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A LADI, who for the last three years and a half GOD'S ETERNAL PURPOSE, AND CHRIST'S THE CORONET AND THE CROSS. Memo

time, that the translation should be correct in other respects, PRECIOUS TRUTH, roy; 32 mo, cloth, 1s. Cor.

Gospel? The kingdom of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF AN ITALIAN:

Crumbs for the Lord's Little Ones, IMPUTED

THE PILGRIM'S OASIS; or, Christian Pemem. of Christ for the editiration and comfort of the Lorde TIE STROKE OF A STICK; and the Line intended for a Parting Memorial to a Christian Fried.


Large Type, earnestly recommended for Teams SEOHANCEO me... Aerona

TRACTS FOR CHILDREN. A packet of 16 Books




of since the tenth of his wife, is now, in consequence of his London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. Authentic Documents. Cloth, boards, elegant, 46. 61.; intended re-marriage, seekiug a similar situation, or one of

morocco, gilt edges, elegant, 63, 6d. like responsibility such as the Care of Children, where no- GOD'S MESSAGES. A Packet of 24 Books in London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Covers for SixPENCE, or separately 2s. per 100. Her skill management and economy; her thorough devoted.

One Shilling per l'acket, 1 Tom, a Poor Sinner

15 What must I do to be GOSPEL BOOKS. ness, ber humbleness and gravity, and, above all, her single. 2 A Great Mistake


assorted. pess of heart as unto Clarist, will render her invaluable. 3 Redemption

1 The Love of God to Sinners 16 The Sleeping Sword

14 Only One Word; or, that 4 Immedinte and Everlasting All inquiries will be gladly answered by P. H. GOSSE, F.R.S.,

2 Blegsell is he whose Trang. 17 The Captive Freed

ARE did it Sandhus, Torquay.

18 Some Doubts and Fears

gression is forgiven

15 Deathi and Life

3 What is the Gospel ?
5 The Riddle Solved
of a tender conscience

16 On Repentance (Heart Just l'ublished, post svo., cloch, price 5s,, free by post,

6 The Storm Hushed

4 Grace


7" I was busy, busy!"
19 Change Carriages

5 The Serpent of Brass А

18 The Coventry Sweep By LORD CONGLETON.

8 The Needed Ransom
20 The Saviour's Prize

6 The Compassion of God 19 Friend and Traveller. 9 The Eyes Opened

7 A Just God and a Savioar It has been thought that if the Pealms were thrown into

20 The Blind Warrior 21 The Gift of God

10 A Well-remembered Hour the inrtrical form, ns suggested by the parallelisms in the

22 A True Story, and some

8 Sin, its Punishment and 21 I have found a Ransom Faithful Savings

its Remedy original Hebrew, and divided into paragraphs, and if, further, 11 She looked Outside herself

22 The Pour Charwoms,

9 The Good Physician every effort were made to preserve uniformity of translation,

and the Parish Doctor. 12 Prayer no Saviour

23 What think ye of Christ?

10 What must I do to be saved? that is, to give the same English word where the same

24 I have Missed it at last.

23 The Substitute 13 The Happy Night

11 All bave Sinned Hebrew word occurs, the English reader wonld be in a much 14 The Debt Paid

24. Now and Nigh

12 The Dotchman's Family better position to uniderstand this portion of God's precious London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

25 The Fire Escape

13 The Idol of Limeo word. To carry out this thought, taking care, nt the same

26 The Blind Eyes Opened London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Carendish Square. The

Just Published, 8v0 cloth, 58. It has been a studied aim, whilst so doing, to preserve as

Calling. Obedience. Whom sav ve that I am? What is the much of the authorized version as possible.

Priest-Soldier-Refugee. By Singi Bianchi. London: W. Yupp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Days of Noah, and the Days of the Son of Man. Prin.

Lonrion: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square,
ciples of Truth. Christ's Cross. Moses a Type of Christ.
Just Published, price sd.,
The Passover. The Manna. On Leviticus viii.-X. The

of Truth. Cloth, gilt edges, Is. 6d. LIFE. In a Series of Short Letters, chiefly addressed | Leper.

* The counsels of relleuning grace, to Young Persons. By an Old Disciple. London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square.

These sacred leaves unfold:
Lonion: W. Yapp. 70, Wolbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

And here the saviours lorely face,
Just Publisherl, price 1d.

Our raptur deres behold.
RIGHTEOUSNESS-" The Right- London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.
eousness of God." A Dialogue. By J. M. C.

Clothi, gilt edges, Is. 6d.,
London: W. Yapp. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square;
John Bateman, Paternoster Row.

brancer. Scriptural Subjects, written by various honoured servants

Being & Choice Selection of Poems, &c, Copies of this at the REDUCED Crossed. By the Author of "The Scarlet Line." 32mo.,

: , , , PRICE of 79, 80, for the complete set of 5 vols., neatly bound price ld.

Seconil Ertition, Demy 18mo., cloth, 23. in cloth. Au varly application shonli be made.

London: W. Yapn, 70, Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp. 70), Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

A Narrative addressed Inridents connected with Village Ministry; to wziek Just published. price Is. tiri. per packet. assorted,

to Young Women. Royal 32mo, 6. per 100.

are added some Extracts from his Diary. By Robert Grittle. ,

Compiled from various sources. Price &d., gilt edges Is. general distribution.

Lonilon: W Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavenílish Square 1. The Fallen House. 13. Be ye Reconciled.

Just Published, crown 80., 2. The Stras Slapp. 14. The Ridille Solved

for Chillren, price 8d. 3. Thy kingilom Come. 1.3. The Storm Huebell. 1 God is Love 9 The White Robe

the ?

7. 4. The Scoffer Silenced. 10. A Well-remembered Hour.

2 How to know God

10 Sin Forgiven 5. Uiterly Unclean. 17. “I was Busy, Busy."

Price 6d., or 1s. 64. for 12 copies for gratuitous distribution. 3 Hour Sin Came

11 The True Temple 6. Christ my Glory. 19. Grace.

Also, by the same Anthor, 4 The Obedient Child

12 King Josiah 7. Liberty; or, the Captive 19. Why will ve Die ?

5 About Faith
13 Simeon

Price 3d. Slave maile Free. 20. The one Resting-place. 6 The Leper

14 The Pussorer 8. Peace; or, the Dying 21. The Needed Ransom.

7 The Lamb of God
15 Abraham and Isaac.

WORD FOR THE ACHING HEART, whose Sollier. 22. Praver no Saviour. 8 The Good Shepherd 16 The Deluxe

name is Legion. 49. per 100. 9. The Black Sheep. 23. The Happy Night. London: W. Yarp, 70, Welbeck Street, Carendish Square,

foap. 410., cloth, gilt edges, 28. 60. 10. How can I approach God? 24. The Deht Puid.

A Poem in blank verse, with ll. The Blood for a Token 25. Fellow-traveller to an

Also, for Children,

Notes. (Exodus xii. 13).

Eternal World.

THE HISTORY OF LITTLE ROBERT. By 12 Soll-righteous Lost, and 29. These are the True Say.

“ Truly this was the Son of God."--Matt. xxvij. 51. his Teacher. Royal 32mo. Price 2d. Sinners Saveil. ings of God.

"Truly this man was the Son of God."-dark xr.3). London: W. Yann. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Certainly this was a righteous man."-Luke xxiii. 47 Price ld.

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. THE LATE MR. SABINE'S WORKS.

Just Published,

TILD THYME, Gathered on the Mountains of

32mo. Price 2d.

S THERE NOT A CASE? A solemn Appa Israel. Fcap. 8vo., cloth, 2s.

to Christians op Dress, the poms and vanities of Ls svo. Jimp cloth, Is. 60.; cloth borrds, 29.

Sunday Scholar. Price ld. CONTEVTS --- Part I. Feerling Lambs - The Cottage Poor, &c. 2. The Child's Hand-book of Praise. 3. How to give

JOHN BERRIDGE. A New Edition. Price is. pleasure. 4. Useful Callings, Boys-['seful Callings, GIRLS

London: W. Yapp, 70, W+beck Street, Cavenish Squire." Good-for-nothings. 5. Rugged School Rhymes. 6. Photo

Just Publisherl, Inmo, cioth, price is. . graphs. 7. The Corn Fielu. 8. Nature's 9.

their Teacher. Price ld. Morning Walk, &c. 10. Useful Lessous. 11. Sunday Musings.

AW AND GRACE: being Noies of Lectures no 12. Praver and Praise.

, stiff

of “The School of God," " On Worship," “ Heareals-wind

edness," &c. Israel and the Disciple whom Jesus loved. Price 3d. VERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM. 32m0., price

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. W. Helfyenny. Ford. 8vo., cloth bls., 3. fil. crown Svo., elegant, 59.

distribution Halfpenny.

An authentic | The Poor Irish Cobbler; or,

The Father and Prodicul Meditations. By ANNA SHIPTON.

Grace and Righteousness

The Scarlet Line
By the same Author,
Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with a Little Girl in

I unve a Priest

Tiso Millions! TWO WIDOW GRAY anid the Little Song - bird. A Ireland, 3 years old. Price la.

Cerist the Provider

the Last Words of wis New Erlition. Price ld. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. The Saints' Iucomparable


Just Published, price 1s. per pocket, asaorted.

Goort News for the Ties al Brief Menoir of a Ragged School Boy. Price 2.1.

EMPTY GRAVE. Third Edition, royal
SERIES OF GOSPEL TRACTS, containing 60 Natthew, the Looker-on

A Word to a Fallen Sister The King in His Beauty
Tracts or 300 Pages.

Bethany 3no. Price ld. 1 Brand Plucked out of the Grace

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square Fire

The kindness of God of Jestis. Price 2d.

Come and See

The Love of God to Singers HE VISION OF THE GLORY OF GX

Now and Nigh
PUE CROOKED STICK. Third Edition, royal Herod the Tetrarch

Price 3d
Naaman, the Syrian

Sin, its Punishment and its
Price 21.

Grace and Righteousness
A Narrative extracted from


Price 3d.
Poor Richard

The Poor Charwoman, and “ Which Way," Price ld.


the Parish Doctor DAY. Second Edition, 18mo. Truth and Grace

The Passover

GOD. Price 3d. Pire 3.1.

The Two Thieves

The Rejected Stone Looren: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square You must be born again

The Serpont of Brass

Position and Office. Price 1d.
A few words on Repentance The Second Advent
YOLDEN GRAIN-Leatlets for Letters. Price

London: W. Yurp, 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Squar.
A Just Gorl and Saviour

The Stage Coachman cne Shilling per 100. Or in Assorted Packets, td. ench.

Almost and altogether

The Substitute


FEW WORDS ON CHRISTIAN FELLOW. 1. Taith 15. The Shepherd and the Christ is all anilin all

Short Measure

SHIP, and on the obedience which the Lord Jesse 2. Absolvo te

The Compassion of God

Revellings and such like Christ requires of those who become His Disciples. Second 9. He Saved Others 16. The Day Labourer, 29. Death anal Life

What is a Christian?

Edition. Price Threepence. 4. The Cruse that faileth not 17. F-llowship with God.

Friend and Traveller

Whom sav ve that I am ? London: W. Yapp. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square 5. One Sheep, 25. per 100 18. The Good Shepherd. London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Sonare. W. 6. Hymn of Praise 19. The Cancelled Bond.

Fcap Svo, priee ls. 7 Core and rejoice with me 20. The Vigil.

Just Publisheli, 8. It is I : be not afraid 21. The Wellis Deep, 28,

sibility of Making the Best of Both. Some resist 9. A little while 22. Lead On Richard Ball. Royal 32mo., price id.

Mr. Binney's Lecture, entitled “Is it Possible to Vake the 10 Bridegroom, Come

23. The Waiting Soul

London: W. Yapr, 70, Welbeck Sireet, Cavendish Square. W. Best of Both Worlds? 11. The Upchangeable 24. Not my will, but Thine

First Love-They forsook all and followed Him. 12. Only waiting

be done
Just Published, a new edition, royal 32mo., price A.,

DECLENSION—They all forsook Him and fled. 13. A Benediction 25. Seed Time and Harvest

APOSTASY-- Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this 14. Thoughts of Home 26. The Crown of Thorns, 29.

the Broken Heart. Reprinted from "The Evangelist." | present world. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp. 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square H.

Juet Published, price One Penny, PRIESTHOOD AND THE CROSS OF assorted.

Royal Seme. CHRIST. By J. L. H.

Saved or Lost?

Herein is Love

Price ld.
Also, by the same Author,

The Precious Blood

Pardon through the Blood London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square

A great Mistake
FORSHIP. Cloth boards, price One Shilling. The True Sayings of God

Behold He cometh with God of all Grace
Immediate and everlasting

Visit to a Death Bed. Price 3d. ness to enter into the Holiest. Drawing near to God. The


Salvation Priesthood and the Law changed. A Minister of the Sanc

tuary. A Worldly Sanctuary. A High Priest of Good Things The Life.boat's last turn

The Golden Sceptre
The great Question and its


from the French. Price 3d.

Salvation by Blood
Tom, a Poor Sinner

EHOLD HOW HE LOVED HIM. A bril 12mo. 59. per 100. Some Doubts and Fears of a God's Love to the World

Memoir of the last Illness of a Disciple, whom Jesus (Colos. iii. 2.) tender conscience answered The Word of the Gospel

loved. Price 2d. 2d

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

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LITTLE ALICE; or, Longing to be with Jesus.

TTAGE BREAD-—for Cottage Children. Feap. THE GREEN PASTURES TO Seharomi ricerca evil world, xe., &c., by a Digible Price One: Peuns

CONVERSATIONS between two Little Girls and
HYMNS FOR CHILDREN. Price 1d. ; superior



THE LITTLE PILGRIM. A New Edition. Price T'E following Books One Penny each, ut


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WHICH WAY? or, Fetch them in, and tell them


THE CHURCHE: her. Calling and consequat


THE COMMERCIAL; or, the Broken Leg and

G GOSPEL HANDBILLS... One Hundred for 9d., PLAIN FACTS in Simple Words conceming


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THE SCHOOL OF GOD. Royal 32m0., price 20.



“Compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Ww. YAPP, 70, WELBECK STREET, CAVENDISH SQUARE.)

(LUKE XIV. 23.)


No. 24.)

Registered for
Transmission a broad.


[Price ld.



your soul?


lasting punishment with the devil and Lord.” “A man can receive nothing, exBr the donations received from several of our kind his angels. This punishment is accord-cept it be given him from above.” What tributing many copies of “The Evangelist" in ing to the strict demands of Divine will it avail you, if, heaping up this ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very smali justice —“The wages of sin is death.” world's wealth, you miss heaven and degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel Ile who rebels against the laws of His

O be wise, and turn the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore Maker, voluntarily enters into an agree. unto the Lord; with weeping and lamenbe thankfully received for this object.

ment with death, and, consequently, tation, look to Jesus; so shall you enjoy lishers, Mr. W. YAPP, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish The damned in hell must ever blame more.

© All orders should be addressed to the Pub- receives the due reward of his iniquity. true riches, which will endure for everSquare, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE, Tichborne Court, 280, High Holborn, London. themselves for their damnation. The

Would you begin the New Year, proof

SEEK JESUS. Con. All Communications, Donations, Books for Pie. awful declaration of the lost will be, "we AGAINST Sorrow ? riew, &c., should be forwarded, pre-paid, “ To the indeed suffer JustLY.”

cerning Jesus, thus it is written — “We Editor of the Erangelist,” care of Mr. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. The year is nearly ended-I am nearer have not an High Priest which cannot

to my grave. Is there any way wherein be touched with the feeling of our infirThoughts for the Conclusion of I can escape from the certain con- mities.” “In all their afflictions He was the Year.

sequences of my guilt? There is; listen afflicted.” Jesus Christ the same yester

to the gospel declaration, yield obedience day, and to-day, and for ever." The Scriptures are very explicit in de to its requirements, look unto Jesus, and sorrow comes, you will surely sink beclaring the total ruin of all mankind by be ye saved, all ye ends of the earth. neath its weight, unless supported by sin. Such solemn passages as the follow- "The Blood of Jesus Christ (God's Son Jesus. Take Jesus as the antidote for ing occur frequently in the word of God. cleanseth us from all sin.” “Him that all pain—as the balm for every wound* In sin did my mother conceive me.” cometh to me I will in no WISE CAST as the support of your heart in the hour “ All have sinned, and come short of the out.” “He is able to save them to the of distress, and your portion for ever. glory of God.” “The soul that sinneth, UTTERMOST that come unto God by Him.”

Would you begin the New Year singit shall die.” “The wages of sin is Though man has sinned, yet God can ing? SEEK JESUS. He who has found death."

The first of these passages save the sinner, and maintain the require- Jesus, can sing one of the Lord's songs. teaches us, that man is a sinner froin ments of Iis justice, through the shed. He can “rejoice evermore;” yea, he can his birth.

He was born in sin, and ding of Jesus' blood. God is willing to "rejoice in the Lord always.” The wanshapen in iniquity. Sin is natural to pardon ALL WHO COME pleading the effi- derer from God cannot rejoice, he may man, he inherits it from his parents, and cacy of Jesus' blood. No sinner, making experience excitement, but to real, to by his whole life proves that he loves sin an application for forgiveness of sins lasting joy, he must ever be a stranger, by choosing its paths. The second pas- through the shedding of Jesus' blood, until he is brought back by Jesus. The sage brings before us the universality shall ever be rejected. "Why will ye die?" worldling's mirth is of short duration; of sin, with its terrible results. All

will secure the in a few brief years it vanishes away. have sinned.” Every man, woman, and salvation of your soul before this year None, save Jesus, can give solid joy child are sinners against God. All have las closed. You may not live to behold and lasting peace. SEEK JEsus, as the transgressed His commands, insulted His the commencement of the New Year, source of all real pleasure --- pleasure justice, defied His authority, and de- therefore, now come to Jesus, and you flowing from the right channel, even from spised His grace. High and low, rich shall obtain eternal life. Let this year a knowledge of sins pardoned, iniquities and poor, young and old, all, all have see you a penitent, lying low at the blotted out, transgressions covered, and sinned. By sin, all have "come short footstool of mercy, pleading for pardon the soul saved. If you would be happy, of the glory of God.God's glory is for the sake of Jesus; then shall the you must seek JESUS. If you would tarnished by the transgression of man- New Year see you rejoicing in the Lord, be enabled to live, you must Seek Jesus. kind. Shall the transgressor go unpun- as your Redeemer. Would your com

you would be prepared to die, you ished for this ? No. “The soul that mence the New Year PROSPEROUSLY? must SEEK JESUS. sinneth, it shall die.” Death is God's SEEK JESUS—“Seek ye first the kingdom

«?Tis Jesus only that can give, curse against sin, and he who delights in of God and His righteousness, and all

Sweetest pleasures while you live ;

'Tis Jesus only must supply, sin, shall surely be visited with that these things shall be added unto you."

Solid comfort when you die." The duath of the body is the SEEK JESUS, so shall ye be able to sing, SEEK JESUS, then you shall find Him, sure forerunner of the death of the soul, “ The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not and shall thus be enabled to begin to all who tie impenitent. The death want."

Eighteen Hundred and Sixty One with of the soul consists in everlasting banish- Would you be RICH? SEEK JEsus. the certainty of realizing A HAPPY ment from the presence of God, and ever- "The silver and gold is mine, saith the NEW YEAR!

Be determined that


If you




may flow out.



wicked one.


Christ, is further characterized by fruit-bearing + that all is directed by the God of love for our “brings forth fruit unto God;" as is beautifully good.

set forth in the figurative language of our text. “A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut “Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, WILDERNESS, —"a spring shut up, a fountain

3. God's Church is FROVIDED FOR IN THE tip, a fountain seuled. Thy plants are an orchard of pome: with pleasant fruits; camphire with spikenard, sealed.” A spring of living water is in her. Spikeuari “and saffron ; calamus and cinnamon, with all spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, This garden inclosed is not refreshed and watered Trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes with all the clated with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, by enticing words of man's wisdom, but by the Preams from Lebanon.e Awake, 0 north wind, and come with all the sweet spices.".. Yes, a good tree Holy Ghost-the Spirit of truth who guides inte thou south: blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof bringeth forth good fruit. By abiding in Christ, all truth. Paul was a planter, Apollos was a

Let my Beloved come into His garden, and living upon the fulness of Christ, we glorify the waterer; he was " mighty in the Scriptures ;" eat His pleasant fruits."'--Solomon's Song iv. 12-16. In a tiine like the present, when men are tacking believers bring forth fruit unto God, more or

Father, and bear fruit unto holiness. All true under the Spirit's guidance, he was enabled so to on the word church to so many things, and when, less, some thirty, some sixty, and some an hun were revived, the thirsty were refreshed, and

expound the written word, that drooping plants we fear, so many are deceiving themselves, by dred-fold. supposing that all is right with them, because spot in this wilderness world; all else, whether of God. It is the indwelling Spirit that is given

God's church is the only fruitful sweet spices Howed out to the praise and glory they belong to some so-called church, it becomes pagan or professedly Christian, is barren and to believers, as the earnest of our inheritance

, a matter of the deepest importance that we should clearly understand what the church is, as it; it is Christless, and therefore dead.

corrupt; no sweet spices flow from any part of until the redemption of the purchased possession. God speaks of it in the Bible, which is the only Lord knoweth them that are His, and He assures His own blood, the Holy Ghost was able to come

The Lord Jesus having purged His church by infallible standard of truth. persons to think they belong to a church, when us that all that have been taught of Him have down and dwell in her as His habitation. One

come to Christ for salvation. God pronounces them to be still without any

came down on the day of Pentecost, and took up part or lot in the matter! What a fearful mis- Again, though the living members of Christ's His abode in her ; according to the word of take for persons to flatter themselves that they

church are in the world, they are not of the Jesus, “He shall abide with you for ever.” The have an interest in God's salvation, because they world; for His church is “a garden inclosed.” doctrine of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in have a place in what is called Mr. So-and-su's Thus there is a line of separation between the the church was constantly taught by the Apos

The fact is, that the true church is church and the world. 1. She is separated by tle —“Know ye not that ye are the temple of God's church; the false or counterfeit thing is by God's choice: “ye are not of the world, but God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in the work of the devil. The devil deceives people, I have chosen you out of the world."...2. She is you ?" It is by the Holy Ghosts taking of the by having some spurious imitations of God's separated by the blood of Christ: “who gave things of Christ and shewing them unto use realities. God has wise virgins; Satan says, Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us bringing the things of Christ to our remembrance, “I'll have virgins too” – foolish. God has from this present evil world, according to the and showing us things to come, through the wheat growing in His field; Satan has some will of God our Father:", 3. She is separated written worů —that our souls are watered and thing like it--tares. God has a true vine;

from the world by the Holy Spirit: “God hath strengthened unto every good word and work; Satan has a vine-the vine of the earth. God sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts." and, by the various operations and actings of the has a city-new Jerusalem; Satan has a city

“As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they Holy Ghost in the different members, His church too - Babylon. Christ has a bride; Satan has a are the sons of God.” “ If any man have not is edified in love. Alas! how much the Iloly harlot

. God has spiritual worshippers in power: the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.". We Spirit is grieved and quenched ! Sitan sets up carnal worshippers in form. Hence might also add that the church has life and

The great sin of the professing church is reit is of the greatest moment that every professor salvation in Christ, while the world is under fusing the Holy Ghost and exalting man. Human that reads these lines should unsparingly search condemnation, and death, and lying in the eloquence, which charms and intoxicates the his heart and ways, and consider whether he

There is, then, really but one class senses, is preferred to the way of faith and dereally has an interest in Christ, and belongs to the of persons outside God's church, and that is “the pendance on God. Therefore, men ransack their church of God; for, from our Lord's own words, world.”. Hence the apostle Peter, writing to be mental faculties, and work hard in the study, to we fear that many members of so-called churches lievers in Christ, says, But ye are a chosen meet the intellectual cravings of those around are still unsaved — still in their sins. Jesus generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a them, instead of labouriug in prayer, and selfsaid, “ Many will say to me in that day, Lord, peculiar people, that we should shew forth the examination, and searching the Scriptures in the Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? anul praises (or virtues) of Hiin who hath called you closet

, in dependance on the Spirit's teaching, in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy out of darkness into His marvellous light.” and going forth with firm reliance on His nevername done many wonderful works? and then 2. The CHURCH IS A PEOPLE STANDING IN failing help. And also those who hear, looking will I profess unto them, I never knew you ; de- NEAR RELATIONSHIP to Christ,—“ my sister,

men instead of depending on the Holy part from me, ye that work iniquity.”

my spouse.' We must ever remember that love Ghost to use them, tends to grieve and quench But what is the church? The text for our is the spring of divine action toward the church. His holy operations. When the Spirit of God consideration beautifully shews us at a glance, “Christ loved the church and gave himself for is honoured, the message reaches the heart, stirs what we find brought out so fully in various it, that He might present it to himself, a glorious the affections, and raises the conscience, while parts of the New Testament: . 1. It is a people, church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such the persuasive eloquence of man's wisdom leaves though in the world, not of the world; having thing.” The intensity of the Father's love to the heart as careless and the conscience as dull as life, and bearing fruit - "a garden inclosed.” the church is declared by our Lord to be “as the it found them. 2. A people standing in near relationship to Father loved Him;" while Christ's own out

Oh that the Holy Ghost were more honoured Christ, my sister, my spouse.” 3. The church flowing of affection to His people could only be now, not only as to His regenerating work in is watered by living water,-—“ a spring shut up, truly expressed by His saying, “As the Father souls, but also in His person, Godhead, and a fountain sealed.”

4. Under the special cul- hath loved me, so have I loved you," and He various operations and ministries in the Church ture of God,-"Awake, 0 north wind.”' &c.

confirmed it by the wondrous act of laying down of God. In this way Christ would be exalted; 1. The church, then, is composed of those who His life for us on the Cross. It was God's pur-Christ and His blood, death, resurrection, ascenhave life-living plants. They were the fruitless pose and grace that gave birth to the church, sion, intercession, and coming would more occupy branches of the corrupt tree, briers of the wilder- and the same unchanging love doth and will ever the hearts and minds of those who love Him. ness; but the Spirit of God hath put breath in sustain her. The manner or sort of love is not Christ in Ilis fulness would be ministered and fed them, and they live. They were dead in sins, merely that of a master toward servants, or of upon. Nothing would so tend to strike off the but they have heard the voice of the Son of God, a king toward snbjects, but that of a father dead weight of empty professors, nothing so reand live. They have believed in Jesus, and have toward sons, and that of a bridegroom toward fresh the plants which our heavenly Father has everlasting life. They are now in Christ, justi- His bride. It is the manner of love that Christ's planted, nothing would so lead to practical sepafied by His blood, and passed from death unto heart has toward His church, that is so full of ration from the world. In many ways the Lord lite. Thus they belong to Girl's church, by comfort; He can speak of her as His sister and His seems to be calling loudly upon us to remember union with Christ. Hence the apostle says that spouse; and, after His resurrection, we find Him that it is “pot by might, nor by power, but by the church is the holy of Christ, and that Christ declaring the Father's name unto His brethren, my Spirit, suith the Lord of hosts.” Like in is the head of the body the church. (See Eph. i. saying, “Go to my brethren, and say unto them, Gideon’s day, when he took an lamble man from 23, and Col. i. 18.). How ditterent this is from l'ascend unto my Father and to your Father; the threshing-floor to deliver the whole nation of what man naturally supposes! The common and to my God and to your God.” When He Israel, so the Lord is now working mightily hy thought is, thæt we must first belong to the comes again Ile will be revealed as the Bride- His Spirit, by plain, unlettered men, who testify church, in order to belong ultimately to Christ; groom to take llis long-loveil bride to the marriage blessedly of salvation alone by the blood of but this is, ils we see, entirely opposed to Scrip-supper. Then it will be said, “Let us be glad Christ to crowds of listening hearers, while the ture, which teaches us that those only really and rejoice and give honour to Him, for the mar-cold, intellectual, and formal, however orthodos, belong to God's church who have a vital union riage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath are comparatively little used. As the Holi with the risen Son of God. These are the plants made herself ready; and to her was granted that Ghost is really honoured, so man will sink down of God's right hand planting. They have life in she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and to His proper level, and Christ be rightly exChrist, and therefore, not like those who have white, for the fine linen is the righteousness of tolled as above all, and in all. only a name tv live, and are dead. They know in saints.” The true church, then, stands in the 4. GOD CARES FOR His CHURCH. His saints whom they have believed, and are persuaded that tenderest relationship to God the Father and are the especial objects of His care, lle is able to keep that which they have com- Christ, therefore we have not received the spirit pleasure in them that fear llim. He is the hun mitted unto him against that day, and dread of bon lagu again to fear, but the spirit of adop- bandman of His own garden. The ungodly not the fulfilment of our Lord's thrilling decla- tion, whereby we cry, Abba, Father! The Apostle sometimes go on in sin deeper and deeper, without ration, “ Every plant which my heavenly Father addressed the Thessalonian believers as “the being interfered with. Jesus said of sone, “Le hath not planted shall be rooted np.” Thus we church of the 'Thessalonians which is in God the then alone.” Not so with His church. His loving see that no Christless soul really belongs to God's Father, and in the Lord Jesus Christ.” These heart sometimes lifts His arm with the rod of church; he may think he does, and even be an are blessed realities, and to be enjoyed now by chastisement. “ As many as I love, I rebuke official by man's appointment, but he belongs faith; and, when in this mind, if we cannot un- and chasten." Carnal professors may escape the not to the church, because he belongs not to derstand the way God is leading us, we look only rod, but all His own children must be partakers

to His love on the Cross, and consider Jesus as of it. They get dull, and droop and wither, and The true church, from her vital union to lour elder brother in resurrection, and are assured I are bowed down with unprofitable accumulations,


He taketh


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and the chilling north wind is necessay to purify, Supper; am always to my post in the Sunday- sure we can get on better than we do now." and invigorate, and cause the spices to flow out. school; subscribe to my utmost ability to every The mother looked at him, and she said Jonah tells us that he cried unto the Lord by religious institution ; have long, filled a credit- “ No, ms child, I would sooner live on bread reason of his affliction (chap. iii.), and so we find able office in Mr. So-and-so's church; am and water all my life than lose you.” Howit now. Many are so oppressed with cares, that following in the steps of many of our good old they cannot find time for reading the word and forefathers, and it is uncharitable to suppose that ever, in a day or so, he persuaded his mother prayer; their souls, therefore, grow lean. They they and I can all be lost. Stop, my friend. Allow to let him go; he was determined not to go on get away from God, and converse not on heavenly me to say that this shews me that you have only thus any longer, so she consented, and they things. But God calls the north wind-He lays a false hope, that you are on a sandy foundation; went to look at the vessels, and at last found them low on a bed of sickness—then they turn in fact, that you have not been born again, that a good captain, who said he would be kind to to God, read His word, pour out their hearts you are still without an interest in the blood of the lad. Then his mother packed up his before Him, and soon speak again of Jesus and Christ, and therefore have not peace with God. clothes, and the day for his departure came. His love. Then the spices flow out. The north Oh! let me beseech you to consider your state on the last morning, as he was having his evind has done its work, and it ceases. On before God, for He says that “all have sinned," breakfast for the last time with her, she put a other occasions, God sees a different way the best "all are guilty, ”.,all have gone astray;" this little Bible in the chest for him, and asked for His people. He encourages, comforts, cheers, therefore, is God's testimony concerning you,

What is it?" and sends abundant. answers to their prayers, and be assured that none of

him to grant one last request. your fancied good

he asked, And they experience the warın south wind; they works can blot o’t one sin, not any of your

To kneel down here, and I will feel that the beauty of the Lord their God is supposed holiness is acceptable to God: for with pray for God to be with you, when you are upon them, and that He prospers the work of out faith it is impossible to please God. All the away upon the billows, and that you may retheir hands. Thus, their hearts are melted with creature-merit with which you may holster member you have had a mother's prayers for divine love, and constrained by God's gracious yourself up, cannot make you fit for God's pre- your safety.” They knelt together for the dealings increasingly to serve and honour Him, sence, and only proves that you are still living last time, and she said, “ The Lord go with they dedicate themselves afresh to His service. in rebellion against Christ, that you are Thus, again, the spices flow out. Thus, we see it about to establish your own righteousness, and my dear little Johnny; the Lord be with him.” is clearly the mind of God that His people should have not submitted yourself to the righteousness

When they got to the pier, and he put off to hear fruit to His praise. We are taught elsewhere, of God.” As long, then, as you refuse to come the ship, the mother's last words were, “The that the fruit of the Spirit is "love, joy, peace, to Christ, as an unclean and undone sinner, for Lord be with you!” And when the ship had long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meek- pardon and cleansing through His blood, what- left the shore his mother still prayed for him. ness, temperance.” (Gal. v.) Happy indeed are ever you have, or whatever you think of your-One night, about five or six weeks afterwards those who, in the consciousness of living in the self, or whatever others think of you, you are they were still out on their long voyage, when Spirit and drawing out of Christ's fulness, are still guilty of the most hellish, foulest, and the wind began to blow, and threaten a storm. able to say, “Let my beloved come into His gar- eternally-condemning, sin of rejecting Christ as The poor old mother was awake, and thought den and eat His pleasant fruits.”

Great beyond description are the privileges of let me remind you that it is written, that He of her boy out at sea, and she fell upon her God's church; but the obligations also are very that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life, knees, and prayed for God to be with him ; solemn. It is blessed to feel ourselves in the enjoy- but he that believeth not the Son shall not see there was one upon those billows whom she ment of the one, and profitable to be occupied life, but the wrath of God abideth on him.Think, loved. And there upon that ship the lad with the other. Those only are really happy then, of these words, O Christless professor! found his Bible, and read it and talked about Christians, who, drawing all comfort and bless- and while thou still hast the words of “our it to the sailors, and they grew to like him ing from Christ crucified, bear fruit to the church," "our people," and our religion," on very much, and to wonder at the number of honour of His name.

thy lips, oh, fear and tremble, Jest God's fierce things he knew, as he said repeatedly, “My And now, my reader, allow me solemnly and anger fall upon thee; for wherever thou art, His mother taught me this, or, my mother taught affectionately to enquire if you really belong to Christ's Church ?" I ask not where you go thee, in health or sickness, day and night, alone me that.” When the storm came that nignt, on the Sunday, or what Society you belong to, or in company with others, in thy so-called and the vessel was expected to perish, the hut I do beseech you to consider whether or not church, or out of it, on a dying bed and in crew got into the boat, till there was no more you helong to Christ? The Lord Jesus is coming eternity, oh, how terrible to utter, but alas ! room, and two were left on the deek, the for His Church; then all belonging to it-all that how true, THE WRATH OF GOD ABIDETH ON widow's son and a man. He had the Bible are Christ's—will be caught up to meet Him THEE.

in his hand, and he said, “Tell my mother, if How immensely important then, the

Stop, poor sinner! stop and think,
Before you farther go!

you get to land- tell my mother that her question as to whether you will forin one of that

Will you sport upon the brink

Johnny went down in the waves, with the Bieternally happy company? or be left behind for

Of everlasting woe?

ble in his hand, and that God was with him." judgment, and put under His feet? For He must

Once again, I charge you stop! reign till He has put all enemies under His feet.

They saw the vessel sink with the poor boy

For, unless you warning take, If you really belong to the church of the living

on the deck. In time the Bible got to land.

Ere you are aware, you drop God, you have fled to Christ as the only hope set

Into the burning lake!

It was the boy's Sunday-school prize, and had before you in the gospel ; you have found de

But as yet there is a hope

his mother's address in it; it was taken to her. liverance from your guilty fears--cleansing of

You may His mercy know,

You can only realise how she felt by imaginconscience in the precious blood of Christ; you Though His arm is lifted up,

ing yourself in the same position. There was trust in Christ and in Christ only for present and

He still forbears the blow;

only one thing which could give her comfort, eternal peace-Christ is precious to your soul,

and that was, that her lad had marked the and you willingly obey His voice. This being the case, you need not pray to be justified, for

None who come shall be denied;

passage where he had been reading, “ The you are justified from all things (Acts xiii. 39);

He says, “There still is room.”

blood of Christ cleanseth us from all sin," and you need not pray for life, for you have ever

near it he had written, “ Mother, if I never see lasting life (John v. 24.); you need not pray to

Pray for your Children.

you again upon earth, I will meet you in heabe saved, for you are saved (Luke vii. 50); you CHRISTIAN parents! bring up your children ven.” A few years passed away, and the old need not pray to be made a child of God, for you according to God's word. Train them up in woman heard of lrer daughter, of whom she are a child of God. (Gal. iii. 26.) While you the way they should go, and when they are had known nothing for a very long time; and may pray to be more in the power of the Spirit, old they will not depart therefrom. Earnestly, she came to see her mother when she was and to be filled with the Spirit, you do not honour continually, believingly, perseveringly, pray nearly dying. One day a railor knocked at the God to ask Him to give you His Spirit; for you for them. God will hear you, and answer door, and wanted to see Mrs. have the Spirit. (Ephes. i. 13.) You are in Christ, a member of His body, His flesh and your prayers in the name of Jesus, in His I have news of her son; I was on the same bones ; and, therefore, belonging to Ilis garden own time and way; but do not cease to pray. ship with him, and the message he sent was, inclosed-His blood-bought church and have a At all times, and under all circumstances, Tell my mother the Lord was with me.'" place of service in relation to it, according to the commend your children to God, wait on God, The message was given to the daughter, who grace given, and may well rejoice in hope of the and wait for God. * Rest in the Lord, and asked the sailor to go up stairs to her moiher. glory of God.

wait patiently for Him.". Richard Weaver, When the poor woman saw him, she said, But perhaps my reader says, “This is going in his preaching lately, has related the fol- Do you know anything about my dear too far; nobody can be sure of salvation till lowing interesting particulars of a praying Johnny"

Yes," he said, “I was on the they come to die." We reply, that this would mother :

deck when Johnny went down into the sea ; be quite true if salvation depended on our works, or on our righteousness in any degree, we should I knew a widow woman who was left with his last words were, “Tell my mother that the

"Thank God, then," she then be always uncertain whether we had done two children, a girl and a boy to provide for. Lord is with me, the right things, or in the right way; but as sal- Her little boy was employed in an office, and replied, for I shall meet him in heaven, and vation is wholly of God, wholly based on what used to get three shillings and sixpence, or my prayer that the Lord might be with him is God has done in Christ hy His death and resur- four shillings a week. But the mother had answered. But I think,' she continued, rection, what He has promised in His word, and very hard work to get a living. She used to that eye looks like my lad's eye." “ Yes,” what He now accomplishes by His Spirit in mak- eat dry bread, and drink her tea without sugar, said the sailor, “I am he; and God has been ing known to souls His grace in Christ, we can in order that he might have butter on his with me, mother, and has blessed me, and he easily see that those who believe the record God bread, and sugar in his tea. has given of His Son have the fullest warrant when he was stirring his own tea, and saw his fore you depart.”. Very shortly after this


One evening it is who has brought me to you once more beSome may say, we must not be so particular. mother depriving herself for him, he said, “I the poor woman died in his arms, shouting, I am quite content to be as I am. I am a mem- am determined I will not stop at the office; I Victory! victory! through the blood of the ber of a church ; regularly attend the Lord's I will go to sea, and seek my fortune, and I am Lamb!"

in the air.

'Twas for sinners Jesus died,

Sinners He invites to come;

He said






Be thou still.

The Spirit's Work.

atonement of Christ entitles us to glory, A Word to a Stonebreaker.

it is the work of the Holy Spirit that PRECISELY what the blows of your ham. I love to meditate on the work of the prepares us to possess and enjoy it. We mer are to the stones, the Lord Himself Holy Spirit, to whom we are so much must be washed, justified, and sanctified declares His word is to the hard or rocky indebted, and from whom we receive such in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by heart of man. (Jer. xxiii. 29.) Have you great and invaluable blessings. To Him the Spirit of God, or we cannot be ever felt its power? Some of your blows I feel that I am indebted, for every good saved.

fail to break the stones. Well, that's like thought, and every good work. If I will

the Word of God coming in word only. that which is good, it is because He Doing is undoing, if put in the Perhaps you have read the Bible all

wrong place. worketh in me to will; and if I do that

life, and never yet known and felt what

John.— “Well, James, how does the a vile sinner you are — your danger of which is good, it is because He worketh in me to do. If I go right, it is because soul get on; and how is your wife ? is hell fire, and your need of a Saviour; He leads me, and if I feel as I should, it she happy in the Lord ?"

but only read it as a duty, thinking you is because He sanctifies me. How won

James.-"Well, yes, I hope so; we did God service; or, may be, you never derful His grace, that He should look are doing the best we can. Getting on a read it at all. But should the Word upon me at first! how wonderful His little, I hope."

come with power, it will be like one of patience, that He should bear with me

John.--"Bad is the best we can do, your good, telling, effectual blows. You so long! and how wonderful His loving. James. The doing of which you speak

will cry out under it, “God be merciful kindness that He should confer on me is always undoing you both.

to me a sinner!" And you will believe

It so much! O that I was more deeply minds me of what Paul tells the Gala

God's testimony, that the blood of Jesus

Christ His Son cleanseth from all sin. sensible of my obligation! O that I was

tians: 'If ye be circumcised, Christ more grateful, that I might praise Him

As you wield your hammer ponder these shall profit you nothing. If it is trust in things. from day to day!

It was the Holy Spirit that quickened Christ, and do a little to be accepted, it me when dead in trespasses and sins, im- is a great dishonour to God; it is as

Hymn for the Weary. parting a new life, infusing new thoughts, much as saying that Christ's sacrifice

HEART, be still !

In the darkness of thy woe, and producing new desires in my soul. was not perfect, when God tells us that

Bow thou silently and low : Having quickened, He conquered me,' by one offering He hath perfected for

Come to thee whate'er God will subduing the enmity of my heart, the ever them that are sanctified;' and that obstinacy of my will, the worldliness of He that sanctifieth, and they who are

Be thou still ! my affections, and bringing every thonght sanctified, are all of one: for which

Vainly all thy words are spoken, into subjection to the obedience of Christ. cause He is not ashamed to call them Till the Lamb * of God hath broken Having conquered, He comforted me, as brethren. Tell me, James, what bad

Life's dark mysteries-good or illsuring me of an interest in the love of Noah to do when God shut him in the God, the perfect work of Jesus, the pre- ark ? (which was the place of safety God

Rest thou still ! cious 'promises of the word, and the rest

This thy Father's work of Grace, had planned for him.) I say, what had Wait thou yet before His face : that" remaineth for the people of God. Noah then to do?"

Thy sure deliverance He doth will, By quickening, conquering, and comJames.-“Why, John, what could he

Keep thou still. forting, He sanctified me, separating me

O Lord, my God, from the world, and setting me apart for do? It seems to me that he had to be

By thy grace O may I be my Redeemer's glory and praise. As my quiet, and to trust entirely to God to

All submissive silently sanctifier, He became my guide, leading save him."

To the chastening of thy rod, me into the truth, conducting me out of John.—“True, my friend, he ceased

O Lord, my God. the paths of danger, and directing me entirely from his own works when he en- From thy fulness grant to me into the way everlasting. Not only my tered that ark. God shut him in. God

Still yet fearless faith in thee, guide, but ray guard, preserving me from steered the vessel. God kept him from

Tull from night the day shall spring,

0 Jesus, king of glory. danger, protecting me from foes, and be shipwreck; and God landed him safely, coming a wall of fire round about me. in His own good time, on the mountains Still in all He does for me, He treats of Ararat; and there this man of faith

“Pleasant Words." me as a rational and accountable creature; (Noah) built an altar, and offered up “PLEASANT words are as an honeycomb, and, therefore, whenever I wander, He re-burnt-offerings unto the Lord; and so sweet to the soul, and healing to the proves me; when I wilfully go astray, He James, is it with the man who trusts only corrects me, and makes me smart for my in God's salvation - Christ.


All such folly. The work He began so long ago, an one has to do, being complete' in

Heaviness in the heart of a He carries on, nor will He withdraw His Christ, is TO BE QUIET as it regards self; maketh it to stoop, but a good word hand from it until it is perfected, and but to be rejoicing in the Lord always; maketh it glad.” I am fully fitted for glory. offering up sacrifices through Christ con

“A soft answer turneth away wrath." Reader, what know you of the work of tinnally, even sacrifices of praise, the

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of the Holy Spirit? Has He quickened fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His gold in pictures of silver; as an earring you? Has He conquered you? Does name."

of gold, as an ornament of fine gold, so He comfort you? Are you sanctified by James.--"May the Lord, then, help us is a wise reprover upon an obedient His presence, power, and operation in to be content with Christ, delivering us ear.” your heart? Does He guide you by His from unbelief and this wretched self, “The words of a man's mouth are as counsel, guard you by His power, and with all its workings.

clear waters; the well-spring of wisdom correct you for your follies? The work John.--"Amen, Amen. Look unto is a flowing brook." of the Spirit within us is as necessary as Jesus, and then you can never do too

“A word spoken in due season how the work of Jesus for us; for if the much in His service.” J. B. I. good is it ?."

Be thou still.

* Rev. v.



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