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Are you, my friend, trusting in anything realized no future beyond the short space of them receive those truths that their carnal short of Christ crucified, and the Spirit's work human existence, and even the termination of minds are incapable of comprehending. He in the heart? If so, you are building your that they do not like to contemplate.

has told us in His word, that “ Christ hopes for heaven on a sandy foundation.

They put away from their minds as far as is Wisdom." Your prayers are all unavailing, while you possible, all such things as would tend to “ Christ crucifier, unto the Jews a stumare destitute of Christ. Your faith is not

bring death to their mind's eye. They call bling block, and to the Greeks foolishness." genuine, unless centered in Christ.

these, gloomy thoughts.' Why should the but to them that believe, *Christ, the Power baptism is void, unless you are made a new creature in Christ Jesus.

You can never be thoughts of death be gloomy to them? Be- of God, and the Wisdom of God.” “Of

cause it will prove to be the destruction of Him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is truly sanctified, until you enter through the their “ principal thing."

made unto us Wisdom.” (1 Cor. i. 23, 24, 30.) door of the new birth, into a living hope of

Some there are who make ease and comfort The world with all its vaunted wisdom heaven, by what Jesus has done and suffered. Oh! let me prevail on you— let me beseech their principal thing." They do not care ** knew not God" (verse 21); but the Apostle

ach about the gaieties of life. They do not Paul declared, “ the Wisdom of God is a you — to make sure work of this matter, for it is all important; it concerns your heaven

They are content mystery even the hidden Wisdom.” (1 Cor. with what they possess, and are professedly ii. 7.) He knew

the wisdom of this world or your hell. It is for your soul, your own soul, your everlasting all that I thus plead; thankful for the blessings they enjoy. They is foolishness with God," and consequently

are enabled to earn an honest livelihood; can determined to know nothing among men, but do not, therefore, turn away, but meditate on the question, -HAVE I BEEN BORN AGAIN? pay their way as they go; circumstances admit" Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.” This

of their living respectably. They have a good shews us what the Apostle understood by Jesus says, “Verily, verily, I say unto THEE,

name amongst those by whom they are surexcept a man be born again, he cannot see

rounded; they have done no particular harm The Saviour, the great Teacher, told the

· But,” say you, the kingdom of God." “ has any one ever really felt this? is it really

to any one, that they know of; all goes on Jews that they were to “search the scripa genuine fact to be known in this life?” smoothly; and so they pass through life, con- tures;” and when He told them so, He said

* they are they which testify of Me;" (John It is, dear reader; for the writer has himself tent with their present portion, and from want of attention to God's word, look upon ease

v. 39;) and we doubt not, but that the He was once a gay, giddy, careless

and freedom from care as the “principal wisdom of which Solomon spoke is none youth, fond of the world, and destitute of all real religion.

other than Christ.
He oft smiled at a mother's
Others there are who make money their

The “holy men of God spake as they tears, and mocked at a father's now he has passed from death unto life;" principal thing.” All their energies seem were moved by the Holy Ghost;" (2 Peter he has fled to Jesus for refuge, and has concentrated on this one object, to get money. i. 21;) and it is the especial office of the

Sad it is to see so much time and attention Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus. " He shall of mind, passing all understanding, and is not afraid to meet death, because misapplied, (as we constantly do,) in "heaping glorify me, for he shall receive of mine, and

May He now death has no terrors to those who trust in up riches, not knowing who shall gather shall shew it unto you." If then a sinner, so vile as the them,” or in what manner they shall be spent. vouchsafe us His teaching, and shew unto us

No one is certain that he will live another Jesus, as He is revealed in this portion of one who is now writing, has found mercy, you need not despair, for the blood of Jesus day to enjoy it, and yet, men scrape together, Holy Scripture, as the Wisdom of God. and hoard up their money as if they were

Perhaps some may feel a difficulty in can cleanse you from all sin, while Jesus

certain that they should be able to use it, and thinking that wisdom means Christ, because himself bids you come. Come, SINNER, COME

delight in it. True it is, that they are like it is always spoken in the book of Proverbs to Jesus! come to Jesus, sinner come!

the man with the muck-rake; they are so in the feminine gender; for instance, “Wisdom The Principal Thing.

busily occupied scraping together the muck crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the and dirt around them; that they do not lift up streets.” (Prov. i. 20.) “ Exalt her and she

their eyes to see the glorious crown, that is shall promote thee," (ch. iv. 8.) &c. So says the Holy Ghost by him to whom God held out for their acceptance. Money is their those who are acquainted with the Hebrew had given “a wise and understanding heart;" |“ principal thing." For it they lose their language, such a difficulty would not occur, whose “wisdom excelled all the children of happiness, their good namc, honour, and their any more than it would to a French scholar, the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt." opportunities of doing good; they are almost if the Bible were translated from that lan· He was wiser than all men." There came willing to despise and set at nought the well-guage; for I am told (I am

no Hebrew of all people to hear his wisdom, from all being of their most intimate friends, provided scholar myself) that there are but two genders kings of the earth.” (1 Kings iv. 30, 31, 34.) only that they can by so doing get money.

in Hebrew, masculine and feminine, and that, The sentiments and opinions of wise men It is their god. Reader, “covetousness is consequently, a noun that would be repreof all ages have been attended to, and acted idolatry.” Many there are who take exceed-sented in English by the pronoun it, must upon, and surely the advice of one who was ing delight in arts and sciences, and in the have the pronoun he or she in that language, ** wiser than all men” ought to be listened to pursuit of general knowledge. They are

as is the case also in the French. Perhaps with respect, and if possible followed. frequently to be found luxuriating in the it might scrve to remove this difficulty, if the Not only does the wise man counsel us, in painted imageries of the great artists; or

verses where wisdom is spoken of were renthe words which we have quoted at the head their intellectual powers revel in the elevated clered with the pronoun it instead of she; of this paper, to “ get wisdom;" but he gives sentiments of the most admired poets. The example “Wisdom crieth without: it uttererii us a good reason why such counsel is deserving many inventions of men fascinate them, and its voice in the streets,” &c. of notice. He says, “wisdom is the principal they are to be found night after night-almost But now, dear reader, having discovered thing; therefore get wisdom.May the Lord day and night-acquainting themselves with what wisdom is, viz., Cirrist, it behores us bless this paper to the heart of each one that some branch of knowledge.

to examine ourselves as to whether we have read it, and may God's Holy Spirit, who But, say you, “ Did you not assert that got wisdom. Have we found Christ? Bless alone can enlighten our dark minds, and en- wisdom is the principal thing, and therefore God, I have. Have you ? able us to see light in God's light, now show persuade us to get it?" Yes, I did, certainly:

I do not mean to say that I am yet fully us what “the principal thing” really is, and in but what is wisdom? God has not left us in acquainted with Christ in His offices, His what manner it is so.

ignorance on this point (blessed be His Holy wonderful greatness, or His unbounded love. Many persons live and act as is present en- Name!) He has caused one part of His I have much to learn about Him yet, so enjoyment were “the principal thing;” their word to unfold another, in a most extra- much, that it will take me an eternity to hearts are engrossed with the vanities and ordinary manner. He has also promised His know Him in all His fulness ; but I have pleasures of the world, as if there were no- Holy Spirit to those that ask Him, for begun to taste the sweets of learning achat thing else to live for. They appear as if they enlightening their dark minds, and to make He is. I have found it true, that “ wisdom's

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom."

Prov. iv. 7.




It was





ways are ways of pleasantness, and all His But how aveak is human nature; how soon and caused many a heart to ache. paths are peace.” I am, indeed, but as a resolutions are broken, if made in our own evident to all who were with him a great child, who has just been at school long strength! The heart must be renewed, and change had taken place. Instead of mur

muring at increased sufferings, he more than enough to know what learning means, but I the deep seateid love of sin be taken away; once expressed his thankfulness that the find that acquaintance with wisdom is so far the soul washed and cleansed in the blood of Lord had afficted him. The name of Jesus preferable to ignorance, that I would fain say God's dear Son; the Spirit must quicken, for became very precious to him. On covers of to all I meet with, “get wisdom." It is the flesh profiteth nothing; and, thus arising old copy books (all being asleep and unable indeed, the principal thing," and if you from the grave of corruption and death, we write or rather scribble, for feeble was the

to get anything else) I felt constrained to know Jesus, you will say so too. If not, in are born into the family of God, and as hand, but asking God to direct me, I tried to mercy to yourself, begin soon to form an.children look to God, our heavenly Father, point him to Jesus, held out the precious acquaintance with Him; for He is more pre- for all spiritual help. Then alone the weak truth of the Word, and urged him to cast all cious than rubies, and all the gold thou canst child of Adam is made strong in the Lord, his sins on the Lamb of God. (These old desire are not to be compared unto Him." and thus it was with dear James. It was not My dear sister saw him about nine days

covers were in his pocket-book when he died.) " Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be until after his marriage, which was about previous to his death; he said he had only at peace.”

twelve years ago, that he spent his evenings been praying eleren weeks, and spoke of Acquaint yourself with Him, as your Sub- so much in company, although he had a kind,

.; but afterwards when he had read stitute, as the Sin-bearer, and as the One affectionate wife. Trials and joys here often full of joy and liberty, that he said he felt as

The Evangelist for May, he seemed so who desires to be, and who is, your real go hand in hand. A dear babe gave joy to though he had never prayed aright until he friend, and you will have peace with God, both, but ere fourteen months passed away, had read that paper; and by his little Louisa, which is the present portion of every believer, that loved one was taken to a better world. sent me a kind message thanking me for it, and arises from the consciousness of being This was a sore trial to its feeble mother, and asking if I had six more to sell him. made pure by the blood of Jesus; for “ the but she was sustained, and another child was is to send some young men,” I sent one, and

Fearing delay, Louisa said, “I think, Aunt, it wisdom that cometh from above is first pure, given, which was the joy of her mother's that he gave his youngest sister, wrote on it then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be en- heart for many years during her severe affic- " From a friend" and the date of month he treated; full of mercy and good fruits, (do tion, which was, I have reason to believe, sent it, also, the name of a much valued

friend of his and ours, who was and is still not forget these things, or their order,) with- made a blessing to her soul; and that death out partiality, and without hypocrisy." (James proved to her a blessed entrance into that copy of it prove as great á blessing to her as

deeply afflicted. Oh! may that paper or the iii. 17.)

world of eternal joy where the inhabitants it did to poor James! He continued rejoicing How contrary to that other wisdom that shall no more say they are sick.

in the glorious liberty of the children of God, the apostle speaks of, which is “earthly,

But if afflictions profit not they harden; being, through grace, snatched as a brand from sensual, devilish.” such was the case I fear with

the burning, and translated into the kingdom

of God's dear Son. He knew the joy of being Oh! my dear reader, it is the wisdom from Evenings were spent out as before, and oh, able to cry, Abba, Father, the Spirit witnessing above, even Jesus, who is the principal thing." how gladly would he have recalled those with his spirit that he was born again. On

But perhaps some of my readers will say, wasted hours, but he could not! This down- his aged Mother saying “I don't know what “What is the meaning of this? You blame ward course led to his removal from the I'm spared for;" he replied, “ To see me as men for doing the very thing that you pro- White Lion, (name of his Inn) and he re- like this before."

you see me now, mother: you never saw me

His mother, sisters, and pose to them. You tell them to get wisdom, turned to his mother's home. There was now brothers too often shed tears when they recall but because they set about it, you find fault some outward degree of amendment, but no his sayings. with them.” Not so, my friend, not so; I do change for many months. His health began Oh! may every one of them, and his not blame men for acquiring knowledge, nor to fail greatly, he had sowed to the wind, friends, neighbours, and companions in sin for acquainting themselves with the wonders now he must reap the whirlwind. The jovial bed repentance is a rare occurrence,

take warning. Dear friends, a genuine deathof science and art, and being well stored with glass was only elevating for the time; it was read of but two. learning, but I blame them because they sowing the seeds of death, bodily and moral- who went out at the eleventh hour. make it their “principal thing." Therefore ly; no cure could be found for the body, I think poor James, in his unconverted get JESUS. Get Him as your surety.

Ask but the Great Physician, frčely in love and state was too candid, too sincere to profess what God by His Holy Spirit to shew you Christ mercy, visited this sin-sick soul, and healed he was kind and, feeling toward others, but

he did not feel ; when in a quiet state of mind for you, and then pray that “Christ may be by His precious blood, the wounds sin had the most moral, dear friends, in God's sight formed in you,” and that you may soon be made. First his state was shown him through are lost, guilty, condemned sinners. But hear conformed to His image.

a letter an afflicted child of God wrote to his the voice of God; He says " I have found Do not mistake earthly pleasures, or money, sister, who was much endeared to us, and a ransom.” Oh! fly then, just as you are, or ease, or knowledge, or any of the trifles of who felt deeply for James. Next tracts were

“If you tarry till you're better, time, for the principal thing, but get wisdom greatly blessed to him; many were the mes-"for wisdom is the principal thing." sages returned me respecting them. May the Jesus says, Come! “Him that cometh unto

"If any man lack wisdom let him ask of Lord bless the various givers of them, who Me, I will in no wise cast out.” Oh! may God, who giveth to all men liberally, and up- thus enabled me, on my bed of sickness, to the Lord draw you and draw me nearer to braideth not, and it shall be given Him.” send forth the gracious messages of grace and Himself, for the happiest moments midst my (James i. 5.) love! Then the instructions received in child- pain of body have been when Jesus has re

vealed Himself in His word and by His hood, at the Sunday-school, were greatly Spirit to me, a guilty, weak, and helpless Brief Narrative of James VM revived. His sister told me she was astonished worm, as my ali su fficient Saviour, and I JAMES V— was in early days a scholar in at his remembrance of passages and hymns rejoice to join in the words of that sweet the Baptist Sunday-school, at —, where he repeated. Fervent prayers for pardon rose hymn which poor Tom sung :his dear mother and her family long resided. from that once careless soul; God's people,

“I am a poor sinner and nothing at all,

But Jesus Christ is my all in all,” James, as a steady lad, grew up a sober man, who were not once sought after, were now although living home and exposed to such invited to his sick-bed, and my soul rejoiced All the redeemed whether black or white, temptations as are to be found everywhere, at the blessed tidings. Some of them told bond or free, rich or poor, learned or un

me they felt assured it was the work of the learned, of whatever sect, whether they worship especially in an inn.

I remember well his Spirit of God, and not the terrors of the Law, in a church, chapel, or mud hovel," unite in dear sister Eliza, who was called to her hea- produced from fear of punishment.

the same song and ascribe all the praise to venly home nearly sixteen years ago, once

He deeply felt the evil influence his life must Jesus. The last words of poor James were, speaking hopefully of his quiet conduct, and have had on others, especially that his dear looking in his sister's face, ** I'm looking to

He paused for breath and then fondness of reading, during a short stay with motherless child had not been by him brought Christ.them; little did she think what sorrow his up in the fear of the Lord, for though residing added, “And to Christ alone."

with her Grandmother, he was often there I shall now close this attempt to proclaim after-course would cause his beloved mother with her, and I know that he tenderly loved the goodness of God, who took home this and family.

her; only the love of sin choked that love, I redeemed one, May 29th, 1860.

We The thief and the labourer

to Jesus.

You will never come at all."





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Just Publisher,

sibility of Making the Best of Both. 8. It is l: be not afraid

21. The Well is Deep, 28. THE BROAD AND THE NARROW WAY. By Nr. Borut Lecture, entitled “* Is it possille w Make ilis 9. A little while

22. Lead On 10. Brinlegroom, Come

23. The Waiting Soul

London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street. Cavendish Square. W. First Love-They forsook all and followed Him. 11. The Unchangeable

24. Not my will, but Thine 12. Only waiting

DECLENSIONThey all forsook Him and fed. be done Just Publisher, a new edition, roval 32mg., price ul.,

Apostasy- Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this 13. A Benediction 25, Seed Time and Harvest THE COMMERCIAL: or, the Broken Leg and

present world. 14. Thoughts of Home

26. The Crown of Thorns, 25. the Broken Heart Reprinted from "The Evangelist." London: W. Yapp. 70. Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square. T. London: W. Yapp, 70, Welbeck Street, Carenrijah Sonare London: W. Yapr. 70, Welbeck Street Cavenljah Square. Just Published, price One Penuy, G Ꮐ TOSPEL HANDBILLS. One Hundred for 9d., PLAIN FACTS in Simple Words concerning the

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Pardon through the Blood
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Whibit to a Death Bed. CONTENTS — The Worshippers Once Purged. Bold.

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ness to enter into the Holiest. Drawing near to God. The

Immediate and everlasting

Priesthood and the Law changed. A Minister of the Sanc.


A A Worldly Sanctuary. A High Priest of Good Things The Life-boat's last turn


The Golden Sceptre tuary.


The great Question and its from tbe French. Price 3d. tCome.


Redemption THE SCHOOL OF GOD. Royal 32mo., price 2d.

Salvation by Blood

Tom, a Poor Sinner BEHOLD HOW HE LOVED HIM. A brief Some Doubts and Fears of a God's Love to the World

Memoir of the last Illness of a Disciple, whom desa tender conscience answered The Word of the Gospel


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and so brought in everlasting righteous. grace of God, to the vile and unworthy!

This He did, and so became “the Wonderful exhibition of the wisdom of tributing many copies of " THE EVANGELIST” in Lord our righteousness.” This He did, the Father, and the condescension of the ever, we have been only able to meet, in a very small and so magnifed the law, and made it Son! Holy Spirit, strip us of every rag degree, the requests of Gospel Labourers, who feel honourable. This He did, and so took of ours, and bring us as naked sinners the poorer classes. Further donations will therefore away all ground for condemnation, and to receive, put on, and daily wear, this be thankfully received for this object.

silenced all the accusations of Satan, robe of righteousness. Teach us to trust

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, London, W.; or to Messrs. MORGAN & CHASE, His atoning death, constitute the right- In this righteousness I would rest now Tichbome Court, 280, High Holborn, London.

eousness of God our Saviour :” and the -in this righteousness I would be found All Communications, Donations, Books for Re: righteousness of God our Saviour, justi- on my sick bed, and at my dying hour. Editor of the Evangelist,” care of Nr. Yapp, 70, fies the believing sinner, and makes him Through this righteousness, I expect to Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

an heir of all things. The complete be welcomed to inherit the kingdom, "The Righteousness of God our

work of Jesus is made over to every be prepared for the Lord's people from the Saviour."

liever, is placed to the account of every foundation of the world. This rightone who relies on His word, and is saved eousness is the ground of my hope, the by His grace.

basis of my confidence, the subject of The person of Jesus, is the mirror of

The righteousness of Godour Saviour," frequent meditations, and the source of perfection. In Him, godhead in its glory

becomes ours, not by any works we per- my joy and peace--well, therefore, may I and manhood, in its highest excellency, are to be seen. As God, He is infinitely Lord, but by faith alone.

form, or any services we render to the prize and speak well of it.

By simple righteous, as man He is perfectly right believing in Jesus, we become interested “It is the Blood that makes an eous, and as Godman, He is characterised in Him, and entitled to all that He did

Atonement for the Soul.” by righteousness. As His natures-His

and suffered as the substitute of His Of all the blinded religionists of our day -are perfect; all His purposes, people. It, like some robe of costly /(and their name is legion), there seem plans, thoughts, words, and works are He is the Righteous One ; | lovely hue, clothes, covers, and adorns to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ

material, exquisite workmanship, and to be none so blind as those who profess the Holy One of Israel-righteous in all

us; and thus clothed, we are fitted to came into the world, not to give His life His ways, and holy in all His works. appear in the presence of a holy God,

a ransom for many-not by dying instead Holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate and hold communion and fellowship with of sinners to satisfy the justice of an from sinners, is He. His government, in nature, providence, and grace, is right

saints and angels. If anything will give angry and holy God—but only to set us

us boldness in the day of judgment, if miserable, unholy, ungrateful sinners an cous: mysterious, many things in it may anything will enable us to die in the example; that we, by striving to follow be, but righteous every part of it must be. His sceptre is a right sceptre.

exercise of holy confidence, if anything in His steps, some perhaps say by His

will fortify us against the assaults of Spirit in some way infused in them, they But by the righteousness of God our

Satan, and raise us above the doubts and may become dead to sin, and attain to Saviour," we understand, not the per- fears, generated by the corruption of our perfection; and, thus becoming good, fection or excellency of His nature, or hearts-it is "the righteousness of God deserve eternal happiness. Not to notice person; nor the rectitude of His

our Saviour.This righteousness meets

these religionists by their peculiar secment, but His work as the servant of all the demands of God in Ilis law, tarian names, let it suffice to say that any His Father, and as the substitute for

answers all the objections of Satan to man's hope for eternity, if it be not built sinners-His obedience unto death. To

our justification, and will silence all the upon, and only upon, the death and rethis work He brought a spotless human

accusations of our guilty conscience. surrection of the Son of God (who died nature, and all the perfections of God.

Interested in it, we are safc-realising for our sins, and rose again for our jusHe voluntarily undertook to do and suffer

our title to it, we are happy-and plead- tification), is in fact a miserable and a all that was necessary to procure our ing it before God, we are assured of His strong delusion, and a lie of the devil. acquittal from condemnation, our ever- favour, and admitted into His presence.

Other foundation can no man lay than lasting justification before God, and a

Precious provision, to meet the needs that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." title for us to eternal life. This He did, I of the guilty! Glorious display of the

J. B. I.


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It is

definition of what


Now made Nigh;

Is it not so ? Turn where we may, do we not as a royal and holy priesthood, acceptable to God
find men busily seeking satisfaction apart from by Jesus Christ.
God? some in pleasure, others in science, fame, And all this our God has done for us in Christ.

the accumulation of wealth, or other forms of What love! Is Christ near to God? so am I, “But now, in Christ Jesus, we who sometimes were far off self-indulgence. Such, I say, is the world; and for I am in Him. Is Christ living for evermore! are made nigh by the blood of Christ.' -Epå. ii. 13.

I dwell upon it because few appear to see that so am I. Is Christ righteous ? so am I; for in Is reading the Word of God, it is always impor- the world, whether in its rude or polished phase, Him, and through His blood, I am made nigh to

God. What matchless grace! O for a believing tant to see to whom each particular portion is is equally that which is far from God. addressed; for instance, this epistle was not ad- Moreover, with all the outward glitter, such heart fully to welcome all these ways of oor God dressed to the inhabitants of Ephesus generally, have within a secret dread of God's presence; like toward us, that, instead of brooding over ourbut to the saints and faithful brethren, those Adam, they may truthfully say, "I was afraid,

selves with gloom and sorrow, we may find our who had known and believed the love that God and hid myself." That which keeps men “far hearts lifted high, and more and more expanded hath to us; those among the Ephesians who had, off,” is the dread of being near to God. Such is by the heights and depths of God's free and through faith in the Lord Jesus, experienced a the wicked character of sin, that the carnal mind abundant love to us in Christ Jesus. Divine change, and had passed from death unto is not only at enmity and rebellion against God,

The apostle was inspired by the Holy but it leads men to shrink away from the light blood of Christ—"are made nigh by the blood Ghost to address them, in the remembrance of of His presence: hence they fear death, not be of Christ.”. Not our efforts, our devotedness, our what they had been, as well as to instruct them cause of the painful moment of separation be- attainments, but the blood of Christ. as to the character of their present standing and tween soul and body, hut because of the dread something already done we may not know it, blessing, as redeemed and accepted in the beloved. of appearing before the Majesty of heaven. They may fail in the true apprehension of it, may not

We do not become Christians by being born of fear judgment, because they fear being banished enjoy it, nevertheless it is done-ARE made Christian parents, or because our lot has been into outer darkness. They have no peace, be- nigh by the blood of Christ. Without the death cast in what is called a Christian country, or cause they know not the virtue of that precious of the Son of God, we must for ever have rebecause we have been religiously educated, or blood which cleanses from all sin; therefore they mained far off from Him, still in our sins and have attended to any outward ordinances, or try to banish these thoughts from their minds, guilt, for it is the blood that maketh an atonebeen associated in membership with any who are by seeking a sphere for their energies and amuse- ment for the soul; and Jesus so tauglit the truly saints of God. No; we only become Chris- ments outside the presence of God. It was here absolute necessity of His death, when He said

, tians by having to do with Christ and His atoning the Ephesians were when the Gospel reached Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground blood. Whatever may have been our previous them; they were dead in trespasses and sins, and die, it a bideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth history or character, we are far from God, and afar off, having no hope, and without God in the forth much fruit." It is not then the incarnation enemies to God, till we are reconciled by the world; and such is the state of many now. of Christ, the life of Christ, or the example of peace-speaking blood of Christ. If I were asked

2. Let us now consider what they were when Christ, but the death of Christ, the Cross of to give, in a few words of Scripture, the true the apostle addressed this epistle to them. He Christ, the blood of Christ that cleanses our

Christian is, I do not think tells then that they were novo “ in Christ Jesus," guilty consciences, and makes us feel happy in I could give a better reply than we find in the and made nigh." They were in Christ Jesus. God's presence. It is Christ crucified that is the latter part of this verse, viz., one who was “far No longer regarded hy God in a state of death as

only peaceful meeting-place between God and the off,” but is now made nigh” by the blood of connected with Adan, but as having passed from sinner. There God shews sinners how much He

death unto life-in Christ Jesus. As Noah for- loves them. There God brings salvation to the last. We find in this verse reference made to what merly entered into the ark us the only place of There God opened an all-cleansing fountain for the state of these persons was, before they re- safety from the coming judgments, so they had sin and uncleanness. There God magnified His ceived the gospel, what their present standing taken refuge in Christ Jesus; and as Noah was

own holiness and justice, and manifested the and blessings are, and also the ground of their shut into the ark by God, so such are preserved and by that blood God has made all that believe

exceeding riches of His grace to unholy men; being so. Let us look a little at each of these in Christ Jesus. They had life and righteouspoints.

ness in Christ, and union with Christ, having to stand in everlasting nearness to Hiraself. 1. WHAT THEY WERE—“far off.” As fallen been quickened together, raised up together, and

We have redemption through the blood of creatures in Adam, men are naturally found in made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Christ, even the forgiveness of sins, because God a place of distance from God. After sin entered, Jesus. This was their present portion,"now made Him, who knew no sin, to he sin for us

. Adam and his wife hid themselves from the pre-in Christ Jesus.” Under no condemnation, be- Our sins were laid upon Him, and He was made sence of the Lord God, amongst the trees of the cause they were in Christ Jesus; having eternal a curse for us. In this way He suffered for sins garden. And we see also in Cain, their son, that life, because in Christ Jesus; united to Him who the just for the unjust, that He might bring us he went out from the presence of the Lord, and is on the other side of death; risen with Christ, to God. . The wrath of God was thus poured ou: sought to gratify himself by building a city, &c. and seated in Him in the heavenlies. Such is upon Him instead of us, so that And so it is now; man's birth-condition, his the standing and security that the God of Grace wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our habits, and educational pursuits, are all at a dis- has given us in Christ Jesus. They were thus iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was tance from God: he still tries to hide himself made nigh in Christ, as well as through His upon him, and with His stripes we are healed." from God's presence, and to be happy, if he can, blood. How vast the change! Such no longer Hence, on the ground of strictest justice and

afar off." These. Ephesians, however, though dread God's presence, but love it supremely holiness, God can speak of us as a redeemed belonging to a highly-polished city, were Gentiles

, They do not fear death, hut know, through people, washed from our sins in the blood of not having any of the privileges, or even the Christ, victory over it. "They do not tremble Jesus, and that our sins and iniquities He wil measure of knowledge, that the Jews had; they at the thought of judgment, because they know remember no more. The alone ground therewere sinful heathens, taken up only with this that Christ endured the judgment and penalty fore of forgiveness of sins is not our works

, our present evil world—the fashions of the world, their sins had merited. God Himself is their experience, our frames, or our feelings, but the the honours of the world, its wealth, patronage, spring of life and peace: they are only truly blood is no remission ; and the blood of Jesus and advancement filled their hearts. From the happy when near him. rude lusts of the flesh, to the more refined desires against God has been subdued by His redeeming Christ, God's Son, cleanseth us from all sia. of the mind, they were shaping their course ac- love. The hardness of their hearts has been Nothing therefore ever truly relieves man's guilt cording to the dictates of Satan, the prince of melted by the contemplation of Immanuel's and fears, ever removes the burden from the this world. They knew of nothing higher than cross, and their self-will and self-love has been conscience, ever speaks peace to a sin-convicted pleasing themselves, gratifying their own wills overcome by the exceeding riches of the grace of soul, but “THE BLOOD OF CHRIST.” | and inclinations ; in a word, to eat, drink, and God in Christ. They are thus, in their heart's ex- my soul, I charge thee ever to remember that i sleep, as if there were no God. They might perience, made nigh'to God.

is alone by the blood of the Cross that by have ranked among the most civilized, polished, Their nearness to God is one of the most per-whiter than snow.

scarlet sins have been purged, and that thou art and benevolent of the age; they might have been, fect friendship. It is thus their privilege to seek outwardly, more moral and orderly than their His counsel in every difficulty, to trust in Him

“Great God of wonders! all thy ways surrounding neighbours, still they were without at all times, to reckon upon His help in every

Display thine attributes divine; God and without hope in the world. They were adversity, and to bring them through every

But the fair glories of thy GRACE in the world, and of the world, which lieth in danger. This nearness to God is one of the

Beyond thine other wonders shine. the wicked one, and therefore far off from God. dearest and tenderest relationships, that of chil

Who is a pard’ning God like thee?

Or who has grace so rich and free?" Such was the character of the world in the children. Belovedl, now are we the sons of God. days of the apostle, and such is the world now. So that we may come before God as our Father, We are also justified by the blood—“ being now Such was the state of the Ephesians then, and and count apon His care over os, His provi- justified by His blood.” (Rom. v. 9.) The cup such is the state of many now. Nothing can be dential kindness, His paternal sympathy, His of Christ not only speaks to us of sins being more distinct than the spirit of the world, and watchful eye, His almighty arm. It is our judged and put away, but it also shews us One the spirit of true Christianity. The moving privilege to appeal to His fatherly heart for all who was perfectly obedient, who fully surrenprinciple of the world is the endeavour to be we require, under all circumstances, whether dered His whole life to the will of God, wholly happy, apart from God and the Saviour-far off; temporal or spiritual; for “as a father pitieth consecrated Himself to Him—“ohedient unto the spirit of true Christianity leads us to be his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear death, even the death of the Cross.” Thus the happy only in God's presence, and in that which Him. He knoweth our frame, He remembereth work of the Redeemer was infinitely meritorious honours Him. The principles of the world, whe-that we are dust." We thus belong to the hea- in God's sight, for there a whole burnt offering ther their tendencies are moral or immoral, are venly family, the "household of God," and are was presented to God, by which we could stand always outside God's presence. They weigh not called to serve and honour Him in all the filial accepted and righteous in all the perfectness of their motives and actions before God, they know nearness and devotedness of sons and daughters the offering for ever. Jesus was thus accepted not His love, therefore they live not for His of the Lord Almighty.

for us, and we are inade accepted in Him— by glory. The advancement of man's interests, the But more than this, we are made nigh to God the obedience of one shall many be made rightcultivation of man's intellect, and the exalta- as worshippers. We are not now afar off, afraid teous." It is then by the blood of Christ that tion of man's abilities, with the vain endeavour to come near the presence of the Almighty, but we are “made the righteousness of God in Him." to find rest and satisfaction far from God and have liberty to enter into the holiest by the blood For while that blood by which Jesus entered into Christ, is what the world is mostly made up of. I of Jesus; there to present our spiritual sacrifices heaven itself, speaks to us of sins for ever put away,

“ He was

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