? Does be justified in His sight.” And how blessed it is or makes alive dead ones, and those who are so it not magnify the work of the Cross, and plainly to contemplate that all these failures of man, quickened are made nigh to God by the blood of point us to Christ crucified as "the way, the were only occasions for bringing out, in types Christ, delivered from death, and the wrath to truth, and the life?" Does it not tell us that and shadows, the resources of God's abounding come; they have been quickened together, raised there is no other name under heaven whereby grace, as the realities were afterwards so won- up together, and made sit together in heavenly we can be saved, but the name of Jesus Christ ?" drously manifested in the sufferings, death, and places in Christ Jesus. Israel's crossing the Does not the Holy Ghost here teach us that we resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ilow Jordan, therefore, sets before us the blessed doc- have died in Christ, by His having died for us ? important, also, it is to notice in the history of trine, that God's children have died with Christ, And do not our souls cry out while contemplatthose under the Law, that whatever blessing they have been buried with Christ, are risen with ing the Cross of Christ, and His triumphant had, it came to them not as the fruit of their Christ, and made sit together in heavenly places resurrection, “O death, where is thy sting? ! own worthiness, but only in the way of Divine in Christ Jesus. Thus, virtually and legally, by grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is

If you see them in Egyptian bondage, faith, we are in heavenly places, while actually sin, and the strength of sin is the law, but thanks or exposed to the destroying angel's sword, it is we are walking in an evil world. But let us now be to God who giveth us the victory, through God that shelters and delivers them through the look more particularly at the Scripture before us. our Lord Jesus Christ.” On, how blessed is the blood of the lamb. When Pharaoh and his 1. Israel's STATE, as we have before noticed, remembrance of the fact that the Holy and spothost hotly pursued them to the borders of the was one of helplessnes

ness. Moreover, the fear of less Jesus went into the cold waters of death for Red Sea, it was God that wrought deliverance death filled their minds, for Jordan overflowing us, the just for the unjust, to bring us to God? for them, by dividing the waves and heaping its banks was between them and the promised It is then the death of Christ—the blood of the them up in a liquid wall, thus bringing them land. They could not see how they could enter Cross--that removes the sting of death from us, through as on dry land, and cutting off their into their much desired inheritaace. And is not and enables us to find access with confidence enemies. in judgment. See them again with this exactly what all feel, whose consciences are into God's presence.

We know that when parched lips murmuring beside Marah's waters, roused to consider their eternal state? They Christ died, the vail of the temple was rent in and it was God who directed then to that mystic cannot think of heaven, and glory, and fulness of twain, from the top to the bottom, to shew us, tree which could make the bitterest water sweet. joy, without feeling that they are exposed to that through the death of Christ every hinSee them, also, hungry in the barren wilderness, death; and they seem to view glory afar off, and drance was removed to the believer's coming into or burning with thirst in a land of drought, and know not how to reach it. Their consciences the presence of God. it was God that rained down daily bread from accuse them of sin against God, and they fear

3. CROSSING THE JORDAN We may heaven to feed them, and caused the flinty rock death as the consequence -—"The wages of sin is the action of faith on God's way of deliverance. to gush forth rivers of water to refresh them. It death.” They recoil from death and tremble at Believing that the living God had made this way, was God who led them by the right way, it was its expectation. A death-bed scene makes them this living way into the land, they all passed clean


look upon

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dry shod.

old man,

over.” Their eyes rested on the ark in the river the Cross. It is the death of Christ we specially I said, “though God is truly most merfor them, and the wondrous power of that ordi- remember in the Lord's supper-we nance in delivering from the waters of death, and the Lord's death till He come." We do not keep ciful, how can He pardon sin? opening the way into the land. They beheld the the Lord's supper in order to be saved, but in remem- not a sinner?liquid wall on the one hand, and the waters fail on brance of Him, by whose stripes we are healed, “Sinner, sir? No!" said the old man, the other, “the ark of the covenant” in the midst, by whose death we have life. and a straight path made for them to pass over We may next notice that the people of Israel “you are quite mistaken about me; I am

Thus they were inspired with confi- when in the land, were circumcised according to dence, all fear and doubt were removed, and on the Lord's command. This teaches us that a reali quite surprised you should talk to me in ward they went according to the word of the ration of our heavenly callingand standing in Christ, such a way; I am not a sinner: why, Lord, and quickly planted their feet upon their will be connected with self-judgment, and putting don't you see, I have got my prayer-book, promised inheritance, the land flowing with milk off the old man and his deeds; we shall reckon and honey. And so it is now. It is a believing ourselves to have died unto sin, and to be alive and am going to Church ? I go to Church view of the Cross of Christ, the knowledge of His unto God through Jesus Christ. Hence, heavenly twice every Sunday, and have done so for having died for us, of the curse, and wrath, and worship and rejoicing in Christ Jesus will be assodeath, which we deserved, having fallen on Him in- ciated with having no confidence in the flesh. years.

Sinner, sir! ask the clergyman, stead of us,that He was delivered for our offences, Circumcision was not practised in the wilderness, I won't stop and talk to you any longer;" and raised again for our justification-thus seeing which shews us typically that trials and necessities

and the wondrous love of God in providing such a Sa- do not give us power over self; hence, those Chris

away hobbled the


with viour, and accomplishing such a work for us, that tians who are pressed down with the cares and his crutch in his one hand and prayerinspires us with confidence, delivers us from guilt difficulties of the way, will have little power to book in the other, into the village church, and fear, and enables us to find rest and peace in crucify the flesh; whereas those who know the the holiest of all, in the presence of God Himself

. portion, which “perfect love” has given them in a to kneel down and say, "O God, the FaKnowing that the risen Jesus has entered into risen Saviour

, will judge the flesh to be unfit for ther of heaven, have mercy upon us heaven itself with His own blood, now to appear in God's service, and as unclean in its moral or relithe presence of God for us, we follow Him by faith gious actings as in its grosser workings. We may

miserable sinners." all up the blood-sprinkled path, and know our be assured that abiding in Christ in heavenly The old man might have been upright blessed liberty as blood-washed worshippers in His places is the secret of true humility.

and moral, but see, how blind about his presence. Therefore by the blood of Christ we, who

“ The more thy glory strikes mine eyes,

soul! Had he not sinned? Yes; daily, were once afar off, are made nigh, and by the

The humbler I shall lie; Spirit of Christ we who were dead have been

hourly sinned in thought, and word, and

For while I sink, my joys shall rise quickened together, raised up together, and made to

Immeasurably high.”

deed. Did he not, week by week, in lip, sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Our

confess himself a lost and ruined sinner, standing then is heavenly, we are brought into the The people also kept the passover, and, oh, with and in a formal way beseech for pardon heavenlies in Christwe belong to the heavenly what rejoicing must they have celebrated it(Chap. family, we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in v. 10.) They must have valued the blood of the through the precious blood of Christ ? heavenly places ; death is behind us, glory before lamb more than ever, when they remembered and yet so blind, so hardened in his guilt, us, and our expectation is to bear the heavenly where it had brought them to, as well as what it that when accused of having sinned, he image; heaven is our home. “Our citizenship is in had delivered them from. And who estimates turned away, and in a rage denied the heaven, from whence also we look for the Saviour, the redeeming love of God, and the unutterable fact! He was putting the church in the the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall change our vilé preciousness of the blood of Christ, like those who body, that it may be fashioned like unto His glorious know it, as not only blotting out their sin, but as place of Christ, and rested on his regular body." Our worship therefore is heavenly, we come enabling them to enter with boldness into the attendance there to quiet his conscience, boldly to "the throne of grace,” having our hearts holiest of all ?

and save him from the wrath to come. sprinkled from an evil conscience; and, as a hea- We next notice that the manna ceased, and the

O how many are doing the same thing: venly people, "risen with Christ,” we are exhorted people eat the “old corn in the land.” (Chap. v. to seek those things which are above, where Christ 11-12.) This is very significant. In days of wil. trusting in what they can do, instead of aitteth on the right hand of God, to set our “affec- derness experience, the people were fed by that resting in the finished work of the Lord tions on things above, and not on things on the which came down from heaven; but when in the Jesus Christ, who, by His own offering, earth,” because our life is hid with Christ in God. land, they fed and lived upon that which sprang hath perfected for ever them that are

It is most important for the believer to see that up from the corn of wheat that died. So now, sanctified!
he not only has forgiveness of sins, but that he those who may be trusting in the blood of the
is risen with Christ, and belongs to the heaven- Lamb, who have merely a wilderness experience,

This poor old man was feeding on lies, is a partaker of the heavenly calling, a hea- will be sustained by the limited though most ashes; a deceived heart turned him aside; ven-born, heaven-bound son, and having life, resur: blessed thought of Christ having descended; but and decrepit in body and on the verge of rection-life, and union with the glorified Son of those who know their full deliverance from death, the grave, his soul was well nigh perishbone. Not like the earthly people of Israel , who places in Christ, find their joy and strength in the ing for ever.

He was no sinner ; were called from Egypt to an earthly land of pro- blessed knowledge that “Xe that descended is the least, so he said; and, therefore, there mise ; but called from a state of death in tres- same also that ascended upfar above all heavens, that was no Saviour for him, for the Lord passes and sins to heavenly places -- an inheri- Heinight fill all things." They live on resurrection Jesus Christ came from heaven to save tance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not food, on Christ risen, Christ exalted, Christ the away. The blood of our sacrifice not sprinkled abolisher of death, Christ crowned with glory and SINNERS, and to deny that we are lost and again and again on a brazen altar, but presented honour, Christ our Lamb and Priest now in the ruined, is to put ourselves outside the once and for ever in heaven itself. Not having presence of God for us, Christ our Lord, Head, pale of salvation. a dying priest to minister in an earthly sanc- Righteousness, and Life, Christ soon coming to také tuary, but having a priest for ever in heaven to us unto Himself, that where He is we may be also in this so-called Christian land exactly in

May we not fear that there are millions make intercession for us. the world, but knowing its doom, and that the them there, they had to fight the fight of faith to the same state ? and if they spoke out earth and all things therein will be burned up, we keep it. So we have to put on the whole armour plainly, would say as this old man did ? find our peace and blessing in heaven, inside the of God” to maintain our heavenly standing. Satan Nothing can be more lamentable, more vail

, and that “our fellowship is with the Father, and his host only consult to cast us down from our blind, more hopeless, substituting religion and with His Son Jesus Christ.”. These things excellency, and we need divine strength, and diknown in the soul as God's eternal truth, answer vine armour to wrestle with principalities and for Christ, observance of ordinances for a thousand perplexing questions, and plainly mark powers, to enable us to maintain in our soul's experi- faith in the Son of God. Surely, this out for us a path of heavenly-mindedness in a ence, our standing in the blessing our God has is putting darkness for light, death for self-seeking, Christ-rejecting world.

given us, and brought us into in Christ Jesus. life; and the end, instead of being ever4. Lastly, let us look at ISRAEL IN THE LAND.

May the Lord bless His own truth!

lasting blessedness, must be the worm We are repeatedly told that they clean passed over, and the waters again returned to their place as be

that never dies, and the fire that is never

“Sinner, Sir ? No." fore, which facts speak solemn and comforting

quenched. lessons to our hearts. The people now lived in the Being one Sunday in a lonely village in Dear reader, is it thus with you? If promised land. God gave it to them, and brought Herefordshire, I saw a respectable look- so, let me solemnly warn you that you desert of drought and barrenness, but in the land ing old man coming out of his house, are yet in your sins, and the wrath of flowing with milk and honey, where grapes and walking up his garden; he leant upon ment you may be lost! yea, lost for ever!

God abideth on you! In another mobrought them was never to be forgotten, therefore the wicket gate, and thinking it a good Oh flee, flee for your life; flee from the they were to “take twelve stones out of the middle opportunity to speak to him of Jesus wrath to come; flee to the only Saviour, of Jordan, and carry them over with them into the place where they lodged, for a memorial unto the and His great salvation, I addressed him. the LORD JESUS CHRIST; in Him alone children of Israel for ever...and they are there He was very civil, and answered my ques

is safety; He receives sinners, even the anto this day ;" so that ages and generations to come might know the exceeding goodness of God tions very readily. I spoke to him about vilest. "Believing on Him your danger to them. (comp. Josh. iv. 4-24, with Eph. ii. 7.) his soul, and he said, “He was quite as receive Him, He gives power to be

is past, your sins forgiven; for, to as many praise and glory of God, for His kindness toward easy about that; he had done nobody any come the sons of God, even to them that us through Christ Jesus. We shall ever remember ) harm, and God was merciful.” “But,” | believe on His name. (John i. 12.)


Thus we are not of

I may


“ Do The Lord



God alone can make a Christian. tion, whether God has had anything to that came visitors with presents from the As an illustration of the above statement, do with the profession of faith which King of Babylon, and Hezekiah enter.

relate a fact of recent occurrence; you make. God's work will stand; but if tains the messengers ; but what does he although the Word of God is abundantly your faith stands in the wisdom and per- shew them?

The LORD's doings, or clear on the subject to those who have suasive arguments of men, it will fail you his worldly wealth ? “Not the Lord's learned, not that they “can believe and in the hour of need.

doings," said Mrs. Merton. will believe," but that they don't believe I would say, also, to all who preach

Surely the Lord must have sent ne and can't believe; and that it is written, the Gospel, don't let us be ensnared by this passage,” thought Mrs. M. “unto you it is believe on the craft and subtlety of the devil, who not I resemble lezekiah ? Him." (Phil. i. 29.)

would call our attention to this and that did indeed deliver me, about two years I was preaching a few weeks most imperfect and even erroneous way ago, from the terrible battle I had with village, and felt the presence of the Lord of preaching the Gospel, (judged by the

UNBELIEF; how hard Satan tried to have with me; and that I had preached the light of the Word of God,) and lead us, me; but the Lord was my deliverer, and Gospel, the glorious Gospel of the blessed not simply, to think of it as a matter of He rescued me from the enemy's darts, God, with clearness, and, I may say, with indifference, but would even persuade us and made me His own child by faith : every encouragement to those who feel to adopt that which is wrong, because and then how well I remember my earnest their need, as must be the case where God, in the exercise of His high prero- prayers last summer, when I was so ill, Christ's Gospel is proclaimed. On my gative, is pleased to use it often in the

so very ill. way home, I got into conversation with a conversion of sinners. Let us therefore

“The room was dark whilst I lay there, young man whom I had observed to be not only seek to know more of Christ, and I thought, Oh that I were now present at the preaching; I asked him if and be more filled with the Spirit (Eph. v. allowed to work for Jesus! to tell my he knew for himself what I had been 18); but take the Apostle's mode, not friends of this glorious Jesus, His love, speaking of.

"I know it is true, sir," of offering the Gospel, but of preaching His death, His righteousness, and all he said, “but I don't know it." This CHRIST, of publishing peace. There His marvellous riches and grace.' was honest; and it would be well if thou will not be less joy in our cities (Acts viii.

“ Oh how I wish now I had told dear sands more who call themselves Chris- |8), though God may be pleased still to Mrs. R. and her daughters how gratians, would as honestly own that they use man's “offers” of salvation to the ga- ciously the Lord heard and answered do not believe, that they do not know, thering out of His elect. (Acts xv. 14.) It

prayer; it might really have led them to that which the Christian name they bear would appear that, at the present time, love the Lord; but, alas ! alas ! I do not is a profession of their believing and God has much people in England and remember having told them anything of knowing. This answer, also, was another elsewhere to be called out of darkness what the Lord has done for me; and are voice to myself, saying plainly to me, (Acts xviii. 10); and as many as are or- they not like the visitors from Baby“Not by might, nor by power, but by my dained to eternal life believe the report, lon? I fear they are. Spirit.” (Zech. iv. 6.) We may be privi- (Acts xiii. 48.) May we be steadfast and

But let me think — what have they leged with much liberty in preaching, and unmovable; and having put our hand to the Word be sweet to our own taste, and the plough, not look back. May we give

“There was a dinner given for them a sweet savour indeed unto God (2 Cor. ourselves to prayer, and give evidence in last night: I remember every one admired ii. 15), while those who hear may yet our ways that to receive Christ for salva- the new paintings in the dining-room remain as hard and insensible as ever.” tion, is to receive peace, to deliver us very much. After dinner, I showed all

So that, Power belongeth unto God.” (Psa. Ixii. from this present evil world.

our water-colour drawings, and then I 11.) Two, or at most three, weeks after whether we have been converted for many took Mrs. N. to my boudoir, to see my this, the same young man was hearkening years, or only many weeks, we may be

new carpet. to the Word preached by another young declaring plainly that we are Christ's

“What did they see on Tuesday? man, one of those Evangelists whom God servants, and not the devil's slaves; that

"I do not remember anything, excepmakes and uses, when the Word was with we are elected unto obedience to God's ting that I showed to Mrs. R. that power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in word, and not to the traditions of men.

beautiful set of jewels my uncle sent me much assurance, deliverance was vouch

What have they seen in thine

lately. safed, and the heart was filled with joy

I am that we spent all and peace in believing. I ask, who The happy guests had just bid farewell, Wednesday afternoon consulting about wrought this ? God or man? I know and the carriage was speedily driving our children's new dresses, and what nothing of the subject, matter, or style, them away from Merton Lodge, where they should wear next Spring, when, or anything else of the preacher; that he they had passed pleasant days.

alas! I shudder to think where poor preached Christ and salvation for the Mrs. Merton, their kind hostess, re. Mrs. R. MAY THEN be. What an opporlost through His blood, there can be no turned to her now deserted drawing-room, tunity I lost of telling her about the doubt; but so, I am bold to say, had I. and seating herself by the open window, robe that we obtain by faith-the neverWhat, then, made the difference? Surely, felt sad and lonely at the departure of fading robe of the righteousness of God. we must own that the hand of God was her friends.

Oh that I had led her to seek my Lord in it, and that the poor man is now a Looking about her for some book, her in this house ! Christian, made so by God. I have seen fell upon the Bible, and she opened "And poor dear beautiful Marian, too, him since. He is happy, at peace; he it, and read the words, (Isaiah xxxix. 4,) I might have been of some use to her. not only knows now that the Gospel is “What have they seen in thine house?” She has gone home longing to have a true, but has tasted that the Lord is gra- Strange words ! What do they mean? | bracelet like the one she saw on my cious, and is in Him that is true.

Hastily she glanced at the preceding table, and hopes to persuade her papa to My dear reader, I do not want to get chapters, and learned how lovingly and get her one. If I had but spoken to your mind interested and exercised on miraculously the Lord had delivered her of Jesus, might she not have left me points of difference between Christians, Hezekiah ; first from the dangers of to-day determining to speak of Him to but that you may ask yourself the ques- | battle, and then from sickness. After her father, and of His glory?

seen in


house ?

House ?

“ How sorry

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(Phil. iii. 21.)


“What have they all seen in my

house? falling! He is ableto make you stand ! every one who seeth the Son, and believeth “Alas! vanity, idleness, spiritual idle (Jude 24; Rom. xiv. 4.)

on Him, should have everlasting life, and be

Heart. Still Christians do fall into sin, raised up at the last day.” (John vi. 40.) ness, worldly things.

wander from God, and dishonour their pro- • This is the will of God, even your sancti“And what have they heard ? True, fession!

fication.” (1 Thess. iv. 3.), and this is the will they heard family reading and family

Bible. He is able" to restore the soul. of Christ, that those who are His, should " be prayers; but hundreds of formalities (Ps. xxiii. 3.)

with Him where He is,” in glory for ever. have such in their houses. Alas! they

Heart. But I am so weak, I should never (John xvii. 24.) He always answers, “Lord, even heard worldly songs sung, and be able to resist temptation !

if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean," with although I thought about Jesus, and

Bible. He is able” also to succour them " I will be thou clean.” (Mark i. 40, 41.) often longed to speak about Him, yet that are tempted.” (Heb. ii. 18.) " He is Heart. Then it seems “ He is ableto give they have left me, and seen nothing more able to deliver the godly out of temptation. me grace now and glory by-and-bye, and than the poor visitors from Babylon saw (2 Pet. ii. 9.)

willing to withhold no good thing from me, if in Hezekiah's house.

Heart. But Satan is such a powerful ad- I am only willing to receive from Him? “Is this not a word to My soul ?

versary, he takes me captive at his pleasure ! Bible. Exactly so! “He that spared not * Will God deal with me, then, as He Bible. He is able" to proclaim liberty to His own Son, but delivered Him up for us dealt with Hezekiah, and remove all the captives, and the opening of the prison to all

, how shall He not with Him also freely

give us all things?” (Rom. viii. 32.) things which, as snares, keep me from those that are bound. (Isa. lxi. 1.)

Heart. But the world is so full of evil, I Heart. Is there anything He is not able to speaking and testifying of Jesus?" shall surely get involved in it!

do? Ob that we Christians saw this idola

Bible. He is ableto keep you from the Bible. He cannot deny himself.(2 Tim. try aright! evil. (John xvii. 15.)

ii. 13.) And it is impossible for God to lie.How many things I have that war

Heari. I may have to pass through great (Heb. vi 18.) All the promises of God are against my soul ! trials and afflictions!

yea and amen in Christ. By Himself He has Oh that Christ's glorious blood-bought Bible. He is able" to sympathize with sworn to bless —“Hath He said, and shall robe were our only adorning, and that you in them; to have compassion on you, He not do it? Hath He spoken, and shall the “Word of Christ dwelt in us” so and He is able to deliver you out of them all. He not make good ?” “My God shall supply "richly," that we should not be able to (Heb. iv, 15; Dan. iii. 17; Job xxxvi. 15.) all your need, according to His riches in glory,

Heart. Still I shall have to suffer ! refrain from testifying of Him.

by Christ Jesus.” “ To Him be glory for E. J. F. Bible. He is able" to work in you so ever and ever. Amen."

F. G. mightily, that you shall glory in tribulation “He is Able." and take pleasure in infirmities (Rom. v. 1-5),

Brief Extracts and He is able” to make a way of escape, From the Journal of an Evangelist who is uncon

with every trial and temptation that you may nected with any sect, and who looks to God to Heart. Alas! alas! what shall I do? I be able to bear it. (1 Cor. x. 13.)

direct him in his service, and to supply all his am so very wicked. I cannot love God with Heart. But I shall have to die at last!

Jan. 4th 1859. Am much fatigued to-day all my strength; I cannot love Him at all!

Bible. Perhaps ! (1 Cor. xv. 51.) But with the work of yesterday; but, hope, if the I cannot love my neighbour as myself, it “ He is ableto remove death's sting, and to Lord will, to get out to B— in the evening. seems to me impossible! I cannot make my save even from death. (Heb. v. 7.)

Yesterday indeed was a happy day to me, self holy, pure, good, fit for God to look

Heart. Yes! but the body must descend and I hope the Lord made me a means of upon; it is altogether out of my power. I've into the grave, and return to dust!

blessing to some poor souls. A christian

man from the town of A-, called on me tried, and tried, and it's all in vain. What Bible. He is able" to raise, and change this morning, and the Lord permitted us to am I to do?

Where am I to go for help? the vile body, and fashion it into the likeness have sweet fellowship together for about half Can you give me any assistance in this dif- of His glorious body. He is able to subdue an hour When he left me, I gave him four ficulty? all things unto himself. (Phil. iii. 21.)

hundred gospel “tracts to give away in his Bible. I can indeed, give you solid comfort. Heart. All things?

neighbourhood. May God bless them to You are unable to do this for yourself, but Bible. All things!

As soon as he was gone, I went to the " Jesus is able.Believe me; try Heart. What even me? my coldness, my village of H

and called on Mr. W. A. Him, and you will find “ He is able." hardness, my stubbornness, my folly, my re

S—, who had promised to go with me to Heart. But not only do I feel that I want, bellion, my deadness?

the village of T- Was glad to find that present help, but I have such a load of guilt,

he has more peace than when I last saw him.

Bible. He is able to subdue all things unto He told me that when I called on him last such a burden of sins ! himself!"

week, and spoke to him on Col. iii. 3, that he Bible. He is able" on earth to forgive Heart. But if he were to subdue me now, was enableil to see the place where God had sins. (Mark ii. 10.) He is able to remove and save me, I might soon again rebel, and set him; and that as his life is now " hid with your load. (Isa. liii. 5.)

Christ in God,” he need not fear about the lose myself once more!

end. Heart. But I must repent of my sins, and

He has been a great sportsman, and Bible. He is able to save to the uttermost has spent many hundreds of pounds in sin; forsake them, and I can't even feel sorry all that come to God by Him.” (Heb. vii. 25.) but says he has enough left to support his about them, when I try?

• No man is able to pluek them out of His family; and he is now anxious to devote his Bible. He is ableto give repentance as hand!” (John x. 29.)

whole life to the service of God, whose free well as remission of sins. (Acts v. 31.)

No creature shall be able to separate you

grace has saved him, and given him joy and Heart. But I must have faith to believe in from His love. (Rom. viii. 39.)

peace. May the Lord direct him. I feel that

we need much teaching in the school of God, Him. I have not even that!

Heart. Has He promised all this?

before we are fit for much service for God. Bible. He is able" to bestow that on you: Bible, He has, and “what He has promised

We went together, first to S- gate, “it is the gift of God." (Eph. ii. 8.) He is able also to perform.” (Rom. iv. 21.)

where we visited a few houses and gave the Heart. But I must pray for it, and I know

Heart. I wish I only had grace to believe people some tracts ; we also spoke to several not even how to pray!

people by the way-side, and in the fields; it, and be grateful!

some seemed thankful for a word about our Bible. He is able" to teach you to pray. Bible. He is able to make all grace abound precious Jesus, but many seemed as if they (Luke xi. 1; Rom. viii. 26.)

toward you” (ii Cor. ix. 8), and “He is able did not wish to hear anything about Him. Heart. And if I were converted, and be- to do exceeding abundantly, above all we We met with one boy, who seemed much incame a Christian, I fear I should be so incon- ask or think” or wish! (Eph. iii. 20.)

terested in reading a tract, entitled, “Have

you a friend ?” We met him twice during the sistent! perhaps fall away and be worse off Heart. But now, is He willing as well as day. The last time we saw him, he told us than ever! able ?

that he always thought his mother was the Bible. He is able" to keep you from Bible. Willing! “This is His will, that| best friend he had, but that he learned from

many souls.

I tell you


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