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The Poor Blind Man.


begging."-MARK X. 46.


Then we shall be

Yon poor blind man is highly PRI- THE OBJECT OF ATTRACTION. At pre

VILEGED, for lo, Jesus of Nazareth sent, this is Christ crucified: for our “ Bartimæus, the son of Timæus, sat by the highway side passes by. How aptly illustrative of the rallying point is the Cross. Here faith

sinner; Jesus is not only passing by, but, fixes, and from it derives peace, strength, What an important lesson does this poor behold, He is full of love and mercy. blind man teach us. He is naturally

and courage. Here hope rests, expecting

My reader, has Jesus opened thine all that is good, great, and glorious, bebereft of his sight, he is circumstantially poor, very poor, and doubtless he is in eyes? If He has not, why has He not ? cause Jesus died. Here love feasts, and tellectually very ignorant. Yet notwith. Is it not because thou art unwilling to enjoys sweet and hallowed fellowship with

be cured. Oh, sad; oh, lamentable folly, Jesus, in His sufferings and death. In standing these, to the world, serious

and wilt thou continue thus ? Nay, the future, it will be Christ in His glory. drawbacks, Bartimæus teaches lessons of

thou canst not; then I entreat thee at We look forward to, anticipate, and long instruction to the worldly-wise, as by the highway side he sits, and utters his once to arise and go to Jesus. The world for the coming of Jesus, because then, we

will bid thee, not cry; heed not the shall see Him in all His beauty, dignity, oft-repeated request, to “ Pity the poor world, but cry to Jesus. Satan will tell and majesty. Because, being interested blind man." All men wish to be remem

thee thy disease is incurable; heed not in Him, we are interested in all that conbered, yet how many are by the world forgotten, while the Scriptures preserve will tell thee thou art not good enough; events connected with His second advent.

Satan, but go to Jesus. Thine evil heart cerns Him, especially in all the momentous the memory of this poor blind man. Yon,

heed not thine evil heart, but go to Jesus. Not only so, but being united to Him, we poor man, is BLIND. How illustrative of the character of those, whose eyes have Thy fears will tell thee, it is too late ; shall share in all His regal honours, for never been opened by the Spirit's power. Jesus. Go to Jesus in earnest, the

heed not thy fears, but arise and go to we shall be like Him, and when He shall Alas, alas, they are blind to their own errand is to thee of vital importance.

appear, we shall appear with Him in glory. sinfulness, not knowing the fact, that

Go to Jesus with the determination, not a gathering! What an assembly! Nor they, before a heart-searching and rein

to be put down; heed not the taunting we are distant from Him, and scattered trying God, are guilty. They are blind to the condemnation which awaits them. sneer, be not deterred by the mocking from each other.

laugh, fear not the threatening frown, but gathered together unto Him. Who shall? should they continue under the curse of the broken law. They are blind to the away at once, speed thee away to Jesus. All who look, long for, and love His ap

Thy soul is at stake; oh, pause not, but pearing. All the chosen of the Father, joy of true religion, fancying it to be a system of gloom, instead of a never-fuil now, away to Jesus. Go to Jesus with all whom Christ redeemed by His blood,

an earnest desire for sight-cast away all all in whose hearts He has been formed ing fountain of pure joy. They are blind to the purity of God, imagining

the impediments of fashion; go thou, by His Spirit. When shall we be all that out of Christ he can clear the trans- Go thus to Jesus, and He will notice time, when He sits on the glory cloud,

make thy petition for mercy and cure. gathered? When He comes the second gressor. They are blind to the love of

thee, He will cure thee, He will permit and the archangel sounds the trumpet. God, not embracing the sweet truth, that

thee to follow Him, He will enable thee From whence shall we be gathered! From from love to a ruined world, God gave his

to glorify God, and He will honour thee, the depths of the ocean, from the dark doSon to die, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish, but have everlast. by using thine example, to encourage mains of death, and whether alive or

others to approach His sacred person. asleep, from all parts of the world whering life. They are blind to the realities of

God has given the keys of heaven into ever we have been scattered. How shell heaven, fondly dreaming they are hasten

the hands of Jesus; if therefore, thou (we be gathered? By His sweet, powerful, ing thither, while they are speeding their way to the abode of eternal misery. And wouldst reach heaven, thou must go to and attractive influence; by the sound of worst of all, they are blind to their own thine ere on the world, see how it For what purpose shall we be gathered!

Jesus, who is the only Saviour. Turn the trumpet, and by His mighty power. blindness, for they say they see, and know

changeth, mark how its fashion passeth To see Him in His glory, in His Father's not that destruction awaits them.

My soul, thou wast in such a state; bless away. Now turn thine eye on Jesus, glory, and with His holy angels. To

mark how He changeth not, and be attend Him, grace His triumphs, and sit God that thou seest now. Unbeliever,

thus encouraged to approach unto His with Him in judgment on angels and thou art in this condition; seek the Spirit's eye-salve, that thou mayest see. mercy seat, whereon He is sitting waiting men.

To enjoy the light of His counteYon blind man is POOR.

to be gracious, even unto thee.
How charac-

nance, the fulness of His love, and all teristic of the condition of those who

that was purchased by His blood. To have never obtained of Jesus, "gold tried Our Gathering Together.

be for ever with Him, for ever like Hun, in the fire." They have no Saviour, no

and for ever filled with His joy. Friend, no Brother, no home, no heaven. Our Lord and Master is at present ab- The centre of the Church's unity is They are destitute of the Spirit to com. sent from us, but in a little time He will Christ. Not a creed nor a country, not fort, of the Son to redeem, and of the return, to bless our earth with His a service - book, or a constitution, but Father to justify, without a portion in presence, reign before His ancients glo- Christ alone-Christ crucified, and Christ Jesus, lacking a present peace, wanting a riously, and accomplish all the glowing glorified. The object of our hope is the future hope. They have no security in and glorious predictions of His word. coming of Jesus. Jesus coming in His living, no prospect in dying. They are This subject, the apostles keep constantly glory. Jesus coming to collect His aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, before the minds of the Lord's people, friends. Jesus coming to make His distrangers from the covenants of promise, exhorting them to be ready for it, and vided church one, and one for ever. Jesus without blood to cleanse, righteousness exhorting them to other duties by it. coming to subdue His foes. There will to cover, holiness to sanctify their soul. “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the be a glorious collection of God's people They have no title to, no meetness for coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by soon. Not one will be missing then. All heaven; having no hope, and without our gathering together unto Him." (2 Thess. of them that have ever lived, from all God in the world. Sad state, but sadder ii

. 1.) Let us now for a few minutes di- places and periods, will be gathered by far, 'tis caused by sin. rect our minds to this subject.

Jesus, will be collected around Jesus, and

even unto THEE.



mission to the will of God.

will rejoice and glory in Jesus. It will Jesus Christ might shew forth all long old blind George had long entered into rest, be a great congregation : such an one as suffering, for a pattern to them which when I was called to labour in the gospel in never has been seen yet. Numerous as

should hereafter believe on him to life a distant locality, and among the hundreds the dew-drops of the morning, pure as everlasting.” “Now,” said the visitor, who came to hear the word of life, in a large

malthouse, was a dear boy eleven years of 'the chief of sinners has found the rays of morning light, all the saints through believing in Jesus. You cannot indicated infirmity and sorrow.

age, led by his mother, whose countenance

This was will be gathered around Jesus. All who be a greater sinner than the chief, that is another blind George, and at this time no say have died in infancy, and all who have plain; therefore, there is mercy for you. of gospel light had penetrated his dark mind. believed in Jesus, both Jews and Gentiles, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and His blindness was the result of a blow from will be thou shalt be saved." The poor old man his schoolmaster with the handle of an um

He had not long been under the rify and praise the Saviour's thrice blessed raised himself up in his bed, stretched out brella. rify and praise the Saviour’s thrice blessed his hands, grasping that of the speaker, sound of the gospel

, when some word conname. Whut a glorious anticipation. Let exclaiming, "I believe that it was or cerning Jesus on the white horse (Rev. xix.) us not look at corruption, earth and dained of God, that yon and I should arrested his attention, and awakened in his Forms; at death and all its gloomy asso-meet.” From that time we have good young mind, deep conviction of sin. It was ciations; but let us look for that blessed reason to believe he found rest in Jesus. truly interesting to observe the gradual ad

the , hope, even the glorious appearing of the

and to hear his mother speak of his frequently great God our Saviour. Jesus is pledged It is more than forty years ago that I felt the Lord, The Two Blind Georges. stealing up stairs to pour out his heart unto

She was herself the subject of a to come, to come and gather his people, interested in the appearance of an old man similar experience, and it could scarcely be to come and crown his gathered people, who was totally blind. He was rebuking said which of them was first blessed with a with glory, honour, and immortality; with some warmth a boy who had taken ad- full sense of a Saviour's pardoning love. The conferring on them eternal life in all its vantage of his blindness to deprive him of a father, who was a man of prayer, had been

penny, and exhorted him to think of his dead some years, and this afflicted and only fulness, perfection, and glorious meaning precious soul,” with such seriousness of man- son, more dear from his affliction, was the Then there will be perfect satisfaction. ner, that I supposed him to know something especial favourite of his widowed mother. His

of Him who came to seek and save the lost. life was shortened by other disease resulting Jesus will see of the travail of his soul, But I was mistaken. He was at this time a from the same cause as his blindness, and he and will be satisfied. The saints will see mere Pharisee; proud of his own fancied was only spared for a few months, to bear Jesus, and be with him, and be perfectly righteousness; he knew nothing of the right- witness to the truth by his patience and sub

His end was satisfied. Jesus with all his people-

eousness of God.

To my great surprise I soon after saw him peace, and his last words, uttered with a smile, satisfied.

All the saints with Jesus- seated near me in a cottage, three miles dis- which indicated the happy frame of his mind satisfied. All the saiuts together one tant, where I was accustomed to preach the were, “I go, I go.”

A burying ground attached to a chapel, with each other, filled with holy love, gospel, and found on enquiry that he lived

near it. George Cure was not only blind, but which had recently been erected, was scarcely satisfied. Satisfied with Jesus, satisfied nearly deaf also, and could only hear when enclosed at the time of his departure, but with each other, and satisfied with them- sitting very near the speaker. From this he earnestly requested to be interred there. selves.

time he regularly attended our meetings, and when he was told that his wish would be Reader, how will it be with you? Will

during the twelve months in which preaching complied with, he expressed much pleasure,

was continued in the cottage, his heart was and from a mistaken supposition, that it was you be among them ?

Are you among opened to receive the truth, and he became a intended only for the interment of Believers, them now?

Are you like them now? sincere follower of Christ. When the ministry he said, “Then I shall rise with the saints.” look forward with earnest long

was removed to a newly erected chapel, he you

It is to be feared that many who feel much was deprived of the privilege of hearing the pity for those who, by natural blindness, are ing, and anticipate the coming of our tidings of a Saviour's love, even when he en-deprived of many of the enjoyments of life, Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering to deavoured to do so by standing on the stairs of are themselves the subjects of a blindness far gether unto Him? You will either be the pulpit. But he still loved to attend public more solemn, and calling for deeper sympathy.

worship, and was frequently alone for some The blind ones of whom this short account gathered to Christ, or be separated from time previous to its commencement. On one has been given, were able, through grace, to Him for ever; and the future depends of these occasions, I asked him what he say, “God, who commanded the light to shine on the present--what you will be then,

was thinking about? He said, about Heaven, out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts,

where he did not expect a high place, it would to give the light of the knowledge of the or what you are now.

be enough for him to get within the gate, and glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” added,

(2 Cor. iv. 6.) Their bodily infirmity is now A Good Sample. “ Then I shall sing as loud as they,

gone; they are happy in the presence of Who shine atar in bright array.”

Jesus, in whom they believed, and whorn Ax aged man on a sick bed, had been so He soon after said,

their souls loved, and their eyes now behold impressed with his awful condition as a

“ Then shall I see, and hear, and know,

the King in His beauty. But alas! what sinner, that he was persuaded there could

All I desired and wished below."

numbers are there of whom it is said, “ The be no mercy for him; at the same time “ The Lord can restore all my faculties, Sir.”

them which believe not, lest the light of the fully believing that an eternity of un

A remarkable feature in the character of this glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of

aged saint, was his desire to help the gospel. God, should shine unto them.” (2 Cor. iv. 4.) utterable woe awaited him,

His means for doing this were small indeed, This is the state of all who, however wise in When the writer of these few lines came but his offerings, like the mites of the poor the things of this world, have never seen to his bed-side, this poor heavy-laden widow, were precious in the sight of Him, their lost and ruined condition as sinners

whose thoughts are not as our thoughts, and before God, and unable of themselves to do one looked the picture of borror and who weighs all our actions in the balances of despair. All that was advanced in the the sanctuary. George's parish allowance was Jesus declares, “ be that walketh in darkness

any one thing to merit salvation shape of comfort and consolation, was

eighteen pence a week, and of this small knoweth not whither he goeth, because that answered with, “ Yes, yes; but I've been chapel every Lord's day, for missionary pur- darkness must be removed, or the subjects of

pittance, one halfpenny was brought to the darkness hath blinded his eyes.” Either this such a great sinner, there can be no mercy poses. He once brought two pence, and on it must sink into that state of hopeless misery, for me!

At length He, who alone can being asked the reason, he only said “The which is described as “ the blackness of darkbind up the broken in heart, gave the I afterwards heard that some one had given Lord has been very good to me this week.”

ness for ever." word. The visitor repeated those blessed him sixpence, and of this, to him, large bounty, of the Gospel shined in your heart, and re

Reader, what is your state? Has the light words, so replete with comfort, “This is one-fourth was added to his weekly contribution for the Lord's work. The example of

vealed Jesus as the way, the truth, and the a faithful saying, and worthy of all accep-this poor man's self-denying liberality may

life? or are you still in the blindness of nature? tation, that Christ Jesus came into the well serve as a load-stone to the consciences

An eternity of joy or sorrow depends on this world to sare sinners; of whom I am of those who love the Saviour, and cause each question. chief.” And again, “Howbeit for this

individual to ask himself “How much owest “I am the light of the world.
thou unto thy Lord.”

followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but cause I obtained mercy, that in me first

More than thirty years had rolled away, and I shall have the light of life.” (John viii. 12.)


God of this world hath blinded the minds of

Of such

He that

About a year



I cannot

as she was.

Gleanings for the young.

he felt he dared not show these things to God;ing, who can this be from W— who says he could not trust in them ; he saw their utter

he knows - me very well? Arriving at the worthlessness, and felt it would be mocking cottage, I went in: a kind of bedstead had The Fearful Dream. God to hope to gain forgiveness through such been formed in the kitchen, by placing some

chairs beside the wooden settle, and there lay SOME time since, when God was working paltry works.

G of W well known to me indeed. mightily in bringing sinners to himself, boy Again the voice of Satan spoke, and asked about ten years old was led to think about his if these few prayers and works could weigh I must go back a little to tell the origin of my soul. He heard of numbers turning to the against the countless sins the other side. He acquaintance with this man, and the reason Lord, of sinners crying out for mercy, and spoke in bitter irony, and malice filled his of his being more than commonly in my finding pardon through the blood of Christ; eye! he thought to crush the child, and make thoughts. he heard of their joy and peace, their altered him sink beneath the weight of sin.

since I was residing in Wlives, and delight in prayer and praise, and poor boy felt the wound, but light was dawn- preaching the gospel, and seeking to commuthought that he would like to go and see how ing on his mind. He gazed upon the scroll nicate the same momentous news in visiting

from house to bouse. A wide door was all these things were brought about.

again, and then exclaimed, “ No, So one day he started off to hear one of get forgiveness through those prayers, for opened; the inhabitants, with scarcely an exthese faithful men, who had been so greatly they are full of sin! put them the other side! ception, willingly allowing me to come in and owned of God; and as he sat within those put them among the sins! and let THE speak of eternal things. And here let me say walls the arrow reached bis heart. He listened PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS cleanse to the Lord's people, male and female, that to the words of God, and felt how deeply he them all away!”

I have remarked in various parts of England, had sinned! he saw the holiness of God, and The devil fled-his power was gone-this

that this door is open to them.

One day 1 felt he did indeed deserve the lake of fire! child had found the secret way to God, and found my way into the house of GM, and sin after sin rushed through his mind; his saw there was forgiveness through the blood that visit was a prelude to several others; disobedience, lies, and angry words and deeds; of Christ. He fled to Him and so found about that time he was in trial, having løst he felt he was indeed condemned, and had no peace! “Put all my prayers among my sins," his situation. Mrs. G- was really anxious right to hope for mercy from a righteous he cried, “they cannot save my soul!” Ah,

about her soul; distressed, as one not having God.

no! no works of ours can stand the searching peace with God, but desirous of the blessing. “My sins! my sins!” was all that he could holiness of God. He will not set the good She was not long without it. Through essay, as home he went to weep and pray; against the bad, and say, that if we do the plaining to her, from Romans iii., the great anguish and sorrow filled his heart; he saw best we can, we shall be saved at last. Ah, redemption, the love of God in the gift of his no way in which he could be saved; he did no; He tells us we are altogether lost; that Son, the full atonement made for our sins, the not understand the work of Christ, and so

our past acts have fixed our doom, and no acceptance of that atonement as shown by the sank down in misery and woe! Day after day amendment in our wars can free us from the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and the parpassed by, but still he found no rest; he tried sentence of eternal wrath.

don, justification, and acceptance, of every

sinner who believes to pray, but something told him prayer could

receiving Christ as not atone for sin; he felt his tears and groans

his Saviour; the darkness passed from her

The Happy Little Girl. were not enough, they could not cleanse him let me tell you a story about a happy little enlightenment she believed the love of God,

troubled mind, and through the Holy Spirit's from the past; indeed he found he could not girl, and I want you, dear children, to look as shown in Jesus. With light came peace, cease from sin; he felt so cross, so fretful and into your hearts, and see if you are as happy she rejoiced in having passed from death unto unkind, his very misery of heart produced these evil things, and in despair he settled

Perhaps you think she had life. Galso had convictions, but did not down amd thought he must be lost.

plenty of money, and a nice home, and kind receive the gospel message. Alas! how many

friends, and that was what made her happy: are there who, like Felix, (Acts xxiv. 25,) Dear child, have you thus pondered on

but you are quite wrong; for this little girl and poor G- have their convictions, but your guilt? You have an evil heart as well as he, and if you do not have your sins for

was very poor, and had no kind mother or stop short of conversion! Eternity will reveal given now, you must be punished in the world ister to take care of her; her mother was the number; yet was there mercy in store for

Several times I knelt down with There is no mercy then, no pardon did not love his child, nor try to make her Mrs. G; our prayer was, that her husat the great white throne; no, no, dear child,

happy. that is the day of wrath, the day of judgment all day long, and she had no chair or stool to seemed to be the answer.

The poor little girl was alone nearly band might be saved, but discouragement for the guilty ones; the books will all be sit on, for there was nothing in the room but drunkard, he was fond of strong drink; it was

Although not a opened then, and if your name be not recorded

the foor; her clothes were all in a temptation to him. in the book of life, you must be cast into the lake of fire. Think of that awful hour! what rags, and her feet were covered all over with pment, and hearing of a situation he could dread would fill your heart! how could you and it was cold frosty weather; and more to take it. True, he would be exposed to bis

chilblains, for she had no shoes or stockings, procure, as hostler at an inn, he determined bear those fearful words—" Depart from me, than this, she was very often hungry, and besetting sin, but he was poor and out of I know you not!”

could get nothing to eat, and yet she was employment, and the natural man does not These were the thoughts which troubled this poor boy; he felt the day of judgment happy; and can you tell me why?

happy! Yes, dear children, she was very ponder in his heart this solemn word — " For soon would come, and longed to get forgive

what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the

I fancy I hear a little voice whispering. whole world, and lose his own soul : Or ness while he could. One night, while in this wretched state, he had a dream-a fearful FELT HER SINS WERE FORGIVEN.” | soul?"

“BECAUSE SHE LOVED JESUS, AND what shall a man give in exchange for bis dream. He saw the devil come, with a great You are right, my child. Yes; that was the after removed from the neighbourhood. Yet

He went to the situation, and I soon scroll; he spread the scroll before his eyes, he held it up, and hid himself behind. The scroll secret which made her happy, even when she I did not forget this couple, and they were

was very hungry. was very large, and all his sins seemed closely

brought to my mind also, specially, when The first time I saw her, it was four o'clock occasionally getting a view of their little He cast his eyes from top to

on a cold winter's day, and she had had no dwelling. I wished to call there again. bottom-he saw the fearful list-he read it

breakfast, no dinner, and no tea; and what down in agonizing woe, and then cried out- do you think I found her doing? What do with a cart 10 a large market town, several

Well, five weeks since, G- was sent The mocking voice of Satan spoke, and you think you would have done. I expeột miles distant; it was a dismal day, very wet told him he was lost. “How can you hope little girl was singing: yes, she was singing G

you would have sat down and cried; but this and windy, and the dark night of it found for mercy after all those sins," he said ; “how a hymn about Jesus, and seemed quite happy had taken some drink, although perhaps not

on his way back with his cart. He can you think that God would pardon you? No, no; you must come down to hell with and glad. I asked her if she was fond of much, and was riding on the cart. In the me; 'tis vain to pray-He will not hear, and she answered, “ Yes ;” and then I asked, if road, and, getting too near the ditch, horse and

singing hymns; she looked very pleased as dark the horse took the wrong side of the nothing you can do will ever cleanse away she thought she should go to heaven if she these sins.'

cart were both turned over, and poor Gdied; and she told me, she hoped she should. The poor child groaned in agony of heart,

came underneath, part of the load falling on while Satan turned the scroll. He raised his

him; and he was fastened to the earth by the

Answer to Prayer in an Unexpected Way. wheel pressing heavily on his right leg. It eyes again to read the other side, and saw another scene: no closely written lines, but Some Account of the Death of G

was some time before assistance came. dotted here and there, (as if to mock the WALKING along the road, five weeks since, sufferer retained his consciousness and selfempty page,) a few good works and prayers; on my way to the village of B-, a person possession. The casks which had fallen on a little Bible reading there, and further down accosted me, and said, -—" there is a man lying him were removed, the load taken from the a hearty cry for sin, and then a few kind acts; in a cottage at the bottom of a hill, close to cart: and then, by his own directions, some and last of all, these past few days of misery the village, the cart he was driving was upset man lifted the wheel a little which pressed on with all their fretfulness and peevish words, and he is greatly injured: he is from w his leg, while another, taking him by the With timid eyes he scanned the meagre list, and he says he knows you very well.” I passed shoulders, drew him away from the cart. His and then again sank down in deep distress; I on meditating on this intelligence, and think- leg was broken in three places, and the lowest

to come.

a bed


written there.



at once

the Redeemer.

place crushed and lacerated. In this state he (John xiii. 25); that to the beloved apostle according to His works, to receive the rightwas carried into the cottage where I found him. this testimony should be entrusted, who had eous sentence of condemnation and eternal

Christian reader, have you ever remarked known such nearness to the Lord. How much death for his unworthy deeds. that the Lord, in his earnestness to bless and this unfolds of the grace of God! This same He has, as it were, by anticipation, passed answer you, sometimes treats your unex- Jesus, on whose bosom he had lain, was the the tribunal already, being justified from all pressed desires as if they were uttered prayers, Word who was in the beginning, was with things by His Saviour's blood, and saved from almost surprising you by granting your wish, God, and was God! All things were made wrath through Him,—"justified by His grace without your having expressed it in any by Him; and without Him was not anything freely, and that through the redemption that regular prayer? My desire had been to call made [lit. not one thing made] that was! is in Jesus Christ.” (Rev. iii. 24.). For at G-'s house, but how much more than (John i. 1, 3.)

indeed, justification implies acquitted and my desire was granted when both he and his Here, (John v. 17,) Jesus had said, "My pardoned, yea more, pronounced righteous wife, who came to n'irse him, became for a Father worketh hitherto, and I work ;" upon and accepted by the Judge himself! And time inmates of a cottage which I passed which the Jews sought to kill Him, because since Jesus is the Judge who has thus justified by almost every day. * And it shall come to He had thus made Himself equal with God; him, how can he be ever condemned? If pass, that before they call, I will answer.” but, as it is written, “ He thought it not God has justified him, who is he that con(Is. lxv. 24.)

robbery to be equal with God.” (Phil. ii. 6.) demneth: (Rom. viii: 33, 34.) There is thus On entering the cottage, G

It is the purpose of God that all should no condemnation to him that believeth in recognized me; he was quite able to speak, honour the Son, even as they honour the Jesus. He has passed his examination aland from his own lips I received most of the Father. (v. 23.) This is indeed the Son's ready, and bas the Judge's sentence in his particulars of what had befallen him. Again, right, as Creator and Lord of all, but here we favour: he has passed from one condition also through the long-suffering of God, there was find it in another connexion : “ The Father to another, from being dead in trespasses and an opportunity of conversing with him about himself judgeth no man,” the Lord said sins unto life eternal, the life of Christ Jesus spiritual things, and again the realities con. (v. 22) Þut "hath committed all judgment our Lord, in which he was raised from the nected with eternity became the subject of into the Son," and for the reason assigned dead by the glory of the Father. Oh that our conversation. I said, - what would have afterwards, “ Because He is the Son of Man.” we who believe might enjoy the reality and become of you had you died when the cart-|(v. 27.)

preciousness of this more, and that our Lord wheel was pressing on you, and what is the Thus the judgment of man is indeed the Jesus might be thus more precious to us daily! state of your mind at present? The substance peculiar prerogative of God (an additional To those who believe He is indeed precious. of his answer was, that had he died then he testimony to the Divine person of the Lord |(1 Pet. ii. 7.) would, as an unpardoned sinner, have ever- Jesus). The same Saviour God, that says, Nothing indeed could stand before that lastingly perished—that he was filled with Look ́unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends Great White Throne, but this white raiment, gratitude to God for keeping him alive, and of the earth; for I am God, and there is none that has been washed and made white in the desirous of knowing the love of God, through else, says, that unto me every knee shall bow, blood of the Lamb; such garments (the true

And these words, I believe, and every tongue shall swear (or confess). wedding garments) would be sufficient even expressed what he really felt. For a few (Isa. xlv. 22.) This is applied to Christ in to appear there; Jesus would avouch them as days he remained in the same state of mind, Rom. xiv. 10. &c., where we read, that · We His own, though we judge from the word, and then was filled with confidence and shall all stand before the judgment seat of that they have not to await that tribunal; for peace. I had never witnessed in any Chris-Christ;" and so then “every one of us shall they are pronounced holy and blessed, and are tian stronger confidence, more assured peace. give account of himself to God.

partakers of the first resurrection, and shall Fearing self-deception, I questioned him as The judgment will then be of the God-man, reign with Christ a thousand years before to the ground of his peace. He had found He who is very God and very man; and it is that Throne shall be set up. (Rev. xx.) What Christ. He had trusted in Jesus. A clear appointed to Jesus, as mentioned here, on a stupendous gift then is eternal life-eternal and powerful view of the redemption which this especial ground, because He is the Son glory and thus given freely to the sinner is in Christ Jesus had been given him. His of Man.God has given assurance of this by believing on Jesus. May all who read own expression was,- Jesus cannot cast you into all men, in that He hath raised Him this find it a message of life and peace to out, if you come to Him, through a full re- from the dead. (Acts xvii. 31.) He was the their souls! Therefore it is of faith, that it demption; and with this change of mind Man of sorrows and suffering down here, might be by grace; to the end that the there was a change also of expression in his of whom we read that He “suffered being promise might be sure to all the seed. (Rom. His Christian wife, who had tempted,” though without sin; who has met iv

. 16.) Then shall each be enabled to sing been praying for this blessing, was absent for the Prince of darkness in his own domain that beautiful hymn a few hours the day he found peace. She here below, and overcame him; who has "Jesus, thy blood and righteousness afterwards said to me,—when I came in Ilovercome the world, and by dying in it as the

My beauty are, my glorious dress; saw it in his face; I have asked this of the Lamb of God, the spotless ransom, bas re

Midst flaming worlds, in these array'd, Lord. Now his death is nothing; of course deemed His people out of it, and delivered

With joy shall I lift up my head."

J. C. I shall feel our parting. Truly, if the power them from him who had the power of death of God to give peace through faith was seen (Heb. ii. 14); who has “glorified His Father in G-, the power of God to sustain, here on earth, and finished the work which Hymn sung at a Meeting held for and fill with gratitude in deep trial was seen

United Prayer. was given Him to do” (John xvii. 4); who in his poor wife.

shall also be the Judge of all at the last At first there appeared some prospect of day. He has seen and passed through this ALMIGHTY FATHER, to Thy throne the sufferer's recovery; a surgeon held out very world himself, in the midst of men, in all

Thy children, from far distant lands, strong hopes of this—provided the mangled their circumstances; borne their reproaches,

Have made their wants and wishes known, limb should be amputated, but some objected been pierced by them, rejected, crucified !

And sought new blessings from Thy hands. on account of his age, and death soon be- How easy to see why all shall stand before We now, again, implore Thy grace, came inevitable. As long as he was able to Him for judgment! To have their final

O Lord of heaven and earth and air, speak he testified his confidence in Christ. destiny appointed, the last terrible sentence

That we may truly seek Thy face, Once I said to him,- If you really believe pronounced upon them! “He came not,” as

In earnest, supplicating prayer. these things, you should speak to this person He said, (His first coming) “to judge the Tuy Son, our Advocate on high, í rcferring to a woman who stood by his bed.) world, but to save the world;" but as He adds, Has promised still our cause to plead ; On hearing this he turned his head, and fixing “ He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my

And in His pierced hands and feet, his eyes on her, solemnly exhorted her to flee words, hath one that judgeth him: the word

We would the cost of pardon read. to Jesus, It was a weighty word and seemed that I have spoken, the same shall judge Him Oh! for His sake, for His alone, to tell powerfully. His last words were ex- at the last day." How momentous then for By Thine own Spirit's mighty power, pressive of his assurance of being saved. On each the question, have I received Christ or Lead us, again, in faith to ask the sixth of January, 1861, he fell asleep, not? “ To as many as received Him, to them

A rich and soul-converting shower. and on the next day a coroner's inquest was gave He'power to become the children (Gr.) Only Tuy Spirit's power can give held at the cottage where the body lay; the of God, even to them that believe on His The prayer which shall ascend to Thee; verdict,-accidental death. name. (Ch. i. 12.)

Or to our guilty souls reveal January, 1861.

We receive or reject Him now as much as Free pardon, bought on Calvary's tree.

in the days of His flesh, by believing or not Grace now, or Judgment to come. believing upon Him; and believing on Him

Wilt Tuou the living power impart,

To make us more completely Thine — "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that heareth my word, and is not only believing on Him, but on the To know Thy will- to still abide shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from “ Father that sent Him to be the Saviour of

Only in Christ, the Living Vine? death upto life." (John v. 24) the world.” (1 Jno. iv. 14.) Such shall

And with these blessings grant us help The personal glory of our Lord Jesus stands never

into condemnation, (lit. Gr.)

To praise Thy mercy, rich and free, out with peculiar prominence in the gospel of cometh not into judgment:" he shall never Who gave, for us, Thine only Son John. It is also remarkable that this should have to appear before the Great Judge of To die, that we might live with Thee. be given to the apostle that lay on his bosom Assize, so to speak, to be tried for His life,



Joux xvi. 24.

E. B.


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a principles, not under 16,) who would be able to assist gepe. rally in the School duties He would have opportunities for improvement and a comfortable home. If found suitable, arrangements might be made for a term. Apply, by letter, to P. P. P., Post Office, Stroud.

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THE Principal of a School in Gloucestershire GOV'S ETERNAL PURPOSE, AND CHRIST'S

THE COMMERCIAL; or, the Broken Leg and A

Clariat requires of those who become His Disciples.riseeona WILLIAM THE CARPENTER; or, the First WANTED by a Lady, aged 3t, about to leave her THE CHRISTIAN WORLD UNMASKED. By A MEMODE OF THE PIOUS LIFE AND Lady, invalid or otherwise. She wishes to be with those who THE VISION OF THE GLORY OF GOD. . T.


WILDPACT. Fcap. Svo. cloth, 28.

EXPEDIENT, or OBEDIENT. An appeal to all
COTTAGE BREA. B.Cor. Cottage children. Fcap. ProET.
DAYIsrael and Ph. Dit iple Tone sestretove prise za
- The sweet Psalmist of CONFESSION

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12 Her Logs wa, Endless Gaip. London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

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By Lord CONGLETON. It has been thought that if the Psalms were thrown into the metrical form, as suggested by the paralulisms in the original Hebrew, and divided into paragraphs, and if, further, every effort were made to preserve uniformity of translation, that is, to give the same English word where the same Hebrew word occurs, the English reader would be in a much better position to understand this portion of God's precious word To carry out this thought, taking care, at the same time, that the translation should be correct in other respects, has been the object of the present work.

It has been a studied aim, whilst so rioing, to preserve as much of the authorized version as possible.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square. Crumbs for the Lord's Little Ones,


thirty-six for One Shilling.
| Who wants to be Happy? 13 Peep at a Ragged School,
2 Little Charlie: or, the 14 "Time enough yet!"
Clean Heart.

15 The Cure for an Aching
3 More about Charlie.

4"She had enough to make 16 “How Frightened I felt."
her Weep."

17 Three Dreary Vonths.
5 The Thunderstorm.

18 The Happy Little Girl,
6 Dil Ellen lose herfriend? 19 Poor Alfred's Choice.
7 The Great Debt; or I do 20 19 Annie Fretful now?
try to be Gooil.

21 " This Year or next?"
8 A little Girl's Mistake. 22 The Fearful Dream.
9"Is it a Gloomy Thing?" 23 "Too Late! too Late!"
10 The Dark, Dark Night!
11" () what a Change!"

12 What am I worth?
London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

sibility of Making the Best of Both.

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Incidents comected with Village Ministry; to which are added some Extracts from his Diar Robert Gribble.

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THE LORD'S SUPPER. Price ld. CONSISTING of hundreds of Original Papers on the Teacher Royal 320 TEIE E. ROBERT. BY PUSEYISM. By J. N. Darby. of Christ for the edification and comfort of the borde DUCED LITTLE. ALICE; or, Longing to be with Jesus. A CALL TO THE CONVERTED. Price 4d. MEMOIR, OF SAMUEL GRAHAM. TH

THE SIX DAYS; being Notes on Genesis i. Od. THE GREEN PASTURES FOU or Reco.: THE TWO, Brick for Stone, and Sline A

Large Type, carnestly recommended for THE KING'S SON: an Allegory. Demy 18mo. A SERIES SE GOSPEL TRACTS, containing 60 CONVERSATIONS between two Little Girls and PROVERE ITNE. ARROW OF THE LORD'S GOSPEL HANDBILLS... One Hundred for Id., HYMNS FOR CHILDREN.

THE VOICE IN THE DREAM; or, His Sonl is A PACKET of Denty-six GOSPEL BOOKS. E VERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM. 32m0., price ZACCHEUS; or, the Seeker Found. Price 4d. GOD'S MESSAGES. A Packet of 24 Books in THE LITTLE PILGRIM. A New Edition. Price THE YOUNG CARAITE. TRACTS FOR CHILDREN. A packet of 10 Books THE LITTLE STRICKEY ONE, An authentic GOLDEN GRAIN Leaflets for Letters

WORDS OF TRUTH for the Saints of God.

WHISPERS IN THE PALMS: Ilymns and MFPT the VICAN QUIEBRE verbrief Nemo: MESSAGES OF MERCY; consisting of very
WIDOW GRAY and the Little Song- bird. A LENT TOHT ONE LORD in Brief blints to a Chris. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W.

THE following Books: One Penny each, are
WHICH WAY? or, Fetch them in, and tell them
THE CROOKED STICK. Third Edition, royal
JOWICE We tice la
THE RAINY DAY. Second Edition, 18mo. A Word to a lullen Sister

[blocks in formation]

A New Edition, Demy 4to., cloth boards, gold lettered, 7s. fd.


1. The Tabernacle it Roht. 2. Plan of the Tabernacle in
the midst of the Camp of Israel 3. Plan of the Table and
Court. 4. The Brazen Altar and Laver. 3. Tbe Golden
Altar. 6. The Ark of the Covenant.


The Tabernacle in its Dispensational Aspect:

Literal uses of the Cabernacle.

Part III.
Spiritual Application of the Tabernacle.
Israel in their separation in the wilderness-Oatside the
Camp-The Sin-offering and Ashey of the Red Heiler-The
Gate of the Court -- The Brazen Altar -- The Laver --The

Price 30.
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Badgers' Skins - The Golden Altar – The Table of She

Bread-The Golden Candlestick--The Ark of the Covenant, T HE SCHOOL OF GOD. Royal 32mo., price 2d.

&c., &c. to Christians on Dreas, the pomps and vanities of this

The value of this Book for spiritual instruction and interpre12mo., price 2d. nvil world. &c., &c., hy a Discinle. Price One Penny.

tation cannot be over-rated. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. | London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Squaro, W.

HEAVENLY MINDEDNESS. (Colos. iii. 2.) IS.THERE NOT A CAUSE? A solemn Appeal

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